Dr Vladimir Shcherbinin

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Dr Vladimir Shcherbinin

I was born in Russia but most of my life I lived in Ukraine. In 1981 I graduated from the Medical School and started practicing as a doctor. After all my surgical trainings I became a paediatric cardio-vascular surgeon and worked in Kiev for 15 years. During my surgical practice I accidently had twice needle-stick injuries during the open heart operations on the patients who were positive for Hepatitis B in late 1980s. Since then I started having positive blood tests showing that I have been infected with hepatitis B virus. Because of my healthy life style I never developed any active form of Hepatitis B or its complications. But over 20 years my blood tests have always shown that I have been a hepatitis B carrier. Up to now I have been completely healthy person and take no medications.

In 1997 I immigrated from Ukraine to New Zealand. In 2006 I passed all my Australian medical exams and relocated to Australia to live and practice as a fully registered Australian doctor.

For many years I have been searching for extraordinary knowledge of human kind. In the end of 2005 I joined the Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment and became a very passionate student of this extraordinary school of Mind. In the School by Ramtha we have been gradually taught that in every human being is a divine being because our physical body is existing and operating through higher consciousness and there are seven levels of consciousness. This unique knowledge was given to us by Ramtha and later proven even through the science that human consciousness and energy constantly affecting quantum field and as the result create nature of our realities. Every level of consciousness has its specific place in the physical body, its unique frequency and functioning. We were educated, trained and experienced that Blue Body consciousness is responsible for almost instant healing of any possible abnormality in our physical body. And the only pathway to engage Blue Body healing is through the state of analogical mind.

As I know, every student in the RSE has its own preferable disciplines and a personal way of doing them. Personally for myself I found that C&E discipline is very powerful for manifestations and healing. In 2007 I created my own long (1.5 hour) C&E discipline. I used the tape of Assay III Progressing: “Manifestation Discipline – The Golden Egg including the Torsion Process” which has many Ramtha’s instructions but without music. I created the tape where after each Ramtha’s instruction I recorded a different piece of powerful music. And that powerful discipline has the instructions of our Teacher to create our wealth, to change DNA, and to heal any part our body we want. Therefore, among other disciplines I have been practicing this C&E discipline on the regular basis. C&E is one of my favourite discipline because I almost every time experienced become analogical mind. I always do my creations only from that state of being an analogical mind when I become the Lord God of My Being. C&E discipline has such a profound electromagnetic effect on my body that after long and regular C&Es sessions for few days I would have sparks of static electricity on my fingers when I touched any metal objects. Because I have no health problem except being a carrier of hepatitis B during this C&E discipline I frequently focused on my liver to cure it completely. I have been doing different C&Es almost on a daily basis. For my healing I practiced my long C&E on weekends during 2008-2009 because it is the most exhausting discipline which needs long recovery.

In April 2010 I decided to apply for my permanent residence visa of Australia. And because of that I had to have a special full medical examination including different blood tests. I told to the doctor who works for immigration service that I have been hepatitis B carrier for over 20 years. He examined me and requested all necessary blood test to check my liver status. In few days I contacted that doctor and during our conversation he said, that my specific blood test for Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg = persistent infection) is negative! I was so excited that after my work that day I went to see the doctor and made a copy of the report. It was non-reactive (negative)! But I wanted to make sure that this healing was not just accidental onetime event. In March 2011 I was invited to work at the different city at the Skin Cancer Clinic as a leading surgeon. So I relocated to Orange in NSW just 55 km from Bathurst where the RSE has our regular events in Australia. In September 2011 after one and a half year from the first test I have done another blood test at the different pathology lab “Laverty Pathology”. In the past (2008 and 2009) I had twice tested my blood at “Laverty Pathology” for Hepatitis B and both of them shown that I have been detected with HBsAg = persistent infection. In the contrary to those previous tests, my September blood test has also confirmed that HBsAg was NOT DETECTED!! The laboratory doctor JH responsible for the test wrote: Evidence of past, resolved Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection!!

Now after being over 20 years of Hepatitis B carrier the second test confirmed again that Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg = persistent infection) is negative! Moreover, the second test also shown that my body has developed a very high immunity state to HBV. According to Immunity status: < 10 mIU/ml - Not immune 10 – 40 mIU/ml - Low Level Immunity > 40 mIU/ml Immune The level of Immunity (Hepatitis B Surface Antibody) which my body developed to against HBV was 87 mlU/ml! (See attached blood test)

I have no doubt that my specific C&E sessions from Assay III Progressing under our Master Teacher instructions created complete cure of my body from HBV with a very high level of immunity.

Recently I had another interesting experience at my medical practice. A month ago I was doing surgery on the patient with skin cancer on the upper lip. It was quite big reconstructive surgery on the face. During the operation from its beginning I was struggling with constant significant bleeding from even small cuts. Almost over an hour it was so difficult to stop bleeding from multiple arterial vessels. I kept cotton gauzes over the bleeding areas many times but with no significant affect on bleeding. Suddenly in the middle of this difficult situation I decided to engage the Lord God of my being to help me to stop bleeding.

I stopped continuing the operation put the cotton gauze over the wound put my hands over and in my mind I strongly requested to stop bleeding from the Lord God of My Being. I knew there must be no doubt with that intervention. And as back up to completely eliminate any doubt all my previous achievements through my RSE disciplines rushed through my mind. And I got no doubt in that moments only desire to use the true higher power within. I set in that contemplation for a minute. The nurse who assisted me was wondering why I become so quiet. When I finished that contemplation and took my hands off the wound it was so obvious that there was significant improvement with minimum bleeding. After that I quickly finished the operation.

After the operation I asked my nurse, what has she noticed during the operation. She said, it was very unusual that after my quiet contemplation with hands over the wound that terrible bleeding suddenly stopped and that allowed us to finish the operation without any problem. She asked me, what was that? I said that I engaged my higher power. She replied, why had I not done that earlier?

I started laughing loudly.....

I have been a RSE student for 6 years and based on my multiple experiences of creating and manifesting my personal realities I know that the knowledge that was given to us by Ramtha and all the disciplines we were taught in the RSE always work. But they work only as much as we dedicated to apply them in our daily life. And as Ramtha pointed to us many times, we should do the work and the disciplines will always teach us how to do them correctly because it is always personal way for each individual.

“Just Do It”
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