Lesson Plans that Work Year b – Pentecost Lesson Plan for Young Children Scripture: Acts 2: 1-21; John 15: 26-27; 16: 4b-15 Ordinary Time

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Lesson Plans that Work

Year B – Pentecost

Lesson Plan for Young Children
Scripture: Acts 2:1-21; John 15:26-27; 16:4b-15
Ordinary Time: We begin the season with two Feast days: Pentecost, followed by Trinity Sunday. Then we move on to the long season known as Ordinary Time, which runs through Christ the King Sunday. As we take this journey, nourished by the scriptures appointed for the season and empowered by our baptisms, we are invited to be on the lookout for all the blessings found in the ordinary – to see God at work here and now. And we are compelled to share our blessings with others. Our theme for this lengthy season is “Blessed is the Ordinary.”
A Notation for This Week’s Gospel

The church is born at Pentecost. The promised Advocate comes and those who cowered in fear now burst forth from their prisons with a message that can be understood in any language. The message: God is for everyone and anyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. We are still unpacking this message today as we peek out from the prisons we find ourselves hiding within.

Theme:  Blessed Is the Ordinary

Before Class:  Acquire supplies to make bubbles, either purchased bottles or home-made bubble liquid. To make home-made bubbles, combine 1 cup of dishwashing liquid, 1/3 cup white corn syrup, and 2 cups of water. Create bubble wands by forming chenille stems into wands. If you must remain inside, you may choose to cover the floor with newspapers. If you will also be working with older children, be sure to read both lesson plans.

Beginning: Tell the children they are going to hear a story about a special wind and then they are going to go play with wind.
Praying: Thank you, God, for wind that blows away yucky air and makes our hair dance around our faces. Thank you for the special wind you sent to the friends of Jesus and you send to us also. Amen.
The Story: If the older children are going to tell the story, move directly to the craft and tell the children they will hear the wind story later from the older children. If you are telling the young children the story, tell it something like this:
This story happened after Jesus was killed. His friends were afraid. They had all gone to the room where they had supper with Jesus. They closed the doors, and shut the windows, and just sat there. They were very scared. They thought someone might come to hurt them. And they were very sad, because they missed their friend, Jesus.
While they were sitting there, all of a sudden a wind blew into the room. It blew open the doors and blew through the windows. “Wow!” they all said. Then they all felt much stronger, and much better. As they looked around at each other, everybody looked so excited and bright that it looked like they had bright flames over their heads. They ran outside and started telling people what had happened. Some of the people outside could not speak the language Jesus’ friends knew, but everyone could understand what they were saying.
Here is one of the things they were saying: "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved."

Activity: This activity is best enjoyed outside where bubbles will hurt nothing and children can run. If outside is not an option, you may need to cover the floor with newspaper before you begin this activity.

If you have individual bottles of bubbles for the children, give each child a bottle. If you are using home-made bubbles, show the children how to fashion wands out of the chenille stems. Pour the liquid into a large shallow pan. Especially if you can go outside, you might want to experiment with larger wands using wire coat hangers or even large slotted kitchen spoons.
Activity: If older children are joining you, be sure you have sufficient wands for them. And you may want to double the recipe. Even if older children are NOT joining you, if older ones are around after class, you can be sure they will want to make bubbles, too.
Getting Closure: Gather the children in a circle and ask them to tell you something they like about bubbles, about wind and about running free.
Closing Prayer: While still in a circle, say, “Thank you ,God, for bubbles, for wind, and for the freedom to run and play. Amen.”

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