Effective Story Endings


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Effective Story Endings

The ending to a piece of fiction is really important. It can make or break your story! Don’t spoil a good story by having a rubbish ending. JK Rowling wrote the ending to the Harry Potter series before the first book was published. This way she makes sure that all the events that happen in between lead to and build up to, a spectacular ending. When planning your story you should make sure the ending is effective and matches earlier events in the plot.

Here is a plan for a story with three possible endings:


Three climbers decide to climb Mount Everest as it is the only major mountain in the world

they haven’t climbed.


They begin their treck up the mountain but don’t tell anyone they are going as they know it is



One climber falls but is saved from plummeting to his death by a ledge – he has broken his leg.


The three climbers spend an uncomfortable Night on the mountain. The temperature drops

and the injured man becomes ill.


Happy Ending

One climber has a flare

and all three are


Cliff Hanger

Two of the climbers go back

Down the mountain to get help,

Leaving the injured man behind.

Will they return?

Sad/ Reflective

A helicopter spots them on the

mountain and a rescue party

arrives but too late to save the

injured man.

Your Task!

You are going to write the story of the three climbers to match the plan you have been given. However, you are going to write the ending first! You must choose the ending you like best and think of some good vocabulary and phrases you would like to use in your writing. You have only 20 minutes to create and check your ending. Good luck!

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