Houses & Homes Some of the work we are covering in Nursery this half-term

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Learning together;

Learning for life

Autumn Term 1

Houses & Homes

Some of the work we are covering in Nursery this half-term:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

As we welcome children into our setting we will be considering ways to help them learn our routines and settle in, developing relationships with staff and peers. As we play and learn together we will begin to develop an understanding of taking turns and sharing resources. We will develop our unit code and earn class rewards as we fill up our treasure jar for following the rules. We will share feelings about starting school and explore other emotions through stories and circle time games.

Communication and Language

Our key story is The Three Little Pigs, which the children will be retelling themselves and re-enacting using storyboards, puppets and costumes. We will read other stories connected to the topic and use information books too. We will develop listening skills as we take turns in conversations and small group discussions. We will work on familiar nursery rhymes including Miss Polly had a dolly and learn some new rhymes. As always our main focus will be to develop the children’s spoken language and vocabulary skills.

Physical Development

Children have lots of access to the outdoor area where they will explore a wide variety of equipment to develop gross motor skills and awareness of themselves and others in space. The children will learn to dress themselves for outdoor learning and will complete physical challenges, such as throwing and catching, noting the effect of activity on our bodies. Children will also have the opportunity to use large constructional resources as we make each of the houses for the three little pigs. We will undertake regular P.E. sessions in the upstairs hall for which the children will learn to remove their socks and shoes. Fine motor and manipulative skills will develop through learning to use tools for mark making and in the design/technology and malleable areas. Children will have opportunities to develop control when using tools such as scissors or a hole-punch as we make our own houses and homes in the technology area.


Our literacy focus will allow the children to develop an understanding of how stories are structured by listening to and joining in with our key story The Three Little Pigs. Our Story home-school bag will contain a copy of the story and a set of puppets for you and your child to retell the story together at home. We will sequence the main events and talk together about who is in the story. Our phonics will focus on discriminating between different sounds and will include listening to and identifying the sounds of different musical instruments. We will clap word rhythms such as our names.


We will be focusing on developing counting with one-to-one correspondence and on shape recognition. We will learn the names of two-dimensional shapes as we use them to make different houses and use shape cutters in the malleable area. We will talk about the shapes we have used and identify where we can see these shapes in our local environment. We will learn to count out a set of objects putting them into a line, counting them slowly and one at a time. We will develop our vocabulary as we compare quantities of sets of objects.

Understanding of the World

Our science will involve investigating the properties of different materials as we build our own houses similar to that of the three little pigs. We will investigate which materials are the strongest and therefore the best ones to use as we test to see if the big bad wolf can blow them down! We will develop our understanding of change as we explore our local environment and look for signs of autumn.

Expressive Arts and Design

Children will have opportunities to make houses from a variety of resources. Our singing will include songs about homes, buildings and our key story and we will explore rhythm by tapping out words associated with the story. Our role-play inside will become a home corner, which will allow us to imitate everyday tasks in the home such as washing the dishes or baking a cake. We will then enhance this area to enable children to act out the story of the three little pigs.

What you can do to help

Read every day with your child!

(Your may borrow a book to take home and share from the nursery library in the entrance area.)

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