Lesson Three Stories of the Moon Festival 一、單選題 (題 )


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Lesson Three Stories of the Moon Festival

一、單選題 ()

( ) 1. She uttered with a sigh, “______ it is!” (A)How a sad story (B)What sad a story (C)How sad a story (D)Such sad a story

  解答  C

( ) 2. The sun ______ in the east. (A)rouses (B)arises (C)raises (D)rises

  解答  D

( ) 3. One reason ______ reading is to find specific information. (A)why (B)that (C)for (D)with

  解答  C

  解析  reason for + N,reason why + S + V (子句)。

( ) 4. She denied ______ a lie to us. (A)to tell (B)tell (C)to telling (D)having told

  解答  D

  解析  deny + V-ing否認曾經……、否認……過。

( ) 5. ______ two of these pills ______ bedtime. (A)Eat; at (B)Make; on (C)Take; at (D)Drink; for

  解答  C

( ) 6. A legend is a story ______ through the years. (A)passing along (B)passed down (C)to pass by (D)which passed away

  解答  B

  解析  passed down被傳遞/流傳下來,此處要用過去分詞片語。

( ) 7. Chang-O ______ there ever since she rose up to the sky and ______ the moon. (A)has lived; reached (B)lived; got to (C)had lived; arrived (D)has been living; reached for

  解答  A

  解析  S have/has + p.p. (ever) since S + V-ed. (注意「主要子句」與「副詞子句」之時式)。

( ) 8. Hou-Yi was a great archer who ______ down nine extra suns. (A)was said to shoot (B)was said to have shot (C)had been said to shoot (D)has been said to have, shot

  解答  B

  解析  S was said to have + p.p. 據說曾經……。

( ) 9. It’s the time for the Chinese Cupid, ______ “The Old man under the Moon,” to help them. (A)knowing as (B)known for (C)knowing to be (D)known as

  解答  D

  解析  原來之前的who is省略了,故選known as…(過去分詞片語)。

( )10. The first thing that ______ my mind was the Mid-Autumn Festival. (A)came in (B)came to (C)came out (D)came with

  解答  B

( )11. To be a great leader, you should not be ______ by your passions(情感). (A)ruled (B)overthrown (C)instructed (D)concluded

  解答  A

( )12. I will achieve my goal no matter ______ hard I have to work. (A)when (B)where (C)how (D)who

  解答  C

( )13. She will go and see for herself no matter ______ to drive on such a snowy night. (A)how dangerous is it (B)how dangerous it is (C)how it is dangerous (D)it is how dangerous

  解答  B

( )14. My grandma always ended the story with a sign, “How lonely Chang-O ______ on the moon!” (A)must have been (B)must be (C)might have been (D)must have

  解答  B

( )15. Students ______ hand in their assignments on time. (A)are supposing to (B)are supposed to (C)suppose to (D)supposed to

  解答  B

( )16. John asked Helen ______ she would come to his party. (A)what (B)whether (C)which (D)that

  解答  B

( )17. ______ the heavy rain, they still went camping in the mountains. (A)Though (B)Because of (C)For (D)Despite

  解答  D

( )18. The cost related directly to the amount of time ______ on the job. (A)spending (B)to spend (C)spent (D)spend

  解答  C

( )19. The following suggestions are ______ great value in learning English. (A)with (B)of (C)for (D)at

  解答  B

( )20. Someone ______ fire to the building and it was soon burned down. (A)put (B)laid (C)set (D)took

  解答  C

( )21. I wonder ______. (A)how did the strange idea come to your mind (B)how the strange idea occurred to you (C)why do you have such a strange idea (D)why such a strange idea crossed to your mind

  解答  B

( )22. Every morning, we can find many people ______ in the park. (A)jogged (B)to jog (C)jog (D)jogging

  解答  D

( )23. He found himself ______ in the traffic jam. (A)caught (B)to catch (C)catching (D)catch

  解答  A

( )24. Life is short but art is long. That is, artists can achieve ______ through their works. (A)permission (B)immortality (C)domination (D)association

  解答  B

( )25. The old patient should lead a peaceful life lest his blood pressure should ______. (A)rise (B)raise (C)arise (D)arouse

  解答  A

  解析  raise為(vt.),後接受詞如raise one’s hand/head,arise為(vi.)前面主詞通常為抽象主詞。如:Difficulty arises when we are doing our job.,arouse後面接抽象受詞。如:arouse interest/sympathy。

( )26. According to some religious belief, a person’s spirit is ______ in spite of death. (A)abnormal (B)mental (C)immortal (D)immoral

  解答  C

  解析  (A)不正常的 (B)精神上的 (C)不朽的 (D)不道德的。

( )27. Dr. Sun Yat-sen and his followers ______ the Ching Dynasty and established the Republic of China in 1911. (A)overestimated (B)overtook (C)overthrew (D)overlooked

  解答  C

  解析  (A)高估 (B)超越 (C)推翻 (D)忽略。

( )28. I sometimes take John’s coat for my own, because the two of them look so ______. (A)original (B)cheerful (C)curious (D)similar

  解答  D

( )29. Cars in the future will be featured by their ______ use of gasoline. (A)decisive (B)efficient (C)opposite (D)essential

  解答  B

( )30. Follow the ______ closely, and you will find it easy to assemble the bicycle. (A)instructions (B)conditions (C)observations (D)identification

  解答  A

( )31. It is really ______ to watch the beautiful bright full moon. (A)fascinating (B)funny (C)excited (D)delighted

  解答  A

( )32. In an instant, Chang-O flew up to the sky and reached the moon. (A)Immediately (B)Later (C)Occasionally (D)Once

  解答  A

( )33. Marsa went abroad for advanced studies in 1985 and has never returned to Taiwan ______. (A)even since (B)for that (C)ever before (D)ever since

  解答  D

  解析  ever since從此以後。

( )34. ______ other novelists in his time, Mark Twain, known ______ the author of Adventures of Tom Sawyer, did use plenty of local language while making up his own stories. (A)Like; for (B)Unlike; as (C)Dislike; as (D)Liking; for

  解答  B

  解析  Like..., S + V…. 像……,Unlike S + V…. 不像……,to be known as +身分,to be known for +原因。

( )35. ______, the old Chinese Cupid is regarded as a successful matchmaker. (A)Despite he is old (B)In spite of his age (C)In spite he is old (D)Because of old age

  解答  B

  解析  Despite (=In spite of ) + NP, S + V

( )36. Speaking of the Moon Festival, the first thing ______ is moon cakes. (A)comes to mind (B)that comes to my mind (C)to be coming my mind (D)to be thought

  解答  B

( )37. She is stubborn and never gives up a job ______. (A)no matter how hard it is (B)how hard (C)whether hard or not (D)however it is hard

  解答  A

( )38. The prisoner is said to ______. The police are searching the whole area for him. (A)escape (B)having escaped (C)have escaped (D)escaping

  解答  C

( )39. They believe ______ the earth is a flat surface. (A)in which (B)when (C)which (D)that

  解答  D

  解析  此句為They believe… that S + V的句型。

( )40. The brave soldier saved the boy ______ in the accident. (A)not to be killed (B)not being killed (C)from killing (D)from being killed

  解答  D

( )41. My English teacher is said ______ very beautiful when young. (A)to be (B)having been (C)to have been (D)that was

  解答  C

  解析  is said to have + p.p…. 表以前的情形。

( )42. The Mid-Autumn Festival ______ the 15th day of the eighth month on the Chinese lunar calendar. (A)turns to (B)falls on (C)burns up (D)ends with

  解答  B

( )43. Human beings are ______; every one of us will die some day. (A)moral (B)immoral (C)mortal (D)immortal

  解答  C

( )44. Kevin’s boss praised him for his ______, for he dealt with business very quickly. (A)tendency (B)efficiency (C)excitement (D)conservation

  解答  B

( )45. This book is both ______ and interesting. (A)instructed (B)instructive (C)instructing (D)instruction

  解答  B

( )46. Weather ______, we will go on a picnic next Sunday. (A)permits (B)permitting (C)permission (D)permitted

  解答  B

  解析  Weather permitting為If the weather permits的分詞結構。

( )47. ______ we have to live without electricity. Life would be very inconvenient. (A)Suppose (B)Supposed (C)Supposing (D)Supposing that

  解答  A

( )48. Let me tell you ______ the mysterious murder. (A)all that I have read (B)whatever I have read (C)that I have read (D)what I have read about

  解答  D

( )49. ______ you mention it, I had better tell you the truth. (A)Since that (B)For that (C)Now that (D)Despite that

  解答  C

( )50. ______ what you have done for me. (A)Thanks you for (B)Thank to you for (C)Thanks to you for (D)Thank you because

  解答  C

二、代換題 ()

1. Our friend is in trouble, so let’s help him.

  解答  go to his aid

2. People say she was a beauty when young.

She is said to ______ ______ a beauty when young.

  解答  have, been

  解析  用「完成式」表示她是美女是以前的事情。

3. After receiving the phone call, he went out immediately (=______ ______ ______).

  解答  in, an, instant

4. A large number of deformed fish in this area is connected with (=______ ______ ______) the nuclear power plant.

  解答  is, related, to

5. However far (=______ ______ ______ far) they live, they try to keep in touch with us.

  解答  No, matter, how

6. When the Wang family had problems, their neighbors came to help them (=______ ______ ______ ______).

  解答  came, to, their, help

7. Since it is snowing, you had better cancel this trip.

  解答  Now that

8. Chocolate is often made in the form of (=in the ______ of) an egg on Easter Sunday.

  解答  shape

9. The result has something to do with the special situation.

  解答  is related to

10. Comic books attract teenagers more than any other kind of books.

Comic books h______ more a______ to teenagers than any other kind of books.

  解答  hold, appeal

三、字彙題 ()

1. 親戚 (n.) ______

  解答  folks

2. Armstrong was the first a______ that landed on the moon.

  解答  astronaut

3. It is the Chinese t______n to eat fish at the Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner.

  解答  tradition

4. The Chinese New Year is a time for the family r______.

  解答  reunion

5. Spring is the time for sowing while autumn is the time for h______.

  解答  harvest

6. The principal is like a tyrant. To save our classmates from torture, we have to work together to o______w him.

  解答  overthrow

7. He put all his pictures in the p______ album.

  解答  photo

  解析  the photo album相簿。

8. He was r______ed with a medal for saving the children from the fire.

  解答  rewarded

9. In the past, people had stronger beliefs in the i______y of the soul. They believed their soul would never die.

  解答  immortality

10. It is illegal to enter a private garden without the owner’s p______.

  解答  permission

11. Miss Chen is an e______ secretary. All her work is done well and quickly.

  解答  efficient

12. L______d has it that Robbin Hood robbed the rich and helped the poor.

  解答  Legend

13. Out of curiosity, that boy s______ several coins and marbles and thus was sent to the hospital.

  解答  swallowed

14. Nobody could deny his i______y, for he devoted all his life to our country.

  解答  immortality

  解析  不朽。devote…to貢獻。

15. This match will go into tennis l______d. It will always be remembered.

  解答  legend

  解析  go into legend變成一樁美事

16. If we win the race, we will be r______ded with 10,000 dollars.

  解答  rewarded

  解析  給予獎賞(因為贏得比賽)。

17. There are many l______ds about the adventures of Robin Hood.

  解答  legends

18. I have a very e______t secretary to make all the arrangements for me.

  解答  efficient

19. The bank is offering a r______d of two hundred thousand dollars for information about the robbers.

  解答  reward

20. It’s my brother’s car. I can’t drive it without his p______n.

  解答  permission

21. Read the i______ns carefully before you take the medicine.

  解答  instructions

22. The great hero has died, but his spirit will remain im______l; people will remember him forever.

  解答  immortal

23. The Ching Dynasty was o______n and came to an end in 1911.

  解答  overthrown

24. The soldiers fought bravely and won the b______e.

  解答  battle

25. The Chinese celebrate the Moon F______l with moon cakes.

  解答  Festival

26. The solider was s______t badly by the enemy right on the head.

  解答  shot

  解析  頭部被擊中。

27. Dr . Sun Yat–sen o______w the Ching dynasty in 1911 .

  解答  overthrew

28. My grandmother always concluded the story of “Romeo and Juliet” with a s______h.

  解答  sigh

29. We Chinese usually eat moon cakes during the Moon Festival. We eat them from the early past to the present. It’s a t______n.

  解答  tradition

30. The great city was f______ded on the hilltop by the Romans .

  解答  founded

31. The Chinese New Year’s Eve is a very important holiday for us, because the family members who live far away will come back to have a family r______n.

  解答  reunion

32. You must read and follow the in______ns carefully before taking the medicine.

  解答  instructions

33. In the U.S., people leave 15% of the bill as a tip for the server in the restaurant; the tip is an e______a (= additional) cost for the meal.

  解答  extra

34. The soldiers fought bravely and the long bloody b______e was finally won.

  解答  battle

35. dynasty (n.) ______

  解答  朝代

36. 太空人 (n.) ______ (= spacemen or spacewomen)

  解答  astronaut

37. 藥丸 (n.) ______

  解答  pill

38. 推翻 (vt.) ______

  解答  overthrow

39. 決定性的 (adj.) ______

  解答  decisive

40. Miss Roberts lives quite a long way from her office; her house is d______t (= far) from where she works.

  解答  distant

41. The brand-new machine helps the workers work much faster; its ef______cy is reliable.

  解答  efficiency

42. D______e our advice, Paul insisted on going skiing alone.

  解答  Despite

43. When a class is going on, no student can leave the classroom without the teacher’s p______n. (= consent)

  解答  permission

44. It is t______l to eat moon cakes during the Moon Festival

  解答  traditional

45. D______e (= In spite of) the bad weather, Tony went fishing.

  解答  Despite

46. The Ching Dynasty was o______n in 1911 by Dr. Sun Yat-sen and his followers.

  解答  overthrown

47. “Five Hundred Miles Away from Home” is a famous American f______k song.

  解答  folk

48. The New Year F______l is the most important time in the year for Chinese family reunions.

  解答  Festival

49. According to the l______d, Robin Hood, a good archer, robbed the rich to help the poor.

  解答  legend

50. When taking p______os, the person holding camera would ask people to say “cheese.”

  解答  photos

四、克漏選擇題 (小題 )

1. On Chinese Mid-Autumn ______, we usually eat moon cakes, which are usually made ______ a full moon. The tradition of eating moon cakes ______ a great emperor in the 14th century, ______ was Chu Yuan-chang. ______ verthrow the Mongol rulers, Chu and his ______ hid pieces of paper in the moon cakes ______ his countrymen for military actions ______ the Mongol soliders.

( )(A)Holiday (B)Vacation (C)Festival (D)Tradition
( )(A)up (B)up of (C)with (D)in the shape of
( )(A)is related to (B)follows (C)can trace back to (D)according to
( )(A)which name (B)whom named (C)whose name (D)name
( )(A)In order to (B)In relation with
(C)In accordance with (D)With regard to
( )(A)disciples (B)students (C)survivors (D)followers
( )(A)calling (B)to calling (C)calls (D)called
( )(A)as (B)against (C)with (D)of

  解答  C D A C A D A B

  解析  節慶通常用Festival;(D)in the shape of以……形式 (A)made up化粧、編故事 (B)made up of…由……組成 (C)made with用……做成 (E)made by…由……做成;(A)is related to與……相關 (B)follows隨著 (C)can be traced back to (D)根據 (E)relative當(n.)親戚;(A)為了要推翻…… (B)與……有關 (C)根據 (D)與……有關 (E)尋找;(D)跟隨者 (A)學生 (C)倖存者 (E)監督者、上司;(B)抵抗(蒙古軍人)。

2. When you asked me ______ we had a “similar holiday,” ______ came to my mind was the Mid-Autumn Festival, an occasion to celebrate the harvest. It is also called the Moon Festival, ______ offers the young a chance for romance. ______ that the Chinese Cupid would serve as a kind matchmaker, who would make the lovers ______.

Another appealing story is about Cheng-O, who swallowed her husband’s immortal pill ______. She then rose up to the sky and ______ the moon, and has lived there ______. “She ______ lonely on the moon!” My grandmother always ends the story ______.
( )(A)whether (B)how (C)weather (D)that
( )(A)that (B)what (C)which (D)those
( )(A)that (B)what (C)which (D)those
( )(A)It has legend (B)Legend has it (C)Legend says (D)Legend talks
( )(A)to be husband and wife (B)man and wife
(C)being man and wife (D)as wife and husband
( )(A)without permission (B)being permitted
(C)without blessed (D)with some permission
( )(A)came (B)arrived (C)reached (D)got
( )(A)since ever (B)ever since (C)ever (D)never

( )(A)must be (B)must have (C)will be (D)seems to

( )(A)without love (B)with a sigh (C)with a joke (D)in some ways

  解答  A B C B B A C B A B

  解析  reach = arrive at (in) = get to

3. Many legends are associated with the Moon Festival. One of them is about Chang-O, wife of the great ______ Hou-Yi. Legend has it that Hou-Yi ______ nine extra suns and saved the earth from ______ up. For this, he was ______ with a pill for ______. But ______ curiosity, Chang-O swallowed it without her husband’s permission. ______ an instant, she ______ up to the moon and has never found the way of coming back to the earth. She has been living there ever ______. Many old people still believe in this story. To them, she is more real than the astronauts ______ on the moon.

( )(A)farmer (B)archer (C)emperor (D)soldier
( )(A)shoot down (B)shoot (C)shot down (D)shot
( )(A)being burned (B)burning (C)been burned (D)burned
( )(A)awarded (B)rewarded (C)awarding (D)rewarding
( )(A)immortal (B)mortal (C)mortality (D)immortality
( )(A)out of (B)in (C)because (D)with
( )(A)For (B)With (C)In (D)On
( )(A)rise (B)rose (C)risen (D)rised
( )(A)since (B)before (C)so (D)and again
( )(A)land (B)landed (C)landing (D)to land

  解答  B C A B D A C B A C

4. The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival ______ on the fifteenth day of the eighth month on the lunar calendar. ______ the moon is ______ its largest and brightest that night, the day is also called the Moon Festival.

As everyone knows, this Chinese festival is connected with a number of stories passed down through the years. One of them centers around Chang-O, wife of the great archer Hou-Yi. After shooting down nine extra suns and then saving the earth from being burned ______, Hou-Yi was rewarded ______ the Elixir of Life. Out of curiosity, however, Chang-O just swallowed it without asking for her husband’s permission. She quickly rose up to the moon and has never found the way back to the earth. She ended up living there alone.

( )(A)fell (B)falls (C)has fallen (D)falling
( )(A)Now that (B)If (C)Though (D)Even if
( )(A)at (B)with (C)in (D)on
( )(A)╳ (B)of (C)up (D)over
( )(A)by (B)with (C)in (D)for

  解答  B A A C B

  解析  Now that = Since既然的意思。

5. My American pen pal Susan wrote to me last week. In her letter, she talked about the holiday of Thanksgiving. She asked me ______ my country had a similar holiday. The Mid-Autumn Festival ______. Like Thanksgiving, it is an occasion to celebrate the ______. In order to impress Susan with this holiday, I told her a story that my grandma told me years ago. It was about Chang-O. Chang-O was the wife of Hou-Yi, a great ______ who was said to have shot down nine ______ suns, and saved the earth ______. He was then given a pill with which one could live forever. Chang-O was curious about the pill and stole it without her husband’s ______. After swallowing the pill secretly, Chang-O rose up to the sky all at once and finally ______ the moon. She has lived there ______ because she knows no way of coming back to the earth. My grandma always ends the story with a sigh “______”

( )(A)that (B)what (C)which (D)whether
( )(A)came to my mind (B)thought about me
(C)happened to me (D)belonged to me
( )(A)distance (B)harvest (C)universe (D)exposure
( )(A)archer (B)driver (C)painter (D)follower
( )(A)vital (B)instant (C)central (D)extra
( )(A)to burn up (B)to be burned up (C)from burning up (D)from being burned up
( )(A)preference (B)permission (C)pleasure (D)pressure
( )(A)reached (B)arrived (C)attended (D)got
( )(A)from now on (B)once in a while (C)ever since (D)before long
( )(A)How Chang-O must be lonely on the moon!
(B)How lonely Chang-O must be on the moon!
(C)What lonely Chang-O must be on the moon!

(D)What Chang-O must be lonely on the moon!

  解答  D A B A D D B A C B

6. Many legends are associated with the Moon Festival. One of them is about Chang-O, the wife of the great archer Hou-Yi. Legend has it that Hou-Yi shot down nine extra suns and saved the earth ______ up. For this, he was rewarded with a pill for immortality. But ______, Chang-O swallowed it without her husband’s permission. ______ an instant, she rose up to the moon and has never found the way of coming back to the earth. She has been living there ever ______. Many old people now still believe in this story. To them she is more real than the ______ landing on the moon.

( )(A)from being burned (B)to be burned (C)from burning (D)against burning
( )(A)with great caution (B)in the distance (C)out of curiosity (D)in a vital manner
( )(A)On (B)To (C)In (D)By
( )(A)more (B)since (C)by (D)through
( )(A)horoscopes (B)archers (C)matchmakers (D)astronauts

  解答  A C C B D

  解析  Legend has it…據傳說……;(A)with great caution小心翼翼 (B)in the distance在遠方 (C)out of curiosity出於好奇 (D)in a vital manner非常活力充沛的樣子。

7. When you asked me ______ we had a “similar holiday” in Taiwan, the ______ thing that ______ was the Mid-Autumn Festival. ______ your Thanksgiving, it’s an occasion ______ the harvest and have a family reunion. It ______ the 15th day of the eighth month on the Chinese ______ calendar. It is also ______ as the Moon Festival, because the Chinese believe that the moon is ______ its ______ and brightest that night.

( )(A)that (B)whether (C)why (D)how
( )(A)one (B)other (C)first (D)same
( )(A)crossed my mind (B)came to me (C)happens to me (D)comes to my mind
( )(A)For (B)Like (C)Unlike (D)With
( )(A)to celebrate (B)for celebrate (C)to celebration (D)to be celebrated
( )(A)happened (B)occurred (C)appears on (D)falls on
( )(A)lunar (B)lunatic (C)solar (D)solider
( )(A)know (B)knowing (C)known (D)knew
( )(A)at (B)for (C)on (D)to
( )(A)biggest (B)smallest (C)largest (D)tiniest

  解答  B C A B A D A C A C

8. For many young people, the Moon Festival means a chance for romance. It is the time for the Chinese Cupid, known ______ “The Old Man Under the Moon,” to ______ their help. ______ his age, he is supposed to be an efficient matchmaker. He uses a red thread to tie the feet of a young couple together to make them ______, no matter ______ they are from each other.

( )(A)for (B)as (C)by (D)to

( )(A)let out (B)appeal to (C)come to (D)fall on
( )(A)Despite (B)Besides (C)In spite (D)Despite of
( )(A)a man and a wife (B)man and wife (C)a man and wife (D)the man and wife
( )(A)where distance (B)how distance (C)what distant (D)how distant

  解答  B C A B D

9. For many young men and women, the Moon Festival means a chance for ______. They believe “The Old Man Under the Moon” would come to their help. ______ his age, the old man is supposed to be an efficient ______. He uses a red thread to tie the feet of a young couple together to ______ them man and wife ______ great a distance they are separated from each other.
( )(A)romance (B)fight (C)slice (D)misfortune
( )(A)Although (B)Despite (C)In spite (D)Instead of
( )(A)troublemaker (B)peacemaker (C)matchmaker (D)shoemaker
( )(A)do (B)build (C)harm (D)make
( )(A)wherever (B)whatever (C)however (D)whomever

  解答  A B C D C

10. ______ American Thanksgiving, Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is an occasion for harvests and family reunions. However, people have different food for these two holidays. ______ Americans have their traditional turkey dinner and pumpkin pies, the Chinese eat their moon cakes, pomelos, and B.B.Q. The moon cakes are usually made ______ a full moon since the moon is at its largest that night. The custom of eating moon cakes ______ the end of the Yuan Dynasty. With instructions for overthrowing the Mongol rulers ______ inside the cakes, the Chinese under guard were able to arrange a decisive battle to defeat the Mongols.
( )(A)Unlike (B)Such as (C)Likely (D)Similar to
( )(A)When (B)While (C)Since (D)As
( )(A)to get along with (B)to be likely to (C)to be popular with (D)in the shape of
( )(A)is related to (B)is up to (C)is named after (D)is in an instant

( )(A)hide (B)hid (C)hidden (D)hiding

  解答  D B D A C

  解析  similar to = Like;While為反義連接詞;此乃with + O +O.C的結構,此處用hidden指被隱藏。

五、連貫翻譯題 ()

1. 他們認為月下老人會來幫助他們。

  解答  They think that “The Old Man Under the Moon” will come to their help.

2. 對情人而言那天晚上意味著浪漫愛情的機會。

  解答  For lovers that night means a chance for romance.

3. 月亮在那天晚上最大最亮。

  解答  The moon is at its largest and brightest on that night.

4. 據說月下老人會用紅線把一對情人的腳綁在一起使他們成為夫妻。

  解答  It is said that “The Old Man Under the Moon” uses a red thread to tie the feet of a couple of lovers together to make them man and wife.

5. 中秋節是最具傳統的中國節慶之一。

  解答  The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most traditional Chinese festivals.
六、詞類題 ()

1. He asked others to leave him ______ (lonely) when he heard that bad news.

  解答  alone

  解析  lonely為「寂寞」之意,alone為獨處之意,故leave…alone為「別打擾……」。

2. Those hints the teacher gave were very ______ (instruct) so that I could answer the questions easily and quickly.

  解答  instructive

3. You are not supposed to leave the classroom without the teacher’s ______ (permit).

  解答  permission

4. I need someone to ______ (instruction) me in how to use computers.

  解答  instruct

5. Are you interested in ______ (photograph)?

  解答  photography

6. She has been living a life of ______ (lonely) ever since her husband died three years ago.

  解答  loneliness

7. We can the see the ship in the ______ (distant).

  解答  distance

8. Do you believe in the ______ (immortal) of God?

  解答  immortality

9. Weather ______ (permit), we are having an outdoor class reunion tomorrow.

  解答  permitting

  解析  weather permitting為If the weather permits的分詞結構。

10. After his parents died, his uncle became his closest living ______ (relate).

  解答  relative

七、對話題 ()

1. Susan: Hello! Carol. ______ It’s really nice to see you again.

Carol: Yes. Oh, Susan, you’re looking good. ______
Susan: I get a lot of exercise and I try to eat as little meat as possible.
Carol: What exercises do you do?
Susan: I do aerobics four times a week.
Carol: Is aerobics tough?
Susan: ______ It’s not difficult.
Carol: Maybe I should try it, too.
Susan: Yes, you’ll enjoy it.
( )(A)How surprise! (B)What a surprise! (C)I'm surprising. (D)What an accident!
( )(A)How do you keep yourself in such great shape? (B)Do you play any sports? (C)You’re a vegetarian. (D)Why do you stay in shape?
( )(A)Yes, I like it. (B)No, it’s tough. (C)Yes, it’s easy. (D)No, it’s a piece of cake.

  解答  B A D

  解析  (D)a piece of cake(口語)輕而易舉、易如反掌、如探囊取物。

2. Paul: I went to the Lai Lai Restaurant last night.

Ted: Really? How was it?
Paul: Terrific. ______
Ted: I’d love to try it. Would you mind going there again?
Paul: ______. When do you want to go?
( )(A)I didn’t like it. (B)It was very expensive. (C)It was the worst meal that I’ve ever had. (D)It was the best meal that I’ve ever had.
( )(A)Sure, I’d love to. (B)Yes, let’s go. (C)Certainly not. (D)Yes, I don’t mind.

  解答  D C

八、翻譯題 ()

1. 多謝你來幫助我們。

  解答  Thanks for coming to our help.

2. 請代我向你的父母親問候。(regards)

Please __________________________.

  解答  give my best regards to your parents

3. 不管你身在何處,都必須照顧自己。

No ____________________________.

  解答  matter where you are, you have to take care of yourself

4. 當你問我誰是最有名的媒人,我第一個想到的是月下老人。

  解答  When you asked me who the most famous matchmaker was, the first person came to my mind was “The Old Man Under the Moon.”

5. 那體育館(gymnasium)建成巨蛋的形狀。

  解答  The gymnasium was built in the shape of a big egg.

6. 我們應該利用這麼可愛的夜晚外出散步。(advantage, walk)

  解答  We should take advantage of such a lovely night and go out for a walk.

7. 對大部分的中國人來說,中秋節仍是慶祝豐收及家族團聚的時節。(For most Chinese people)

  解答  For most Chinese people, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for harvest and family reunion.

8. 國父推翻清朝(the Ching dynasty),創立中華民國。

  解答  Dr. Sun overthrew the Ching dynasty and founded the Republic of China.

9. 藉游泳要花多久才能消耗掉一個漢堡?(work…)

  解答  How long does it take to work off a hamburger by swimming?

10. 那是多令人著迷的一幅畫啊!

  解答  How fascinating a painting it is!

九、克漏填充題 (小題 )

1. The fifteenth day of the eighth month on the lunar ______ is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. It is also known ______ the Moon Festival, because the moon is at its largest andb______ on that night. A similar occasion in America would be ______, ______ is a day for people to celebrate the harvest and have a family reunion.

  解答  calendar as brightest Thanksgiving which

2. Lisa: There’s a full moon tonight. Aren’t you in a romantic mood? It is said the moon is supposed to have an effect ______ people.

Dick: I suppose so. That’s ______ I’ve read about some cultures.
Lisa: There are some fascinating legends about the moon.
Dick: ______ that you mention it, why don’t we take ______ of such a lovely night and go out for a walk?
Lisa: Sounds romantic. But I have to finish my homework first.
Dick: ______ your time. I can wait.

  解答  on what Now advantage Take

3. ______ your Thanksgiving, the Mid-Autumn ______ is an occasion to ______ the harvest and have a family ______. It falls ______ the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese ______ calendar. It is also known ______ the Moon Festival because the Chinese believe that the moon is ______ its largest ______ that night. For many people it also means a chance ______ romance.

  解答  Like Festival celebrate reunion on lunar as at on for

十、引導翻譯題 ()

1. Cupid ______ s______ ______ be an efficient matchmaker. (被認為)

  解答  was, supposed, to

2. 請代我向令尊令堂問候(致意)。

Please s______ my ______ r______ ______ your parents.

  解答  send, best, regards, to

3. 吃著做成滿月形狀的月餅慶祝中秋節是中國人的傳統。

Eating moon cakes made ______ the ______ of a full moon to celebrate the Moon Festival is the tradition of the Chinese.

  解答  in, form/shape

4. You can’t leave the room ______ ______ ______. (沒有我的許可)

  解答  without, my, permission

5. 發現我有麻煩,她很快就來幫我的忙。

______ me ______ trouble, she ______ ______ my help ______ an ______.

  解答  Finding, in, came, to, in, instant

  解析  in an instant = very quickly很快地。

6. 就像他父親一樣,他有很活躍的社交生活。

______ his father, he has a very ______ ______ life.

  解答  Like, active, social

7. 傳說后翌曾經射下九個多餘的太陽。
______ has ______ that Hou-Yi once shot down nine extra suns.

  解答  Legend, it

8. 學生應當穿制服上學。
Students ______ ______ ______ wear uniforms to school.

  解答  are, supposed, to

9. 像其他學生一樣,Danny習慣於早睡早起。
______ ______ students, Danny is ______ ______ keeping early ______.

  解答  Like, other, used, to, hours

10. 吃月餅的傳統與建立明朝的帝王有關。
The tradition of eating ______ ______ is r______ ______ an emperor who ______ the Ming dynasty ______ the 14th century.

  解答  moon, cakes, related, to, founded, in

十一、閱讀測驗題 (小題 )

1. The legend of the Cowherd and the Weaving Maid was born out of star-gazing by the ancient Chinese. It described the tragic love story between two stars, Altair and Vega, which developed into a romance.

The Weaving Maid, seventh daughter of the Sun God, was as beautiful as she was bright. She passed her days weaving brocades with the colorful clouds on the skies. One day she peeped down upon the earth, saw the handsome Cowherd, and straightaway took a fancy to him. It was love at first sight.
Her august father allowed them to marry. But the couple was so enamored of each other that they neglected their work and duty, spending most of their time daydreaming. The great father separated the pair, sentencing them to live apart thereafter with the Silver Stream (Milky Way) between them. But they were allowed to see each other once a year─on the seventh night of the seventh month.

On this night, if the skies were clear, the birds of heaven formed a bridge over the stream to unite the lovers. If it rained, the Silver Stream would rise and become so wide that the bridge could not be formed. Then the couple had to wait for another year. But their love remained immortally young and eternally patient.

( )The Weaving Maid fell in love with the Cowherd ______.
(A)as soon as they got married (B)soon after the great god separated them
(C)at first sight (D)because her father wanted her to marry someone else
( )The couple were sentenced to separation because ______.
(A)they failed to do their work well and forgot their duties
(B)the great god was jealous of their daydreaming
(C)the Sun God was against their marriage
(D)they would like to get divorced
( )The couple could meet ______.
(A)once in a while (B)once in a year whether it rained or not
(C)whenever they missed each other
(D)only on the seventh night of the seventh lunar month if the weather was
( )The bridge over the Silver Stream to unite the poor lovers was said to be
formed by ______. (A)birds of heaven (B)cows (C)fairies (D)stars
( )Which of the following is true?
(A)Rain or shine, the couple were sure to meet again.
(B)The rain might prevent the Weaving Maid form meeting her husband.
(C)To avoid being enamored of each other, the couple decided to live apart.
(D)The Weaving Maid’s father disapproved of their marriage because the

Cowherd was a mortal.

  解答  C A D A B

  解析  brocades織錦;take a fancy to sb. 愛上某人;immortally不朽地;eternally永恒地;august威嚴的;be enamored of熱愛。

2. Here is a legend about “The Old Man Under the Moon.” Once upon a time in the Tang Dynasty, a young man called Wei-gu was on his way to the capital of the country to take an important exam. Missing the closing time of the inns, he decided to spend the night in an old temple, where at midnight an old man appeared and was reading a book. Curiously, Wei-gu got up and asked the old man something about the book. The old man said that people called him the Old Man Under the Moon, whose job was to make young couples husband and wife. On hearing that, Wei-gu urged the old man to tell him something about his future wife. The old man, after consulting the book, said, “You will see your wife tomorrow.”

The next day, on the way to the capital, Wei-gu bumped into a blind old woman who had a three-year-old girl on her back. Fearing that he might have hurt the old woman and the little girl, We-gu rushed away. But just at the same time, the Old Man Under the Moon stopped We-gu and told him that the little girl would be his wife fourteen years later. Taking this as too ridiculous, Wei-gu did not believe what the old man said.
Fourteen years had passed and Wei-gu married the daughter of a high-ranking government official. One day, he found that there was a scar on his wife’s forehead and asked her why. He soon realized that his wife was the little girl who he bumped into fourteen years ago.
( )According to the story, what is the job of the Old Man Under the Moon?
(A)A troublemaker. (B)A holiday-maker.
(C)A matchmaker. (D)A film-maker.
( )From this passage, you may know that this story may not be a true story. Which of the following sentences can tell us about it?
(A)Here is a legend about “the Old Man Under the moon.”
(B)A man called Wei-gu was on the way to the capital to have an important
(C)Wei-gu decided to spend the night in an old temple.
(D)Fourteen years later, Wei-gu married the girl.
( )According to the passage, what was the book that the Old Man Under the
Moon was reading in the old temple?
(A)The Book of Festivals. (B)The book of Marriage.
(C)The Book of Astrology. (D)The Book of Romance.
( )Form the context, what is the meaning of a scar?
(A)A mark remaining on the skin or on an organ from a wound.
(B)A public feeling that something is improper or shocking.
(C)A surface on which a film is shown.
(D)A building that gives cover or protection
( )What does the story want to tell us?
(A)One can choose his or her own spouse.
(B)Everyone’s spouse is decided beforehand.

(C)One should respect old men. (D)Don’t stay in an old temple at night.

  解答  C A B A B

3. The Dragon Boat Festival, falling on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar, is one of the three greatest festivals celebrated in China. Popular legend associated the festival with the death in 299 B.C. of the poet-statesman Chu Yuan. He drowned himself in the Milo River to call the public attention to his unheeded appeal for government reform. The story goes that the common people, who respected Chu Yuan for his loyalty and integrity, rushed out in boats in search of him. Unable to find Chu Yuan, they threw cooked rice into the river to feed the fish and thus dissuaded them from eating his body. From this evolved the ancient custom, preserved till this day, of serving glutinous rice dumpling, on the anniversary of Chu Yuan’s death. The narrow rescue craft used in the unsuccessful search for Chu Yuan evolved into dragon boats. Nowadays, the dragon boat racing is held on the fifth month of the lunar calendar, which is known as the Dragon Boat Festival.

( )This passage is mainly about ______.
(A)what kind of person Chu Yuan is
(B)the three festivals celebrated in China
(C)the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival
(D)the death of Chu Yuan
( )Chu Yuan drowned himself in the Milo River because ______.
(A)he wanted to become famous
(B)the government did not listen to his call for reform
(C)the government sentenced him to death
(D)people failed to show enough respect for him
( )In this passage, the craft is referred to ______.
(A)cooked rice (B)glutinous rice dumpling
(C)the lunar calendar (D)a boat
( )Which of the following statements is False?
(A)The government respected Chu Yuan for his loyalty and integrity.
(B)Chu Yuan’s body had never been found.
(C)Chu Yuan was both a literary man and a statesman.
(D)Nowadays people still serve glutinous rice dumpling on the Dragon
Boat Festival.

  解答  C B D A

  解析  unheeded被忽略的;appeal呼籲;reform改革;loyalty忠貞;integrity正直;dissuade…from V-ing說服……不要做……事;evolve演化;glutinous rice dumpling粽子;rescue救援;craft船。
十二、配合題 (小題 )

1. ( )She never gives up

( )Like all creative writers,
( )She was very charming
( )Despite his studying all night,
( )Legends has it
(A)but at the same time a little too proud.
(B)he was well-prepared for the exam.
(C)no matter how hard the job is.
(D)he has a talent for telling stories.
(E)she takes great interest in shopping.
(F)he failed to pass the test.
(G)that he robbed the rich and gave it to the poor.
(H)supposing she cannot pass the exam.

  解答  C D A F G

十三、篇章結構題 (小題 )

1. Experienced readers have learned to look for clues or key ideas as they read. They often do this unconsciously, but ______. If you have never tried this technique, you may want to see how it works. In some ways, ______ you have never been. You wouldn’t just start off and hope ______; you would probably check a road map carefully to see the direction you want to go, the types of roads, the location of towns and other special points. It’s the same with reading. If you have some idea of ______ and how it is presented, ______ and enjoy it more. You can do this by looking over the reading briefly in a methodical way to see the main points of the reading material.

(A)you were going in the right direction
(B)what is included in the material
(C)it’s like taking a trip someplace
(D)you will get more out of your reading
(E)it is part of what makes reading fun

  解答  E C A B D

十四、填充題 ()

1. The spacecraft landed ______ earth safely.

  解答  on

2. What does IELC ______ ______? (=represent)

  解答  stand, for

  解析  stand for = represent代表。

3. Chocolate was made ______ the ______ (=form) of an egg.

  解答  in, shape

4. The creative writer has a talent ______ telling stories.

  解答  for

  解析  have a talent for + O有……才能/天份。

5. Einstein is known ______ his great achievement in physics.

  解答  for

6. Einstein is known ______ people all over the world.

  解答  to

7. ______ ______ ______ (=At once =Immediately), David guessed the answer and won the contest.

  解答  In, an, instant

8. Thanks ______ keeping me company yesterday.

  解答  for

9. He insisted ______ his innocence from the beginning.

  解答  on

10. The old man rewarded Mary ______ three hundred dollars ______ finding his lost dog.

  解答  with, for

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