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Museum Box Project
Focus- build a museum box that reflects the journal that you are writing for your person. You will be collecting items to store in your box that your person would have selected to save in order to tell their story. You will focus on 4 areas, the arts, religion, architecture and daily life.

  1. Click on the green start tag

  2. Then click on the change box icon in the bottom right hand corner

  • Select the four space box

  • Select number of layers, select one layer

  • Select box colors and textures

  • Select cube colors
    and textures

  • Click on change box

  1. Give your project a title
    and description

  2. Click on images for box 1 (architecture)

  • Click on images

  • Type in a key word to search the gallery (like Pompeii)

  • Select a picture and then save to your “drawer” or add to cube (either way works)

  • Go back to the box, click on a cube, open your drawer and then click on the picture that you want add to the cube. Give the cube a title and a caption
  • Select another cube face to add text to tell about your picture. (** note if you use any outside sources you will have to cite your source in MLA format on a cube face near your picture/ (Easy Bib will help you with this).

  1. Click on images for box 2 (the arts)

  • follow the same steps as described in #4

  1. Click on images for box 3 (religion)

  • follow the same steps as described in #4

  1. Click on images for box 4 (daily life)

  • follow the same steps as described in #4

  1. You may add sounds or video, just remember to give credit where credit is due and cite your sources when needed.

Getting students to create their own user accounts:

To create your own Museum box load Discovery Box Creator click "Messages" (or anything that gets a login prompt) then "Join for Free" if they select your school from the list on the right when they are entering their details YOU will be able to moderate their work when they finish and submit it within the application.

NOTE:: If students do not select the correct school when they register then E2BN will moderate their work, this can take up to 3 weeks. If a student makes a mistake and registers for the wrong school get them to re-register.


**  See the document section of my school web site in order to have a step by step guide for this assignment.


If you have any trouble with this then e-mail me or see me in class.
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