Lesson Plan Teacher: Mr B. A schools: Boukader,Mraine,Taouegrite and O. Ben Aek ’Dairas Level: 4 am file N°: 6 (Six) Title: Fact and Fiction Sequence N°: / Lesson: Read and Write Title (s): “Snow White” Source

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Lesson Plan

Teacher: Mr B.A Schools: Boukader ,Mraine,Taouegrite and O.Ben AEK ’Dairas

Level: 4 AM

File N°: 6 (Six) Title: Fact and Fiction Sequence N°: /

Lesson: Read and Write Title (s): “Snow White”

Source: On the move textbook (Adapted)

Number of sessions: 02

Teaching material: white board+ Pictures+ Reading passage.


Grammar points/Sounds




Past simple

Past continuous

While and when/as

Queen/king, sick, kids, wish ,baby, was born ,skin, snow, called, die , stepmother, beautiful , Jealous, servant, forest, to beg, save (life).

Learning objective(s): By the end of this lesson, the learners ,will be able to:

1. Understand a reading passage by doing the suggested comprehension

tasks (T/F statements; questions ) and learn new vocabulary items related

to the text by using them in the reproduction of the story.

2. Reproduce (paraphrase) the story in their own words using the vocabulary items related to

the text and “Past continuous –past simple in combination”.

3. Write the sequel of “Snow white” story using the same grammatical structure and the

necessary vocabulary items. (Free production as a home work to be corrected in the 2nd



Teaching Steps / procedure


Competencies Targeted



10 m





Pre reading :

The teacher shows pictures and leads a discussion about stories and fairy tales to introduce the topic and the key words of the text. S/he elicits famous stories before asking them to guess which one today’s one is.

Task : Our text today is about a story , a famous fairy tale , guess which one of the following it is :

  1. The Red Hat

  2. Snow White

  3. Sandrilla

While reading :

Task 1: Read the text and check your guess.

Task 2 : Read the text and say if these

statements are true (T) or false (F):

  1. The queen was ill.

  2. When Snow White was five years old, her mother died.

  3. Stepmother did not love Snow-White.

Task 3 : Read the text again and answer these questions :

a. Did the king marry again ?

Yes, he did.

b.Why did stepmother

decide to kill “Snow White” ?

She decided to kill her because she

was jealous of her.

c.Did the servant kill “Snow White” ?

No ,he did not.

Post-reading :

Writing :

  1. Brainstorming :

The teacher checks the new vocabulary presented at the pre-reading phase then invites the pps to paraphrase the story orally, using the vocabulary items learnt during the lesson, reminding them of the appropriate tense to be used.

  1. Writing : (Paraphrasing)

-The teacher invites the pupils to write

what has just been said.

-The teacher invites the pupils to share their work and write a model on the board.
C. Write it out : (Homework)

Ask about the rest of the story if you don’t know it, and then, using the following cues, write what happened later.

Forest, dwarfs, stepmother, poisonous apple, Prince.

To introduce the topic , involve the learners within the lesson’s atmosphere and present

key words.

To guide the pps towards the text through a smooth transition.

To skim through the text for the gist.

To check pps understanding through true and false statements.

To check pps detailed understanding of the text.

To guide and support pps in recalling the main ideas /events of the story before they are set to reproduce it.

To make/set pps write what they have had in mind through out the brain storming.
To make pps practise narrating going through the same steps, using the newly learnt vocabulary and the past tenses learnt during the file.





The text:
Once upon a time, there was a queen who was sick and had no kids. She wished to have a baby girl with a skin as white as the snow. Soon after that, her wish was fulfilled, a little girl was born and the queen called her “Snow White”.

As the queen was seriously sick, she died when Snow White was just seven years old. The king soon married another woman. Because Snow White was very beautiful, her stepmother was very jealous of her and decided to kill her. The new queen ordered the servant to take Snow White to the forest and kill her. As they were walking to the forest, Snow White begged him to save her life. The servant decided to leave her alive in the forest.

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