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Realistic Fiction

Puzzle Book Project

Realistic Fiction is a made up story but it could have happened in real life. The events in the stories could have happened, and the settings are a real place or could be a real place.

Realistic Fiction Puzzle Book Project


  • realistic fiction book you have finished

  • 12 X 18 construction paper

  • Materials for coloring/scissors/gluing

  • Large envelope that I give you

TO BEGIN: Using a ruler and a pencil, divide your construction paper into six equal pieces. Draw “innies” and “outies” to make these look like jigsaw puzzle pieces. This will be the back.
ON THE FRONT OF THE PAPER: Use crayons, colored pencils or the computer to illustrate a scene from your book. This is worth 8 points and it must show:

  • the title (1 pt)

  • the main setting (2 pts.)

  • the main characters (2 pts.)

  • the plot (2 pts.)

Fill the space completely. There should not be any blank/white parts on your poster (1 pt). NOTE: It is a good idea to do a rough draft of this picture.

ON THE BACK: Each puzzle piece will represent a story element. You will write a paragraph for each piece. Here are the pieces you need:

  • Piece 1: Title--Include the book title, author, your name and an illustration of your favorite scene. (5 pts.)

  • Piece 2: Setting--Write about the time and place where this story takes place. How does the setting fit into the story? (10 pts.)

  • Piece 3: Main Characters--Tell who your main characters are. Describe each character. (10 pts.)

  • Piece 4: Beginning Events—What happens at the beginning of this story? (10 pts.)

  • Piece 5: Middle Events - What happens in the middle of the story? (10 pts)

  • Piece 6: End Events – What happens at the end of the story? (10 pts.)

You may type the paragraphs for puzzle pieces 2-6, then print and cut them out and glue them on, or you may neatly write the paragraphs directly on the construction paper in pencil. Be sure to write in complete sentences with proper punctuation and capitalization.

COMPLETION: After you have finished your project you will cut our puzzle apart and place it in the envelope.

THE ENVELOPE: Place all your puzzle pieces in your envelope. Draw your scene on the front of the envelope. Include the title of the story, the author, and your name.


Realistic Fiction Puzzle Book Project Rubric


Points Possible

Points Received

Front page illustration that includes book title, setting, main characters, and plot with no white space left


Piece 1 - Title


Piece 2 - Setting


Piece 3 - Main Characters


Piece 4 - Beginning


Piece 5 - Middle


Piece 6 - Ending










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