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yang The positive or great energy force in nature; the complementary opposite of yin

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  1. The positive or great energy force in nature; the complementary opposite of yin.

  2. The masculine force, associated with front (not back), light, hot, hard, dry, sky and sun.

  3. Taoist: Solar: warm, active, dynamic, creative, masculine.

New Age: The name of the World Ash, the guardian tree of the Aesir.


  1. The negative or passive force in nature; the complementary opposite of yang.

  2. The feminine force, associated with back (not front), dark, cool, soft, wet, earth and moon.

  3. Taoist: Lunar: cool, passive, tranquil, receptive, feminine


  1. The basic duality of complementary forces,

  2. A balance of positive and negative forces.

yishuv (Hebrew: "settlement")
Jewish: The Jewish community in Palestine and Israel.

yoga (Sanskrit: "yoking")

  1. Generic meaning: Synonymous with path, practice, religion, etc.

  2. A set of exercises practiced either with the aim of physical benefits or spiritual emancipation.

  3. Disciplinary exercises or regimens for the sake of interior freedom or overall health.

  4. Hindu (post-classical): A philosophical system which teaches a dualistic worldview.


  1. A practitioner of yoga.

  2. Common usage: A (male) first name, esp. Yogi Berra.

Yom ha-Din (Hebrew: "Day of Judgment")

Jewish: A name for Yom Kippur assigned by rabbis of the Talmud.

Yom ha-Kippurim (Hebrew: "Day of Atonement")
Jewish: A name for Yom Kippur in the Torah.

Yom Hashoah (=Holocaust Day)
Jewish: The day to remember the six million Jews killed by the Nazis in 1933-45.

Yom ha-Zikkaron (Hebrew: "Day of Remembrance")
Jewish: A name for Rosh Hashanah assigned by rabbis of the Talmud.

Yom Kippur (Heberew: "Day of Atonement")
Jewish (holiday): The tenth day of Tishrei; a day of fasting and prayer which concludes the Ten Days of Remembrance which began with Rosh Hashanah.

Yom Teru'ah (Hebrew: "day of blowing the shofar")
Jewish: One of the three names for Rosh Hashanah in the Hebrew Bible; from Num. 29:1.

Yom Tov (Hebrew)
Jewish: A Holy Day.

yongmaeng chongjin (Korean: "fearless practice")
Buddhist (Zen): Intensive spiritual retreat.

African ethnic group centered in southwestern Nigeria whose monotheistic worship centered on Olorun.

Hindu (holiday):

New Age: The winter solstice holiday is celebrated by Neopagans between 20-23 December. Decorations are holly, oak and mistletoe.

I dance for birth, for the returning Sun
and for the Earth in dawn beauty.
Now the womb of night gives birth to life and light

and all shall be renewed. It begins here, now.

Womb of the night bring forth new life and light.
-- Neopagan Yule chant


zahir (Arabic: "outward")
Muslim: One of the names of God is Al-Zahir.

za'im (Arabic: "leader")
Common usage (Lebanon): A notable person.

zakat (Arabic: "alms")

  1. Common usage: Alms, charity.

  2. Muslim: The tax prescribed in the Qur'an; that is, compulsory charity.

  3. Muslim: One of the Five Pillars.

  4. Muslim: The alms-tax (usually 2.5% of net income) allocated by Muslims for the general welfare of the Muslim community and contributed by every believer as an obligatory religious duty. Wealth-sharing purifies the giver's wealth from greed and stinginess and reconciles the hearts of the recipients. (Qu'ran 9:60).

Muslim (Shi'ite): The person who delivers majlis.

Zarathushtra (or, Zarathustra
See Zoroaster.

zawiya (pl. zawaya; Arabic)
Muslim (Shi'ite: Sufi): A Sufi hostel and seminary.

Zaydi (=Zayidiyah)

  1. Muslim (Shi'a): One of the schools of Islamic law.

  2. Muslim (Shi'a): A sect (principally in North Yemen) which considers Zayd b. Ali (d. 740 CE), the second grandson of Husayn, to be the fifth and final imam. Zaydiyah follow the Zaydi school of Islamic law and are found mainly in Yemen.

zazen (=Chinese: zuochan)
Buddhist (Zen): Sitting meditation.


  1. Common usage: Fanatic.
  2. Jewish: A political movement in ancient Israel drawn from various religious sects.

Zen (Japanese: "meditiation"; =Korean: son; Chinese: chan; Sanskrit: dhyana; Pali: jhana)

Zen Bhuddism (=Ch'an Buddhism)
Buddhist (Mahayana): A sect, originating in Japan, which teaches that the real truth about life comes from intuitive flashes of insight. See Zen pages.

Zhang Dao-Ling
Taoist: Founder (2nd Century CE) of Tian Shi sect.

Zhong Qiu Jie (Chinese)
Chinese: See Moon Cake Festival.

Zhong Yong (Chinese: "central" + "universal and harmonious")
Taoist/Confucian: The concept of moderation in all things; finding a harmonious and balanced way of life and relationship with the universe.

Zikhron Teru'ah (Hebrew: "day of the proclamation of a memorial with the blast of the shofar")
Jewish: One of the names for Rosh Hashanah in the Hebrew Bible; from Lev. 23:24.

zina ("adultery")


Zohar (Aramaic: "splendor")
Jewish: The name of the central text of Cabala, composed in Spain about 1280 CE.

Zoroaster (=Zarathushtra)
Zoroastrian: The founder of Zoroastrianism was born between 2000 and 1800 BCE in what is now western Iran. He saw Ahura Mazda (the One God), felt conscious of His presence, and heard His words, which are recorded in the five Songs or Poems he composed, called the Gathas.


Zoroastrian: A monotheistic religion that emerged in what is now Iran some 4000 years ago. The scriptures, Avestan, were written in 21 books called the Nasks, of which only one complete Nask has survived to the present. Fire is the core symbol of the faith, acting as a focal point for prayers and signifying purity. The Parsis of/from India are descendants of Persian Zoroastrians who moved to the Indian subcontinent in the 10th Century CE. An estimated 12,000 Zoroastrians live in North America.

Muslim: Appearance of the Mahdi.

Muslim: Ali's sword (given by Muhammad to Ali)

Zul-Hijja (Arabic)
Common usage: Eleventh month of the Muslim calendar.

Zul-Qa'da (Arabic)
Common usage: Twelfth month of the Muslim calendar.

zulm (Arabic: "oppression", "sin")

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