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Hoe Kirpal Ta Prabhu Milae

Sheikh Farid
Hoe Kirpal ta prabhu milae
When He becomes Kirpal (merciful) then God unites us with Himself.
Tap tap lohe lohe hath maroro, hath maroro

Baval hoi so saho loro. Hoe…

Burning and burning, writhing in pain, I wring my hands.

I have gone insane, seeking my Husband Lord.
Tain sah man me kiya ros, kiya ros

Mujh avagun sah nahi dos. Hoe…

O my Husband Lord, You are angry with me in Your Mind.

The fault is with me, and not with my Husband Lord.
Tain Sahib ki mai sar na jani, sar na jani

Joban khoe pachche pachchatani. Hoe…

O my Lord and Master, I do not know Your glory.

Having wasted my youth, now I regret and repent.
Kali koel tu kit guna kali, kit guna kali

Apne Pritam ke ho bireh jali. Hoe…

O black bird, what qualities have made you black?

"I have been burnt by separation from my Beloved."
Pireh bihoon kateh sukh paae, kateh sukh paae

Jahan hoe Kirpal tan prabhu milae. Hoe…

Without her Husband Lord, how can the soul-bride ever find peace?

When He becomes Kirpal (merciful) then God unites us with Himself.
Vidhan khooee mundh akeli, mundh akeli

Na ko sathi na ko beli. Hoe…

The lonely soul-bride suffers in the pit of the world.

Neither She has any companion nor she has any friend.
Kar kirpa prabhu sadh sang melee, sadh sang melee

Ja phir dekha taan mera alloh belee. Hoe…

Showering His grace, God has united me with the company of the Masters.

And when I look again, then I find Lord as my Helper.
Baat hamari khari udini, khari udini

Khaneyon tikhee bahut pahini. Hoe…

The path upon which I must walk is very uphill and tough.

It is sharper than a two-edged sword, and very narrow.
Us upar hai marag mera, marag mera

Sheikh Fareedaa panth samar savera. Hoe...

That is where my path lies.

O Sheikh Farid, practice that path early on.

Hum Santan Ki Ren Pyare

Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj
Hum Santan ki ren pyare ham santan ki sarna ji
Dear ones, I am the dust of the Feet of the Saints, I am in Their refuge.
Sant hamari ot satani sant hamara gehna ji

The Saints are my support. The Saints are my ornaments.

Hum santan syon ban aaee purab likhya paaee

Purab likhya paaee eho man tera bhai

I get along with the Saints. I have realized my pre-ordained destiny.

I have realized my pre-ordained destiny, this mind is yours O brother.
Santan syon meri leva devi santan syon beohara

Santan syon hum laha khateya har bhagat bhare bhandara

My give and takes are with the Saints, and my business is with the Saints.

I have earned the profit with the Saints, and the treasure is filled with (the wealth of) devotion of the Lord.
Santan moko poonji saumpi ta utareya man ka dhoka

Dharam Rai ab kahaa karego jo phateyo sagalo lekha

The Saints entrusted to me the capital, and my mind's delusion was dispelled.

What can the Dharam Rai (Lord of Judgement) do now as all my accounts have been torn up.
Maha anand bhae sukh paya santan ke parsade

Kaho Nanak har syon man manya rang rate bismade

I have received the greatest bliss, and I am at peace, by the Grace of the Saints.

Nanak says, my mind is reconciled with the Lord; it is imbued with the wondrous Love of the Lord.

Je Sajana Tai Murshad Khush Karna

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji10
Je sajana tai murshad khush karna,

Te taraf banauni paindi e.

O dear one, if you want to please the Guru,

You have to create longing for Him in your within.
Gha khodana pave, jind dukhade sahe, kahi bauni pave, naam Guru da lave, (2x)

Sir tokari uthauni paindi e, je sajana tai ...

Hay has to be cut, you will have to endure the suffering,

Remembering the name of the Guru, you will have to carry the basket on your head.
Mastane vangu lit age, tu pyar cha priitam khinch age, (2x)

Mastane vangu sajana oe, jind ghate rulani paindi e, je sajana tai ...

If you prostrate yourself just like Mastana, then you will pull the Beloved to you through your love.

Like Mastana, O friend, you will have to spend your life trampled in the dirt.
Dar pritam de tu alakh jaga, ik din sajana tainu pau rah, (2x)

Kabir de vangu sajana oe, jind jibhi ch gadauni paindi e, je sajana tai ...

If you will have to beg at the door of the Beloved, He will show you the Path one day.

Just like Kabir, O dear one, the tongue has to be tied for life.
Tu Amar Guru vangu kar seva, is rukh nu lagada vekh meva, (2x)

Je sundi sir to gir jave, sir ute takauni paindi e, je sajana tai ...

If you do the seva like Guru Amar Das, then proceeding in that way you will see the reward.

If the sundi [a type of insect] falls from your head, you should lift it and place it back there.

Tu dekh lai sajana Laihane val, us rah te sajana tu vi chal, (2x)

Je hukam vi malik kar deve, dehi chikad navauni paindi e, je sajana tai ...

O friend, look at Lehna and walk on the path that He did.

If the Master orders, we must bathe our body in the mud.
Tu dekh lai Bibi Bhani val, jin pair de vich pavaya sal, (2x)

Bas pyar de ake vich sajana, dhar khun di chalauni paindi e, je sajana tai ...

Look at Bibi Bhani, who let her foot be pierced by a nail.

Coming under the control of love, dear one, you must let the streams of blood flow.

Lok laj devi tu chad sajana, tainu taru tera rab sajana (2x)

Ainu karade havale pritam de, pher usnu bachauni paindi e, je sajana tai ...
Give up public shame, dear one, then the Lord will take you across.

Entrust yourself to the Beloved, and then He will have to save you.
Mansur vargi teri akh hosi, tahi suli upar chad hosi, (2x)

Shams Tabrej de vangu vira oe, khalari luhauni paindi e, je sajana tai ...

If your eye is like that of Mansur, only then you can climb the gallows.

Like Shamaz Tabrez you should be prepared to be deskinned.
E manjil lagadi aukhi e, rab ashaka nu e sokhi e (2x)

Is manjil ute har vele, takalif uthauni paindi e, je sajana tai ...

It looks difficult to reach this destination, but for the lovers of God it is easy.

To reach our goal, we have to accept hardships all the time.

Aithe virla ashak chalada e, jehda mauto mul na talda e (2x)

Mere pritam pyare nu suli di, sul banauni paindi e, je sajana tai ...

Only that rare lover reaches the destination, who does not shrink from death.

My dear Beloved has to turn the gallows into a pin prick.
Malik da bhana man ke chal, tera pritam sajana tere val (2x)

Guru Arjan vangu sajana oe, sir ret pavauni paindi e, je sajana tai ...

Accept the will of the Lord, your Beloved is at your side.

O dear one, just like Guru Arjan, you will have to let hot sand be poured on your head.
Ajaib dekh najare nu, sadhu miliye pritam pyare nu (2x)

Pritam nu apane chele di, takadir banauni paindi e, je sajana tai ...

O Ajaib, look at the scene, the Sadhu has met His Beloved.

The Beloved has to make the destiny of the disciple.

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