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Leith Links Community Council Page of

Meeting Minutes

Prepared by: M Moffett and J Scanlon

Minutes circulated for approval: 15 May 2010

Date of Meeting: 26/04/2010

Time and Place: 7:30 pm, Leith St. Andrews Hall.
Present: J Scanlon (Chairperson), M Moffett (Secretary), A Miller (Treasurer), Ally Tibbitt, Caroline Budge(Scottish Story Telling Centre), Loraine Duckworth(COEC), S Seilman, I Barrett (LLRA), D Wallace, S Bethune, I McCuskie, G Clapton, Cllr R Munn,

PC M Muir.

Guests: Caroline Budge from Scottish Story Telling Centre
Apologies: Cllr M Thomas. M Lazarowicz, Cllr G Munro, M Chisholm MSP

Minutes of Meeting on 220310 circulated and taken as read.

Approved by A Miller and G Clapton
J Scanlon welcomed all and introduced our guest tonight from The Scottish Story Telling Centre, Caroline Budge.

Our guest, Caroline was invited to speak to us and gave a short presentation on the work The Scottish Story Telling Centre had been doing in the Leith community. They have been involved in various events and will be attending Leith Gala this year. Caroline then answered questions and was thanked by the chair for coming along this evening.

1. Matters arising:

A. Police

The chair introduced our new beat policeman for Leith Links area, PC Mark Muir who had previously covered the area covered by Leith Central CC.

PC Muir gave an update on crime figures in the area which have also been circulated in the monthly bulletin. The chair asked for an update on Hermitage Park School Playground and if the money we had obtained through the Neighbourhood Partnership had been helping reduce police call outs. PC Muir said he would get

PC Simm to supply information. The chair thanked PC Muir for his attendance and we would hope to see him again.

B. Grant Budget Pilot

Loraine Duckworth from City of Edinburgh Council gave an explanation of a decision made by the Neighbourhood Partnership to try to let local groups play a part on the decision making on allocation of grants. The NP were looking for two representatives from each CC to be on the steering group and training would be given to volunteers. A Tibbitt and S Seilman said that they would be willing to become involved.

C. Housing and Built Environment Group.
Next meeting to take place on 130510.

A Tibbitt reported that locations for cycle hoops which allow bikes to be secured to lamp posts was still decided but was looking for suggested locations.

D Leith Links Regeneration.
Secretary reported that she had attended the last meeting.

Plans were in place to plant new trees and repair path ways damaged by tree roots.

The benches missing from the Links which had thought to have been in storage appear to have been permanently removed.

No new building would be allowed on Leith Links which would mean the idea of a café would not go ahead. It was hoped that money to reinstate the tennis courts may become available in the form of a grant.

Secretary also reported that the following events would take place on the Links

4-5 May Parents Like us

9-13 June Leith Festival

26 June Bungy Jump

12-18 July Circus

2-10 August Mela

2-23 August Cargo theatre company

10/9 Active Families

E Mela

Chair reported that he had spoken to Director of Mela and he hopes to attend the June meeting of CC when final arrangements should be known. Concerns were again raised by of the prospect of restricted parking during the Mela event especially for local residents using disabled parking spaces.

F Duncan Place Resource Centre

A general discussion took place on the future of the resource centre and the

rumours of its possible closure .The centre is well used and requires upgrades to be

made more accessible and money for a lift has allegedly been agreed for a lift.

A decision was made for the chair to contact Mark Rosendale of COEC for an answer

to CC concerns.

G Leith Coat of Arms

Cllr Rob Munn said that he had been in contact with Lord Lyons Office to look at the

possibility of Neighbourhood Partnership applying for the use of Leith Coat of Arms

which would in turn allow each community council use it. To be discussed at next

NP meeting.

H Draft Open Space Document

Secretary gave an update on the road shows events which had taken place in local


I Scot Mid

It was noted that the Duke Street branch of Scot Mid had been sold to Tesco and

concerns were raised over what may happen to car parking as currently part of the

parking is used by local residents and part designated for Scot Mid customers only.

This could change as Tesco could be a much busier store leading to restrictions on

Car park stay.

Treasurers Report
Cheques issued as agreed at last meeting. Current balance £1300

Biomass Plant

Ian Barret of Leith Links Residents Association gave an update on the campaign

against the plant and the possibility of a petition.

Many local groups and politicians have now said they are against the proposal.

The CC welcomed the planned petition but that it should not be launched until all

local organisations know the full response from Forth Energy to the scoping


It would be better for all Leith organisations who are against the proposed plant to

act together and keep as many local residents informed of what is happening.

The Neighbourhood Partnership still plan to hold a public meeting in July?

The date could change depending on when we know what Forth Energy have

said in their response. They have to answer all the concerns that were raised in the

responses to the scoping document. We can then challenge what they say using all

the statistics and excellent information that each group has sourced.

Chair reported that a training course was to take place in early June run by Planning

Aid Scotland using the proposed Biomass Plant to learn how and when to take the

correct action.

The CC hope that all interested groups should be involved in this event and Chair

asked Ian Barret for representatives from LLRA to attend and names to be

forwarded to Jim Scanlon so they can attend.
6. Weekly Planning List: circulated

8 DONM 24/05/2010 Leith St Andrews Church Hall 7.30pm

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