Edited & compiled by: Shaharyar Haider 1- three Selfish Friends


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Edited & compiled by: Shaharyar Haider

1- Three Selfish Friends
Three friends departed in search of job. They took oath that they will stand in each other’s side in thick and thin. Their early journey was refreshing and full of jokes. When they were going through a jungle, they faced an incident. Yes, it was a treasure of gold and jewel bag that they found under a tree. When they were making preparation to sleep, they decided to divide the treasure equally among themselves. But who knows treachery of each other. Before going to sleep, each of them was thinking how to deceive the other. When one of them was sleeping the other two decided to kill him and divide the treasure between them. The sleeping party had already decided to kill the other two. In the morning, one of them was requested to fetch food as they were hungry. When he had departed, they sketched the plan to kill their friend. On the other hand, the third one hit an idea to kill his friends. He mixed poison in their food and brought it to them. When he reached to his friends, they killed him according to their plan and ate meal. On eating food, they died on the spot and the treasure remained untouched for the next prey.
It is nature of man that he smells the will of each other subconsciously. If one is thinking good the other will think the same. If one is thinking evil for someone the opponent shall, ultimately, think evil for him. The same happened among the friends. It’s a social tragedy.


Greed is a curse.

As you sow, so shall you reap.

Tit for Tat.

2- The Jackal and the Camel
Once there lived a jackal in a forest on the bank of a river. There were many fields of melons on the other side of the river. The river was deep and wide. He did not dare enter it. He went to a camel and asked him to carry him to the other side of the river. The jackal was very happy. He entered the melon field and began to eat melons with relish. When he had eaten to this fill, he began to howl. The camel asked him not to make a nose. But the jackal replied that it was his habit to howl after taking his meal.
He had not howled for long. When the villagers came running towards the fields, the jackal ran away and hid himself in the bush. The villagers found the camel and with their sticks fell on him. The camel ran towards the river, but on the bank he collapsed. The villagers left him and went away.
Now the jackal came out of his hiding and went to the camel. After a long time, the camel felt strong, enough to get up and cross the river. The jackal jumped on his back, When they reached into the deep water of the mid. Stream, the camel stopped there. The jackal asked him what he was after. The camel replied that it was its habit to take a bath after his meals. Saying this, he dived in the water. The jackal fell into the water and was drowned.


Tit for Tat

As you sow so shall you reap.

3- The Farmer and his Sons

Union is Strength” is a proverb which has always given success to nations and individuals. Unit is a virtue which makes the people strong and undefeatable. To prove this proverb there is a story that once there was a farmer who owned a vast piece of land in a village. He worked hard to increase the yield of the fields. Hs continuous labor brought prosperity to his home. God had blessed him with five sons who were always overruling among themselves. They always raised points which were matters of dispute and the result was unrest and anxiety among them. In spite of abundance of wealth and prosperity, there was no peace.

As the farmer started getting old, he got worried about his quarreling sons. He always thought of the days when he would not be with them and they might waste all their assets in quarreling. At last, his worries made him ill and he stuck to the bed. The thoughts of disunity pained the dying father. So, he called all of them to teach a lesson at the last moment of his life.
He sent for a bundle of sticks and called his five sons together and asked every one of them to break the bundle of sticks. The youngest tried first, but after a long struggle he had to confess that e could not break the bundle. Every one in his turn tried his best till the turn of the eldest came. He was the most powerful of them but even he could not break the bundle. The father laughed at their failure.

No, my son” said the father to the youngest, “Untie the bundle and try to break the sticks one by one. “So the bundle was untied and event the youngest son was able to break all the sticks one by one. “United to you stand, divide you fall” said the old farmer.

Moral:__Honesty_is_the_best_policy.__Virtue_surely_gets_rewarded.__6-_The_King_and_the_Spider'>Moral:__Union_is_Strength.'>The boys realized that their father was correct and they promised never to quarrel among themselves and stand united.


Union is Strength.

United you stand, divided you fall.

4- The Slave and the Lion
Kindness is a noble sentiment. There is an ancient story which shows that even the fierce animals are affected by kindness.

It is said that in a certain country there lived a slave who was a kind man. His master was cruel and tortured him, without any excuse. The slave did every thing to please his master but there was no used. So, he decided to run away.

One night he ran from the house and took the road that led to another city. On the way he reached a big forest and sat down under a tree for rest. Suddenly he heard a roar and next moment a big lion was standing near him. He could not run away. Then he saw that the lion did not jump at him. It was striking its paw on the ground. The slave saw that there was blood on it. He held the lion’s paw in his hand and found a big thorn in it. He took out that thorn. The lion licked his feet and went away.
After a short time he heard the voices of people. Before he could run away, a group of soldiers had surrounded and arrested him. He was taken back to the city and put into the prison. His master had logged a complaint with the government, for the slaves, had no right to run away. The authorities decided that the slave should be thrown before a hungry lion so that the other slaves would not follow his example.
On the day of execution, he was pushed into the cage of big hungry lion. As soon as the lion saw him, it began to roar. But suddenly it stopped roaring and began to lick his feet.
It was the same lion whom the slave had helped in the forest. It has recognized him. Thus, the slave was paid for his kindness done to the beast.


Kindness never goes unrewarded.

5- The Woodcutter and the Angel
Man is honest by nature but it is the Satan who misleads him. In every religion, it had been told that honesty gets boundless rewards. The person who obeys the conscience must get reward of it which is promised of God. “Honesty is the best Policy” is proverb which is true for all ages and places. Honesty is virtue that is honored and awarded always and everywhere. An honest man is always happy and content with what he gets.
Here is a story to illustrate the proverb. The story is that once a wood cutter was felling a tree on a river bank. His axe slipped from his hand and fell into the deep river, The poor man began to cry, for he used to earn his livelihood by cutting trees with his axe, now at it was lost. He did not know what to do. He had no money to by a new axe, and this made him cry even more bitterly.
By chance an angel came there. He asked the woodcutter why he was crying. The poor fellow looked up and told him about his misfortune. Angel jumped into the river and came up with an axe in his hand. It was not woodcutter’s axe as it was made of gold. He gave it to the woodcutter who refused to take it and said, “This is not my axe. “Angel once again plunged into the river and brought out a silver axe. The woodcutter again refused to cheat and claim that was not his. The angel jumped into the river for the third time and came out with an iron axe. The woodcutter recognized it and gratefully took it. The angel was greatly impressed by the hones of that poor man who had rejected a fortune by refusing to claim what was not his own. So the angel gave the two precious axes to the woodcutter as a reward for his honestly and went away.


Honesty is the best policy.

Virtue surely gets rewarded.

6- The King and the Spider
It is principle of God that he never wastes hardworking of anyone. If someone tries in any field, he ultimately, gets regard of it. If we suppose even negative example of a thief, if he tries, he will get fruit of it. But if someone tries for good, he must get fruit of that. So it is the nature of God that he helps those who help themselves.
Robert Bruce was the king of Scotland. He was very brave and courageous. He fought many battles against the English. But every time he was defeated. Once, he had to run for his life. His enemies followed him. He hid himself in a cave. He had decided not to struggle any more. One day he saw a spider in the cave. It had fallen from its cobweb. It was hanging by its silken thread. It tried to reach its web, but slipped and fell down. The spider did not lose heart and tried again but fell down. The spider tried to climb up nine times but every time it fallen down. The king thought that the spider would try no more. But he was surprised to see that the spider was ready to attempt for the tenth time. This time it succeeded. It gave the king a new hope. He said to himself, “If a small spider can succeed by trying again and again, why should I not? He came out and gathered his forces. This time, he was more enthusiastic and energetic for the lesson he learnt from a small creature. This energy of confidence gave him more genius planning. He attacked the English with intelligence and skill with full of fore and strength and this time he was able to defeat them.


God helps those who help themselves

Where there is a will, there is a way

Try, Try Again

Fortune favors the brave

Hard work never goes unrewarded.

  1. The Clever Bat

Once there was a campaign in the jungle, to elect the King of animals. The lion and the sparrow were the candidates for Kingship. The elections could not be held and a battle broke out. The animals were led by the lion and the sparrow was the commander of birds. The bat’s position was vague and it didn’t announce its support for any single side. It had a very strange behavior. If animals seemed to be winning, it supported them. It claimed to be an animal as it gave milk. On the other hand, it visited the birds and claimed to be one of them. It argued that it laid eggs so it was naturally a bird. In this way, it kept engaged with both the sides with the help of its tricks.
Finally, the animals stood victorious in the battle. The lion became the King of forest and started to penalize the enemies of battle times. The bat went to the King lion to congratulate the animals for their wonderful success. They threw it out by saying that it laid eggs which made it a bird. Then the bat visited the birds to encourage them for the next battle. They rejected it by claiming that it was an animal as it gave milk. Since then it lives in solitary.


A rolling stone gathers no mass.

  1. The Foolish Stag

Once a stag went to the jungle and drank water at a pool. He was enjoying the cool breeze. The water of the pool was cool and crystal clear. He saw his reflection in the water. He became very happy after looking at his beautiful horns. He felt a great pride in their beauty. Unfortunately, he looked at his legs which were ugly. He became very sad and even forgot the beauty of his horns. He started to hate his ugly legs and complained to God. In this way, he became unthankful. After a moment he heard the howls of hounds. It was an alarm for him. He became frightened. He saw a pack of hounds coming towards him.

He ran away to save his life. His ugly legs helped him in running fast. Soon he was out of sight. Then he passed from the very thick part of jungle. His beautiful horns got entangled in the bushes. He was so proved of them but now it was time to curse them. He tried his level his level best to get himself free from the bushes. But his all efforts proved futile. Soon, the hounds arrived there. They fell upon him and tore him into pieces. Alas! His majestic horns caused him his life.


Pride hath a fall.

All that glitters is not gold.

Appearance is always deceptive.

  1. A Selfish Friend

Once upon a time, two friends planned to go on a journey. They had different physical structures. One had a good height while the other was bulky and short. They vowed to help each other through thick and thin. When they were passing through a jungle, they saw a bear coming towards them. Both of them became afraid. The tall fellow started to run and within no time, climbed up a tree. The short fellow remained behind. He did not know anything about climbing up a tree. He was also grieved that his friend has left him in hard time. He felt quite helpless. Suddenly, he remembered that the bears do not eat the dead bodies.
He lay down and pretended to be dead by holding back his breath. The bear came near to him, sniffed him and went away. Obviously, the bear had taken him as a dead body. Soon it went away. The other friend came down from the three and asked his friend what the bear had said in his ear.
The other friend was in shock that his friend had betrayed him. His anger was out of control. He didn’t want to talk to his friend. He then replied to his friend that the bear had advised him not to trust the fair weather friends. After this, he left his friend there and went away.


A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Avoid fair weather friends.

We should avoid selfish friends.

  1. The Careless Messenger

Once there was a battle going on between two neighboring countries. It was a custom that the kings stayed in their palaces. They operated the battles through messengers. Their instructions were followed by the army. One of the countries had efficient messengers. The other country’s king was not happy with his messengers. One day, he had to send a message to his army’s commander. He called for a messenger who was comparatively better in his services. He was faithful and obedient.
The king advised him to take that message to the battlefield. Before going, he noticed that one of the nails from horse’s shoes was missing. He was in a hurry so he ignored it and went on his journey. When he was on his way, he noticed that the horse had begun to limp. Unfortunately, one of the shoes of horse had gone off. He felt quite troubled. But there was no way out. He made his horse run even faster. The horse was stumbling as it was in unbearable pain.
In no time, the horse started to fade. The messenger whipped it to make it run faster. Ultimately the horse fell down and died. The messenger had to deliver the message so he ran on foot. When he reached the battlefield, unfortunately the army had lost the battle. He repented on his being so careless about horse’s nail. But it was of no use then.


A stitch in time saves nine.

It is no use crying over spilt milk.

Haste makes waste.

  1. The Hare and the Tortoise

Once there lived some animals in a jungle. They enjoyed their lives in the natural environment. There was plenty of food and fresh water. All the animals had friendship with human beings. But two of them, the hare and tortoise were misanthropes. They were fast friends. They kept everything between themselves. The hare had a great pride in his speed. He often made fun of tortoise’s slow speed. One day, the tortoise lost his temper over the comments of his friend, the hare. He chided him and went away. The hare wanted to settle the issue by hook or by crook. He challenged the tortoise to run a race.
Surprisingly, the tortoise accepted the challenge and the winning point was mutually decided by them. The race started on the fixed day. The hare ran as fast as he could. Soon, he was out of the sight. On the way, he saw a garden. He thought to eat something and take rest for a while. He knew it very well that the tortoise was far behind him and he will take much time to reach there.
He lay down and was soon asleep. On the other hand, the tortoise continued his slow and steady tread. When the hare woke up, the sun was setting. He became upset and started to run for his victory. When he reached the fixed point, he was shocked to see the tortoise there. The tortoise was celebrating his great victory. They hare became much ashamed so he promised not to make anybody’s fun in future.


Slow and steady wins the race.

Pride hath a fall.

Those who sleep after the completion of their work, surely succeed.

Consistency is the key to success.

  1. The Wolf and the Lamb

There lived a wolf in a jungle. He had a habit of disturbing other animals. He was strong and powerful. He didn’t care for the rights of others. One day, he saw a lamb playing in the fields. He wanted to eat the lamb. He just had to make an excuse. He said to the lamb, “why did you insult and disobey me last year?” The lamb was shocked by the unjust question. He became deeply terrified. Somehow, he mustered up his courage and replied, “I was not even born then”. The wolf abruptly said, “why are you grazing in my fields?” The lamb humbly answered that he didn’t even taste a single blade of grass from there.

The wolf got infuriated and said, “you drink water from my stream and make it dirty”. The lamb was terribly afraid but somehow he replied, “I don’t drink water. I only drink my mother’s milk”. The wolf had failed in proving his charges against the poor lamb. Then he said, “your mother drinks water from my stream and makes it dirty”. Saying this, he jumped forward and seized the lamb. In no time, he tore the helpless lamb and satisfied his hunger.


Might is right.
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