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Electric Warrior (inc bonus tracks) (a46)


Billy Talent (1 c110)


Stop Making Sense (b80)


The Collection (9 c117)


A Nu Day (a29)


Global Underground (46g89)


Tangents (7c120)


Welcome (b87)


In my Life (a39)


200 KMH In The Wrong Lane (c4)


A Dream Come True (a32)


You’ve Got a Friend – The Best Of (1 c97)


Nitelife (a44)


4766 Seconds – A Shortcut to Teenage Fanclub (c4)

Howdy (a3)

Tenacious D (g82)


Bryn (2 c108)

We’ll Keep a Welcome (40g87)

Learning to Let Go (a22)


Good to Go (a19)

Take the Money & Run (double) (c111)

Whales & Dolphins – The Best Of (a50)


Careful What You Wish For (8 c106)

Greatest Hits (40g87) (d c95) (m c96)

The Hush (hpa)


Beyond These Things (1 c57)(1 c60)


High Anxiety (6 c58)


Landairsea (7c120)


Archives (a106)

Black Rose (a106)

China Town (a106)

Dedication (a106)

Fighting (a106)

Jail Break (a106)

Life (a106)

Live & Dangerous (a106)

Renegade (a106)

Thunder & Lightning (a106)

Whiskey in the Jar (a106)


The Old Kit Bag (c14)


The Best Of (6 c79)


So Much for The City (6 c79)


Ballads (1 c89)


Under Construction II (6 c113)


Justified (b71) (c100)


3D (b84)

Fanmail (g97)

Now and Forever – The Hits (2 c112)


Tom & Joyce (g85)


MUC (6 c110)


Music My Arse (a71)


Roadrunner Records (5 c108)


Lateralus (a30)


Magic Hotel (g85)

Onka’s Big Moka (b73) (b80) (j c95) (s c96) (g97)

Live in Amsterdam (1 c103)

Through The Looking Glass (c14)

System of a Down (a42)


The Best Of (c4)


Drops of Jupiter (a114)

My Private Nation (6 c85) (1 c93)

Transplants (8 c56)


Trapt (5c120)


12 Memories (3 c105)

The Invisible Band (a32)

The Man Who (b74) (n c95) (s c96)


Hits, Rarities and Remixes (7 c87)


Vulnerable (2 c57)


True Stepping (a14)


Truthfully Speaking (b81)


Come On Over (b74) (n c95) (s c96)

Shania Twain

The Woman In Me (May0)

Up (double) (b92)

Everybody Dance (b103)

Friends Forever (a12)

The Christmas Album (a71)


Upwards (0 c109)


Greatest Hits (2 c120)

Heart Strings (c40)


Live is Killing Me (double) (8 c66)


Achtung Baby (a101)

All That You Can’t Leave Behind (m c96)

Boy (a101)

October (a101)

Pop (a101)

Rattle and Hum (a101)

Rocks Hottest Ticket Volume 2 (a101)

The A Sides (a101)

The Best Of 1990-2000 & The B Sides (double) (b71)

The Joshua Tree (a101)

The Unforgettable Fire (a101)

Under a Blood Red Sky (a101)

War (a101)

Wide Awake in America (a101)

Zooropa* (a101)


The Very Best Of (40g87)

Best of 1980 – 2000 (double) (d c95)

Cover Up (a56)

Homegrown (5 c108)

Platinum Collection (3 CDs) (c59) (6 c62)


You Are Here (3g61)


Taste The Secret (6 c79)


The Best Of (double) (4 c75)


Double Wide (a49)


The Uncalculated Some (6 c85)


Get What You Need (3 c105)

Teenage Kicks – The Best Of (3 c97)


1999 – 2002 (double) (7 c108)


Never Never Land (8 c102)


The Very Best Of (a57)


8701 (a38)

Confessions G75\8


Footprints (b60)

State of Mind (9 c109)

Dance with My Father (c70) (8 c79)

Live Radio City Music Hall 2003 (4 c110)

The Best Of Love (double) (a1)

The Essential (double) (a85) (7 c92)

Your Secret Love (a1)


Ace (g97) (g81)


Out There & Back (b76)

Reflections (0 c107)

The Politics of Dancing (a77)


Odyssey – The Definitive Collection (0 c109)


Tell Me on a Sunday (c54\8)


The Essential (double) (temp)


Retrospective – The Best Of (double) (2 c80)


The Very Best Of (2 c57)


Between The Never and The Now (3 c55)


The Party Album (g97)

The Platinum Album (b76)


Big Beautiful Sky (1 c57)(1 c60)


Bitter Sweet Symphony (mp3_a)

Remixed 2 (5 c103)


Alice (38g87)

Bloody Money (38g87)

Breach (40g87)


Before and After (0 c102)


Global Underground (a4)


Heartbreaker The Very Best Of (g83)


Universal Hall (c61) (6 c62)


In The Flesh (a17)


Beyond Her Years (1 C114)


Encore (a58)

Reprise (b90)

The Voice (b77) (d c95)


Back Again (c50/8)


Gold (a73)


Made In England (5c120


The Green Album (temp)


Soul Journey (2 c62)


Days of Speed (a55)

Fly on the Wall – B Sides & Rarities (3 CDs) (4 c94)

Heliocentric (May0)

Under the Influence (5 c113)

Pure (6 c102)


Coast to Coast (d c95) (m c96) (g97)

Turnaround (2 c112)

Westlife (m c96)

World of Our Own (a64) + (hay) (g82)


Terrorist Threats (7c120)


Greatest Hits of Hip Hop 2003 (double) (7 c108)

UK Hip Hop Vol. 1 (c40)

Greatest Hits - End of Part 1 (c99)

High on the Happy Side (c99)

Holding Back the River (c99)

Picture Thie (c99)

Popped in Souled Out (c99)

Wet Wet Wet (c99)

Hand Over Your Loved Ones (9 c98)

Wheatus (a99)

Now & Then - Greatest Hits (0 c119)


Love Songs (c14)

The Collection (b76) (m c96)

Best Of (c49/5)

The Silver Anniversary Collection (double) (6 c58)

Elephant (c49/1)


Slim Whitman (b111)


Live at Leeds (double) (a51)

Live at The Royal Albert Hall (3 CDs) (6 c79)

The Ultimate Collection (3 CDs) (b69)

Who’s Next – Deluxe Edition (double) (c54\5)

The Very Best Of (a62)


Must be Destroyed (7 c94)


Christmas Album (a57) (b112)

The Essential (g81)


World Without Tears (c54\8)


Heart to Yours (g81)


Escapology (b92+)

Eternity – The Road to Mandalay (a80)

I’ve Been Expecting You (De9)

Live at Knebworth (5 c103)

Sing When You’re Winning (45g89) (b77) (d c95) (m c96)

Swing When You’re Winning (a68)

Frank (4 c106)


About Time (5 c79)


Lookin’ for a Love – The Best Of 1968-1976 (8 c92)


Someday at Christmas (b112)

The Definitive Collection (double) (b66)

The Definitive Collection – Special Edition (double) (9 c117)


No Holding Back (3 c75)


The Finest Arvest Of (b81)


Iron Flag (a78)

The W (a10) (d c95)

W11 Chronicles Chapter 2 (a92)


Presents His X-Factor Vol. 1 (2 c97)


Muzikizum (a117)


Restless (a99) (m c96)


Poodle Hat (2 c97)


Birdland (c51)


Fever to Tell (c54\9)


Inside Out (a32)


Friends & Relatives Vol. 2 (double) (b55)

Magnification (a46)

Tales from Topographic Oceans (double) (2 c97)

The Ultimate Yes – 35th Anniversary Collection (double) (2 c89)

Day I Forgot (0 c57) (1 c97)


No, After You Sir (6 c58)


And Crazy Horse – Greendale (1 c93)

Are You Passionate (a115)

Decade (double) (g83)

On the Beach (9 c87)

Silver & Gold (May0)


The Essential (c61) (4 c62)


Friday’s Child (3 c113)

From Now On (b60)


Simple Things (a28)


Past, Present and Future (1 c107)


Mary Star of The Sea (temp)


Mescalero (8 c102)

All 2 CD’s unless otherwise stated

021 Deep Dish – Global Underground (a109)

100 50’s Favourites (4 CDs) (c4)

100 Disco Classics (4 CD’s) (2 c120)

100 Shagadelic 60s Classics (4 CDs) (g83)

100% Nu Energy – Mixed by Kevin Energy (1 CD) (7 c66)

100% Party (1 CD) (a79)

100% Pure Old Skool Club Classics (3 CDs) (9 c107)

101 Dance Hits (4 CDs) (3 c115)

101 Love Songs (4 CDs) (3 c113)

18 Classic Driving Rock Anthems (1 CD) (7 c98)

2 Fast 2 Furious OST (1 CD) (1 c62)

2 Many DJs – As Heard on Radio Soulwax Pt 2 (1 CD) (c50/6)

2004 Grammy Nominees (1 Cd) (4c)

20 UK Number 1’s from the 60’s (1 CD) (3 c118)

20 UK Number 1’s from the 80’s (1 CD) (3 c118)

21st Century Breaks (3 CDs) (c49/0) (c50/7)

21st Century Disco – MOS (b105)

21st Century Disco (g81)

22ct Country Gold (1 CD) (c14)

24:7 Danny Howells – Global Underground (0 c93)

4 Scott (1 CD) (g85)

45 Classic Number 1’s (a66)

50 Greatest Floorfillas (1 c110)

50 Years of The Greatest Hit Singles (3 CDs)*U2 (b83)

50 Years of The Greatest Hit Singles – Platinum Edition (9 c112)

60 No 1’s of the Sixties 2 CD’s (a7) (a76)

60’s Soul Mix (9 c66)

70’s Groove (3 CDs) (8 c97)

70’s Mania – Very Best of the 70’s (a36)

70’s Soul Mix (4 c106)

80’s – Simply the Best (a65)

80’s Club Classics – Repress (c54) (1 c55)

80’s Mania – Very Best of the 80’s (a36)

95.8 Capital FM’s Party in the Park (a35)

!K7 – Be Independent (9 c93)

A Break from the Norm (a27)

Absolute Hits 2003 (3 c115)

A Bugged Out Mix – by Felix the Housecat (0 c101)

A Cellarful of Motown (b120)

A Christmas Gift For You – Phil Spector (1 CD) (a76) (b106)

Acoustic – Best Of (1 c116)

All Your Reggae Favourites (1 CD) (3 c115)

A Mighty Wind - The Album (1 CD)(9 c119)

A Perfect Love

A Perfect Love 3 (Ma0)

A Very Special Christmas 5 (1 CD) (a79)

A Woman’s Touch (b66)

A Woman’s World – 18 Contemporary Female Hits (1 CD) (2 c120)

Absolutely Almighty Vol. 1 (47g89)

Acid Jazz 1 (1 CD) (a111)

Acid Jazz 2 (1 CD) (a111)

Acoustic (a89)

Acoustic 2 (g82)

Acoustic 3 (c49/2)

Adam F Presents Drum & Bass Warfare (b65)

Addicted to Trance (g81)

After Hours 2 – More Northern Soul Masters (1 CD) (8 c97)

Aiya Napa – Fantasy Island (4 c108)

Aiya Napa Return to Fantasy Island (a20)

All Night Long – Classic 80’s Groove (1 c110)

All Time Classic Country Tearjerkers (3 CDs) (8 c109)

All Time Classic Rock ‘n’ Roll Tearjerkers (4 c58)

All Time Classic Soul Heartbreakers (9 c93)

All Time Greatest Love Songs (a10)

All Woman – The New Hits Collection – The Very Best Of (6 c104)

All Woman 2003 – The Very Best Of (c40)

Almost Famous – Soundtrack (b55)

Alternative 60s’s – From Woodstock to Vietnam (g82)

Alternative 80’s (a117)

Altogether Now – Children’s TV Themes (1 CD) (a67)

Always and Forever (c59) + (c61) (11 c62)

Always and Forever 2 (9 c107)

American Pie 2 – OST (1 CD) (g81)

American Pie 3 – The Wedding – OST (1 CD) (4 c91)

Analyze That OST (1 CD) (c4)

Andy C – Drum & Bass Arena (1 CD) (1 c110)

Angel Beach – The Second Wave (3 CDs) (3 c85)

Angel Beach (3 CDs) (b60)

Angelina Ballerina Presents Classic Ballet Favourites (1 CD) (9 c112)

Another Country (1 CD) (c50/7)

Another Late Night – Fila Brazila (a99)

Anthem – Classics from Clubland (5 c94)

Arabic Lounge (0 c101)

Armin Van Buuren 004 – Transparance (8 c60)

As If –Soundtrack (a26)

Asian Chillout (4 c58)

Asian Vibes (9 c57)

A Woman’s Heart (1 CD) (9 c112)

Ayia Napia the Album (Au0)

Back in The Day – Aiya Napa Essentials (g83)

Back to Love 2 (48g89)

Back to Love 3 (a58)

Back to Mine – Audio Bullys (1 CD) (1 c110)

Back to Mine - New Order (b63)

Back to Mine - The Orb (1 CD) (c4)

Back to Mine – Tricky (1 CD) (1 c116)

Back to The Old Skool 2 – MOS (b97)

Back to The Old Skool – Club Classics – MOS (c54\3)

Back to The Old Skool – Ibiza Anthems – MOS (7 c79)

Bad Boys II – OST (1 CD) (4 c85)

Bad Girls (b60)

Bangin’ – The Ultimate Hard House Album (6 CDs) (b118)

Bargrooves – Al Fresco (9 c93)

Base Ibiza 2003 – Hed Kandi (6 c92)

Bass Breaks & Beats 2003 (b116)

Bass Records Vol. 15 (1 CD) (6 c102)

Bass Records Vol. 16 (4 c103)

Battle of the DJs – Match 1 – Slipmatt vs Vibes (7 c98)

Bedrock – John Creamer & Stephanie K (b85)

Beginners Guide to Bollywood (3 CDs) (9 c80)

Best Album in the World Ever (3 CDs) (a6)

Best Christmas Album in the World Ever (41g87) (a78)

Best Classical Album Ever (3 CDs) (No9)

Best Comedy CD in the World Ever (3CDs) (a15)

Best of British – 50 Golden Years of Popular Music ((g82)

Best of British (g81)

Best of Buddha (b85)

Best Party in Town Ever – Various (a9)

Best Pepsi Chart Albums Ever (No9)

Best Summer Holiday 2001 Ever (a36)

Big Brother 2003 (7 c87)

Big Hits 99 (No9)

Big Room Tunes (7 c79)

Big Saturday Night Out (3 c115)

Big Tunes (g81)

Bitter Sweet Love Songs (7 c98)

Blackball OST (1 CD) (7 c98)

Black Beats – Break Beats (1 CD) (4 c115)

Blaxploitation – Soundtrack to the Black Superheroes (a36)

Bleachin (50g89)

Blue Crush OST (1 CD) (c54\5)

Blue Moon – 26 Doo Wop Classics (1 CD) (b81)

Blue Sax (1 CD)

Blues and Soul Masters (38g87)

Bob & Rose – TV Soundtrack (c49/4)

Body Talk – On My Mind (9 c66) (7 c79)

Bombay Lounge (5 c106)

Bombay Mix (8 c97)

Bonkers – The Rezurrection (3CDs) (g83)

Bonkers 9 – Hardcore Mutation (3 CDs) (b72)

Bonkers 11 – Forevolution (3 CDs) (8 c114)

Bonkers 10 (3 CDs) (6 c56)

Boogie Nights (5 c94)

Boom Selection (g85)

Boom Selection Vol. 2 (b91)

Bootleg Battles Vol. 1 (1 CD) (c50/0)

Breakbeat Kaos (9 c93)

Breakbeat Old Skool Sessions (1 CD) (c24)

Breakdown The Very Best Euphoric House (c24)

Breakdown The Very Best Euphoric Old Skool (b64)

Breakdown The Very Best of Euphoric Dance (1 c75)

Break Sessions (4 c56)

Bridgit Jones’s Diary (a25)

Bridgit Jones’s Diary 2 (a72)

Brit Awards 2002 (a88)

Broken Hearted – Love Songs of 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s (3 CDs) (c10)

Brother Bear OST (1 CD) (8 c112)

Brown Sugar OST (1 CD) (c81)

Bruce Almighty – OST (1 CD) (7 c87)

Buddha Bar – By Claude Challe (8 c97)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Music from the TV Series (1 CD) (9 c107)

Burt Bacharach - The Rare Bacharach 1956-1978 (7 c87)

Café Del Mar vol.10 (1 CD) (0 c93)

Café Del Mar – The Best Of (3 c101)

Capitol Gold – British Legends (c54\4)

Capitol Gold – Eighties Legends (b99)

Capitol Gold – Las Vegas Legends (6 c104)

Capitol Gold – Legends (a60)

Capitol Gold – Love Legends (4 c108)

Capital Gold – Motown Classics (2 c110)

Capitol Gold – Reggae Classics (6 c92)

Capitol Gold – Rock Legends ((g82)

Capital Gold – Rock n Roll Legends (2 c110)

Capital Gold – Seventies Legends (3 c113)

Capitol Gold – Sixties Legends (b71)

Capitol Gold – Soul Legends (c40)

CBeebies The Official Album (b91)

Celebration Party (a13)

Channel 2 – A Compilation of Output Recordings (1 CD) (c54\8)

Charlie’s Angels OST (1CD) (j c95) (g97)

Charlie’s Angels – Full Throttle OST (1 CD) (7 c79)

Chart Rivals (b105)

Chicago OST (1 CD) (b118) (c14)

Chick Flicks – The Sequel (c24)

Childhood Days (1 CD) (8 c114)

Chill Brazil (g83)

Chill Brazil 2 (7 c92)

Chilled Classics – The Very Best Of (4 c58)

Chilled Ibiza 2 (a25)

Chilled Ibiza 3 (c78)

Chiller Cabinet (9 c105)

Chillout (3 CDs) (a19)

Choose 80s Dance (b66)

Christmas on Death Row (1CD) (a79)

Christmas Party Album (1 CD) (41g87)

Cigarettes and Alcohol – Vol. 2 (a46)

Cigarettes and Alcohol (Au0)

Classic Ads (g85)

Classic Axe (b60)

Classic Chillout Album 2 (a73)

Classic Chillout The Best Of (b100)

Classic Emotions (3 CD’s) (9 c119)

Classic Flicks (3 CDs) (3 c85)

Classic FM – Christmas Carols (a72)

Classic FM – Hall of Fame (3 CDs) (b61)

Classic FM – Hall of Fame Gold (3 CDs) (c54\4)

Classic FM – Relax More (3 CDs) (a3)

Classic FM – Time to Relax (3 CDs) (g81)

Classic Hits 3 (4 c56)

Classic Ibiza (3 c101)

Classic Tracks VH1 (b103)

Classical Chillout (a47)

Classical Chillout – The Very Best Of (c54\6)

Classical Chillout Gold (4 CDs) (b82)

Classical Gold (3 CDs) (c53) (0 c55)

Classical Heartbreakers (6 c56)

Classical Legends (b110)

Classical Legends – Mozart – The Definitive Collection (3 CDs) (7 c60)

Classical Love Album (3 CDs) (c9)

Classical Summer Moods (3 CDs) (9 c97)

Classic Goa Trance 2003 Book 1 (19 c66)

Classics 2002 (a68)

Classics 2003 (b98)

Close To You (a48)

Closer to Heaven The Musical – Pet Shop Boys (1 CD) (c49/4)

Club 2K Vol. 2 (50g89)

Club Anthems 2002 (a84)

Club Hits 2002 (a89)

Club Hits 2003 (c4)

Club Island Summer 2003 (3 CDs) (9 c97)

Club Mix 2002 (a83)

Club Mix 2003 (c14)

Club Mix Ibiza (a41)

Club Mix Ibiza 2000 (Au0)

Club Tropicana (g82)

Clubbed 2002 (a82)

Clubbed Vol. 1 (Judge Jules) (a20)

Clubbers Bible – Winter 2002 (a72)

Clubbers Bible – Winter 2003 (b92)

Clubbers Guide to Ibiza 2002 (g97) (g82)

Clubbers Guide 2003 – MOS (b116)

Clubbers Guide 2004 – MOS (7 c117)

Clubbers Guide Summer 2003 – MOS (19 c66)

Clubland – The Ride of Your Life (g82)

Clubland 2 – The Ride of Your Life (3 CDs) (b83)

Clubland 3 – The Sound of Summer (1 c75)

Clubland 4 – The Night of Your Life (3 CDs) (8 c109)

Clubland X-Treme (c54\3)

Clubmix Summer 2003 (3 c101)

Coca Cola Hits 2003 (1 CD) (4 c115)

Cold Feet (a73)

Cold Feet Soundtrack (a11)

Cold Feet The Very Best Of (c24)

Cold Mountain OST (3c120)

Compost One Hundred (2 c75)

Conception – An Interpretation of Stevie Wonder’s Songs (1 CD) (3 c58)

Concert for George (4 c113)

Contra Music presents – Promatic (b62)

Cool Jazz – The Essential Album (c14)

Cool Summer Jazz (11 c62)

Coronation St. 40th Anniversary (a15)

Cosmic Gate – In The Mix – Back2Back (7 c60)

Country Ballads (2 c110)

Country Gold – The Very Best Of (3 CDs) (9 c105)

Country Legends (b65)

Country Love (1 c89)

Coyote Ugly More Music From (1 CD) (c4)

Cradle 2 The Grave OST (1 CD) (c24)

Cream Anthems 2001 (a6)

Cream Anthems 2002 (a66)

Cream BBC Sessions (1 CD) (c54\5)

Cream Beach 2002 ((g82)

Cream Collect Balearic (3 CDs) (g81)

Cream Collect Techno (3 CDs) (g82)

Cream en el Mar – Punta del Este (a95)

Cream Future Chill (g85)

Cream Future Trace 2003 (c24)

Cream Live (Ma0)

Cream Trance Anthems 2003 (b91)

Creamfields (a48)

Cream Of The Clubs 2004 (4c120)

Credence Club Hits Vol. 1 (1 CD) (1 c75)

Crème de la Crème – Philly Soul Classics and Rarities (1 CD) (7 c117)

Crews Control – MCs Inside the Ride (g82)

D J H H – Hardy Heller Mix in Motion (a14)

Dale’s Disco Divas (a15)

Dance Hall 69 – 40 Skinhead Reggae Rarities (c14)

Dance Masters – Various (a23)

Dance Nation Anthems (b89)

Dance Star 2002 (g83)

Dancing on Sunshine – 22 Classic Reggae Hits (1 CD) (0 c97)

Danny Tenaglia Collection of Classics (c53\2)

Daredevil OST (1 CD) (c50/9)

Dark Side of the 80’s (7 c60)

Dave Pearce Dance Anthems 2003 (7 c87)

Dave Pearce Dance Anthems – Very Best Of (c4)

Dave Pearce Dance Anthems – Spring 2004 (1g61)

DC10 Ibiza – The Album Part 2 (0 c101)

Dead Ringers – The TV Series (3 c118)

Death Row – Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (9 c80)

Dedicated Followers of Passion (g97)

Deeper Shades of Euphoria (b120)

Defcom 2 – Smokin Joe & Seamus Haji (a23)

Defected – In The House (3 CDs) (2 c103)

Defected Sessions – MOS (a90)

Die Another Day OST (1 CD) (b99)

Disco Fever (a26)

Disco Freakout – Various (a9)

Disco Heaven 02.02 Hed Kandi (a119)

Disco Jazz Vol. 1 (2 c108)

Disco Kandi (a74)

Disco Kandi 05.02 (b88)

Discovered Vol 1 (Disco Megamix)

Disney’s 20 Superstar Hits (a94)

Disney’s Greatest Hits (a10)

Disney’s Lilo & Stitch OST (1 CD) (b110)

Divas of Jazz (c54\8)

DJ Andy Smith – The Document II (1 CD) (2 c108)

DJ Yoda – How to Cut and Paste 80’s Edition (1 CD) (8 c114)

Doctor Who – Devils’ Planet OST (1 CD) (0 c105)

Donnie Darko OST (1CD( (9 c119)

Dreem Teem – In Session (a23)

Dr Dre & Friends (1 CD) (8 c114)

Drive Time – The Very Best Of (c90) (12 c62)

Drivin With Johnnie Walker (g82)

DTPM Deep & Funky Sounds of Sundays (a27)

E-Z Rollers – Titles of The Unexpected (c49/0)

Electric (a96)

Electric Dreams (a117)

Electric Level 2 (c52) (0 c55)

Electric Moods – An Odyssey for the Soul (1g61)

Electric Soul (1 CD) (9 c102)

Electro Breakdance – The Real Old School House (a86)

Electro Breakdance 2 (a119)

Electrotech – MOS (7 c87)

Elf OST (1 CD) (3 c118)

Elvis Has Left The Building – A Tribute To The King (1 CD) (b94)

Empire Presents Soundtracks (1 CD) (c54\8)

End Recordings 1995-2002 (0 c55)

Erick Morrillo – Subliminal Winter Sessions (3 c110)

Essenchill (1 CD) (a87)

Essential Asian Flavas (1 CD) (b116)

Essential Latin Flavas (1 CD) (5 c94)

Essential Mix – Pete Tong (43g87)

Essential Selection Spring 2000 (Ma0)

Essential UK Garage (a110)

Es Vive Ibiza 2003 (4 c85)

Eternal Voices (9 c109)

Euphoria – Limited Edition (3 CDs) (3 c110)

Euphoria ‘Transcendental’ – Dave Pearce (a8)

Euphoria The Best Of (b93)

Euphoria White Label – Level 2 (c50/0)

Euphoric Chillout Mixes Breakdown (a73)

Eurovision Song Contest – Riga 2003 (1 CD) (4 c58)

Ever (3 CDs) (a12)

Extreme Euphoria – Lisa Lashes (g81) (b107)

Extreme Euphoria mixed by Lisa Lashes (9 c80)

Extreme Euphoria XXX – Mixed by Lisa Lashes and the Tidy Boys (3 CDs) (9 c114)

Fabriclive 06 – Grooverider (1 CD) (b86)

Fabriclive 11 – Bent (1 CD) (0 c93)

Fame Academy (b106)

Fame Academy – Bee Gees Special (1 CD) (0 c97)

Fame Academy – The Finalists (1 CD) (8 c104)

Fantasia (a4)

Fantastic 80’s – The Very Best Of (4 c85)

Fantazia Club Classics Vol. 2 (3 CDs) (c50\1)

Fantasia Club Classics Vol. 3 (3 CDs) (c54\8)

Farley (a14)

Favourite Wedding Classics – Classic FM (1 CD) (c14)

FC Kahuna – Another Fine Mess (1 CD) (9 c80)

Feelin Good (3 c91)

Female (a67)

FIFA 2002 World Cup Album (g81)

Film 2000 - Jonathan Ross (51g89)

Flares – Feel Good Funk ‘n’ Disco (4 c101)

Forever Love (3 CD’s) (9 c119)

Frantic Residents Vol. 2 – Andy Farley (1 CD) (c53) (1 c55)

Frantic Residents Vol. 3 – Steve Hill (1 CD) (0 c97)

Freaky Friday OST (0 c119)

Freddy vs Jason OST (1 CD) (7 c92)

Fresh Hits Vol 1 (Au0)

Friends Reunited (c4)

Friends Reunited – 70’s Xmas Party (4 c113)

Friends Reunited – The 90s (3 c91)

Funkology – One Nation Under a Groove (a27)

Funk Soul Sisters (1 CD) (8 c92)

Funky Divas (a68)

Funky Divas – The Very Best Of (4 c113)

Funky Munky (1CD) (c42)

Further Beyond Nashville (c14)

Future Chill (0 c97)

Future Sound of Ibiza (g83)

Galaxy Mix (No9)

Ganga of New York OST (1 CD) (b116)

Garage Anthems - Summer 2K (46g89)

Garage Nation – Summer 2001 (a45)

Garage Nation 2 (a119)

Garage Sessions – Shake it up (3 CDs) (a56)

Gatecrasher – Discotech Generation (a22)

Gatecrasher – Resident Transmission (3 CDs) (b68)

Gatecrasher – Resident Transmission 2 (3 CDs) (c54) (1 c55)

Gatecrasher Experience (3 CDs) (a82)

Gatecrasher-Global Sound System (52g89) (50g89)

Gershwin – The Very Best Of (3 c91)

Get UR Freak On (g85)

Ginger Snaps – Original Soundtrack (a36)

Girls 2K (Ma0)

Girls Say (a116)

Gladiator Soundtrack (b75)

Glamour (2 c75)

Glastonbury 2003 (2 c75)

Global Underground – 24-7 – Lee Burridge (5 c106)

Glorious – 36 Modern Anthems (a28)

Goa Vol. 3 (8 c60)

Goa Vol. 4 (1 c116)

Gods and Generals – OST (1 CD) (4 c85)

Gods Kitchen – Direct from The Floor to the Store (3 CDs) (b119)

Gods Kitchen – Journeys (3 CDs) (a81)

Gods Kitchen - Summer Trance (3 CDs) (g85)

Gods Kitchen – Worldwide (3 CDs) (0 c89)

Good Morning Vietnam (4c120)

Goodtimes 2 (a42)

Goodtimes 3 (1 c101)

Goodvibes (0 c89)

Gospels & Spirituals (0 c57)

Gotta Love the Holidays (1 CD) (3 c118)

Grandmaster Garage (1 CD) (g81)

Grandmaster Garage – Music Factory Mastermix (1 CD) (c50/6)

Grandmaster Party (1 CD) (4 c85)

Grand Theft Auto – Vice City OST (7 CDs) (b115)

Greasemania (1 CD) (6 c106)

Great Classical Masterworks (c50/7)

Greatest Rock (3 Cd’s) (5c120)

Groovy Baby (1 CD) (g83)

Guitar Moods (3 CDs) (0 c105)

Hacienda Viva, 15 Fabulous Years (3 CDs) (a16)

Hairbrush Divas (6 c106)

Halloween Hit Show 2003 (4 c110)

Hard Dance Anthems – Mixed by Nukleuz DJs (b102)

Hard Dance Anthems (a78)

Hard House Anthems 4 (0 c57)

Hard House Euphoria – Lisa Lashes (a14)

Hard House Nation 2 – Lisa Pinup & Andy

Hardcore – Til I Die (6 c106)

Hardcore – You Know The Score (a60)

Hardcore 2 (3 CDs) (c10)

Hardcore Heaven – Live at the Sanctuary (c54\6)

Hardplace (1 CD) (a116)

Harmless Presents – Lifestyles (0 c97)

Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets OST (1 CD) (b84)

Harry Potter Soundtrack (a109)

Heart & Soul (3 CDs) (b114)

Heart and Soul (1 CD) (2 c93)

Heartbeat 10th Anniversary (a11)

Heartbeat Love Songs (c50/8)

Heartbeat Moments (a74)

Heartless Crew – Presents Crisp (38g87)

Heat Party Album (b106)

Hedonism – Mixed by Ellis Dee (1 CD) (3 c58)

Hed Kandi – Back To Love 3 (a58)

Hed Kandi – Back To Love 03.03 (5 c58)

Hed Kandi – Beach House 04.03 (0 c89)

Hed Kandi – Disco Heaven 02.03 (c54\4)

Hed Kandi – Disco Kandi (6 c102)

Hed Kandi – The World Series UK Mix 1 (1 CDs) (4 c118)

Hed Kandi – Twisted Disco 01.03 (c16)

Hed Kandi – Winter Chill (b108)

Hed Kandi – Winter Chill 06.03 (9 c119)

Hip Hop Don’t Stop – The Ultimate Selection (3 CDs) (2 c93)

Hitlist 2001 (a78)

Hits 2001 (a13)

Hits 50 (a49)

Hits 51 (a75)

Hits 52 (a94)

Hits 53 (g83)

Hits 54 (b68)

Hits 55 (c49/2)

Hits 56 (5 c85)

Hits 57 (4 c113)

Hits Zone 2000 (a7)

Holiday Hits (g85)

Honey – OST (1 CD) (4 c115)

Hope (1 CD) (c47)

Hot City Nights (4 c101)

House Anthems (7 c98)

House Classics – MOS (1 c105)

House of 1000 Corpses OST (1 CD) (c54)

Huge Hits 2000 (42g87)

Huge Hits 2003 (b90)

Huge Hits 2004 (6 c106)

Huge Hits 99 (No9)

Hulk – OST (1 CD) (8 c87)

Hybrid (1 CD) (b55)

Hypnotic v Trance Vol 3 (1 CD) (b85)

Hypnotic v Zone Vols 1,2,3,5,6,7,8 & 9 (g87)

Hypnotic v Zone Vol.5 (b60)

Hypnotic v Zone Vol.8 (b114)

Hypnotic v Zone Vol.9 (1 CD) (b117)

I Love 80’s (a19)

I Love Christmas (5 c113)

I Love Disco (a63)

I Love Smash Hits (c9)

I Love To Party 2003 (b105)

I Love to Party 2004 (5 c113)

I Love U (c4)

Ibiza Chillout Session (MOS) (a25)

Ibiza Del Mar (c4)

Ibiza Euphoria (a45)

Ibiza Euphoria 2002 (g85)

Ibiza – The History of Chillout (3 CDs) (5 c85)

Ibiza – The History of Hard Dance (3 CDs) (0 c89)

Ibiza – The History of House (3 CDs) (6 c56)

Ibiza Uncovered - The Return (No9)

Ice T Presents Westside (b87)

Independent Woman (a35)

Indestructible Asian Beats (1 CD) (5 c85)

Indian Summer (1 CD) (g83)

Insomnia 4 (8 c60)

Instant Karma (a115)

International Big Room Tunes - Nukleuz (a25)

International Hard House-Ed Real & B.K. (a16)

Irv Gotti Presents The Remixes (1 CD) (b82) (c100)

Isle of MTV (g83)

It’s A Girls Thing (a51)

It’s the Sensational 70’s (3 CDs) (c24)

Jackass The Movie OST (1 CD) (c24)

Jazzanova – Remixed (3 c58)

Jazz Café (4 c91)

Jazz FM – Inspired (a38)

Jazz FM – The Album (5 c113)

Jazz FM – Venice Beach (1 c116)

Jerry Springer – The Opera (2 c116)

Jive Bunny & The Megamixers Ultimate Christmas Party (4 c113)

Joe Boy – The Northern Soul Years (1 CD) (a40)

Johnny English OST (1 CD) (c54\5)

Journeys by DJ Norman Jay (1 CD) (2 c55)

Judgement Sundays – Ibiza 2003 – Mixed by Judge Jules (1 CD) (4 c101)

Jumpers 4 Goalposts 2002 (1 CD) (g97) (g82)

Jungle Massive – 21st Century Breakbeat (a92)

Junkie XL – Radio JXL (12 c62)

Junior Jack & Kid Crème – In The House (9 c102)

Just Great Songs G80\9

Karma Lounge 2 – The Global Listening Experience (g83)

Keep it Tidy 3 2000-2002 (3 CDs) (c50/6)

Kerrang 2 – The Album (a67)

Kerrang – High Voltage (3 c75)

Kerrang Recharged (1 CD) (b107)

Kevin And Perry Go Large (Ma0)

Kick’n Harder – On The Floor (4 c98)

Kill Bill – Vol. 1 OST (1 CD) (8 c104)

Kiss Best of Smooth Grooves (1 CD) (b100)

Kiss Clublife Summer 2000 (Au0)

Kiss Hitlist Summer 2002 (g85)

Kiss Hitlist Summer 2003 (8 c79)

Kiss Hitlist 2003 (b111)

Kiss House Nation

Kiss House Nation 2000 (Ma0)

Kiss House Nation 2001 (a4)

Kiss Presents – DJ Luck & MC Neat (42g87)

Kiss Presents – Hip Hop Classics (7 c56)

Kiss Presents – Hot Joints (5 c113)

Kiss Presents R & B Collaborations (2 c93)

Kiss Smooth Grooves 2002 (a88)

Kiss Smooth Grooves Summer 2001 (a40)

Kiss Smooth R & B (0 c119)

Kiss Symphony Alive IV (8 c87)

Kiss XXX Hip Hop (4 c94)

Kisstory Dance Classics (c78)

Kisstory Urban Classics (1 c97)

Kitsch Lounge Riot (3 CDs) (c50/0)

Krishna Beats (a38)

Lady Sings The Blues (b61)

Lady Sings The Blues –Night & Day (b62)

Land Of My Fathers (No9)

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (1CD) (b55)

Late Night Chill (9 c60)

Late Night Lounge – The Ultimate Album (6 CDs) (0 c80)

Late Night Love (c4)

Late Night Sessions MOS (c49/5)

Late Night Sessions – Autumn Collection MOS (6 c106)

Latin – The Essential Album (a33)

Latin Fever (Au0)

Latin Jazz – The Very Best Of (3 CDs) (1 c80)

Lazy Dog – Volume 2 (a92)

Legally Blonde 2 – OST (1 CD) (4 c91)

Legends (3 Cd’s) (6c120)

Legends – Capital Gold (a32)

Let’s Groove (c54\3)

Let’s Groove….Again (8 c98)

Lifestyles – Compiled by 4 Hero (5 c108)

Live Forever – The Best of Britpop (c24)

Lo Fidelity Allstars – Abstract Funk Theory (1 CD) (c14)

Louder than The Crowd Vol. 1 (9 c102)

Lounging (b89)

Love – A Collection of Everlasting Love Songs


love Actually OST (1 CD) (1 c114)

Love Album (1 CD) (c24)

Love – Eternal Love Songs (c14)

Love and The Saxaphone (1CD)

Love Groove Dance Party (Danny Rampling) (a33)

Love so Strong (a84)

Love Songs (a70)

Love Songs Vol. 2 (1 CD) (c40)

Love Unlimited (a19)

Lucien Foort – Slice! CD01 (1 CD) (3 c58)

Lyricist Lounge 2 (1 CD) (a14)

Magic Summer Feeling (18 c66)

Magnum Opus (a114)

Manchester Weekend 3 (b88)

Manchester’s Weekend – Key 103 (a56)

Mark Lamarr Presents – Duke Reid The Trojan (1 CD) (13 c62)

Marshall Jefferson – Move your Body (5 c118)

Mastermix 210 (2g61)

Maxime’s Zone – Vol 3 Part 1 (1 CD) (b88)

MC Bar Funkin (7 c106)

MC Disco House (9 c117)

MC Mastercuts - Bar Social 3 (5 c58)

MC Mastercuts – Summerhouse (2 c97)

Mercury Music Prize 2003 (1 CD) (2 c97)

Memories Are Made Of This (g83)

Me, Myself & Irene (46g89)

Miami 2003 (c47)

Mike Bassett OST (1 CD) (c49/4)

Millennium Gold (a68)

Ministry of Sound – Chillout Session (a23)

Ministry of Sound – Chillout Session 2 (a33)

Ministry of Sound – Smooth Presents Street Beats (0 c101)

Ministry of Sound – The Annual 2002 (a59)

Ministry of Sound – The Annual 2003 (3 CDs) (b70)

Ministry of Sound – The Annual 2004 (5 c108)

Ministry of Sound – The Annual 3 (c90)

Ministry of Sound – The Annual Spring 2002 (a95)

Ministry of Sound – The Annual Spring 2003 (c49/1)

Ministry of Sound – The Chillout Annual 2002 (a63)

Ministry Presents New Brit House (Brandon Block (a18)

Ministry of Sound – Back to the Old Skool 2 (a69)

Mobo – The Album 2001 (a51)

Mobo 2002 – Twice as Nice – The Very Best of Urban (b60)

Mobo Presents Urban Beats 2003 (7 c102)

Monroes 17th August 2002 – DJ Pete Daley (1 CD) (7 c56)

More Dynamite Reggae Classics (3 CDs) (c84)

More – Save the Last Dance (1 CD) (a37)

More Fast and Furious (1 CD) (a88)

More Music To Watch Girls By (44g87)

Motown Mania (j c95) (g97)

Moulin Rouge - Collectors Edition (a91)

Movingshadow D2.1 (a84)

Mr Nice (b110)

MTV 2 – Head Bangers Ball ( 7 c106)

MTV Unplugged 2 – The Very Best Of (1 CD) (c24)

Music Factory Mastermix 208 (2 c114)

Music for a Harder Generation Vol. 2 (1 c97)

Music for all Persuasions (a20)

Music Of The Millennium (a9)

Music the Definitive Hits Collection Vol. 1 (a21)

Music the Hits Collection Vol. 2 (a34)

Music to Watch Girls By Vol.3 (a11) (j c95) (g97)

Music to Watch Movies By (a34)

Musical Wonderland (a57)

Natural Accoustic (1 CD) (2 c105)

New Pepsi Chart Album (a99)

New Woman 2003 (c49/5)

New Woman – Autumn Collection (b63)

New Woman Love Songs (a67)

New Woman Summer 2000 (49g89)

New Woman – The New Collection 2003 (1 c93)

New Jack Swing (a96)

Nice Up The Dance (1 CD) (7 c56)

Nicky Blackmarket presents – Rollin’ the Basement Sessions (1 CD) (1 c112)

NME Presents One Love (1 CD) (b60)

Northern Soul – Have a Good Time Vol. 1 (1 CD) (4 c98)

Not Another Teen Movie Soundtrack (b61)

Now 30

Now 47 (a9)

Now 45 (Ma0)

Now 46 (Au0)

Now 49 (a41)

Now 50 (a69) (b97)

Now 51 (a94) (g82)

Now 52 (g83)

Now 53 (b90)

Now 54 (c54\3)

Now 55 (8 c87)

Now 56 (5 c110)

Now Dance 2000 (No9)

Now Dance 2001 (42g87)

Now Dance 2002 (a56)

Now Dance 2003 (b60)

Now Dance 2003 Part 2 (c49/1)

Now Dance 2004 (0 c107)

Now Decades – The Deluxe Edition (3 CDs) (3 c103)

Now that’s What I call Christmas – The Signature Collection (2 c114)

Now The Christmas Album (41g87) (a78)

Nukleuz DJs – DJ Nation – Bootleg Edition (1 CD) (c10)

Nu Jazz Cool – Blue Beats and Chilled Jazz Grooves (9 c60)

Nu-Soul – The Very Best Of (c50) (c84)

Ocean’s Eleven OST (1 CD) (a88)

Off The Wall – 10 Years of Wall of Sound (7 c102)

Old Skool – Euphoria (a64)

Old Skool – Hip Hop (a116)

Old Skool – Reggae (g83)

One Step Beyond (1 c89)

Only Fools & Horses – The Album (b99)

On The Beach – MOS (4 c91)

One Love – A Tribute to Bob Marley (4 c115)

Original Gangsters – Let’s Go To Work (a29)

Original Hardcore (b62)

Original Hardcore – The Nu Breed (3 CD’s) (0 c119)

Original Hardcore 2 – The Battle (c16)

O Sister Where Art Thou (5 c118)

Out Patients Three (1 CD) (1 c97)

Ozzfest Live 2002 (1 CD) (b60)

Pagoda 4 – Another MC Wizard Classic (1 CD) (c4)

Panjabi Hit Squad – Desi Beats (5 c115)

Party Animal (3 CDs) (b107)

Party at the Palace (1 CD) (g81)

Party in the Park 2002 (g82)

Peace Not War (c4)

Pearl Harbour – Original Soundtrack (1 CD) (a31)

Pepsi Chart 2002 – New (a87)

Pepsi Chart 2002 (a53)

Pepsi Chart 2003 (b67)

Perfect Classical Masterpieces – Antonio Vivaldi (1 CD) (1 c80)

Perfect Classical Masterpieces – Bernstein Gershwin (1 CD) (1 c80)

Perfecto Breaks – Rennie Pilgrem (1 CD) (c51) (c84)

Perfecto – Collection (3 CDs) (c50/6)

Perfecto – Greatest Hits (c54\9)

Perfecto Presents Seb Fontaine (18 c66)

Perfecto Presents Ultra Music Festival 01 (1 CD) (2 c101)

Perfecto – Sampler (1 CD) (0 c57)

Permission to Rock (6 c113)

Pete Heller – Dirty Grooves (1 CD) (17 c66)

Pez Tellet’s Big Saturday Night Out (5 c110)

Piano Moods (3 CDs) (0 c57) (c60)

Pieces of April – OST (1 CD) (5 c115)

Pin Ups – The Original Pop Idols (2 c112)

Pirates of the Caribbean OST (1 CD) (1 c93)

Platinum Breakz 3 (1 CD) (a35)

Platinum Christmas (1 CD) (41g87)

Platinum Soul Legends 1960-1975 (3 CDs) (b84)

Platipus – Beginners Guide (a80)

Pleasure House Vol. 3 – Joey Negro (1 c80)

Pop Idol – The Idols – The Xmas Factor (1 CD) (2 c114)

Pop Party – Hits for Kids (6 c108)

Poppers (1 CD) (41g87)

Poptastic 80’s (1 CD) (7 c104)

Positiva – A Decade of Dance (8 c56)

Power Ballads (9 c60)

Pro Disc 39 – September 2003 (1 CD) (1 c114)

Pub Piano Sing-a-Long (4c120)

Pump up The Volume (a62)

Punk – The Jubilee (g97)

Punk and New Wave 1976-1979 (5 CDs) (b95)

Punk-O-Rama 8 (3 c75)

Punk The Worst Of Total Anarchy (3 Cd’s) (6c120)

Punta Del Este Sunset (1 CD) (a80)

Pure Celtic Chillout (a116)

Pure Chillout (a74)

Pure Dancehall – The Very Best Of (4 c101)

Pure Drum and Bass (c49/1)

Pure Euphoria Level 4 (Ma0)

Pure Flava (a45)

Pure Garage 2 (Au0)

Pure Garage 3 (a5)

Pure Garage 4 (a110)

Pure Garage 5 (a109)

Pure Garage Classics – Mixed Live by EZ (6 c113)

Pure Garage – Four to the Floor (9 c117)

Pure Garage Platinum (3 CDs) (b106)

Pure Genius (a91)

Pure Genius Volume 2 (b64)

Pure Groove – The Classics (b60)

Pure Groovin - 80’s Soul Funk (a89)

Pure Hip Hop (a37)

Pure Hip Hop 2003 – More Explicit Beats (b105)

Pure Hip Hop – The Very Best Of (c52) (2 c55)

Pure R & B 2 (a8)

Pure R & B 4 (a67)

Pure R & B The Very Best Of – Summer Collection 2003 (c49/1)

Pure R & B The Very Best Of – Winter Collection 2002 (b100)

Pure R & B The Very Best Of – Winter Collection 2003 (0 c107)

Pure Silk the Home of UK Garage

Pure Trance (b67)

Pure Urban Essentials (10 c60)

Pure Urban Essentials 2 (6 c113)

Q Anthems (c49/4)

Q Awards – The Album (a6)

Queen & Ben Elton – Music From We Will Rock You (1 CD) (5 c58)

R & B Hits (a70)

R & B Hits – Reggae Style Vol. 2 (1 CD) (5 c118)

R & B Love (0 c107)

R & B Love Songs (a86)

R & B Masters 2 (a37)

R & B Selector (a33)

Radio Caroline Calling – 70’s Flashback (3 Cd’s) (6c120)

Rainbow Rave Up (b105)

Rare Funk Uncovered C5\Bits&Bobs

Rave Nation (a56)

Real Ibiza V (1 CD) (b81)

Real Ibiza VI – Poolside Chill and Hammock House (0 c101)

Reborn in the USA (1 CD) (c47)

Record of the Year 2000 (a12)

Record of The Year 2001 (a73)

Reflection (b85)

Reggae Brothers – Trojan Box Set (3 CDs) (c14)

Reggae Gold 2003 (18 c66)

Reggae Hits 31 (2 c97)

Reggae Hits 32 (9 c117)

Reggae Love Songs (c4)

Relaxing Classics – The Very Best Of (c14)

Reloaded (a82)

Reloaded (Ma0)

Reloaded 3 (a34)

Reminisce – Hip Hop Classics (c54\6)

Reminisce – Hip Hop Soul Classics (b88)

Renaissance – Anthems (3 CDs) (a75)

Renaissance - Ibiza (3 CDs) (a44)

Renaissance - The Mix Collection C5\Bits&Bobs

Renaissance – The Sound Of Vol. 2 (5 c91)

Re-press – 70’s Soul Revival (1 c93)

Resonate 2 The Brutal Sound of Hard Trance (c14)

Retro 3 (b103)

Rhythm of a Nation 2 (a120)

Ride Da Riddims (5 c91)

Ride On (9 c87)

Robodisco – Miles Hollway & Elliott Eastwick (1 CD) (a12)

Rock ‘n’ Roll – Love Songs (0 c119)

Rock Monsters – Unleash The Beast (b95)

Rock The Dancefloor 6 (a77)

Rock The Dancefloor 7 (g85)

Rock The Dancefloor 8 (c70)

Rockabilly Revival (13 c62)

Rock Platinum (5 c115)

Roger Sanchez Presents Release Yourself (6 c58)

Romantic Adagios 2 (8 c79)

Roots Manuva Vol 2 (1 CD) (b86)

Rough Trade Shops – Counter Culture 2002 (c50/9)

Rush Hour 2 - Def Jams (a114)

Saint Germain – Café En Laye (3 c97)

Sampled (42g87)

Sampled 2 – Deeper (a110)

Sampled Vol. 4 (c14)

Sancho Panza – Float (3 c97)

Sandy Riviera In The House (c53) (2 c55)

Saturday Night Fever OST (1 CD) (c14)

Sax & The City (c54\5)

Sax Moods – The Way We Were (1 CD) (8 c79)

School – End of Term Party (b102)

School – Spring Term (a87)

School – Summer Term (g82)

School of Rock OST (3g61)

School Reunion – The 80’s (c111)

Scooby Doo OST (1 CD) (b81) (c40)

Scotland Rocks (c40)

Scratch Perverts – Badmeaningood Vol. 4 (1 CD) (18 c66)

Scumfrog – Extended Engagement (c50)

Sensual Classics (b114)

Serious Club Hits (b60)

Shaken Not Stirred – Movie Sound Tracks (a39)

Shamrocks & Shenanigans (1 CD) (temp)

Shindig – The Adventures Of Vol. 1 (c50)

Shrek – Soundtrack (1 CD) (a80)

Siddharta – Spirit of Buddah Bar (6 c118)

Simply Acoustic (a118)

Simply The Best (a13)

Simply The Best Classical Passion (c4)

Simply The Best Line Dancing Album (a81)

Simply The Best Movie Album (a69) (b97)

Sing Along Christmas Party – The Party

Sixties Jukebox Classics (b99)

Sk8ter Rock (6 c94)

Skate to Hell – The Extreme Skaterock Collection (9 c87)

Sly and Robbie – Late Night Tales (1 CD) (5 c91)

Smallville – Music from The TV Series (1 CD) (c51)

Smash Hits 2001 (a13)

Smash Hits 2002 (a77)

Smash Hits 2003 (b104)

Smash Hits Chart Summer 2003 (10 c60)

Smash Hits Let’s Party (g85)

Smash Hits Let’s Party On (8 c106)

Smash Hits Summer 2000 (Au0)

Smash Hits Summer 2002 (g81)

Smash Hits The Reunion (c54\9)

Smokin Beats (g81)

Smooth Jazz – The Very Best Of (b81)

Smooth Soul Clasics (a26)

Sniffin’ Glue – The Essential Punk Accessory (1 CD) (5 c98)

Sold on Song (0 c109)

Songbirds (c49/5)

Songs From Dawsons Creek Vol. 2 (43g87)

Songs to Make You Feel Good (g85)

Songs to Make You Feel Good Max Strength (b101)

Sorted – 40 Madchester Baggy Anthems (g85)

Soundsystem Selection 2004 (2 c114)

Spredlove – Feelgood Grooves & Inspirational

Soul (1 CD) (c39)

Soul 4 Satisfaction – Mouth Watering Motown (6 c118)

Soul Brothers (a91)

Soul Heaven – London-Ibiza (1 c107)

Soul Inspired (5 c56)

Soul Musiq Vol. 4 (4 CDs) (8 c117)

Soul Survivor – Tony Blackburn (b67)

Soul Time – The Best Of (g85)

Soul Togetherness Presents Village Soul (1 CD) (5 c101)

Southern Soul – Cellar 2 (14 c62)

Space Ibiza 2002 (g85)

Space Ibiza 2003 (5 c79)

Spaced – Soundtrack (1CD) (a21)

Spectacular Classics (c4)

Spiderman – Music from & Inspired By (1CD) (g82)

Spiritual Songs & Chants of The Native American Indians (1 c57)(1 c60)

Spreadlove – Feel Good Grooves & Inspirational

Spooks OST (1 CD) (5 c79)

Stereo Sushi (a85)

Stereo Sushi v Futomaki (c40)

Stereo Sushi v Wasabi (18 c66)

Strange and Beautiful (c20)

Street Vibes 6 (48g89)

Street Vibes 8 (a25)

Street Vibes – The Very Best Of (9 c87)

Strictly Ibiza Anthems (50g89)

Strictly The Best – Vol. 31 (1 CD) (5 c115)

Studio One - Soul (1 CD) (a29)

Subliminal Sessions Four (c50/9)

Subliminal Sessions Five (5 c79)

Subliminal – The Best Of The Year (3 CDs) (c21) (c40)

Sugar Hill – Hip Hop Box Set (3 CDs) (c49/3)

Summer Classics – The Very Best Of (5 c79)

Summer Country (g83)

Sunday Love Songs – Steve Wright Vol. 2 (a64)

Sunday Love Songs New Collection – Steve Wright (b93)

Sundissential 3 (7 c104)

Sundissential – The Album (a23)

Sunshine Sounds of a Cool Summer (a37)

Supa Funky II (2 c80)

Super 60’s (6 c108)

Super 70’s (c40)

Sweet Home Alabama OST (1 CD) (c4)

Swing Classics (3 CDs) (6 c98)

Swinging With The Big Band (1 CD) (b98)

Take it Easy (g82)

Talcum Soul 3 – 26 Stonking Northern Soul Greats (1 CD) (15 c62)

Tamla Motown Connoisseurs Vol. 2 (1 CD) (15 c62)

Tamla Mowtown Gold (3 CDs) (a69) (b97)

Teachers 3 – A New Term (1 CD) (1 c101)

Teenage Kicks (g97)

Teendreem (a53)

Daniel Tenaglia – Choice – A Collection of Classics (c40)

Terminator 3 – Rise of The Machines OST (1 CD) (2 c80)

The Acid Lounge Vol. 1 (c4)

The Album (a72)

The Album 2002 (a118)

The All Time Christmas Songs

The All Time Classic Tearjerkers (b93)

The Annual Ibiza 2002 mos (g85)

The Annual – Summer 2003 – MOS (6 c94)

The Best … & Friends Album in the World

The Best Air Guitar Album (a61)

The Best Air Guitar Album Ever 2 (b91)

The Best Air Guitar Album Ever 3 (0 c112)

The Best Bands Ever (b82) (c100)

The Best Bands Ever 2004 (1 c107)

The Best British Female Vocalists (3 CDs) (b119)

The Best British Male Vocalists (3 CDs) (b111)

The Best Chillout Ever (b109)

The Best Club Anthems Summer 2002 (g83)

The Best Club Anthems 2003 (b106)

The Best Dance Album Ever 2002 (g82)

The Best Dance Album in The World Ever (5 c91)

The Best Easy Album Ever (b119)

The Best Garage Anthems Ever (46g89)

The Best Heavy Metal Album in the World Ever (2g61)

The Best Ibiza Anthems Ever 2K (50g89)

The Best Musicals Ever (0 c112)

The Best of Sampled (2 c105)

The Best of The Best – Classic Gold (6 c98)

The Best of Two Tone

The Best One Hit Wonders in The World Ever (c4)

The Best Pan Pipe Album in the World Ever (4 CDs) (2 c89)

The Best Prog Rock Album in the World Ever (3 CDs) (15 c62)

The Best Punk Album in the World Ever (a108)

The Best Punk Album in the World Ever Part 2 (a108)

The Best Rap Album in the World Ever

The Best Smooth Jazz Ever (4 CDs) (6 c94)

The Best Summer Album 2002 (g82)

The Best Summer Album 2003 (1 c57)(1 c60)

The Best Summer Holiday Ever (4 c75)

The Best Summer Holiday Ever 2001 (72(2))

The Best Unofficial Footie Anthems Ever (g82)

The Blue Room Mixed by Chris Co-Co & Rob Da Bank (8 c106)

The Box Hits For 2000 (45g89)

The Brits Awards Album 2003 (c14)

The Celtic Chillout Album (a92) (b65)

The Celtic Chillout Album 2 (c23)

The Chillout Sessions 2003 Winter Collection (b103)

The Chillout Sessions 2003 Summer Collection (1 c57)(1 c60)

The Chillout Sessions Ibiza Sunsets – MOS (5 c101)

The Classic Chillout Album (a40)

The Classic Score (a96)

The Classical Album (Ma0)

The Classical Album 2001

The Cool Sounds of the 70’s (g97)

The Crying Game (0 c109)

The Desert Sessions 9 & 10 (1 CD) (3 c108)

The D.I.S.C.O. Album (0 c112)

The Drum & Bass Fiesta (c47) (c84)

The Fabulous Fifties (3 CDs) (b104)

The Firin’ Squad Presents Bling (1 c119)

The Funkin’ 80’s (c4)

The General Selection (a85)

The Glam Rock Years (1 CD) (2 c116)

The Golden Age of Northern Soul (3 c105)

The Great Ballad Singers (1 CD) (0 c117)

The Great British Punk Explosion (a108)

The Greatest Love (1 CD) (1 c119)

The Guru Soundtrack (g85)

The Hit Factory - Pete Waterman’s Greatest (51g89) (c4)

The Hours OST (1 CD) (c49/0) (c50/7)

James Bond Collection – 40 Years of Films (4 CDs) (c100)

The Jazz Album 2003 (b101)

The Jazz Box (4 CDs) (2 c112)

The Last Samurai OST (1 CD) (1 c119)

The Late Lounge 2 (g82)

The Legendary Story of Sun Records (c4)

The Leopard Lounge (0 c102)

The Lick – Best Of* (c9)

The Lion King OST (1 CD) (6 c110)

The Lord of The Rings – Return of The King OST (1 CD) (0 c117)

The Lord of The Rings - The Fellowship of The Ring OST (1 CD) (a77)

The Lord of The Rings – The Two Towers OST (1 CD) (b104)

The Love Album – Classics (a86)

The Love Album – Classic FM (1 CD) (c14)

The Love Album 2003 (b83)

The Magic Of Inspector Morse

The Matrix Reloaded OST (c52) (3 c55)

The Michael Parkinson Collection (7 c104)

The Mighty Trojan Sound (8 c56)

The Mod Generation (1 CD) (c50/9)

The National Trust – Escape (3 CDs) (0 c102)

The Neptunes Present Clones (1 CD) (7 c94) (0 c102)

The New Classic Chillout Album (g83)

The New Love Album (a7)

The Night Fever Karaoke Album (a12)

The Northern Soul of Brunswick (! Cd) (7c120)

The Number One Classical Album 2004 (7 c113)

The Number One Jazz Album 2004 (7 c113)

The Office Party (b108)

The Opera Album (a71)

The Party Box (3 CDs) (8 c98)

The Pianist – Music from The Film (1 CD) (c54\5)

The Piano and The Song (2 c89)

The Platinum Selection (1 CD) (3 c55)

The Power of Love (c4)

The Q Album (c40)

The Quiet Storm (15 c62)

The Rat Pack (1 CD) (a86)

The Reggae Love Collection (1 CD) (16 c62)

The Return of Funk Phenomena (1 CD) (c49/3)

The Return of The Super 70’s (6 c85)

The R 'n' B Lover Mix - Sexual Healing G79\7

The Rock Matrix (c53) (3 c55)

The Roxy London WC2 Jan-Apr ’77 (b118)

The Royal – Tracks from The TV Series (3 CDs) (0 c117)

The Science Fiction Album (4 CDs) (c40) (c27)

The Sex Album (c4)

The Smoothest Jazz (1 Cd) (7c120)

The Snowman (a58)

The Sound of Hard House (4 CDs) (a99)

The Sound of Movements – Mixed by Brian Gee (1 CD) (c84)

The Sound of Renaissance (c78)

The Soul Boy Generation (1CD) (c54\3)

The Soul Boy Generation – Soul Patrol (1 CD) (16 c62)

The Tube – The Very Best Of (b72) (b96)

The Ultimate Cheeky Party Album (b106)

The Ultimate Cheese Party (3 CDs) (8 c112)

The Ultimate Chick Flick ((g82)

The Ultimate Chick Flick Love Songs (8 c112)

The Ultimate Chillout Album (6 CDs) (b117)

The Ultimate Chillout Classics Album (6 CDs) (1 c103)

The Ultimate Diva Collection (1 CD) (5 c101)

The Ultimate Gangster Movie Soundtrack (b98)

The Ultimate Happy Hardcore Album (6 CDs) (6 c98)

The Ultimate Hen Party Album (g85)

The Ultimate Hip Hop Album (6 CDs) (b120)

The Ultimate Old Skool Album (6 CDs) (6 c115)

The Ultimate Reggae Party Album (0 c114)

The Ultimate Relaxation Album (4 CDs) (5 c98)

The Ultimate Smoochy Album (c50/0)

The Ultimate Teen Flick Soundtrack (b96)

The Ultimate Urban Album (6 CDs) (c4)

The Very Best of Desert Island Disks (3 CDs) (a76)

The Very Best of Euphoric Dance – Breakdown (g81)

The Very Best of Jazz FM (a65)

The Very Best of MTV Unplugged (1CD) (g81)

The Very Best of Pure R & B Summer Collection 2002 (g85)

The Very Best of Smooth Jazz (g85)

The Very Best of The Chillout Sessions – MOS (2 c112)

The Very Best Pop Album (1 CD) (g81)

The Very Best Club Anthems Ever (0 c114)

The Wants List – 17 Soulful Rare Grooves (1 CD) (16 c62)

The Wonder of Stevie – DJ Spinna & Bobbito (8 c102)

The World According To RZA ( CD) (5 c56)

The X List Xfm (c50\1)

This is Hard House 2 (a22)

This is R & B III (3CDs) (a16)

This is Soul (3 CDs) (c14)

This is UK Garage (3 CDs) (a110)

Tidy Boys Annual – Summer Seaside Special (8 c92)

Tidy FC Annual (g97)

Tidy Presents Resonate – The Brutal Sound of Hard Trance (g83)

Timeless (c40)

Tinsel Town (g97)

Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life OST (1 CD) (7 c94)

Tommy Boy – Greatest Hits (3 CDs) (16 c62)

Tony Touch – Serious Hip Hop Vol. 73 (1 CD) (5 c98)

Top Gear – The Greatest Driving Album – This Year (6 c110)

Top of The Morning With Terry Wogan (b98)

Top of The Pops 2000 (Au0)

Top of The Pops 2003 (b70)

Top of The Pops 99 Vol 2 (No9)

Top of The Pops Spring 2002 (a120)

Top of The Pops Spring 2003 (c40)

Top of the Pops Summer 2001 (a37)

Top of the Pops Summer 2003 (6 c94)

Trance (3 CDs) (b86)

Trance Classics (b60)

Trance Masters (g85)

Trance Masters 3008 (1 c93)

Trance Nation 2 (No9)

Trance Nation 2003 (b101)

Trance Nation Anthems – MOS (3 CDs) (6 c110)

Trance Nation Deeper – MOS (c52) (3 c55)

Trance Nation Future – MOS (c49/3)

Trance Nation Harder – MOS (5 c103)

Tranquil Chillout (3 CDs) (5 c56)

Tranquil Moods (g83)

Treasure Planet OST (1 CD) (temp)

Trevor Nelson’s Soul Nation (4 c75)

Trigger Happy TV – Soundtrack vol. 3 (1 CD) (a80)

Trojan – 35 Anniversary Box Set (3 CDs) (0 c93)

Trojan Carnival – Box Set (3 CDs) (2 c101)

Trojan Christmas Box Set (3 CDs) (6 c115)

Trojan Nyahbinghi – Box Set (3 CDs) (c47)

True Colours – Official Album of Rugby World Cup (1 CD) (8 c106)

Tune in Chill Out (b60)

Twice as Nice – Urban Flavas (g82)

Twice as Nice – Urban Flavas 2003 (c49/2)

Twisted Beats – Pete Tong (a33)

Twos On 2 G79\8

UK Garage The Album – The Ministry of Sound (a8)

Ultimate Country Hits (1 CD) (1 c119)

Unbelievable (a39)

Unbelievable Too (a90)

Unchained Melodies (b98)

Underwater – Episode 2 (4 c75)

Underworld OST (1 CD) (3 c97)

Unwind (a109)

Up All Night (1 c57)(1 c60)

Up All Night – 32 Northern Soul Spinners (7 c108)

Urban Explosion (b120)

Urban Fusion (7 c104)

Urban Kiss (a53)

Urban Kiss 2002 (g81) (g87)

Urban Kiss 2003 (c54\9)

Urban Underground (3 CDs) (17 c66)

Urban Vibes – 40 Bangin’ Urban Jointz (6 c110)

Vanilla Sky OST (1 CD) (a83)

Vibealite – A History of Hardcore 1993-2003 (0 c102)

Vin Diesel XXX OST (1 CD) (b69)

Viva Las Vegas (a74)

Well Being (3 CDs) (0 c117)

We’re a Happy Family – A Tribute to The Ramones (1 CD) (c40) (c27)

Westbound Funk (1 CD) (1 c119)

We Were Soldiers OST (a115)

We Will Rock You – Music From The Rock Theatrical (1 CD) (b84)

What a Girl Wants OST ( 1CD) (8 c92)

What a Feeling (6 c92)

When Love Speaks (a89)

While My Guitar Gently Weeps II (1 c107)

Wigan Casino 30 – 1973-2003 (1 CD) (3 c105)

Wigan Casino – Soul Club (1 CD) (0 c114)

Wigan Pier – A1 (1 CD) (b82)

Wigan Pier – Bouncin’ (1 CD) (c50/6)

Wigan Pier – Klub Classics 6 (1 CD) (6 c85)

Wigan Pier Live (b85)

Wigan Pier Vol. 9,10,12,13,14,20,21,22,23, 24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,36,38 & 39

Wigan Pier Vol 16 – Mikey B (1 CD) (b117)

Wigan Pier Vol 17 – Mikey B (1 CD) (c30) (c50/7)

Wigan Pier Vol 19 – Mickey B (1 CD) (0 c114)

Wigan Pier Vol 20 – Mikey B (1 CD) (7 c113)

Wigan Pier Vol 33 (1 CD) (b90)

Wigan Pier Vol 34 (c4) (temp)

Wigan Pier Vol 35 (1 CD) (c40)

Wigan Pier Vol 36 – Mixed by DJ Bent T (1

CD) (5c56)

Wigan Pier Vol. 37 (1 CD) (9c98)

Wigan Pier Vol. 38 (1 CD) (0c102)

Wigan Pier Vol. 39 (1 CD) (0c109)

Wigan Pier Vol 40 (1 Cd) (7c120)

Winter Wonderland (7 c113)

Woman (a6)

Woman I

World Beats (1 c93)

World Dance XPRs YRSLF (g82)

World in Union (1 CD) (8 c104)

Worlds of Possibility (0 c109)

Wow! What a Rush 9 (1 CD) (17 c66)

WWE Originals (1 CD) (2 c116)

WWE Presents Anthology (3 CDs) (b111)

WWF The Music Vol 5 (1 CD) (a99)

XFM – It’s a Cool Cool Christmas (1 CD) (41g87)

X-Men 2 OST (1 CD) (c52) (3 c55)

You Got Served – feat B2K OST (1 CD) (0 c117)

Young Gifted and Black (g83)

Young Guns Go For It - Heroes of the 80’s (g97)

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