Fun comprehension Activities to increase comprehension for your Kindergartner at home!

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FUN Comprehension Activities to INCREASE

Comprehension for your Kindergartner at HOME!
Why is reading comprehension so important?

Without comprehension, reading is nothing more than tracking symbols on a page with your eyes and sounding them out. Imagine being handed a story written in Egyptian hieroglyphics with no understanding of their meaning. You may appreciate the words aesthetically and even be able to draw some small bits of meaning from the page, but you are not truly reading the story. The words on the page have no meaning. They are simply symbols. People read for many reasons but understanding is always a part of their purpose. Reading comprehension is important because without it reading doesn’t provide the reader with any information.

These Kindergarten Comprehension activities to help show your child the fun side of learning with a focus of Reading Comprehension! From easy kindergarten comprehension activities to more advanced, we've got you covered! Browse the activities below or use the selector to find similar activities.

Have FUN!
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Content Clues: Writing with Pictures

Want to spark some creativity? Not only is this bookmaking activity quick and fun, but it gives emerging readers insight into how a story's pictures provide context clues.

Reading: Comprehension | Writing: Building Sentences | Kindergarten

IN SLIDESHOW: Story Starters

SING-O: Play a Bingo Game with Your Favorite Songs!

Amidst all of the excitement of kindergarten, children are working hard to develop good concentration and memory skills. Building these skills can take lots of practice, but can also be loads of fun, especially when practice feels like playing a fun game!

Reading: Comprehension | Kindergarten

Tell a Story with Character Cubes!

Storytelling is a great way for kindergartners to develop their speaking and writing skills. In this activity, get your child to start sharing by creating Character Cubes! Just roll these dice and start spinning stories!

Reading: Comprehension | Writing: Building Sentences | Arts and Crafts: Paper & Glue Crafts | Kindergarten

Practice Story-Telling with Fairy Tale Dice

Create Fairy Tale Dice and inspire your child to weave fantastic fairy tales! Not only will this help your child learn about story sequencing, but he'll also get practice building up his reading and writing skills.

Reading: Comprehension | Writing: Building Sentences | Kindergarten

Play Beep!: A Context Game

This simple game isn't just a diversion, it teaches your child to identify the incorrect word within a familiar verse. This provides important practice in how to contextualize what they are hearing, which is a great step towards reading and writing.

Reading: Comprehension | Kindergarten

Tell an Edible Story

Kids love to listen to stories, but they'll love it even more with this fun twist. Use Jello and cookie cutters to make an edible story.

Reading: Comprehension | Kindergarten

Transition Into Kindergarten with a Routine Book

Ease the transition to kindergarten and encourage reading by helping your child create a book that lists her typical, daily activities.

Reading: Comprehension | Kindergarten

Take a Picture Walk

Everyone's heard of taking a dog for a walk. But how about an illustration? Kindergarten teachers have a technique, called a "Picture Walk", that teaches emerging readers to use pictures as clues to understand the meaning of a story, and guess at unfamiliar words. Here's how it works:

Reading: Comprehension | Kindergarten

Build Sentence Puzzles

Does your kindergartener know what a sentence is? Does she keep reading, long after she reaches the period, like she's in a run-on marathon? Help her practice reading, and learn the key pieces to the sentence puzzle, by creating sentence puzzles at home!

Reading: Comprehension | Writing: Building Sentences | Kindergarten

Time Book About the Day

If your child is struggling with the concept of time, help him practice with this fun time book about his typical routine! Not only will he get some practice telling time, but you'll encourage his reading skills, too.

Writing: Building Sentences | Reading: Comprehension | Arts and Crafts: Paper & Glue Crafts | Kindergarten

Craft Puppets Aplenty!

Perfect for getting your child imagining, designing, and performing, and cheaper than tickets to the theater, these make-at-home puppets are fun, fast, and kid-friendly.

Reading: Comprehension | Arts and Crafts: Construction & Sculpture | Kindergarten

Sequence Those Sentences, A Story Game

For kindergartners, the concept of a story having a beginning, middle, and end is only just starting to make sense. Help your kindergartner develop his story sequencing skills in this activity that teaches him about story parts with sentence strips.

Reading: Comprehension | Writing: Building Sentences | Kindergarten

Where Do I Live? An Animal Habitat Game

During kindergarten, your child will study habitats and learn that a habitat is where an animal lives. This silly game reinforces the concept of habitats and what animals live in different habitats.

Science: Plants, Animals & the Earth | Reading: Comprehension | Kindergarten

Craft Story Sequence Cards

Sequencing is important to academic success and logical thinking. Make simple story cards and help develop that ability.

Reading: Comprehension | Kindergarten

Be Librarian for a Day!

Help your child make and plan a friend-filled story time party that will get her excited about reading.

Reading: Comprehension | Kindergarten

Make a Dress Up Box

Teachers call dress up stuff "realia," and they often use it to help students imagine and explore roles. At home, you can use "realia" to help kids enter the world of books.

Reading: Comprehension | Kindergarten

Make a Patterned Story

Try this patterned story activity with your kindergartner to help her build up her reading and writing skills using some of her favorite books from preschool.

Reading: Comprehension | Writing: Building Sentences | Kindergarten

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