Missouri-Rolla, October 21, 2001


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F.O.G.H.A.T. 2001: A Bass Odyssey

Missouri-Rolla, October 21, 2001

Packet #12: Written by Jeremy White, Ben Lea, Berkeley (TU 1-10, B 1-3, 6-8, 15-20)

1. Cold Turkey features a songwriter struggling with writer’s block and a heroin addiction. My Generation features two serial killers with clashing musical tastes. Danny Masterson plays a metalhead forced to go disco dancing for all eternity. FTP, these are all parts of what spooky VH1 anthology series now hosted by Roger Daltrey?

_Strange Frequency_

2. Negro Problem, Psychotica, Wayne Kramer, Vic Damone, Wayne Newton, and Stanley Turrentine have all performed renditions of this song that contains lyrics such as "In love's hot fevered iron, like a striped pair of pants" and the narrator recalls "the birds like tender babies in your hands, and the old men playing checkers by the trees." Written by Jimmy Webb, the song has been called one of the worst ever written by many sources. FTP, name this song, named after a location where a cake was left out in the rain, most memorably performed by Donna Summer and Richard Harris.

_Macarthur Park_

3. Owner Robert L. Douglas formed this team in 1922. They were named for the casino that they were based out of, but they did most of their playing by barnstorming around the country. They defeated the Oshkosh All Stars 34-25 in 1939 to capture the World Professional Tournament championship in Chicago. In 1963, the entire team was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. FTP name this New York based all black team that folded in 1949.

New York _Renaissance_

4. Early in this film, Warner Huntington III breaks up with a longtime girlfriend by noting future plans to become a senator and by saying, “I need to marry a Jackie, not a Marilyn.” Elle Woods then makes the decision to leave the comfort zone of the Delta Nu house at an LA campus for the tougher course of excelling at Harvard Law School. For ten points, name this 2001 Reese Witherspoon comedy.

_Legally Blonde_

5. A movie set on the Jovian moon of Io, described as "High Noon in outer space"; the home of the evil empire ruled by Shang Tsung in a popular arcade game; the name of a comic strip whose characters included Truffles and Mortimer Mouse; a trophy whose past winners have included Merlin Olsen and Steve Emtman.  To give you more help: the movie starred Peter Boyle and Sean Connery; the arcade game was Mortal Kombat; the comic strip also included Ronald-Ann and Opus; the trophy is given to the best college football lineman.  FTP, give the common seven-letter name.


6. His new album The Last Man on Earth continues to display the musical gifts he honed as a member of the New Bob Dylan scene in 1960's and '70's New York. His work has only received much attention when its biting edge turns humorous as it did on “I Wish I Was a Lesbian” and on his lone top 40 hit. As a thespian, he is best known for three memorable episodes of M*A*S*H as Captain Calvin Spaldling and is currently seen on the Fox sitcom Undeclared as Hal Karp. For ten points, name this ex-husband of Kate McGarrigle, father of Rufus and singer whose only top 40 hit was the novelty song “Dead Skunk.”

_L_oudon _Wainwright III_

7. There are 24 palm trees in the plaza outside this structure, whose right-field wall is 24 feet high (not coincidentally, the man whose statue adorns the plaza wore number 24).  As of October 1, the signature feat associated with this stadium had been accomplished by a member of the home team 17 times -- twice by the since-departed Felipe Crespo, and fifteen times by someone else.  Nobody has hit the giant glove in left field yet, though Andres Galarraga came fairly close.  FTP, name the jewel of China Basin, the land of "Splash Hits", the home field of the San Francisco Giants.

_Pac Bell_ Park

8. In 1979, the original lead guitarist of this group left to tour with Ozzy Osbourne, who later memorialized him in the song “Crazy Train.” An album released in Japan yielded the minor hit, “Slick Black Cadillac,” but their biggest hit was a remake of a song by the British rock group, Slade. FTP, name this 80s hair metal band known for “Metal Health” and “Come on Feel the Noise.”

_Quiet Riot_
9. His most recent project is a history of cinema filmed in digital video. His last famous work was the controversial Hail Mary, in which Mariam Roussel plays a modern version of Virgin Mary who gets to show off her bod many times too often. Other actors under his direction included Eddie Constantine, Brigitte Bardot, and Jean-Paul Belmondo. Once married to Anna Karina, with whom he made Le Petit Soldat and Pierrot La Fou, this man transformed French cinema with classics like Masculine-Feminine, Weekend, and Contempt. FTP name this New Wave director, the master-mind behind Breathless.
Jean-Luc _Godard_

10. In 2001, it was placed in the updated online edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.  As for etymology, its inventor claims that it's a shortened version of an interjection from an old Laurel and Hardy short. A versatile addition to the language, it has been uttered recently by its greatest proponent both when a cyclist ran over him and when a rat outsmarted him twice.  Always written as "" in TV scripts, it was said 24 times in season 1, and its use has only grown since then. FTP, name this all-purpose indication of frustration, a catchphrase of Homer Simpson.


11. This film’s narrative begins when two truck drivers enter a restaurant and are coerced into telling a tale. In the flashback sequence this film depicts how a young woman is abducted, given a massage and then placed on a stage in front of masked men and women. The whole thing climaxes—literally—on a trapeze. For ten points, name this Mitchell brothers porn film starring Marilyn Chambers.

_Behind the Green Door_

12. She tells her version of the stories of Thomas Campano and Diane Downs in And Never Let Her Go and Small Sacrifices. Her career was launched on a book based on her own personal experiences working at a Seattle suicide crisis center at which she shared a shift with Ted Bundy. For ten points, name this queen of true crime best known for The Stranger Beside Me.

Ann _Rule_
13. This brand name was—along with Silly Putty—a 2001 inductee into the National Toy Hall of Fame. Created in 1947 by the Mound Metalcraft Company, This brand’s website emphasizes durability as did a famous 1965 advertisement featuring an elephant standing on one of their products. Recent high-tech offerings include Rescue Roy, 1-2-3 Transformer and My Talkin’ Truck Bot. For ten points, name this Hasbro owned product line that sprays 119,000 pounds of yellow paint a year on its metal toy trucks.

14. She was the only non-tennis player to be named one of the top 5 Women’s athletes of the past 25 years in a 1997 CNN and USA Today poll and she was named Professional Sportswoman of the Year by the Women’s Sports Foundation in 1990. Ironically, 1990 was the only year between 1988 and 1994 that she did not win the world women’s championship in her chosen sport. For ten points, name this athlete who won the women’s championship at the Ironman Triathlon eight times.

Paula _Newby-Fraser_

15. The two central themes of this album are the disparity between reality and image—explored in tracks like Showroom Dummies and Hall of Mirrors—and a glorification of Europe exhibited in tracks like Franz Schubert, Europe Endless and the title track. For ten points, name this pioneering electronica album released in 1977 by Kraftwerk.

_Trans-Europe Express_

16. Presumably he never finishes reading his copy of Modesty Blaise since he has it with him in the bathroom when he meets his untimely end. Just days before that, while chatting with his drug dealer, he related that he was upset about how key scratches put in the paint of his Malibu just days after he removed it from storage upon his return from an assignment Ansterdam. A purchase at Lance’s place almost gets him in big trouble when the heroin nearly kills Mia, the wife of his boss Marcellus Wallace. For ten points, name this character played by John Travolta in Pulp Fiction.

_Vince_nt and/or _Vega_

17. Tim Duncan and Roy Williams don’t collaborate much in basketball world, but on October 6th a Tim Duncan fake kick and subsequent punt set up a brilliant defensive play by safety Roy Williams that led to a touchdown by Teddy Lehman in a critical 14 to 3 win for this team over number 5 ranked conference rival Texas. For ten points, name this Bob Stoops coached team that is the defending champion of NCAA Division 1 football.

University of _Oklahoma_

18. Name’s the same. One is new for the 2002 model year with a base price of 17-thousand with all-wheel drive optional. The other was launched in 1993 and its latest issue contains stories on the Hughes Brother and Ludacris and features Aaliyah on its cover. For ten points, name this word common to a new Pontiac car-SUV hybrid and a Warner Brothers magazine created by Quincy Jones that focuses on Black culture and R&B music.


19. In 1977, Mary Kay Place won a Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Emmy for her role on this series as paralyzed aspiring country singer Loretta Haggers. One plot involving Haggers was a romance with Harmon Farinella played by an actor named Richard Hatch. Orson Bean, Martin Mull and Dabney Coleman were some of the other notables to appear. For ten points, name this syndicated seventies series featuring Louise Lasser in the title role that was a satire of soap operas.

_Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman_

20. Mikey Wells is now on bass because Matt Sharp left to form The Rentals. All other members reformed in the studio with producer Ric Ocasek to record a self-titled album that clocks in at under twenty-nine minutes but still containing “Knock-Down Drag-Out”, “Island in the Sun” and eight other Rivers Cuomo compositions. For ten points, name this band that had a hit with “Hash Pipe” roughly seven years after entering pop consciousness with “The Sweater Song” and “Buddy Holly.”


21. This team’s opening game in 2001 against the Tampa Bay Lightning resulted in wins for new goalie Chris Osgood and new coach Peter Laviolette. Mark Parrish scored the winning goal in that game off an assist from captain Michael Peca. For ten points, name this Atlantic Division NHL team trying to repeat the glory of its 1980 to 1983 Stanley Cup dynasty that brought the first professional sports championships to Long Island.

New York _Islanders_ (prompt on New York)

FOGHAT 2001: A Bass Odyssey

Packet #12: Written by Jeremy White, Ben Lea, Berkeley (TU 1-10, B 1-3, 6-8, 15-20)

1. Identify the following bands wiped out by plane crashes for ten points each.

a) This Southern rock band dissolved temporarily after lead singer Ronnie Van Zant, guitarist Steve Gaines, and back-up singer Cassie Gaines died in a 1977 crash that resulted when their tour plane ran out of fuel.

_Lynyrd Skynyrd_

b) This R&B instrumental group lost four members in the same plane crash that killed Otis Redding. Their best-known song was “Soul Finger.” Trumpeter Ben Cauley, who survived the crash, reformed the group as a funk band in the 1970s.

The _Bar-Kays_
c) This jazz-rock group literally died out when four members were killed in a 1974 plane crash during a storm in Jackson, Minnesota. Their only Top 40 hit was the 1971 instrumental “Get It On,” which forced T. Rex to rename their song to “Bang A Gong.”

2. Given the names of original television series, name the cable networks on which they appear for ten points each:

a. Farscape, Crossing Over With John Edward
_Sci-Fi_ Channel

b. Rap City, Freshly Pressed, and Videoflow

c. Simple Faith with Dr. Arthur Caliandro, Wind At My Back
_Hallmark_ Channel

3. Name these high budget Cary Grant films from the leading ladies for ten points each.

a. Eva Marie Saint is a super secret agent who puts a fake bullet in his heart in a restaurant south-by-south-east of the Washington Monument.
_North by Northwest_
b. Audrey Hepburn is a recently widowed endangered specie who discovers the coveted object of their who-dunnit game: a stamp.
c. Grace Kelly is a millionaire daughter who gives him an unexpected kiss and helps him find the real culprit behind those jewel thefts.
_To Catch a Thief_

4. Cy Young’s career record (in 906 games) is 511 & 316, which means he failed to earn a decision in only 79 career appearances. Wow. However, those 906 games are good for only 12th all-time in appearances by a pitcher. Of the top 11 in appearances, 3 are still active. For the stated number of points, answer these questions about those pitchers.

a. For 10 points, the record holder is this man, with 1096 appearances prior to the start of 2001. A left-handed reliever (of course), he currently pitches for Los Angeles, but his fame rests on saving two games for the Mets in the Bill Buckner World Series.
Jesse _Orosco_
b. For 5 points, another lefty (of course) is ninth on the list, with 940 appearances before this year. But this Met also has 420 saves coming into this season, 2nd best all-time.
John _Franco_

c. For 15 points, a third lefty (of course) moved past Young into 11th place this season. In his 908 (as of this writing) career appearances, he’s earned an impressive 56 and 64 record. Ben thinks this Blue Jay reliever’s most famous moment came as a basketball player for NC State (but Ben’s delusional that way). The rest of us would be hard-pressed to come up with any famous moments for this one-time Brewer, Cub, Pirate and Diamondback, which is why he’s worth 15 points.

Dan _Plesac_

5. Name the author of these non-fiction books that have spent recent time on the Best Seller lists for ten points each.

a. Jack: Straight From the Gut
Jack _Welch_ with John Byrne
b. John Adams
David _McCulloch_
c. Body for Life: 12 Weeks to Physical and Mental Health
Bill _Phillips_ with Michael D’Orso

6. Identify the following groups that famous rappers belonged to before they went solo for ten points each.

a. Before Doctor Dre formed NWA, he wore glitter and eyeliner as a rapper for this group, a fact that Eazy E later used to ridicule him.
The _World Class Wreckin Cru_
b. Busta Rhymes belonged to this group that was affiliated with De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest as part of the Native Tongues Collective.

_Leaders of the New School_

c. Leon Artis Ivey Jr. received the nickname Coolio as a performer in this group.

_WC and the MAAD Circle_

7. Answer the following questions about Street Smarts, everybody’s favorite game show for idiots for the stated number of points.

For ten, who is the host of Street Smarts?
Frank _Nicotero_
For 5 points each, what are the titles of the four different rounds on an episode of Street Smarts?
_Who Knew It?_, _Who Blew It?_, _Pick Your Pony_, and the _Wager of Death_

8. In one television series and one movie, one actor and one actress have played the father and mother, respectively, of two different, but equally strange women. Answer these questions about them for the stated number of points.

5 - The tv show is this highest-rated NBC comedy, on which they play the parents of Lisa Kudrow's Phoebe Buffay.

10 - This movie, Terry Zwigoff's adaptation of a Daniel Clowes comic book, sees the two as father and ex-stepmother to Thora Birch's Enid.

_Ghost World_
5 for 1, 15 for both, name them.
Teri _Garr_ and Bob _Balaban_

9. It happened so suddenly. After reading one too many columns by Bill Simmons on ESPN’s Page 2, one of your tournament author’s friends decided that Tony Banks’ theme music had to be Genesis’ “Land of Confusion”. And the next day, quicker than you could say “Good God! Th-that’s Tony Banks’ music!”, Jeff George was as much a part of Redskin history as Nick Giaquinto. Part of the reason, of course, was George’s unimaginably bad QB rating. For 10 points each, answer these questions about QB ratings.

a. First, within 10%, what is the absolute maximum rating for an NFL QB?
_158 1/3_ (accept anywhere from 142.5 to 174 1/6)
b. Second, also within 10%, what is the record for highest QB rating in a season, held by Steve Young in 1994?
_112.8_ (accept anywhere from 101.5 to 124.1)

c. Finally, within 10%, what was George’s QB rating when Marty Schottenheimer axed him?

_34.6_ (accept anywhere from 31.1 to 38.1)

10. Five for one, 10or two, 20 for three or 30 for all four, name these cooking terms given a definition from The Better Homes and Gardens’ New Cookbook.

a. To cook or brown a small amount of hot food in a small amount of fat.
b. To slowly heat a beverage, such as red wine or cider, with spices and sugar.
c. To cook a food a measured distance below direct dry heat.
d. To coat a food, either before or after cooking, with a dry ingredient such as flour, cornmeal or sugar.


11. Identify these films from guided by the steady eye of late director Michael Ritchie for ten points each.

a. Ritchie’s skilled talents for hard-boiled crime movies was displayed in this film that featured Oscar winner Jack Palance as a tough-as-nails cop who while staking out a hit man moves in with an overly helpful family headed by Ritchie’s frequent collaborator Chevy Chase.
_Cops and Robbersons_
b. Ritchie displayed his shrewd judging of talent by directing former New Kid on the Block Joey McIntyre in this film, an adaptation of a Tom Jones, Harvey Schmidt musical that is considered the longest running play in American theater history.
The _Fantasticks_
c. Forgive me Bad News Bears fans, but Ritchie’s best film is probably this 1972 satire featuring Robert Redford as Bill McKay, a man who has so little chance of winning the Senate seat for which he is running that he feels free to use the chance to tweak the establishment.
The _Candidate_

12. While writing a few final questions for this last Foghat packet to be completed, Jeremy took a break to read his Sunday paper and found a stack of ten identical JC Penney sale flyers in it. Obviously, Jeremy realized this was a sign and commemorated it in a question. Answer these questions about things being sold in the JC Penney catalog.

a. A mattress sale on the next to last page offered great deals on this brand’s Posturepedic mattresses.
b. If you’re in the market for a blender, then you’ll want to pick up this company’s “In-2-itive” model from their Designer Collection which is on sale for just 99.99.
c. Depending on your needs, you can either pick up a “Champ”, “Family” or “Double Champion” size of this George Foreman marketed product. Give the full name.
_Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine_

13. Answer these questions about The Hybrid Theory for the stated number of points.

a. For ten, The Hybrid Theory is an album by what California rap rockers?

_Linkin Park_
b. For ten each, name any two of the three singles released by Linkin Park off The Hyrbid Theory.
_One Step Closer_ _Crawling_ _In the End_

14. Name these titans of jazz-based easy listening music from a description for ten points each.

a. This fluglehorn player taught improvisation at the Eastman School of Music before having smooth hits with “Land of Make Believe” and “Feels So Good”
Chuck _Mangione_
b. They abandoned their 60s hippy leanings for nostalgic vocal work and made a splash with covers of “Tuxedo Junction”, “Java Jive” and “Operator” before hitting the Top 10 with “The Boy From New York City” in 1981.
_Manhattan Transfer_
c. This pianist is best known for crossover jazz TV and movie themes like those he composed for “On Golden Pond” and “St. Elsewhere.”
Dave _Grusin_

15. Answer the following about the US Men's soccer team and the World Cup for the stated number of points.

a. For five points each, name the two countries in which the 2002 World Cup will take place:

_Japan_ and _South Korea_

b. In mid-September, on a muddy field, the US lost its third straight qualifying game to this team, which clinched a Cup berth with its victory (and celebrated with a national holiday).

_Costa Rica_

c. (10) Out of the 32 teams in the 1998 World Cup, this was the final ranking of the US team.  You'll get credit if you're within two.

_32_ (accept 30-34)

16. Given the name of a TV show, give the last name of the family that the show surrounds on a 5-10-20-30 basis (5 for one correct, 10 for two correct, etc.)

a. ALF
b. Full House

c. Step By Step (Patrick Duffy's side of the family)

d. Unhappily Ever After

17. Actress Laura Linney firmly entrenched herself as an arthouse favorite in 2000 starring in three different films. Name these three films for ten points each. Hints: one earned her a Best Actress nomination, one was based on an Edith Wharton novel and the other featured Rob Morrow as a Tourette’s sufferer.

_You Can Count on Me_, The _House of Mirth_ and _Maze_

18. Given episode titles, name the tv show, 15 points for the first clue, 10 if you need another.

15 - I, Robot - You, Jane; Lie To Me; The Yoko Factor; The Zeppo; Who Are You?

10 - Welcome To The Hellmouth; Angel; Faith, Hope, And Trick; The Body

_Buffy_ The Vampire Slayer
15 - In Through The Out Door, The Song Remains The Same, Coda, Zoso, Led Zeppelin Boxed Set

10 - Catherine Moves On, Bill Moves On, Meet the Max Louis, Flowers For Matthew


19. Given the team he plays for, name the member of the NBA 2000-2001 All-Rookie Team.  Five each, and a bonus five for all five.

a. Orlando (he was the Rookie of the Year, and the only unanimous selection to the All-Rookie Team)

Mike _Miller_

b. New Jersey (a #1 pick in the draft)

Kenyon _Martin_

c. Toronto

Morris _Peterson_

20. Name the book on a 30-20-10 basis.

30: It won the 2001 Hugo Award for Best Novel.
20: It features a competition among Viktor Krum, Fleur Delacour and Cedric Diggory for first place in the Triwizard Tournament.
10: It's fourth in an extremely popular series about a boy wizard attending a magical boarding school.

_Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire_.

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