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English 9 Name_______________

What’s in a Name?

Our names help define who we are. There are reasons why we have the names we do. For parents-to-be, deciding on a name can be a difficult process in trying to find the perfect name. Sometimes parent(s) choose a name because there is a story behind it. They may choose a name (first or middle) that’s been in the family for several years, or choose the name of their favorite actor, author, or musician. Or sometimes they choose a name based on its meaning and origin that they found in a baby name book. Whatever the reasons, your name was decided upon. What is the story of your name?

If you do not already know the story of your name, you are probably going to need to sit down with a parent (s) and ask them to remember why they chose your first, middle (if you have one), and last name. It is kind of a treasure hunt! Just make sure you write down the story and the reasons!

Be sure to include in your name hi(story) these pieces:

  1. the story of your first name in a paragraph, what it means, and where it came from (why your parent(s)/family chose it)

  2. the story of your middle name(s) if you have any

  3. the story of your last name (surname), what it means (if you can find it) and where it came from Was your name ever changed? (for example, families who came through Ellis Island)

  4. a conclusion (what do you like about your name, what did you learn you didn’t know before, will you pass on any of your family names to your children one day? Why or why not? How does your name identify who you are? Do the meanings of your name(s) fit ‘who you are’?

Have fun with this assignment! Be sure to consult baby name books and the Internet

for meanings of ‘surnames’(last names), and your family for help.

Rough Draft Due: __________ Final Draft Due:_________

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