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Kirkheaton Primary School

New Road




24th January 2013

Dear Parent/Carer,

In the coming weeks, we will be focusing in on story writing in our English lessons. In an effort to make this a purposeful experience for the children, we want them to write a story to enter into the Radio 2 500 words competition. This is wonderful competition which inspired over 75,000 children to enter last year. Winners receive Chris Evans’ height in books, plus five hundred books for their school library. More details of the competition can be found here:

All entrants need parental permission. The top 25 entrants from each category (9yrs and under; 10-13yrs) will have their story published online and will display their name and home town.

Please could you fill in and return the form below, to indicate whether we have permission to enter your child’s story into the competition.

Many thanks

Andrew Quinn

Upper School Leader

I give permission for __________________________________________

to have their story entered in the Radio 2 500 Words competition.



Tel: 01484 226667 Fax: 01484 226668

Head teacher: Mrs Samantha Gallant

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