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Packet by the University of Pittsburgh

Questions by Mike “Sergeant Showtime” Davies (plus five questions by Dan “Captain Chaos” Christman-Crook and Doug “Drum Boogie” Slocum)
1. In a Thought Industry song, “Love is (this) Spelled Backwards”. It’s the title of Razorlight’s first U.K. #1 single, and a song with an unusual hemiola rhythm sung by Anita and Rosalia in West Side Story. Preceded by “Hey” it’s a Christmas song by James Brown, and preceded by “White”, it’s a song from The Eminem Show. The narrator(*) and his lover Kathy travel the highways to look for this, in a Simon & Garfunkel song. On Saturday Night Live Will Ferrell played Neil Diamond explaining that he wrote this song because “I’m fueled creatively by my massive hatred of immigrants”. FTP, name this polity, which is also followed by “Fuck Yeah!” in a song from Team America: World Police.
ANS: America
2. Chi McBride plays the father, and Wayne Brady plays DJ Johnny Feelgood. Wesley Jonathan is Sweetness, the overlord of a gang of dandies whose dominance of Sweetwater is challenged by the crew whose regular venue, The Palisades Garden, is being closed down. Jamiroquai updated the song “Hollywood Swinging” for(*) the soundtrack to this movie, in which it’s played by Kool & The Gang at the climactic dance-off. The third movie by Undercover Brother director Malcolm D. Lee, it got good reviews for its evocative 1978 Chicago setting, as well as Bow Wow’s performance as the paperboy and rink patron X. FTP, what was this 2005 coming-of-age film set amidst the disco roller skating craze?
ANS: Roll Bounce

3. His name derives from a failed videogame made by his creator. After a tense negotiation with a US president, he loses several useless organs and a deviled egg. He calls himself as a “crafty consumer” who pursues a “conservative, sandwich-heavy portfolio”. A star(*) and producer of The Magnificent Three, he can digest many substances inedible to humans,but eating dirt causes him to vomit blue beads, which are then sold by his coworkers. His people are responsible for the extinction of the anchovy, and during mating season they sprout a fin on top of their head and prepare for Clawplakh.. FTP identify this Decapodian, the staff doctor on Futurama.

ANS: Dr. John A. Zoidberg (Accept Dr. John D. Zoidberg)

4. Chita Rivera led 50,000 people in setting the world Macarena record here on August 17th, 1996. Its last concert was a Pink Floyd show in 1994, two years after U2 filmed the video for “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses” here. Teams that called it home included the NPSL’s Generals; the Skyliners of the USA; and the Cosmos of the NASL(*). The first overtime game in NFL history was the 1958 championship here between the Colts and the Giants. The site of 3 different masses by 3 different popes, it has now been replaced by a namesake stadium built on Macombs Dam Park. FTP, a 1923 performance led by John Philip Sousa inaugurated what Bronx venue, which was soon designated the “House that Ruth Built”?
ANS: Yankee Stadium
5. She’s played the wife of Gerard Butler, Tim McGraw, Johnny Depp, and Nicolas Cage. She’s had few successes in the last five years, starring in The Jane Austen Book Club; an update of Chekhov’s Three Sisters; The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, and the universally reviled suicidal-depression torture drama Downloading Nancy. In The Yellow Handkerchief she’s the(*) lost love of the character played by William Hurt, who co-starred with her in a movie where both had scenes with Tom Stall but they had no scenes together. She first achieved fame as the proprietress of the titular saloon in Coyote Ugly. FTP name this actress who had memorable sex scenes with William H. Macy in The Cooler, and Mortensen in A History of Violence.
ANS: Maria Bello

6. Asia’s “Only Time Will Tell” has an intro similar to the one played on a Korg Polysix in one of this band’s hits. They were originally called Force, and briefly traded bassists with Yngwie Malmsteen before winning a contest and getting a record deal, despite resistance to signing bands who sang in English. Guitarist John Norum left in 1986, because of(*) what he called “the spandex, poodle-rock thing” championed by singer Joey Tempest. Follow-up album Out of This World went platinum in the US, but didn’t have the success of the album that contained “Rock the Night”, “Cherokee”, and a song whose narrator is “leaving for Venus, and still we stand tall”. FTP what Swedish rock band is best known for the album, and song, “The Final Countdown”?

ANS: Europe
7. He had 11 points for the second-place team at the 2009 World Championship, soon after scoring 100 goals in 124 games for the Sarnia Sting. Vaclav Prospal was moved to a line with Radim Vrbata and Matt Pettinger when this man was promoted to the first line. With a pass from Andrej Meszaros, he beat Scott Clemmensen to complete an accomplishment which only Jimmy Carson and Wayne Gretzky have(*) done at a younger age. Linemates have included Steve Downie, Ryan Malone, and Martin St. Louis [“San Lou-ee”]. He almost tied Vincent Lecavalier’s team record of 52 goals, and shares this season’s Rocket Richard Trophy with Sidney Crosby. FTP name this 20-year-old star centre for the Tampa Bay Lightning.
ANS: Steven Stamkos
8. Original plans to include collection items that unlock cheats in the sequel failed after a rerelease of the console involved, though this functionality was added to a later version of the game. The plot of this game begins after the witch(*) Gruntilda kidnaps the sister of one of the main characters in order to steal her good looks. In order to progress, the two main characters must solve puzzles by collecting Jiggys. Special moves are gained by finding molehills and include flight, invulnerability, and the ability to shoot eggs. For ten points, identify this Nintendo 64 game recently released on Xbox Live Arcade that stars a titular bird and bear.
ANS: Banjo-Kazooie

9. Bernice and Joy got to the Grand Canyon in these devices, which are powerful enough to pull a 2-ton van, although the disclaimer warns “Never Pull Anything”. They come with an introductory VHS tape, and a certificate for a free test drive. 9 out of 10 people got these for little or no cost last year(*), according to Tom Kruse (pronounced Cruise), who is “a nurse by profession”, and invented this device and narrates its commercials. The Round For A Reason™ design maneuvers through doorways more easily than those other power chairs. One commercial contains the Beach Boys’ “I Get Around”. FTP the ads for what compact scooter-like wheelchair feature senior citizens rolling around on these devices in choreographed formations?

ANS: The Hoveround
10. Possibly the only use of this phrase by the Discovery Channel is in a “Time Warp” episode about carnival fire-eaters. In the movie named for one of these, Clive and Jessica are cursed by ancient Abyssinian earrings. In one South Park episode Mr. Garrison decides to get a rhinoplasty and live out his dream of hanging out with these people. There are(*) websites devoted to photos of them “smiling at ground zero”, “plunging their toilets”, and “with dogs with boners”. A realtor sells a house with a room where they party 24 hours a day, in an Upright Citizens Brigade sketch. FTP, give this two-word phrase for sexy ladies, which has been the subject of a popular photo website and book when followed by “With Douchebags”.
ANS: Hot chicks (prompt on partial answer – do not accept equivalents)

11. “Today we make microchips from silicon, which is common sand, but far better than gold.” “Oh no, Country Bear Hall has been crushed!” “I keep her on because even though I can't feel it, I know I get erections in her presence.” “I'm an angel. I kill firstborns while their mamas watch. I turn cities into salt.” “I'm the Antichrist. You got me(*) in a vendetta kind of mood.” “I never got away with anything, and I never killed anybody that didn't deserve it.” “I hid this uncomfortable piece of metal up my ass for two years.” These are quotes from films including A View to a Kill, The Prophecy, True Romance, King of New York, and Pulp Fiction, all uttered by, FTP, what dancer, actor and 7-time host of Saturday Night Live?
ANS: Christopher Walken (accept “A View to a Kill” during the first quote)

12. There are namesake clubs in Turku and Porto Alegre, while Rochdale and Arminia Bielefeld share their color scheme. They haven’t been champions of Europe since 1965, but since then they’ve won 8 league titles and 4Coppa Italias. In the 1960s their coach Helenio Herrera developed the “catenaccio” system; their 1989 title was led by Lothar Matthäus and Andreas Brehme, befitting a(*) club that always welcomes foreigners to the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. Davide Santon, Mario Balotelli and Marco Materazzi are the only Italians who regularly play for this team, whose other stars include Esteban Cambiasso, Maicon, and Julio Cesar. FTP what Italian football powerhouse has a longstanding rivalry with A.C. Milan?

ANS: Inter Milan or Football Club Internazionale Milano
13. It was produced by RedOne and at one point combines a faux-European accent with Vittorio Monti’s “Csárdás” on violin. Steven Klein is rumored to be directing the video for this song, which Slant Magazine called “an apparent homage to ABBA and Ace of Base”; specifically, lines like “Don’t wanna kiss, don’t wanna touch” sound like callbacks to(*) Ace of Base’s “Don’t Turn Around”. Currently Billboard’s #26 pop song in its second week on the chart, it’s about a character whose “boyfriend’s like her dad”, who must resist falling in love with a Latin friend. FTP name this single from Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster, whose titular figure is contrasted with “Fernando” and “Roberto”.
ANS: “Alejandro”
14. FBI agent Karen Sympathy tries to prevent the launch of this man’s Really Bad TV network in a movie where Robert DeNiro plays his boss. His pseudonyms include the detective Hemlock Soames, Gunga Drain, and Sir Hillary Pushemoff, and he once led an army of metal-munching moon mice. He refers to(*) Uncle Vanya’s Fireside Crookbook for techniques, and claims to have graduated from “State Pen”. Played by Jason Alexander in a 2000 film, he was voiced by Paul Frees from 1959 to 1964. Known for his Homburg hat and Stakhanovite dedication to eliminating the threat of Moose and Squirrel, FTP what partner of Natasha Fatale is the primary antagonist of the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show?

ANS: Boris Badenov (accept either)

15. Martin Luther King III, Sir Edmund Hillary, Chuck Hagel and Julius Erving have all been given this honor, which was first conferred by Theodore Metcalf when Charles W. Bryan was on an executive vacation. Recently they have emphasized outreach to the seamen of the Trident submarine named for the state where this honor is awarded. Their SeaBees have reunions(*) at the Vets club in Aurora, near Kearney. On the certificate, the governor – currently Dave Heineman – instructs “all officers, seamen, tadpoles and goldfish under your command to be obedient to your orders as”, FTP, what highest naval rank, conferred in a light-hearted tradition by a Midwestern state?

ANS: Nebraska admirals (accept anything including those two words; technically Admiral in the Great Navy of the State of Nebraska)
16. This was the stage name of vocalist Per Yngve Ohlin of Mayhem. It’s part of the name of a psychedelic band on Matador Records; a rap group led by M1; “Mike” from CB4, and an early punk band led by Cheetah Chrome. The narrator “came back as a bag of groceries” in the song of this name by They Might Be Giants(*). Fat Freddie is this, and Bela Lugosi is this, in songs by Curtis Mayfield and the Birthday Party. Townes Van Zandt and Willie Nelson havecovered the Rolling Stones song in which the resentful narrator asks to have the titular type of flowers sent to him every morning. FTP what is this adjective which precedes “Milkmen” and “Kennedys” in the names of two 1980s punk bands?
ANS: Dead
17. The protagonist rejects the principle that “the artist creates his own moral universe”, as spouted by Rob Reiner’s sexually voracious character. “Nagasaki” is one of the numbers performed at the Three Deuces in this film. An actress rejects Nick Valenti’s gift of black pearls, claiming that they(*) “probably came from defective oysters”. Dianne Wiest won an Academy Award for playing Helen Sinclair, who tells John Cusack’s character that the world will open up for him, “not like an oyster…like a magnificent vagina”. Also starring Chazz Palmintieri as a hoodlum who becomes a brilliant playwright, FTP name this 1994 Woody Allen comedy, set during Prohibition in the titular locale.
ANS: Bullets Over Broadway

18. In his first three years as a Big Twelve head coach he suffered two big upsets in the NCAA tournament, losing to Bucknell and Bradley. He was hired by Leonard Hamilton at his alma mater, after being berated by Larry Brown in his first job as an assistant. After leaving Oklahoma State he brought Oral Roberts University a postseason appearance, and led Tulsa to their(*) first Elite Eight. In 2000 he took over from Lon Kruger and led Sergio McClain and Frank Williams to a #1 seed; he recruited stars like Deron Williams to play for Illinois, but then returned to the site of his first job, where his team won the 2008 NCAA tournament and was the #1 overall seed in 2010. FTP name this men’s basketball coach at Kansas University.

ANS: Bill Self
19. The name’s the same. Tetley, a voice actor who spent decades playing adolescents including Sherman from Rocky & Bullwinkle. Bernstein, the screenwriter of Fail-Safe, The Molly Maguires and The Front. Pidgeon, who starred in The Last Time I Saw Paris and Forbidden Planet. Peck, the officious EPA agent in Ghostbusters. Burns, the Cary Grant character in His Girl Friday(*). Murch, a nine-time Oscar nominee for sound editing. Melon, the evil mastermind in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie. Mitty, played by Danny Kaye in an adaptation of a James Thurber story. FTP, all these people share what first name with Sobchak, played by John Goodman in The Big Lebowski?
ANS: Walter
20. On Will & Grace he played Ian, who breaks up with Grace when she disapproves of adultery. Born in Italy, he got a Rose Bowl ring as a walk-on tight end for the University of Washington. After college he joined the Seattle sketch comedy institution Almost Live, and played a bank manager in Spider-Man 2. He hosts a(*) show with recurring bits including a scrawny guy in a bikini; a studio audience that sounds like it contains about five people; “Let’s Take Some E”, and the mascot Lou the Chihuahua. FTP, name this comic actor who played the sidekick to Scott Bakula’s FBI agent in The Informant!, hosts Talk Soup on the E! network, and plays the protagonist, Jeff Winger, in Community.
ANS: Joel McHale


TB1. In one game against the Chargers he and Tony Sheffler connected for two touchdowns in 48 seconds, a new record for two rookies. That season he won the competition for the backup job over Bradlee Van Pelt, and after months of speculation he was promoted to starter over a ten-year veteran. He set school records for total offense and passing yards as a senior, and was SEC offensive player of the year(*). The third quarterback taken in the 2006 draft. He replaced Jake Plummer and started 37 games, before deeming himself mortally insulted by new coach Josh McDaniels, and was traded for draft picks and Kyle Orton. The third first-round draft pick ever from Vanderbilt, FTP name this Chicago Bears quarterback.

ANS: Jay Cutler
TB2. He had two sons with his wife Francesca, when he was the mayor of Salsiccia in Tuscany. He contributes to Reader’s Digest’s “Life in These United States”, and has helped society by working as an assistant school janitor and capturing the would-be assassin of the King of the Mardi Gras. His head has been seen encased in gypsum in the infirmary, and hiding behind a statue of(*) five jet contrails. This character’s voice is an imitation of Broadway actor/director Ellis Rabb, although in early episodes he communicates only via slide whistle. The host of a short-lived “Cavalcade of Whimsy”, son of Dame Judith Underdunk, and brother of Cecil, this is FTP what criminal mastermind, a recurring character on The Simpsons voiced by Kelsey Grammer?
ANS: Sideshow Bob or Robert Underdunk Terwilliger

TB3. Working titles included Great Southern Land, and Faraway Downs, which is the destination for the film’s hero. Its local cast includes David Wenham, and David Gulpilil, who plays King George, father of Nullah. The director’s goals included depicting the Japanese bombing of a city on the Timor Sea, and merging the stories of aristocrats and(*) the “Stolen Generation” of children. It grossed $50 million in the U.S., less than half its budget, but is the second-highest grossing film in its nation’s history. FTP name this 2008 drama, directed by Baz Luhrmann, and starring Nicole Kidman as Lady Sarah Ashley and Hugh Jackman as the drover who leads her cattle on an epic journey across the Northern Terrority of the titular island.

ANS: Australia


Packet by the University of Pittsburgh

Questions by Mike “Sergeant Showtime” Davies (plus four questions by Dan “Captain Chaos” Christman-Crook and Doug “Drum Boogie” Slocum)
1. Do they not understand that worlds are places where a lot of people keep their stuff, or are they just prejudiced against worlds in general? Either way, they’re not very helpful. Name these talented world-destroyers, FTPE.
[10] This nigh-omnipotent Marvel Comics villain first appeared in 1966. His herald was originally the Silver Surfer, and he’s depicted as a cloud in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

ANS: Galactus

[10] This planet-eater is a fallen god who controls the assassins Hook, Line, and Sinker, in Marvel comics. In the original Transformers movie he can transform into a Death Star-style robotic planet.

ANS: Unicron

[10] This character from the Warhammer 40,000 universe is a Chaos Space Marine and Captain of the Black Legion who leads the Black Crusades from the Eye of Terror, laying waste to entire worlds in the name of Chaos.

ANS: Abbadon the Despoiler or Ezekyle Abaddon

2. It’s a persecuted minority – a curio of a bygone age. FTPE, name these rare examples of the NFL’s strangest beast – the white tailback.

[10] This Pac-10 Offensive MVP and runner-up for the 2009 Heisman trophy is both a running back for the Stanford football team and an outfielder for the baseball team.

ANS: Toby Gerhart

[10] The Carolina Panthers have had two white starting tailbacks in the 21st century – one of them drafted from Western Carolina, and one from the University of Pittsburgh. Name either, FTP.

ANS: Brad Hoover or Nick Goings

[10] Although considered a fullback, this six-time Pro Bowl selection was a tailback at Purdue and carried the ball more than any other fullback in his 12-year career with the Buccaneers.

ANS: Mike Alstott

3. He liberates his downtrodden countrymen from exploitative industrialists and corrupt politicians. He wears a red kerchief and a huge yellow hat. FTPE:
[10] Name this “fastest mouse in all México”, whose Warner Bros. shorts include Tabasco Road.

ANS: Speedy Gonzales

[10] It seems odd that Gonzales would encounter the same cat who spent years living with Tweety and Granny, but that seems to be the case. This is Gonzales’s most frequent adversary, and is referred to as “El Gringo Pussy-Gato”.

ANS: Sylvester

[10] Gonzales’s cousin, this likely marijuana enthusiast is “slow in the feet, but not in the cabeza”. In one Robot Chicken episode Arnold Schwarzenegger threatened him with deportation.

ANS: Slowpoke Rodriguez or Lento Rodriguez

4. Name the movie from a description of the gibberish-sounding device which the protagonists seek, FTPE.

[10] The Continuum Transfunctioner is a device “whose mystery is only exceeded by its power”, and “whose power is only exceeded by its mystery”, pursued by two groups of aliens and two guys named Jesse and Chester.

ANS: Dude, Where’s My Car?

[10] The B.E.T., or Broadcast Energy Transmitter, can power all nearby electronics, and activates spores which turn humans into animals after the Baroness betrays its location to COBRA.

ANS: G.I. Joe: The Movie

[10] The Geometric Nucleus is an red-glowing power source desired by the evil lord Zor in this English-dubbed version of Ator The Invincible 2, a Conan the Destroyer ripoff that was lampooned in Season 3 of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

ANS: The Cave Dwellers

5. Given a list of US Top Twenty hits, name the 1970s musical artist FTPE, or for 5 if you need more famous songs.

[10] “I Was Made To Love Her”, “Boogie On Reggae Woman”, “Higher Ground”

[5] “Superstition”, “I Wish”, “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life”

ANS: Stevie Wonder (Stevland Hardaway Morris)

[10] “Does Your Mother Know”; “Knowing Me, Knowing You”; “Fernando”

[5] “S.O.S.”, “Waterloo”, “Dancing Queen”


[10] “Momma’s Pearl”, “Never Can Say Goodbye”, “Dancing Machine”

[5] “ABC”, “I Want You Back”, “The Love You Save”

ANS: Jackson 5

6. Answer these questions about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s perplexing new book, FTPE.

[5/5] First, give the long and unwieldy title of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s new book. You’ll get 5 points for the title, and 5 points for the subtitle.

ANSWERS: The Day I Shot Cupid: Hello, My Name Is Jennifer Love Hewitt and I’m a Love-aholic

[10] The Day I Shot Cupid: Hello, My Name Is Jennifer Love Hewitt and I’m a Love-aholic contains a guest chapter by ex-boyfriend Jamie Kennedy about the appealing aspects of what body part?

ANS: the butt (accept equivalents)

[10] In the book, she also makes the disturbing claim that every month, since she was 12 years old, she gets dressed up and visits a store to try on what item? She claims to have three of them picked out.

ANS: engagement rings (accept equivalents)

7. The plot: A taxi dancer is killed by someone she met from a personal ad, and her roommate helps Scotland Yard catch the serial killer. FTPE, name three of the stars of this film, the 1947 British noir Lured.

[10] This actress had just been released from her MGM contract. Playing the brave taxi dancer who assists the Yard was one of her last movie roles before being cast in a sitcom with husband Desi Arnaz.

ANS: Lucille Ball

[10] This Englishman plays the nightclub owner who falls in love with Lucille Ball’s character. He starred in Village of the Damned and All About Eve, and committed suicide in 1972, leaving a note claiming that he was “bored”.

ANS: George Sanders

[10] One of the suspects is an insane ex-composer played by this actor, who was best known for playing towering monsters in The Ghoul, The Mummy, and Frankenstein.

ANS: Boris Karloff (William Henry Pratt)

8. Because statistics are so precious in baseball, sometimes a player will prolong or curtail his career just so he can claim certain accomplishments. FTPE:
[10] Best known as the overweight star of the 1993 Phillies, this first baseman who is now an ESPN pundit retired from the White Sox at age 34 with a career batting average of exactly .300.

ANS: John Kruk

[10] This Cubs and Braves ace ended his pitching career with the Dodgers in 2008, having given up exactly 999 walks. The timing of his retirement is not actually very suspicious, since he was 42 years old.

ANS: Greg Maddux

[10] In 1963 this Hall of Fame star of the Senators and Indians was the only man who had played in the 1930s to still be active. He took nine months to get from 299 career wins to 300, and then immediately retired.

ANS: Early Wynn, Jr.

9. The creature they seek is the walking undead! Nosferatu! Das Wampyr! Or sometimes, that creature can be a hero. FTPE, name these examples of vampire anime or manga.

[10] The titular Order of Protestant Knights is led by Sir Integral and superstar vampires Alucard and Selas Victoria; its enemies include Anderson the warrior priest, and the Millennium Nazis.

ANS: Hellsing

[10] This manga series was adapted into movies in 1985 and in 2000 using the subtitle Bloodlust. Characters include Baron Meier Link; Countess Carmilla; and the dunpeel protagonist, who has a talking left hand.

ANS: Vampire Hunter D

[10] Saya and the Red Shield organization are the only forces that can kill chiropterans or put up a resistance against Saya’s evil sister Diva and her Cinq Flèches chevaliers.

ANS: Blood+ (Blood Plus)

10. Mamma mia, that’s a spicy meat-a-ball! Name these hit songs from the genre of Italian stereotype, for-a ten-a points-a each-a.

[10] Rosemary Clooney followed “Come On-a My House” and “Botch-a-me” with this single about a girl who went back to Napoli and was perplexed by the popularity of the titular dance.

ANS: “Mambo Italiano”

[10] With its rousing chorus beginning “Whassamatta you? You gotta no respect?” this 1980 Joe Dolce song reached #1 in eleven countries and was once the biggest-selling single in Australian history.

ANS: “Shaddap You Face”

[10] The most lasting of Lou Monte’s many Italiaxploitation hits was this 1960 Christmas single about one of Santa’s pack animals, better adapted than reindeer for the hills of Italy.

ANS: “Dominick the Donkey” or “Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey”

11. Name these annoying friends from sitcoms for the children of the Reagan administration, FTPE.

[10] Some credit Jaleel White with originating the entire concept of the black nerd with this character, whom he played on Family Matters from age 12 to age 21.

ANS: Steven Quincy Urkel

[10] Played by the late Andrew Koenig, this oafish and perpetually confused friend of Mike Seaver on Growing Pains eventually left the show to join the Marines.

ANS: Boner or Richard Milhous Stabone

[10] Played by Andrea Barber, this dumb and skinny friend of D.J. Tanner provided comic relief on Full House with her colorful outfits, nerdy hairdos, and hideous sneakers.

ANS: Kimmy Gibbler (accept either)

12. She’s been mentioned in a song by The Game and two songs by Lil Wayne – an honor shared only by Halle Berry. FTPE, name these films showcasing former Cousin Skeeter star Meagan Good.
[10] Meagan Good, Jill Ritchie, Devon Aoki and Sara Foster are the titular sexy schoolgirls/slash/top-secret government agents. Jordana Brewster’s character Lucy Diamond is referred to unironically as a “supervillain”.


[10] In this comedy she plays the girlfriend of NBA millionaire Todd Anderson, whose gold-digging ways are revealed at the titular family get-together. It was Farrah Fawcett’s last film.

ANS: The Cookout

[10] Legendary for its bad rating in IMDB, this movie about street dance crews, who heckle each other with the titular phrase, stars the boy band B2K; and Meagan Good as Beautifull with two L’s.

ANS: You Got Served

13. They’ve won five conference titles in the past decade, and reached four Final Fours, but are more popular than their unfairly maligned male counterparts. FTPE:

[10] First, the women’s basketball team at what ACC school was coached for 15 years by Gail Goestenkors, before she was replaced in 2007 by Joanne McCallie?

ANS: Duke University

[10] The only female player to have her number retired by Duke was what 2004 national player of the year, who is now a five-time All-Star with the Washington Mystics?

ANS: Alana Beard

[10] In the 2010 NCAA Elite Eight, Duke lost to what Texas school, whose men’s team had coincidentally lost to Duke the previous day?

ANS: Baylor University

14. Answer these questions about a Worldwide Pants production, FTPE.
[10] What comedian, once famed in Britain for characters like Bing Hitler, and now famed for his use of hand puppets, is the host of CBS’s Late Late Show?

ANS: Craig Ferguson

[10] In 2010, Ferguson announced that his “robot skeleton army” of Twitter followers would be represented by what new robot skeleton sidekick, who has a mohawk and about a dozen catchphrases?

ANS: Geoff Peterson (accept either)

[10] Geoff Peterson was designed by what Japanese-American electronics whiz from Mythbusters?

ANS: Grant Imahara (accept either)

15. Name these inoffensive female singer-songwriters whose names are hard to spell, FTPE.

[10] This three-time Teen Choice Award winner has hit songs including “Lucky”, a duet with Jason Mraz; and “Fallin’ for You” and “Bubbly” from her albums Coco and Breakthrough.

ANS: Colbie Caillat (accept any pronunciation)

[10]This American chanteuse has lived in Paris for most of her life. Her CDs are sold at Starbucks and include Half the Perfect World, Careless Love, and her first all-original album, 2009’s Bare Bones.

ANS: Madeleine Peyroux (accept any pronunciation)

[10] This pianistwas one of the first artists propelled to stardom by iTunes, when her song “Love Song” from the album Little Voice was a free download of the week in June 2007.

ANS: Sara Bareilles (accept any pronunciation)

16. They come in Staff, First Class, and Master varieties. For ten masculine points each, name these sergeants, or “Sarges” as they prefer to be called.
[10] This sergeant’s real name is Robert Remus, and his career in the World Wresting Federation included a series of classic bouts against the Iron Sheik and a partnership with Hacksaw Jim Duggan against the Nasty Boys.
ANS: Sergeant Slaughter

[10] His name is tattooed on his body, with the H covering his face. He refused to carry out orders as Dr. Venture’s archnemesis, and replaced Brock Samson as Team Venture’s bodyguard in Season Four of The Venture Brothers.

ANS: Sergeant Hatred

[10] This sergeant is afraid of women; often hangs from a tree on the edge of a cliff; cares only for his dog Otto; and yells expletives while beating up Beetle Bailey.

ANS: Sergeant Snorkel (First Class Orville P. Snorkel)
17. Name these college football legends from a common hometown, FTPE.
[10] A star at Cardinal Mooney High in Youngstown, Ohio, this man was the defensive coordinator at Kansas State and Florida before getting his current job at the University of Oklahoma.

ANS: Bob Stoops (Robert Anthony Stoops) [He has brothers who are also coaches]

[10] A high school teammate of Stoops’s brother Mark, this man is now the head coach at Nebraska.

ANS: Mark “Bo” Pelini

[10] This linebacker for Youngstown State was signed by the Steelers in 1969 but was cut after training camp. He went on to play father figures in TV shows like Married…With Children and Modern Family.

ANS: Ed O’Neill (Edward Phillip O’Neill)

18. Name the movie that I really liked when I was a pre-teen in the mid-90s, FTPE.

[10] Best remembered for its skydiving Elvises, this 1992 romantic comedy stars Nicolas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker as a couple whose relationship is threatened by sleazy millionaire James Caan. Cage was more widely acclaimed later for a drama with the same titular locale.

ANS: Honeymoon in Vegas

[10] This 1985 sequel to a 1939 film stars a 10-year-old Fairuza Balk and features fantastical characters like Tik-Tok, the Wheelers, and Mombi, the witch who can never decide which head to wear.

ANS: Return to Oz

[10] This 1933 epic of international intrigue features Chico and Harpo Marx as spies from the nation of Sylvania, sent to undermine the Fredonian government of Rufus T. Firefly, played by Groucho Marx.

ANS: Duck Soup

19. Name these accomplishments of self-styled “entrepretainer” Nick Cannon, for ten glamorous points each.

[10] Nick Cannon’s self-titled 2003 album included this #9 hit featuring R. Kelly, whose titular figure is “always surrounded by so many hoes”.

ANS: “Gigolo”

[10] Nick Cannon’s “Red Squad” and the “Black Squad”, captained by a celebrity guest, are pitted against each other in a battle of comedy games and freestyle raps, in this MTV show whose 46 episodes featured team captains like the Ying Yang Twins, Redman, Wayne Brady, Warren Sapp and Andy Milonakis.

ANS: Nick Cannon Presents Wild ‘n Out

[10] Nick Cannon is currently the Chairman of this network, which was called The N until 2009, and is now showing less Degrassi and more Drake and Josh, and reruns of What I Like About You.

ANS: Teen Nick

20. Answer these questions about Muammar Gaddafi, FTPE.
[10] In retaliation for his son being arrested for mistreating hotel staff, Gaddafi has repeatedly endorsed the destruction of what country, which he believes should be divided between France, Germany and Italy?

ANS: Switzerland

[10] The captain of Libya’s national soccer team, Gaddafi’s son Saadi has played one game each for two Italian clubs. One team is from the Friuli region and wears black and white; the other is from the largest city in Umbria Name either, FTPE.

ANSWERS: Udinese Calcio or Perugia Calcio

[10] For the September 2009 United Nations General Assembly, Gaddafi stayed in a large Bedouin tent on an estate in Westchester County, rented from what oafish magnate and reality TV star?

ANS: Donald Trump

21. Your packet-writer spent three full episodes powering up before writing this bonus.  Identify the following about characters from Dragon Ball Z for ten points each.
[10]This Saiyan prince began his run on the series as an antagonist.  He later joined the main cast as a sort of anti-hero and fathered a child, Trunks, on Bulma.

ANS: Vegeta

[10]This overweight samurai helped cut off Vegeta’s tail during Goku’s battle with him.  Otherwise, he is only used as a courier to deliver Senzu Beans to other, more important characters.

ANS: Yajirobe

[10] Known as Mr. Satan in the Japanese version, this flamboyant martial artist participates in the Cell Games and helps the heroes defeat Kid Buu, despite his lack of martial skill.

ANS: Hercule

22. All right, name these examples of the Trash Literature of the 1870s, the works of Lewis Carroll, FTPE. Specifically, his poems.

[10] Subtitled “An Agony in 8 Fits”, this long seafaring ballad about “the impossible voyage of an improbable crew to find an inconceivable creature” gave rise to a popular internet word for mean-spirited sarcasm.

ANS: The Hunting of the Snark

[10] In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland this poem is recited by Alice and the Caterpillar. It is a dialogue between an improbably spry old man and his worried son. Sammy Davis Jr. is the voice of the titular old man in the movie.

ANS: Father William or You Are Old, Father William

[10] This poem is recited by Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum in Through the Looking-Glass, and concerns an aquatic mammal and a tradesman who eat all the oysters they can find.

ANS: “The Walrus and the Carpenter

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