February Book Report

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February Book Report

In lieu of show and tell, this month each student will be asked to complete a mini book report and oral presentation. Our current Common Core domain is “Kings and Queens.” We will be reading fiction and non-fiction selections that will build students’ understanding of the responsibilities, lifestyles, and customs associated with royalty throughout history. Some of the stories we will read will include: King Midas and the Golden Touch, The Princess and the Pea, Cinderella, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Your child should neatly do all of the writing, drawing and coloring on the attached sheet. Lastly, all of the book reports are due Monday, February 24th and your child will be chosen randomly to present his/her book report the week of February 24th.

Here are some suggested stories or you can pick your own story:

  1. Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman

  2. Cinder Edna by Ellen Jackson

  3. Cinderella by Charles Perrault

  4. Kate Middleton: Real Life Princess by Sarah Tieck

  5. King Bidgood’’s in the Bathtub, by Audrey and Don Wood

  6. King Midas and the Golden Touch, by Charlotte Craft

  7. The King Who Rained, by Fred Gwynne

  8. The Kite Princess, by Juliet Clare Bell

  9. Max and Ruby’s Midas, by Rosemary Wells

  10. Mother Goose Remembers, by Clare Beaton

  11. Prince Cinders, by Babette Cole

  12. Princess Grace
    , by Mary Hoffman

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