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A Beautiful Mind

Film, Beautiful Mind

Clever mathematicians, maths drives him insane.

Show's complexity of subject


Film: A Beautiful Mind

A film about parts of his life (dramaticised)

Very respectful of his ability yet not envious since his intellect classed him as not normal.

John Nash (?) A beautiful mind

weird socially awkward (& skitz !) but nice person

strengthened a stereotype
The film "A Beautiful Mind" - rented on dvd.

It was about a clever mathematician who went a bit crazy trying to crack codes.

I enjoyed it a lot.
Beautiful mind, cinema

Mathematicians were shown as (mostly) harmless freaks

it somewhat agreed with the image of mathematicians i already had
a beautiful mind, friend's place

the guy was really good at his maths

a nice story line
Fil - A Beutiful Mind

Film about the life of a Fiels Medalist

Good film and interesting
Beautiful Mind – on TV

Crazy mathematician

I like how good at maths he was but he was too bonkers

The guy in A Beautiful Mind

He was schizophrenic

It was a good film. I considered pretending to talk to imaginary people in tutes to freak my tutor out.

Film “A Beautiful Mind” (first seen by me when shown on TV, I think)

Film is a (semi-) biography of the mathematician John Nash; it charts his life from his early twenties until the present day, focusing on his struggle against Schizophrenia; most of the maths mentioned is concerned with economics

(for which JN won the Nobel Prize) or cryptography (the film is mostly set during the Cold War)

poignant; it gives quite a good insight into research mathematics as I understand it, though focussing on only a small part; (the film suggests that Nash’s Schizophrenia was brought on by his involvement in government code-breaking, whereas there is some consensus, I think, that it was more linked to his efforts to prove the Riemann Hypothesis)

The film A Beautiful Mind – at home on TV

John Nash’s eccentricities

It focused way too much on his mental illness as opposed to his maths
Nash, in the film A Beautiful Life

He is desperate for maths and can sacrifice for it

I think we have to make a good balance between maths and other aspects
The film 'A Beautiful Mind'.

... I remember most of it...

A good film. However, it's a shame that so many films depict mathematicians who are in some way pitiable.
the film "a beautiful mind" was about a mathemetician, and i saw it in the cimema 4 years ago.

Describe the main things that you remember about it:

it was a film about a fields medalist

it was a good film

John Nash in a Beautiful Mind (film and book)

He was an amazing mathematician who was able to think in a different way to his peers

I felt like that was something that I could aspire to be

Film: A Beautiful Mind, on Video

About a mathematician who loses his mind. He goes to Harvard and starts looking at the flight of birds… mathematically.

He was cool. Fun seeing a "clever" person, caning up the maths. It's inspiring.

"A beautiful mind" - cinema ca. 2003

the pecularities about being a genius

maths was being too popularised
A beautiful mind, cinema

Describe the main things that you remember about it:

Early fame followed by insanity - why never any movies about STABLE creative persons

It was gripping and beautiful, though a bit much insanity. On the whole sympathetic to Nash though

A Beautiful Mind (Cinema) Excellent story acting by Russell Crowe (sic). Amazing that it was based on a true story about a mathematical genius. Some people love maths so much that it can be their life goal to prove or disprove a theory or come up with something monumental that can apply to everyday life as well
The film - A Beautiful Mind - at home. (I have it on DVD) Russell crow!! An amazing film that was a story about life. It made me think about how we see things from a mathematical point of view--- Patterns, Shapes, Colours. 1. I liked "A beautiful mind" as showed the effect of Maths and a Mathematician. It was interesting to see his strong emotions.

Film: A beutiful Mind. Film about a Mathematical genius. I liked the film.

Beautiful mind with Russell Grove usually at home on TV. The movie shows Mathematicians as wisy people.

A Beautiful Life, Cinema. It was the best picture Oscar when fellowship of the Ring should have won. Disappointment

A Beautiful Mind Genius, Learner, Strange, Mental illness. Sadness, Good film.

A Beautiful Mind. A disturb mathematician. People perceive them world differently.

"A Beautiful Mind" - Film. He was a genius mathematician but had several mental problems. Enjoyed the film, found the maths. He used fascinating & complicated!

A Beautiful Mind - Cinema Mathematician goes mental. Quite good. Russel Crowe is nice.

A Beautiful Mind (The Film).

A Beautiful Mind. A Mathematician wins the Nobel Prize. It was a very good film.

Ridley Scott's ' A Beautiful Mind ' (Cinema). Portrayal of genius combined with mental disorder. Respect for character; also feeling that character was above highly unusual and do not often encounter mathematicians in film media portrayed in a 'normal light'.
Russel Crowe - Beautiful Mind. Can't really remember it.

Russel Crowe Character in 'A Beautiful Mind'. Stay of his life - Trouble Academic. Powerful film. Enjoyed it, sympathised with character.

The film with Russell Crowe (I can't remember the film's name) He's a great mathematician who was schizophrenic. It was a good film.
The Russell Crowe Film - A Beautiful Mind. Very academic - difficult for everyday people to grasp. None

Beautiful Mind

A beautiful mid about 2 years ago. He was a brilliant mathematician. It was good.

A film named a Beautiful Mind. A man has a disease but can break codes when he is not on medication. Film-A beautiful mind. About a Schizophrenic mathematician. No Strong feelings/opinions.

Film, A Beautiful Mind. He was really smart. It was a good film. Movie (TV) ; A Beautiful Mind. From signs and formulas. Very confusing

Film A beautiful mind. A mildly satcophrenic man who was used to create codes and started going crazy. The fact that if you have some disabilities it makes you worse up something and bothers at others. A Beautiful Mind, TV. A very intelligent Mathematician, who was slightly mentally ill. It was interesting.

A beautiful mind. It was about a crazy Mathematician who was god at Maths. A beautiful mind. When they realise he is imaging everything. Really enjoyed it. Confusing at times.

A beautiful mind/ DVD. It was really boring but it had a Mathematician in it Educational but in a boring way.

Films - A beautiful mind. A Mathematician is seen as incredibly smart, and becomes schizophrenic with his obsession of numbers.

1.The film a beautiful mind. 2. I read a book which was about an artistic boy who talked about Maths often. I can't really remember but I think it's could "The dog in the night time". A Beautiful Mind - Cinema. The main character was scitsopherenic but an immensely talented Mathematician. He won the Nobel prize at the end. I thought it was a great film and taught me dedication and strength will get you through life and also maths is key everyday life.
A beautiful mind. That there was something wrong with the main characters brain, he was like a genius at the beginning. Really sad at the end.
Beautiful Mind The man character was a Mathematician. Russel Crowe "A beautiful mind". Russel Crowe was crazy. That's a good film.
A beautiful mind, Sky movies. Images of Toad Hanks looking up at the newspapers cutouts. I enjoy the movie - it excited me.
Film - A beautiful mind. It's about a Mathematician. It wasn't bad, relatively interesting.
Cinema - 'A beautiful mind'. He used very complexed Mathematical knowledge to prove certain things. I felt he was very intelligent - a genius.
Film : A beautiful mind (Mixture of Science and Maths). He was a mathematical genius but was a bit crazy! I enjoyed the film in general but I think that it has contributed to a bad stereotype of Mathematicians.
'A beautiful mind' - Film. It is about a mathematician who suffers from mental illness. Although there was not a lot about Maths and is mainly a drama, I still enjoyed watching it.

The film " A Beautiful Mind". The man used Maths to work the facts of life out, through equations. I really enjoyed it and found it amazing how one mind was able to do that using Mathematical skills.

TV "A beautiful mind". Just some giving solving equations. Dunno

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