Draft town of Honea Path, South Carolina Official Zoning Ordinance This document has been prepared for the Town of Honea Path Town Council The Honea Path Planning Commission With assistance from the Appalachian Council of Governments Adopted by Town

Section 202 Zoning District Boundaries and the Official Zoning Map

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Section 202 Zoning District Boundaries and the Official Zoning Map

The boundaries of the above zoning districts are hereby established as shown on the Official Zoning Map of the Town of Honea Path, South Carolina, which together with all explanatory matter thereon is hereby adopted and declared to be a part of this Ordinance.

The Official Zoning Map shall be identified by the signature of the Mayor attested by the Town Clerk and bear the seal of the town under the following words: “Official Zoning Map Town of Honea Path, South Carolina”, together with the date of the adoption of this ordinance.

If, in accordance with the provisions of this ordinance and South Carolina Code of Laws, 1976, 1994 Cumulative Update, Title VI, Chapter 29, Section 760, changes are made in district boundaries or other matter portrayed on the Official Zoning Map, such changes shall be entered on the official zoning map promptly by the Town Clerk within seven (7) days after the amendment has been approved by the Town Council. No amendment to this ordinance which involves a matter portrayed on the Official Zoning Map shall become effective until after such change has been made on said map.

No changes of any nature shall be made on the Official Zoning Map except when in conformity with the procedures set forth in the Ordinance. Any unauthorized change of whatever kind, by any person or persons, shall be considered a violation of this ordinance and punishable as provided by law.

Regardless of the existence of purported copies of the Official Zoning Map which may from time to time be made or published, the Official Zoning Map which shall be located in the office of the Town Clerk shall be the final authority as to the current zoning status of land and water areas, buildings, and other structures in the town. A reproducible copy of the Official Zoning Map shall be kept on file in the Office of the Town Clerk and copies shall be available at all times for the inspection by the public.

Section 203 Interpretation of District Boundaries

Where uncertainty exists with respect as to the boundaries of districts as shown on the Official Zoning Map, the following rules shall apply:

District boundary lines are intended to follow the center lines of streets, highways, alleys, rail lines, easements, and other rights-of-way; the center lines of streams or other water channels; and follow platted lot or other property lines.

In the absence of visual district boundaries or specified distances on the Official Zoning Map, dimensions or distances shall be determined by the Zoning Administrator by scaling the distance on the Official Zoning Map.

Properties divided by highways, streets, railroads, streams, rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water shall not be considered adjacent properties.

Where distances are not specifically indicated on the Official Zoning Map and/or are not covered within this section, the Board of Zoning Appeals shall interpret the district boundaries.

Section 204 Divided Lot

Where a district boundary divides a lot which was in single ownership at the time of passage of the ordinance, the Board of Appeals may permit the extension of the regulations for either portion of the lot, not to exceed fifty (50) feet beyond the district line into the remaining portion of the lot. The extension of regulations may be approved provided the request will be in harmony with the general purpose and intent of this ordinance and will not be injurious to the neighborhood or otherwise detrimental to the public welfare. The 50-foot extension of regulations may be granted only once per lot and does not constitute an amendment to the Official Zoning Map. Thereafter, the existing zoning district boundary lines shall govern all sections of newly created approved lots of record without extension considerations.

Section 205 Zoning of Annexed Property

Where town limit boundaries change by virtue of annexation or some other means, the following provisions shall apply:

  1. New land areas incorporated or otherwise annexed shall be assigned a zoning classification at the time of annexation by Town Council. The ordinance to annex the territory will establish a zoning classification for the property based on a recommendation from the planning commission, consideration of the current use of the property, the municipality’s comprehensive plan, and the current zoning of neighboring properties.

  2. In all cases, where additions or deletions in the Town of Honea Path's total land area require adjustments in the Zoning District boundaries, said amendments shall be made on the Zoning Map within 90 (ninety) days of the date of Council action and the date shall be noted.


The regulations set by this Ordinance within each district shall be minimum regulations and shall apply uniformly to each class or kind of structure or land, except as hereinafter provided. Except where provisions for relief are set forth elsewhere in this Ordinance, the following general standards for the enforcement of district regulations shall apply.

Section 301 Use of Land or Structures

  1. No building, land or portion thereof shall be erected, used, moved, or altered except in conformity with the regulations specified for the district in which it is located.

  2. No structure shall hereafter be erected or altered:

  • with greater height, size, bulk, or other dimensions;

  • to occupy a greater percentage of lot area; or

  • to have narrower or smaller rear yards, front yards, side yards, or other open spaces than herein required; or in any other manner contrary to the provisions of this ordinance.

  1. No part of a setback, or other open space, off-street parking or loading area required in connection with any building for the purpose of complying with this ordinance, shall be included as part of a setback, open space, or off-street parking or loading space similarly required for any other building.

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