It’s Your Story—Tell It!: A world of Girls Audience: This series is for Brownie Girl Scouts and is suitable for in-school and after-school troops. Purpose

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It’s Your Story—Tell It!: A World of Girls
Audience: This series is for Brownie Girl Scouts and is suitable for in-school and after-school troops.
Purpose: Girls will complete A World of Girls journey and earn the four awards at the completion of the series: Hear a Story, Change a Story, Tell a Story and Better World for Girls. This series focuses on stories of girls from around the world and would work well with a diverse group of girls that have an interest in storytelling and other cultures.
Duration: This series is comprised of 13 sessions which are each 45 minutes in length.
Required Materials: For the success of the journey, the facilitator(s) will need a copy of the adult guide for the journey, one copy per girl of A World of Girls journey book, one pencil per girl and a globe or map of the world. Additional materials for each session are listed just below the session title. It would be helpful to prepare these materials well in advance of facilitating that session.
Prior to the Series: It would be helpful for the facilitator to read A World of Girls journey and each session’s activities in advance to understand the “big picture” of what will be covered. All sessions included need to be completed in order for the girls to earn the awards, but all can be expanded to add to the girls’ experience. The series is designed to be appropriate for use in school and after school with either troops or groups, so no external trips or guest visitors are required, but these options may be added whenever possible.

Special Note: The girl journey book is divided into two sections: World and Girls. The World side has the word “World” in bold yellow print, and the Girls side has the word “Girls” in bold yellow print. This is an important distinction, and be sure that each girl is opening to the page on the appropriate side.

Session 1: A World of Girls

Additional Materials Required: colored pencils, small box to decorate, markers and other items to decorate box

Circle Introductions (15 minutes)

If the girls do not already know each other, have them introduce themselves. With the girls in a circle, ask them to each tell a memory of their favorite vacation or experience travelling somewhere exciting and point to its location on the globe or map. Then introduce the journey and talk about the importance of being a sister to every Girl Scout! Some ideas to introduce the journey can be found on page 29 of the adult guide.

Activity: My Passport (10 minutes)

Have the girls open their journey books to page 4, and read to them the short description of passports. Then have them fill out page 5, “My Passport.” If time allows, have them draw a picture of themselves in the photo section.

Group Activity: Team Suitcase (20 minutes)

Let the girls decorate the small box to look like a suitcase! They can color it using markers, and use any other materials available to make it their own! Then have the girls each put their passports inside the suitcase. Tell them that they will use the suitcase to hold all the memories from the journey and they can take home those memories once the journey is completed and they have earned their awards.

Session 2: A World of Stories

Additional Materials Required: Handkerchief or bandana

Warm Up: Cencio Mollo (10 minutes)

Introduce this game by saying that around the world, girls like to play games and by playing different games from around the world, you will get to see what girls in other places like to do. Let them know that throughout this journey, they will hear stories and play games that other girls from around the world enjoy!

The instructions for the game can be found on the bottom of page 31 in the adult guide. You will only need a handkerchief or bandana to play the game.

Story: Welcome to A World of Girls (15 minutes)

The group will read the introductory story to the journey, which is found on pages 4-11 of the World side. Have each girl read a paragraph or a page our loud to the group and let the next girl take a turn at reading aloud. After finishing page 11, ask the girls to guess what country they will be going to without peeking! Hint: the name of the country is also a girls or boys name!

Story: Shali’s Story (15 minutes)

Then have the group read pages 12-16 of the World side. This is the story of Shali, who lives in Jordan. See if the girls can find Jordan on the globe or map!

Activity: Girls Teaching Girls (5 minutes)

Have the girls fill out page 17, listing what skills they like to share with their friends and what skills their friends share with them. Discuss out loud once girls have completed a few lines.

Session 3: Chosita’s Story

Additional Materials Required: Index cards (1 per girl with extras)

Discussion (5 minutes)

Read to them some of the neat facts about Shali’s home, Jordan, from page 33 of the adult guide in the blue box. Remind them of Jordan’s location on the globe or map.

Discussion (5 minutes)

Say that the next girl’s story that we will get to hear is Chosita, who is from Thailand. Have the girls find Thailand on the globe or map and read them some neat facts about Thailand from page 60 in the adult guide.

Story: Chosita’s Story (20 minutes)

Then have the group read pages 18-26 in the World side of the journey book out loud. Encourage girls who did not read last session to read to the group this session.

Activity: Girl Worlds in Stories (15 minutes)

Play the game listed towards the bottom of page 39 in the adult guide. This game will have the girls connect with characters from other stories and see how they are similar. These cards can then go into the team suitcase.

Session 4: Lakti’s Story

Additional Materials Required:

White or lightly colored paper (1 sheet per girl) and markers
Warm Up: Me and My Girl Worlds (15 minutes)

Give each girl a piece of paper and some markers, and read to them the activity at the top of page 39 in the adult guide. After the girls have drawn their groups, invite each to choose one and explain what she likes about that group and how she feels when she is with them. This should then go into the team suitcase.

Discussion (5 minutes)

Say that the third girl’s story we will hear from another country is Lakti’s story. Lakti is Inuit and lives in arctic Canada. Read to the girls some neat facts about the Inuit from page 90 in the adult guide. Then have the girls point out the Arctic Circle and where they think Latki’s home is located.

Story: Lakti’s Story (20 minutes)

Have the group read Latki’s story on pages 28-35 of the World side of the girl journey book. Try to have every girl read a little bit out loud to the group!

Story (5 minutes)

Read pages 36-37 in the World side, which sums up the story of the three girls from around the world. As a closing activity, ask the girls to share what they thought was interesting from the past three stories.

Session 5: Story Keepsakes and Clues

Additional Materials Required: White paper and markers or colored pencils

Discussion and Activity (15 to 20 minutes)

Have the girls read pages 38 and 39 in the World side of the girl journey book. Then let the girls draw her keepsake. When the girls are done, have a few girls share their keepsake’s story and place their picture in the team suitcase.

Reading (5 to 10 minutes)

Have the girls flip their books over to the Girls side and ask a few volunteers to read pages 8 and 9 out loud to the group.

Discussion (20 minutes)

Using pages 40-41 in the adult guide as a reference help the girls find clues for change in Shali’s story, which is on pages 12-16 in the World side of the girl journey book. This discussion will set the girls up for the next session, when they will need to look for clues and change the stories to earn their Hear a Story award.

Session 6: Changing Stories for the Better

Additional Materials Required: photocopies of page 44 in adult guide (1 per girl)

Group Activity: Changing Stories (10 minutes)

Break the girls into four groups, have the girls turn to page 10 in their journey books and have two of the groups change Shali’s story (clue 1) and two of the groups change Chosita’s story (clue 2). Encourage the girls to be as detailed as possible with their explanations.

Discussion (5 to 10 minutes)

Have each group share their answers. If the group struggled to find an answer, guide them to it by asking leading questions.

Activity: Hear A Story, Find a Clue (10 to 15 minutes)

Give each girl a copy of page 44 from the adult guide—this is a handout meant to be given to the girls. Have them choose a story they really like, find the clue, and suggest a change to make the character’s world better. Completing this activity means that the girls have earned their Hear A Story award, but save the ceremony for the end if possible. Let the girls share their answers if they would like, otherwise just place these in the team suitcase.

Activity: The Big Wind Blows (15 minutes)

This is a classic Girl Scout game that the girls will love!

1. Choose one girl to be The Wind and have all of the other girls sit in a loose circle around her.

2. Once all of the other girls are sitting, The Wind should begin turning in a circle and waving her arms, becoming The Big Wind.

3. As she’s turning, The Big Wind says a statement that is true about her beginning with the phrase, “The Big Wind blows…” So, if the wind has brown eyes, she could say, “The Big Wind blows girls with brown eyes,” or, if she likes to play soccer she could say, “The Big Wind blows girls who like soccer.” All of the girls who have brown eyes or like soccer should get up and run through the circle and sit in an empty spot on the other side of the circle. The girl who is The Wind should also try and find a spot to sit. Girls cannot run to the spot to their immediate left or right—they must sit at least two spaces over from where they were.

4. The girl who is left without a spot becomes The Wind and play continues.

Session 7: Story Games

Preparation Required: Index cards with words shown on page 50 of adult guide (2 sets of 14) and index cards with words from green box on page 51 of adult guide

Additional Materials Required: White paper and markers

Activity: Role-Playing Positive Change (15 minutes)

This activity can be found on page 49 of the adult guide. The girls can either act out a heroine in a story they know or draw a scene of the heroine. If the girls decide to draw, they must show their picture to the group and explain what is happening in the picture. Then use the wrap up discussion points listed at the bottom of page 49.

Activity: Relay Story 1 (10 minutes)

Play the relay race game with the girls found on page 50 of the adult guide. You will need the two sets of cards that detail the Girl Scout Promise.

Activity: Relay Story 2 (20 minutes)

In this relay race, the girls will create a story out of the words written on the index cards. Suggested words are in the green box on page 51 of the adult guide. Then put the index cards in order in the team suitcase.

Session 8: Teamwork for Storytelling

Preparation Required: Scenarios from page 62 in adult guide written on index cards

No Additional Materials Required

Activity: Circle ‘Round the Story (20 minutes)

Ask the girls to sit in a circle and ask, “What makes something a story?” Then get the girls talking about how stories are everywhere. Read to them page 20 in the Girls section of the journey book about how “All Our Stuff Has Stories!” Say to girls that they will be making a story together, one sentence at a time. Remind them that good stories have a beginning, middle, and an end, along with a challenge that the main character has to overcome. Choose one girl to start the story with one opening sentence. Then go around the circle and have everyone add a sentence, ending the story with the last girl.

Some story ideas are:

• A girl travels to a new place and makes some new friends

• A girl loses something important and finds it with the help of others

• A pair of girls find something unusual in a hidden location

Reading and Activity (5 minutes)

Have the girls turn to page 24 in the Girls side of the journey book and read the page to themselves. Then match the clue to the answer as a group out loud.

Discussion and Activity: Saying How It Feels to Me (20 minutes)

Ask the girls the discussion questions on the bottom of page 61 of the adult guide. Then break the group into teams of two or three and give each team a scenario from page 62. Give each team 10 minutes to develop a skit about their problem, and then have each team show the entire group their skit. Then close with the discussion questions on the bottom of page 62.

Session 9: Choosing Change

Preparation Required: Facilitator should read pages 64-69 in the adult guide

Additional Materials Required: One photocopy of pages 66-67 in adult guide

Discussion: Choosing Our Change and Getting Started on It (20 minutes)

Using pages 64-65 in the adult guide, help the girls choose a clue in the community to change and take action. Make sure it is easy enough to do next session, yet shows the girls that they can impact their community.

Discussion: Project Check Sheet: Our Story (5 to 10 minutes)

Decide the beginning, middle, and end of your group’s story. Write this down on the copy of page 66.

Discussion: Project Check Sheet: Our Plan (10 to 15 minutes)

Use the copy of page 67 to write down the details of your group’s plan, including what each girl will do to contribute.

Discussion: What If…? (5 minutes)

Wrap up this session with the “What If…” discussion questions at the bottom of page 68 in the adult guide.

Session 10: Carry Out Change!

Additional Materials Required: Any needed for Change a Story project

Warm Up: Sun and Ice (10 minutes)

Play this game from Mexico to get the girls excited for the change they are about to make! The rules can be found on page 75 of the adult guide.

Activity: Carry Out Change (35 minutes)

Complete plan from last session. This is for the girls to earn their Change a Story award. Ensure that the plan is simple enough to happen during this time or modify the plan so it can be completed.

Session 11: Tell Our Story of Change

Additional Materials Required: White paper, markers and colored pencils

Discussion: Tell Our Story (10 to 15 minutes)

Have a couple girls read pages 30-31 in the Girls section of the journey book out loud to the group. Let them know that they will be creating displays to show their plan and the change they made last session with the group. Use pages 82-83 in the adult guide to explain the rest of the details. Let the girls work individually or in small groups, and to keep the project simple, have them choose to make a skit, ad, song or set of pictures.

Activity: Tell Our Story (30 to 35 minutes)

Give time for girls to complete their project, and if time allows, have them share it to the entire group. To earn the Tell a Story award, they then need to show their project to someone else in their community—a peer, parent, or teacher is fine. They may also add to their project at home if they need extra time or materials.

Session 12: Our Whole Story Quilt

Additional Materials Required: Foam or paper squares (see activity below), hole punch, string or yarn and markers

Readings: Faith Ringgold (10 minutes)

Choose a few volunteers to read pages 34-35 in the Girls section of the journey book out loud to the group. These pages share information about Faith Ringgold, who tells stories through quilt making.

Activity: Our Whole Story Quilt (35 minutes)

Together, your group will make a quilt! Follow the basic instructions found on pages 88-89 in the adult guide and if time allows, create a square together as a group and “sew” the squares together with this “teamwork” square in the center. The best materials to use are foam, poster paper, or thick construction paper cut into squares 6” by 6”. Then “sew” these together by hole punching 4 holes, one near each corner of the square and tying them together with string.

Session 13: Creativity for a Better World

Additional Materials Required: White paper, markers or colored pencils.

Optional: mp3 speakers or computer
Circle Closing (10 minutes)

Allow the girls to share their favorite part of this journey, what they learned that they will remember for a long time, and what activity made them feel proud of their group and why.

Activity: Earn the Better World for Girls Award (25 minutes)

Set up three Creation Stations based on page 98 in the adult guide, skipping the photography/video station unless the materials are readily available. Tell the girls that for this final project, they should express what it means to them to belong to a world of girls. They can express their thoughts of the journey and themselves through writing, music, or drawing. Each girl may work individually, or in small groups if they are focused enough to complete the task within 25 minutes.

Ceremony (10 minutes)

Have each girl briefly share her artwork, and then present the girls with their 4 journey awards! They may also open the team suitcase and take home their projects.

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