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Patient Participation Group

Hetherington Group Practice and Pavilion Medical Centre

Tuesday 25 November 2014

6:30pm-8pm @ Hetherington Group Practice


HGP/PMC members: Ph.C, PC, GS

Practice Members: Dr Steve Mowle & Dorcas Smith
Apologies: JS. RB.

PPG members:

We were only represented by three members at this meeting with only two apologies received.

The partners were asked to nominate 2 new group members each following the last meeting; several patients were approached without success.
Action: Following further discussion on ways to recruit, it was agreed by the group that the invitation leaflet requires a better design and more information to attract new members.

PPG member Ph C will email DS some ideas.

Items for discussion:

  1. Primary Care Research Network

SM discussed the 2 types of studies, public & privately funded.

Private being mostly drug studies, Public - non- drug funded, studies that GP practices participate.
SM explained that research studies are carried out so that patients can benefit from new and better treatments.
SM emphasized that they need to go through local ethics to ensure clear and honest with appropriate standards and regulations.
SM mentioned that the local PCRN would like to attend a PPG meeting or send a presentation on how the studies benefit patients and practices.

The group members opted for the presentation.

Action: SM will arrange presentation for the next PPG meeting in January 2015

  1. Reading Group Study

SM discussed the possibility of us running a reading group at the practice as part of a research project. 

The study is funded by St Thomas’s Hospital Trust, to occur once weekly over a 6 month period.
SM described the positive benefits of shared reading effects on health and well-being and how non-medical based therapies may be effective in increasing positive mental health.
The session will include a short story and poetry that is read aloud.

Website for further information - www.thereader.org.uk

  1. Friends & Family Test

DS said that the FFT data will replace the current patient survey as of Dec 1st this year; DS described the Friends and Family Test (FFT) as a short survey in which it asks patients whether they would recommend the NHS service to friends and family.

It is aimed at being an important opportunity for patients to provide feedback on the care and treatment they receive and to improve services.

Patients will be invited to respond to the question by choosing one of six options, ranging from "extremely likely" to "extremely unlikely".

Patients will also have the opportunity to explain why they have given the answer and will also have the choice to decide if they wish the practice to publish their responses.

DS indicated that the information will be collated via the websites and via reception and submitted to NHS England each month.

DS gave the group a draft copy of the FFT survey form of which after reviewing it was decided to omit ‘other comment’ and add ‘other’ at the end of the tick list.

  1. Carers Hub

DS discussed the Carers Rights Day Information Stalls that are being set up over both practices on Friday 28 November.

It is designed to help raise awareness of carers and carers’ issues.
DS indicated that PPG members had been invited to participate in helping promote the service as suggested by the hub administrators but she hadn’t received any response.
The PPG said that they didn’t feel it something that they could promote as little knowledge in this area.
DS said that she had since spoken to one of the practices Outreach Nurses who runs a monthly Carers meeting who will attend.
The group felt that this was a more appropriate avenue.

  1. Access.

SM indicated that we have had the full quota of GPs this past few months but we have recently lost a full time Salaried GP for one year to maternity leave.

Until she is replaced we have to use locum cover.
SM raised the adverse effects of frequent use of locum staff; he said that it was inefficient as mostly patients would rebook to see a regular GP.

SM mentioned that we will be acquiring an additional GP trainee in February and discussed the medical education related stages prior to becoming a GP, he also discussed how trainees were supported and supervised in general practice including weekly tutorial programmes.

PC raised the issue of trying to get through on the phones during 8am-10am each day.

DS suggested obtaining a pin for on-line access; P Ca said that she finds this way of accessing appointments really useful. PC said that he would endeavor to set up a pin via reception.

SM indicated that he was investigating more useful technology/ telephone automated booking systems.

He said that he will feedback in the New Year.

  1. Winter pressure Project

Lambeth CCG was successful in bidding for funds from NHS England to provide additional capacity during the winter months for local GP practices.

Clinics will be held for 3 months every weekend until March 15 to be held at Clapham Family Practice.
This is designed to redirect inappropriate patients away from A&E and refer back to the local GP.
All participating practices have been given a rota with allocated weekend dates.

Other Business:


Next meeting:

January 2015, date to be confirmed

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