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Curriculum Vitae

Professor M Baguneid


January 2017

Curriculum Vitae

Name Mohamed Baguneid
Nationality UK
Appointment Consultant Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon

Chair of Surgery, Al Ain Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Honorary Consultant Vascular Surgeon, University Hospital South Manchester
Honorary Professor, University of Salford

Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester

Education Shrewsbury School, Shrewsbury 1985 – 1988

University of Manchester 1988 – 1993

GMC Registration 4034999

HAAD License GD 15366

Higher Qualifications MB ChB (1993)

FRCS (Ed) 1997

FRCS (Gen Surg) 2005

MD (Manchester, 2009)


Professor Baguneid is a consultant vascular surgeon and Chair of Surgical Institute at Al Ain Hospital, United Arab Emirates and honorary consultant vascular surgeon at University Hospital South Manchester (UHSM), UK.  He specialises in all branches of vascular surgery including management of peripheral vascular disease, carotid surgery, diabetic foot surgery and aneurysms.

  He developed his clinical leadership skills through many leadership posts since 2001. As a surgical trainee, he was the longest serving member of the executive council of the Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT). He became a consultant vascular surgeon at University Hospital South Manchester in 2006 and took the role of Academic Foundation Programme lead followed by the Royal College of Surgeons Tutor a year later. He was subsequently appointed as North West Deanery Core Surgical Education Lead during which time he modernised core surgical teaching and developed several simulation workshops. In 2009, he developed a novel Surgical Masters programme at University of Salford leading a faculty of over 20 consultant surgeons from several hospitals in the North West. He was awarded an honorary professorship at University of Salford for his educational achievements in 2009. He was appointed clinical director of vascular surgery in University Hospital South Manchester in 2009 and developed new services within the region including endovenous therapy and oncovascular surgery. In April 2012, he was appointed Deputy Medical Director of clinical strategy and developed greater insight into large-scale NHS changes.

He maintains his research interests in collaboration with University of Manchester in the field of acute and chronic wound healing. His research background is in tissue engineering having completed an MD thesis into tissue engineered vascular grafts as a research fellow in Manchester. He has active research work between UAE and Manchester in wound healing.

In January 2013, he moved to Abu Dhabi having been offered an opportunity to develop vascular services for a 2.6 million population. As chief of vascular surgery and subsequently chief of general surgery, he developed a team approach to departmental development. In July 2014, he returned to his post in University Hospital South Manchester as a vascular surgeon and has also taken a senior clinical leadership role within the region as the Medical Director of the South Sector Partnership.  This strategic role aims to improve the quality of care delivered across 4 partner hospitals (University Hospital South Manchester, Stepping Hill Hospital, East Cheshire Trust, Tameside General Hospital).

Currently he is the Chair of the Surgical Institute at Al Ain Hospital, UAE and responsible for the management and development of the surgical departments with the view to establishing a world class service in the new Al Ain hospital in 2018.

CURRENT consultant AppointmentS

Jan 2016 - Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon

Chair of Surgical Institute

Al Ain Hospital, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi Emirate, UAE

August 2009 - Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester

October 2009 - Honorary Professor, University of Salford

previous Consultant Appointment

July 2014- Jan 2016 Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon,

Clinical lead in Vascular Surgery

University Hospital South Manchester (UHSM)

July 2014 – August 2015 Medical Director of South Sector Partnership

UHSM, Stepping Hill Hospital, East Cheshire Trust, Tameside Hospital

Jan 2013 – July 2014 Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon

Chief of Vascular and General Surgery

Mafraq Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE

April 2012 – Jan 2013 Deputy Medical Director (Clinical Strategy)

University Hospital South Manchester

April 2009 – April 2012 Clinical Director of Vascular Surgery

University Hospital South Manchester

Apr 2006 – Jan 2013 Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon,

University Hospital South Manchester

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