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understanding dia

understanding nou?j, noo

undertaking pra?gma, -atoj, to<

underworld a@bussoj, -ou, h[

undeservedly dwre

unique monogenh

unite, I unite kolla

universe ko

unjust a@dikoj, -on

unleavened a@zumoj, -on

unrighteousness a]diki

until a@xri, a@xrij

until e!wj

until e!wj (+ gen.)

until me

up a]na< (+ acc.)

upright di

upward a]na< (+ acc.)

upward a@nw

urge on, I urge on sune

urge, I urge a]nagka

urge, I urge parakale

use, I use xra

varied poikivengeance e]kdi

verily a]mh

very li

vessel skeu?oj, -ouj, to<

vestibule pulw

village kw

vine a@mpeloj, -ou, h[

vineyard a]mpelw

virgin parqe

visible fanero

vision o!rama, -atoj, to<

visit, I visit e]piske

voice fwnh<, -h?j, h[

wages misqowait for, I wait for prosde

wait for, I wait for prosdoka

wait upon, I wait upon dia

wake, I wake e]gei

walk, I walk peripate

wall (city wall) tei?xoj, -ouj, to<

wandering pla

want, I want bou

war po

warn, I warn diamartu

warn, I warn e]pitima

warn, I warn xrhmati

wash, I wash ni

watch (of the night) fulakh<, -h?j, h[

watch, I watch grhgore

water u!dwr, -atoj, to<

water, I water poti

way o[do

way (of life) tro

Way, the Way o[do

we e]gw<, e]mou?; h[mei?j, h[mw?n

we h[mei?j

weak a]sqenh

weak, I am weak a]sqene

weakness a]sqe

wealth plou?toj, -ou, o[

wear, I wear e]ndu

wedding ga

weep, I weep klai

weeping da

well kalw?j

what o!j, h!, o!

what is right xrhsto

what? poi?oj, -a, -on

what? ti

whatever o!stij, h!tij, o!ti

wheat si?toj, -ou, o[

when e]peidh<

when e]pi< (+ gen.)

when o!te

when? pote<

whence o!qen

whenever o!tan

where o!pou

where ou$

where? pou?

whether ei]

whether ei@te

which o!j, h!, o!

which? poi?oj, -a, -on

which? ti

whichever o!stij, h!tij, o!ti

while o!te

white leuko

whither? pou?

who o!j, h!, o!

who? ti

whoever o!stij, h!tij, o!ti

whole o!loj, -h, -on

whole u[gih

why? ti

widow xh

wife gunh<, -aiko

wild beast qhri

wilderness e@rhmoj, -ou, h[

will qe

will, I will qe

wind a@nemoj, -ou, o[

wind pneu?ma, -atoj, to<

wine oi#noj, -ou, o[

wineskin a]sko

wisdom gnw?sij, -ewj, h[

wisdom sofi

wise sofo

wise fro

wish qe

wish, I wish bou

wish, I wish qe

with meta< ( + gen.)

with para< (+ gen.)

with para< (+ dat.)

with peri< (+ acc.)

with pro

with su

with one mind o[moqumado

withdraw, I withdraw a]fi

wither, I wither chrai

without xwri

witness marturi

witness martu

witness ma

woe ou]ai<

woman gunh<, -aiko

womb gasth

womb koili

wonder te

wonder, I wonder qauma

wood cu

word lo

Word lo

word r[hma, -atoj, to<

work e@rgon, -ou, to<

work hard, I work hard kopia

work out, I work out katerga

work, I work e]nerge

work, I work e]rga

workman e]rga

world ko

world (inhabited) oi]koume

worse xei

worship, I worship latreu

worship, I worship proskune

worship, I worship se

worthy a@cioj, -a, -on

wound plhgh<, -h?j, h[

wrath qumo

wrath (of God) o]rgh<, -h?j, h[

wreath ste

write, I write gra

writing grafh<, -h?j, h[

writings gra

wrong, I wrong a]dikeyear e]niauto

year e@toj, -ouj, to<

yeast zu

yes nai<

yet e@ti

yield, I yield di

you su<, sou<; u[mei?j, u[mw?n

you-all u[mei

young ne

young person neani

your so

your u[me

yours so


of yourself (reflexive) seautou?, -h?j

youth neani
zeal zh?loj, -ou, o[

zealous, I am zealous zhlo

Zebedee Zebedai?oj, -ou, o[

Zechariah Zaxari

Greek-English Glossary

Words Occurring Nine or More Times in the New Testament

Verbs are listed in their present active indicative first person singular forms. Deponent verbs appear in the present middle/passive indicative form. Additional principal parts (PP) appearing in the New Testament are listed below the main entry in the following order: future active, aorist active, perfect active, perfect middle/passive, aorist passive.

Greek Word

English Meaning(s)

Part of Speech

Times in N.T.
(all uses)

]Abraaa@bussoj, -ou, h[ abyss, underworld Noun 9


PP: ___, h]gaqopoi

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