Feelings/Group Hametner

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Feelings/Group Hametner

Dealing with feelings

Collect all the feelings you know on a sheet of paper. Mime one of the words for the others to guess.

How do these people feel?
Creative gap writing text

Put in the feeling word that fits best into the sentence. Use your imagination!



Music and emotions

Listen to some songs (by Riccardo Cocciante, Enya, Bob Marley, Metallica)

and describe your feelings.


Gallery of feelings

Look at the following pictures; which feelings do they evoke in you? Discuss in groups.


Stories and feelings – the language of feelings

Guess the mime story
Work in groups of four; invent a story which you can mime so clearly that other goups will know what the story is about. The mime should show feelings such as happiness, anger, and must not last longer than three minutes. The other groups guess what your story is all about.

A fairy tale with holes in it
Put the words from the word list into the holes. Enjoy the funny or even crazy outcome of your fairy tales.


The Tale of Greyfriars Bobby

Read the story and describe your feelings for the dog and his behaviour/character/fate.

reading corner


Mary Poppins

Watch the scene from the film Mary Poppins; how do the children feel about their nanny? Would you also like to have a companion/ friend with magic abilities. Have a conversation with your teacher.


A bad day

Match the pictures with the sentences.

Write out the picture story.


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