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Costume Worksheets

One-Act Play Festival
The purpose of this worksheet is to provide your designer with the most complete information about your thoughts on the play. Note that it contains very little specific costume information.
Name of Play:
Name of Director:
Phone Number: Email:
Part One: The Play and The World.

  1. In the simplest possible sentence, please state the theme of your play as you are directing it. EXAMPLES: You Can’t Take it with You could be “Our individuality makes us all a family” or “Conformity creates unhappiness”. Grease (the musical) could be “We are unhappy until we can act like ourselves”.

  1. What is the action of the play

    1. From what. As the play begins, describe the world of the play? From where does the beginning of the play come? What happened just before the play began?

    1. Through what: What happens during the course of the play? How is the established world changed or challenged? What events occur and what is their impact on the people in the story? What is the conflict

    1. To what: What is left at the end? How is the world of the play different? Are questions answered? Are new ones put forth? Where do the characters go from here?

  1. Where does the play take place? (physical location; geographical location)

  1. When does the play take place? (year, season, time of day, holiday)

  1. Are there any colors, shapes, paintings, pieces of art, TV shows, movies (or extracts thereof) that you think of when you think of the play? (attach anything visual)

  1. Are there any specific physical effects that need to happen with the costumes (blood, bruises, peg legs, quick changes, rip off costumes) that you know of?

Character Worksheet
Please complete one for each character (feel free to do this with your actors).
Character Name:
Sex/Sexual Orientation:
Religion or Belief System:
Class/Social Status:
Economic Status/Wealth:

What is the character’s relationship to the other characters? (both kind and quality)

What is the character’s “spine” or super-objective as an action verb? (I will ________ or die).

Choose a few words to describe the character’s personality.

Are their any personal of psychological factors influencing this character’s appearance? (Are they trying to impress someone? Are they very depressed?)

Do any colors, shapes, or other visual aids come to mind when you think of this character? Any characters from movies/TV/books? Please attach if possible.

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