Instances of irony in "a sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury


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Instances of IRONY in “A Sound of Thunder”

by Ray Bradbury

  1. “Every hunter who ever lived would envy us today.”(Eckels ends up scared to death, runs off the path and changes the future.)

  2. “Step on a mouse and you leave your print, like a Grand Canyon, across Eternity.” (Travis, the guide warns the hunters –this is what Eckels does, not stepping on a mouse, but a butterfly.)

  1. “If the election had gone badly yesterday, I might be here now running away from the results.” (Eckels says this and when the hunters return to a different future, the election has gone badly. He doesn’t have to run away because he ends up being killed.)

  2. “Strange,” murmured Eckels. “Up ahead, sixty million years, Election Day over. Keith made President. Everyone celebrating. And here we are, a million years lost, and they don’t exist. The things we worried about for months, a lifetime, not even born or thought of yet.” (The entire statement is ironic).

  3. “It can’t be killed.” Eckels pronounced his verdict quietly, as if there could be no argument. He had weighed the evidence, and this was his considered opinion. The rifle in his hands seemed a cap gun. “We were fools to come. This is impossible.” (Eckels was a gung-ho hunter and had been all over the world hunting and killing all kinds of wild beasts - t-rex was going to be his greatest trophy.)
  4. Travis, the guide, tells Eckels to “…Stick your arms up to your elbows in his mouth….The monster’s dead, you idiot. The bullets! The bullets can’t be left behind. They don’t belong in the Past; they might change anything. Here’s my knife. Dig them out!” (Poor Eckels never fired a shot, but had to retrieve the bullets. It turns out it’s not the bullets but a dead butterfly that changes everything.)

  5. “Don’t look at me,” cried Eckels (to Travis). “I haven’t done anything.” (Yes, he has!)

  6. Travis looked out and asked the staff at the center, “Everything ok here?” “Fine. Welcome home!” was the reply. (Then they saw the company sign, everything had changed!)

  7. “Not a little thing like that! Not a butterfly!” cried Eckels. (Yes, that’s all it took.)

  8. Eckels asked who won the election, the man behind the desk replied, “…Deutscher, of course!...” …”Eckels heard Travis shift his rifle…There was a sound of Thunder”(It was Eckels’ fault, this change that couldn’t be undone. He had to die.)

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