In the City: New Zealand Short Stories 'Journey' Language Analysis


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In the City: New Zealand Short Stories

'Journey' - Language Analysis
1. Have a race to find these quotes in the story and underline them.
1. "Early bird catches the early worm."
2. "Same old taxi same old stinks. Same old shop over there..."
3. "People had been peeing in the subway, the dirty dogs."
4. "A man feels like a screwball yelling through that little hole in the glass and then trying to pick up the change that sourpuss has scattered all over the place."
5. "...he had a couple of kids sitting by him wearing plastic clothes, they were gog-eyed stretching their necks to see. One of them had a snotty nose and a wheeze."
6. "And between the tunnels they were slicing the hills away with big machines."
7. "Couldn't talk to a hill or a tree these people, couldn't give the trees or the hills a name and make them special and leave them. Couldn't go round, only through. Couldn't give life only death."
8. "Then the rain will come and the cuts will bleed for miles and the valleys will drown in blood..."
9. "Didn't need anyone doing his talking, and messing things up with all their letters and what not. Pigeons, he didn't like pigeons..."
10. "Yes, he knows this place like his own big toe..."
11. "He and George might go and have a cup of tea and some kai."
12. "It doesn't matter about me because I'm on the way out..."
13. "The area has been set aside for development. All in the future of course but we must look ahead, it is necessary to be far-sighted in these concerns."
14. "They pulled away from their mother and went for a small run, crackling."
2. Choose quotations from the list above. Add them to the table, then explain the effect.

Quote from the story ‘Journey’

Name of literary device

Effect (how does the language affect what we think of the character(s)/setting/theme?)



The old man keeps repeating the words ‘same old…’ when he is referring to the places he is familiar with in his town. This shows that he feels comfortable and secure where he lives.




Choice of vocabulary




Colloquial vocabulary

Minor sentences

Sudden change of topic

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