How to be a good story writer Planning

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How to be a good story writer


While Writing

  • Make the story have a purpose. What has the reader learned from the story?

  • Try to use all the senses when writing description (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell).

  • Vary the openings of your sentences. (e.g. verb + ing)

  • Use a range of sentence structures to add interest and impact to your story e.g. short sentences can increase the tension.

  • Have a surprise ending to the story.

  • Refer back to the opening as you write the last line.

  • Put in clues about what will happen at the end.

After Writing

  • Read your writing back to yourself as if you were the reader.

  • Rehearse sentences in your head or out loud and make corrections.

  • Make sure that the story makes sense.

  • Proof read your work carefully.

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