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Home Reading

Choose from here:

  1. Read a reader (a simplified version of a real book): 80-120 pp, Level 6 /Advanced

  2. Read the first 75 pages of a real book

  3. Read a story of around 35 pages on wattpad.com1

After reading write a book report.

Book reports

Write a book report about a book/story you have read.

Include the following details:

- the title and the author of the book/story (The book /story I read is called... . It was written by... . )

- give the web address in case you read an online story (The story can be found here: ...)

- the type of the book/story and the general intro. (This book/story is a paranormal/action/romance … story or a novel2/a short story about… .)

- reasons for choosing the book/story (I chose the book/story because...)

- setting (...is the time and place of the story. Is it set a long time ago or now? / Does it take place in another country or in an imaginary place? / How much time passes in the story—a day? a year? a lifetime?

The story is set in ... and takes place now/during the Second World War/in the 19th
century …
- characters (Introduce the main characters and add their short descriptions.)

The main characters are...

Para 3 PLOT
- main events
- problem/conflict
- solution

NB! Do not go into too much detail here!

NB! When retelling the story, stick to one tense - past or present.

Use linking devices such as in the beginning, then, next, after that, by the time, while, after a while, all of a sudden, finally etc.

- your opinion of the book: Why did you like it? What was your favourite part, why? / Who was your favourite character, why? / Could you relate to a character? / Did you like the plot? /
Was there anything you disliked about the book? However, …

- (this is just a sentence or two to sum up your report. You can write who you would recommend it or what the message of the book was. All in all, In conclusion,… ).

Write 250-300 words. (Count the words and write the number of the words below your text)
Use 14 point font size and 1.5 spacing.


A Genres of literature

Science fiction

 a classic novel

* a historical novel

 Action and Adventure

 Romance

 Mystery

 Horror

 Biographies


 Fantasy

* a crime story

* a non-fiction story

* a thriller

* a paranormal story

B Adjectives

Which of these words below would be used to describe a book positively and which negatively? What would they refer to? The book as a whole, the plot, the setting or the characters?

Remember that when you use an adjective to describe a book you should always give an example to justify your choice.















full of suspense

C Words to describe a character: 

adventurous                 honest          dishonest                        

brave                              jealous         miserable

calm                                kind                       friendly

cheerful                          lazy                       generous

clever                             mad                       gentle

cold                                mean                     greedy

dull                                 proud                    wise

evil                                 shy                        weird

fierce                             strong          weak

friendly                         violent                  

D Expressing your opinion

I felt / I thought it was

I was impressed by

What struck me most was

What I liked most / didn't like was

I think I especially liked/disliked

E Some other useful words/phrases

a twist at the end /has a surprise ending

a cliffhanger

I couldn't put it down

The action develops dramatically/slowly/…

The book has a fast-paced plot

It is a real page-turner




1 1. Go to the site wattpad.com and register

2. Use the search engine (Discover…) to choose a type of story you would like to read (romance, horror, humour etc.)

3. Start choosing a story. Consider the following: how many times the story has been read, how many times favourited and what has been said in the comments. Also, take notice whether the story is complete (completed vs ongoing).

4. Use your own better judgment regarding the quality of writing!

2 Romaan

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