Moon township planning commission minutes february 28, 2012

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February 28, 2012

6:00 P.M.

Planning Commission: Other:

Scott Melton Marissa Gerkey – Planning Director

Nancy Mills Lynda Shandrick- Moon Township

Joseph D’Andrea Dan Kauffman-Township Engineer

Zelik Ratchkauskas

Shannon Debes

Mr. Melton called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M.

Roll Call:
Mr. Melton- present, Mr. Ratchkauskas -present, Ms. Mills-present, Mr. D’Andrea-present, Ms. Debes-present. Mr. Bross and Mr. Swen were not present.
Approval of the Minutes:
Mr. Melton called for a motion to approval the January 2011 minutes and asked for any corrections.
Ms. Debes had a change to page 3 in reference to Ms. Gerkey and Mr. D’Andrea wanted it noted he also was in favor of a map locating gas and oil sites (current and old sites).
Mr. Ratchkauskas called for a motion to approve the January 24, 2012 minutes with corrections stated above.
Seconded by Ms. Debes.
Motion passed.
Sketch Plans
The Goddard School-Airport Professional Office Center

Planning Commission Minutes Page 2 February 28, 2012

Mr. Schleicher is representing the applicant and stated the property is located at the Airport Professional Building off Beaver Grade Road and behind the Post Office on a one acre parcel. The zoning is residential behind the property and Airport Business Park is zoned BP. Day Care is a permitted use in the BP Zoning District.

The Planning Commission discussed the following; parking requirements, the building will be I story, buffer yards, vegetation and the lot will set 10 feet lower than surrounding properties, sidewalks handicap parking, and a fire hydrant, Also discussed, was that the right-of-way and it was recorded in 1982, and the detention pond is under review by engineers at this time.

Mr. D’Andrea has concerns with the sewer pipe line and the capacity of the pipe. Mr. D’Andrea wants the sewer line resolved before final approval.
Mr. Schleicher stated he is not aware of any sewer issues and will check with the Moon Township Municipal Authority.
Mr. D’Andrea also wants to see lots of plantings and please keep the mature trees.
Mr. Schleicher said the owners will employ certified teachers and the age of the children will range from 6 months to 5 years old and will meet all State requirements. The owner currently has a school in Cranberry Township.
Mr. Melton asked if buses were to be provided for students.
Mr. Schleicher said the school in Cranberry does not have buses. It is parent drop off and pick up only.
Mr. Melton said the turning radius for buses (if provided) does not look like it will accommodate the buses. You may want to check into the radius if it is a service you may provide for students.
Mr. Melton asked how many classrooms.
Mr. Schleicher stated 9 rooms.
Mr. D’Andrea has concerns with water running to the creek located behind the project.
Mr. Schleicher stated some water will be directed to underground facility and a retention area or something similar to Moon Township’s Rain Garden.
Mr. Melton said make sure there is accurate drainage for the fenced in play area so the grass is not marshy.
Planning Commission Minutes Page 3 February 28, 2012

Pittsburgh International Business Park
Barry Ford introduced himself and Continental Staff along with Randy Forister there to lend support of the project.

Mr. Ford said the project is located in the Cherrington Road Ext. Project and will replicate the Cranberry Business Park, it will be a one story building, every user will have their own entry for security and office set up. This project is being built without tenants but, we have every confidence this project will take off, our building is an upscale building. Our staff would like to invite the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission to visit the Cranberry Business Park site.

Mr. Ford said he has a concern with the limits on the BP zoning and flex space and how the ordinance defines the language. Our staff would like to work with your solicitor to correct flex space wordage and make mild adjustments to the ordinance. We are excited to build in Moon Township and feel Moon Township is a great fit for our project.
Mr. Melton has some concerns with flex space and the open architecture.
Mr. Ford stated our tenants are class A rent.
Mr. Melton said a concern he has is what happens in ten years when the tenant moves out and there isn’t a class A rent in the building and what will happen with the flex space.
Mr. Ford said we sell the whole package; parking, an office with your own entrance, the company’s name is on each door which eliminates signs so there will be one sign at the entrance only. Again, we would like to clarify language in the ordinance.
The Planning Commission thanked both presenters.
Applications Filed for Review
Dunkin Doughnuts-Conditional Use Application for Carnot Village Overlay District Sidewalk Deviation.

Matthew Boynton was present to answer any questions or concerns. Mr. Boynton said he had met with township staff, Dave Meinert and Mal Petroccia, to discuss sidewalks and tried to figure out a solution with the sidewalks. Mr. Boynton said Taco Bell had received a variance and we feel putting a sidewalk along Carnot Road is pointless, because it goes nowhere and Beaver Grade Road is a PennDot Road that will be refigured in the near future. A small trail was considered but, the space between the drive-thru and road is very limited. If we put in a sidewalk, PennDot may take it out since they are reconstructing the area. We feel we have no options with the limited space available is so tight and PennDot refiguring the road.

Planning Commission Minutes Page 4 February 28, 2012

Ms. Gerkey added that a conditional use seems the most likely of all options explored by both parties and a fee-in-lieu was discussed.

Mr. Ractkauskas said he feels the land is almost land locked and I am in favor of the conditional use and we have to consider this is not new construction the building is an existing site.
Mr. Ratchkauskas made a motion to recommend approval for Dunkin Doughnuts –Conditional Use Application for Carnot Village Overlay District Sidewalk Deviation to be clarified language from Township Solicitor for both Carnot and Beaver Grade Road.
Seconded by Ms. Mills
Roll Call Vote:
Ms. Mills-yes, Ms. Debes-yes, Mr. Rachtkauskas-yes, Mr. Melton-yes, and Mr. D’Andrea-no. Motion passed.
Old Business:
Foxwood Knolls PRD, Phase I, Revised Final Plan
Mr. Mihok was present and stated the request is for a 25 foot rear yard setback and not 50 foot.
The Planning Commission asked Mr. Mihok if the DiCicco’s had been contact in reference to the setback that abuts their property.
Mr. Mihok stated they had made several attempts to contact the DiCicco family without any success.
Mr. D’Andrea made a motion to recommend approval for the PRD Perimeter Building Line Waiver Request for the 25 foot setback on the lots.
Seconded by Mr. Ratchkauskas.
Roll Call Vote:
Ms. Mills-yes, Ms. Debes-yes, Mr. Rachtkauskas-yes, Mr. Melton-yes, and Mr. D’Andrea-yes. Motion passed.
Mr. D’Andrea made a motion to recommend approval for the Foxwood Knolls Revised Final Plan.
Seconded by Mr. Ratchkauskas.

Planning Commission Minutes Page 5 February 28, 2012

Roll Call Vote
Ms. Mills-yes, Ms. Debes-yes, Mr. Rachtkauskas-yes, Mr. Melton-yes, and Mr. D’Andrea-yes. Motion passed.
New Business
Marcellus Shale Ordinance
Mr. Robb presented a memo on Marcellus Shale Update for Act 13(see attached memo Exhibit A).
Mr. Robb said to revise your ordinance, he will need about 180 days. Mr. Robb stated, I am still reviewing the changes from Act 13, there is a lot of information to digest.
Mr. Forister wanted to add the Airport is pursuing their own contract and agreement with the drillers. The Airport will consider 3 drilling sites in Moon Township.
Ms. Debes asked if Moon Township would get an impact fee?
Mr. Robb stated he will need to research the impact fee.
Comprehensive Plan Update:
Ms. Gerkey said Olsen & Associates are ready to finalize the survey.
Mr. D’Andrea called for a motion to adjourn.
Seconded by Mr.Melton.
Roll Call Vote:
Mr. D’Andrea-yes, Mr. Ratchkaukas-yes, Mr. Melton-yes, Ms. Mills-yes, Ms. Debes-yes. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted by: Lynda Shandrick

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