Name: Date: Novel-Themed Amusement Park

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Novel-Themed Amusement Park

Congratulations SSR Scholars! You have just been hired by Cusson Inc. to create an amusement park based on your mystery novel! For your upcoming book report, you will be creating a map of your amusement park on a poster. You want to make your amusement park appealing for all ages and contain some services to make your park enjoyable for visitors. To do this, you must put your creative mind to work!

  1. Map Key: Like all maps, you will need a key to inform your visitors. Where are the Shops? Rides? Food court?

  2. Summary: At the bottom of your map (poster), you must include a 2 sentence summary of EACH of your rides, souvenir shops, and food stand.

  3. Park Layout: Your map layout must reflect the setting of your story. Theme? Is there a lake mentioned in your novel? Does the story mainly take place in the woods?

  4. Rides/shows/games (7 or more): These attractions must be related to the adventures and “thrills” found within your novel. They must reflect the plot of your story (introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution). To do this, you will need to create a plot chart and turn them into rides! Your nightly reading summary log should help with ideas.
  5. Characterization” Shops (2 or more): You must create souvenir shops that sell objects/items found in the book. These objects must relate or “symbolize” the characters. Include your inventory list in your summary. Make sure your merchandise is safe for people to carry around the park! No dangerous weapons!

  6. Food Stand: (1 or more) What kind of things do your characters eat? Get creative with the food ideas.

I am aware that ______________________ has a mystery book report due on October 24th. It will be presented to the class on October 24, 2016. My child needs to completely read and finish their lexile level book (100 over or under is okay), complete a plot diagram, essay, summary, and amusement park poster project. My child needs to follow all the directions above and will be graded using the rubric for a writing and reading grade.

Student Name________________________________________

Name of Book and Lexile level ____________________________________

Parent Signature ________________________________________________

Book Report Essay Outline

Paragraph 1: Introduction

What is your “park” (a.k.a. novel) about? Is it a book about a lost item, young children, a mysterious event? Describe the setting of the “park.” Summary of the story (story plot) and how it relates to your theme park.



Paragraph 2: Attractions

What are your rides about? How do they reflect your plot/characters of your story?

  1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  2. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  3. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  4. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  5. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  6. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  7. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Paragraph 3: Shops and Rides

Describe your characters. What/where did they eat? What items did they have or carry with them? What type of clothing did they wear? Inventory should explain something about your character and why you are selling the items.
Type of Shop/Restaurant Inventory

  1. _______________________________________________________________________

  2. _______________________________________________________________________

  3. _______________________________________________________________________

Paragraph 4: Conclusion

Why should this class come to your amusement park (in other words, why should we read your book?). Explain in 4-5 complete sentences.



Use the outline to create a summary essay. It should be four paragraphs at least. Attach the summary to your poster with a staple to the back. This can be typed or hand written. Write your name and title of the book on the top of your paper on the right hand side. You can use stickers, craft items, pictures from the book or online, drawings… anything to show the story elements as an amusement park.

Map Key

Poster with diagrams of attractions

Summary of each attraction (2 or more sentences) ten total.

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