International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment Education for All Visually Impaired, efa – VI global Campaign Africa Region Quarterly Narrative Reporting Template


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International Council for Education of
People with Visual Impairment

Education for All Visually Impaired, EFA – VI Global Campaign

Africa Region
Quarterly Narrative Reporting Template

Name of Focus Country / Region


Reporting period

January - March




Area of Reference



EFA-VI promotion/ awareness activities implemented in the focus country

Burkina Faso
The following key activities were conducted in the Focus Country;

  • Adaptation and transcription of Maths and Science textbooks for the ABPAM Junior School for the Blind. The books are for revision for final exams of the final grade in junior school. The following were the particular activities accomplished;

  • Scanning of print versions, selections of essential sections/ parts for transcription, corrections, final arrangement into pages and chapters and actual transcription.

  • The director of the school received the books through a small ceremony and expressed his gratitude to ICEVI and the EFA-VI team in Burkina Faso for supporting the production that will go a long way in improving performance of learners sitting for the final exam in among the most challenging subjects for the visually impaired.

  • Also, there was adaptation of teaching worksheets in the same subjects for use by visually impaired teachers in the school. This was done for the following grades/ classes; CP1, CP2, CE1, CE2 CM1 and CM2.

Malawi FC
Awareness raising on enrolment of children with disabilities;

  • From Monday 16th to Friday 20th, March, 2015 the Malawi Union of the Blind (MUB) intensified its advocacy to raise awareness to the general public including parents, guardians and the general community about the importance of sending learners with disabilities especially those with visual impairment to school.

  • During the week, MUB targeted electronic media such as the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation both Radio and Television, Zodiak Broadcasting Corporation both Radio and Television, Malawi Institute of Journalism, Matindi FM, joy Radio, UFULU FM, Radio Maria and All For Jesus Radio.

  • The Media provided a forum for MUB and the listeners to discuss the opportunities and challenges that learners with disabilities face in their day-to-day life. This exercise was conducted both in Blantyre and Lilongwe cities.

Outcome of the above phone-in programmes;

  • Parents of children with visual impairment realized their responsibility of supporting their children in their day-to-day life.

  • Promise and willingness for improved relationship among learners with visual impairment, parents and teachers.

  • Motivated parents to take their children with visual impairment to school.

The Challenge;

  • Most callers complained about the inadequate funding to learning institutions that cater for learners with visual impairment and requested Malawi Union of the Blind to approach the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology especially the department of Special Needs Education for improvement.

Visit to Ministry of Education;

  • Following the concerns that parents, guardians and the general community raised during the Phone-In programmes, MUB on 30th and 31st March visited the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology especially the SNE department and had discussions with the Deputy SNE Director Mr. David Njaidi over the following;

  1. Inadequate funding towards education of children with visual impairment.

  2. Misallocation of Specialist teachers in special needs education.

Outcome of the meeting;

  • As regard to inadequate funding, the Ministry urged MUB as an advocacy organisation to lobby to Members of Parliament to allocate more funds in the next and subsequent financial years of the Malawi government.
  • On the issue of misallocation of Specialist teachers, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology promised to work hand in hand with the District Education Managers so that teachers in SNE are posted there is need.

Uganda FC
Women’s day celebrations;

  • ICEVI contributed towards preparation and celebration of International women’s day that was held on the 8th March.

  • During this event, EFA-VI Campaign in particular supported purchase of 50 t-shirts and a banner for purposes of advocacy. The promotional materials alongside with the theme of the event had EFA - VI messages on them.

  • The celebrations took place in Kabale district where the President of Uganda, His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was the guest of honour.

Meeting on assistive ICT;

  • Also, EFA-VI Campaign supported a face-to-face stakeholders meeting to discuss promotion of assistive ICT for learners with visual impairment in secondary schools.

  • The meeting took place on the 27th March at the Uganda National Association of the Blind (UNAB) head office and was attended by 12 people.

Distribution of calendars;

  • During this reporting period, calendars with ICEVI logo and other promotional messages that were printed for the year 2015 were distributed to various stakeholders.


  • During this quarter Rwanda Union of the Blind (RUB) EFA-VI team did several sensitization and awareness activities about EFA-VI and general inclusive education in several schools. In one of the sessions the team came across a student with visual impairment in a mainstream schools.
  • The boy called Jerome Mpanoyimana aged 20 was at class/ grade 6. Of course looking at his age and grade he had lagged behind. This was attributed to a number of factors including lack of fees and inaccessibility. Within the school the teachers do not have knowledge on how to handle learners like Jerome. For instance non of the teachers has knowledge of braille.

  • The school physical and social environment at GS Mbuve primary school is also not disability friendly. The purpose of this visit was to asses the level of accessibility in the school and challenges faced in accommodating learners like Jerome.

  • After this visit, the RUB had a discussion meeting with HVP Gatagara School for the Blind about the admission of Jerome. Lucky enough, the school accepted to receive the student.

  • With contributions from ICEVI, RUB paid schools fees and bought school materials for the student. Now, Jerome is a happy student receiving education in a school set up that is at least inclusive of his learning needs.


Workshops and capacity building programs conducted. Please indicate;

  1. Date of training

  2. Topic of training

  3. Materials used in training

  4. Number of participants

  5. Gender of participants

  6. Nature/ origin of participants; (teachers, parents, officials from Ministry of Education etc).

Reading competition;

  • The quarter under review witnessed reading competition between the John Mensah Sarbah ‘B’ Basic school and the National Basic Inclusive school all in Cape Coast in the Central Region of the Country.

  • This is the third competition between sighted and blind students held under the support of Ghana Blind Union (GBU) and ICEVI, EFA-VI Right to Read campaign geared towards improving the literacy skills of blind students at the Basic level.
  • The competition was held on the 31st March 2015 for a total of 12 students (6 sighted and 6 blind) drawn from lower primary, Upper primary and the Junior High level. 4 girls (2 blind, 2 sighted) and 8 boys (4 blind and 4 sighted) participated.

  • The programme was attendant by the Unit head of Visual Education from the Special Education national office, the Metropolitan Director of Education, the Regional Special Education Coordinator, two circuit supervisors and the Human Resource Officer of the Metropolitan Education Office.

  • The Metropolitan Director performed the opening and closing ceremony.

  • A total of 27 teachers, 4 officers from the Metropolitan Education Office and the Education, Director in charge of the Metropolis and the Unit Head of Visual Education from the National Office in Accra attended the programme.

Purpose of exercise;

  • As indicated above, the purpose of the reading completion under the Right to Read Campaign is to enhance the literacy skills of visually impaired students in the basic schools.

  • It is also aimed at raising awareness of sighted pupils/ teachers in mainstream schools and the general public on the reading capabilities of blind students.

  • Again, the programme is to offer blind and sighted students in the same community, an opportunity to socialize and break social myth/perception about blindness.

  • The Metro Director presented the awards to the various levels and the overall winner’s prize. In her speech, she commended GBU and ICEVI for taking this giant initiative to enhance literacy not only among visually impaired children but also to their sighted counterparts.

  • She admitted the exclusion of visually impaired children from Government initiatives geared towards improving literacy at the basic level. She added that the reading competition and the performance of the visually impaired children has sounded a wake-up call to all especially those of them at the Higher level in education administration.

  • She charged the circuit supervisors to take up the challenge and incorporate the reading competition programme into the Metropolis activities in subsequent academic year. The circuit supervisor under whose jurisdiction the two competition schools fall, in his address also stressed that he will make the reading competition part of the circuits’ programme coming term - schools will be selected to compete at least once every month and on Fridays, This he agreed will help the pupils to improve their reading skills.


Challenges and notable experiences in implementing budgeted activities

Not applicable.


Collaborative activities with national government and partners (e.g. Sightsavers, CBM, Light for the World, Sense International, Perkins international, UN agencies, etc.)

a). Training of Disability Mainstreaming Committee of the Centre for Mathematics Science and Technology in Africa (CEMASTEA);

  • On 5 – 9th January, the Regional Coordinator was called upon by the centre to facilitate sessions on inclusive pedagogy in its workshop on disability mainstreaming for the disability mainstreaming committee.

  • The meeting outcome was tools to conduct a baseline survey on the extent of accessibility of programmes and services of CEMASTEA in Kenya and at the regional level scheduled for the 3rd quarter.

  • ICEVI is providing technical support in the process.

b). Global Campaign for Education (GCE) and Civil Society Education Fund (CSEF) Learning Event in Johannesburg, South Africa 22nd28th February;

  • In its participation, ICEVI wisely consulted, advocated for and voted for parties/ organizations to the GCE and GPE boards that would move ahead the agenda of inclusion.

  • Nafisa Baboo was elected member of the GCE board. She had an excellent agenda to ‘use her role (in LFTW and ICEVI) to build the capacities of the Secretariat and National Education coalitions in the area of Inclusive Education.’ She promised ‘to help build an even more vibrant, diverse and cohesive movement – much needed in the era of renewed commitments towards EFA Post-2015.’

  • The national coordinator of the GCE coalition in Kenya was elected member of GPE board.

  • ICEVI and LFTW participated in various mainstream and side events to share best practices and lessons learnt to contribute to the post 2015 Agenda on EFA. Some of the critical issues raised were statistics for learners to also include desegregated data on disability types and gender in disability, financing the twin track approach to including disability in education, inclusive curriculum, teacher training in specialist areas for Special Needs and Inclusive Education and Monitoring & Evaluation in education with targets and indicators on disability.
  • From the 9 EFA-VI Focus Countries in Africa, ICEVI was able to meet national coalition representatives from Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda and Uganda. He also met representatives from Angola, Benin, Cape Verde, Lesotho, Nigeria, Swaziland, Togo, Zimbabwe and Zambia, and also other representatives from Asia and Latin America. Of importance was the regional Coordinator’s meeting with the Africa region GCE representative, the African Network Campaign for Education for All (ANCEFA). The essence of the meetings was to urge the coalitions to work with the DPOs at national and regional level to help best shape their agenda in advocacy for EFA. EFA can never be achieved if we do not include learners with disabilities.

  • The CSEF learning event was another useful sharing, networking and learning event with NGOs and CSOs. ICEVI used the event to urge mainstreaming of disability targets and indictors in the reporting and M&E processes of projects funded by CSEF managed by most national coalitions.


  • Disability inclusion consciousness is increasing in GCE global, regional and national networks and coalitions. ICEVI is a member of GCE at the international level. Therefore in the same strength our nodal agencies need to actively participate in their initiatives, to earn membership and even to sit on coalition boards and other committees to influence the EFA agenda.

Double click on the icon/ report below for more details;

c). Also, the Regional coordinator in collaboration with the ICEVI CEO supported 7 national associations of the blind to apply for the Global Campaign for Education; Non CSEF small grants call for proposals.

  • We are yet to receive feedback over these applications.

d). AFUB Board Meeting and Training on Marrakech in Congo, Brazzaville on 23rd28th March;

  • The purpose of the training was (us/ ICEVI) to use the opportunity of the board convening to train AFUB Board of Officers and their deputies on the Marrakesh Treaty and guidelines on how to form National Right to Read Alliances in their countries/ regions.
  • The ICEVI Africa Region Coordinator took advantage of this training to also understand how he can link the EFA-VI country teams to the National Right to Read Campaign.

  • The expectation of the training was that AFUB Board members and their deputies are able to share acquired knowledge on the Treaty and formation of National Right to Read Alliances.

  • The training was conducted by Jace Nair the Africa Union of the Blind (AFUB) and Peter Anomah-Kordieh K. the AFUB Programme Officer on Human Rights and Advocacy.

  • The following topics were administered; about the Marrakech Treaty and what it entails, its benefit to persons with visual impairment and countries that have ratified the Treaty. Participants were also informed on how to form National Right to Read Campaigns and Alliances and a suggested work plan for the exercise.

  • The Regional Coordinator promised to work closely with the Board of Officers to merge their activities in respective EFA-VI countries for synergy.

Double click on the icon/ report below for more details;

e). General Day of Discussion held on 15 April 2015 – presentation by ICEVI and WBU on inclusive education to the CRPD Committee;

  • Praveena Sukhraj-Ely, the Principal Officer in charge of Africa represented ICEVI and WBU in the General Day of Discussions of the CRPD hosted in Geneva, Switzerland hosted by the CRPD committee.

  • She did her presentation that also included contributions/ concerns from ICEVI Africa.

Double click on the icon/ report below for more details;

f). Participation in the NGO Forum and 56th Session of the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights (ACHPR) – Banjul, The Gambia – 17th22nd April;

The following are the recommendations/ resolutions by special group on rights of older persons and persons with disabilities to the Commission; to the ACHPR; Note the particular recommendation on children and access to education that was fronted by ICEVI.
The special group calls upon the African Commission to:

  • Encourage Member States that have ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CPRD) to domesticate and implement it; 

  • Encourage the Member States to ratify the Marrakech treaty, which was adopted in June, 2013 so that persons with visual impairment and otherwise persons with print disabilities get access to published books or arts; 

  • Urge NGOs and other human rights organizations to support Disabled Persons’ Organizations and other disability programmes in preparation of shadow reports on the CRPD; 

  • Encourage Member States to have data on Children with Disabilities both in and out of school; 

  • Call upon Member States to provide disaggregated data in their programme work and in particular in their reports in terms of gender, age and disability; 

  • Encourage Member States to include disability rights in their country reports to the Commission; 

  • Institute a study on the right to accessibility and reasonable accommodation for persons with disability in Africa.

  • Urge Member States to take responsibility on the rights of older persons within the framework of inclusive development.

Double click on the icon/ report below for more details;

g). Updating of ICEVI Africa details on IAPB website;

  • The following information was shared with IAPB for updating on its website;

Double click on the icon/ report below for more details;

h) Burkina Faso;

  • The EFA-VI team participated in the ABPM Junior School 2015 – 2018 strategic plan validation workshop. This was done in collaboration with LIGHT FOR THE WORLD that also facilitated the review process.

  • The EFA-VI team also participated in a workshop on school administration and management of disability organized by CHS and Catholic Education of Burkina Faso.

I). Uganda FC

  • Face-to-face stakeholders’ meeting that was held on the 27th March.

  • The convening involved a number of stakeholders in education namely the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB), Uganda Communications Commission, Ministry of Education and Sports, Special Needs Education (SNE) department, UNAB education committee representatives, Action on Disability and Development (ADD) International, Ministry of ICT and the National Council for Disability.


Forthcoming events and planned activities in the next three months. Please locate from your action plan/ activity implementation timeline

  • See 2015 plan.


National meetings or any meetings conducted relating to the Campaign

ICEVI EXCO Meeting in London on 6th10th April

The following were critical points discussed with regards to Africa;

  • ICEVI in Africa and EFA – Vi position beyond 2015.

  • ICEVI engagement in the 6th IDP Africa Forum.

  • Strengthening of regional structure of ICEVI in Africa.

Double click on the icon/ report below for more details;


Human-interest stories linked with ICEVI initiatives in the country. Please give at least one story/ case study

  • See separate sheets. There is a particular human-interest story from Rwanda.


Awards, recognition etc. to ICEVI national members



Publications from the country that may be of interest to the ICEVI and viewers of the ICEVI website



Other information from the Country, e.g. research activities, good practice, etc.



Provide at least 3 photos of activities listed above preferably with visible ICEVI logo at the background. Give brief explanation of activity (ies) in each photo.

  • See as attached


a). Have you been able to identify or influence identification of children with visual impairment in the course of Campaign implementation or in other Campaign related projects or programmes within the reporting period?

To be provided towards the end of the years.

b). If yes, please indicate how many (in terms of gender).

To be provided towards the end of the years.

c). Out of those identified, how many were enrolled in school? (In terms of gender).

To be provided towards the end of the years.

d). What were the general national enrolment rates of children with visual impairment in the 2014 – 2015 year?

To be provided towards the end of the years.

Completed by (name and signature)

Martin Osangiri Okiyo, ICEVI Africa Region Coordinator for and on behalf of Tigabu Gebremedhin the ICEVI Africa Region Chairperson


15th May 2015


ICEVI EFA-VI, Africa: “Promoting the Educational Right of Children with Visual Impairment in the Region!”

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