Narrative essay choose an incident. Choose a point of view. Ask the five w-how questions

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1. Choose an incident.

2. Choose a point of view.

3. Ask the five W-How questions.

4. Arrange the events in CHRONOLOGICAL order.

5. Write a story plan or OUTLINE

6. Include the time, place, people, and what happened.

7. Write a topic sentence.

8. Choose vivid details.

9. Make sure you have a Beginning (Intro) Middle (Body) and End (Conc.)

10. Proofread.

11. Edit.

Paragraph 1: Introduction: Have a lead-in sentence which starts with dialogue

Introduce the one incident you are writing about

Give the setting and start the story

Get your reader’s interest in the first paragraph

Paragraph 2: First Event in the incident in chronological order.

Detail- build the conflict

Detail- describe what happened


Paragraph 3: Second Event in the incident in chronological order

Detail – build the intensity of the story

Detail- use sensory details to describe what is happening


Paragraph 4:Third Event in the incident

Detail – this should be the climax of the story (the most exciting point)



Paragraph 5: Conclusion: resolve the story

Final events in the story

Possible surprise ending

Note: A narrative always has a conflict, plot, and characters. It is a story.

If you are stuck, choose a character, get him into trouble, then get him into more trouble, then finally get him out of trouble. Use active verbs, vivid adjectives, sensory detail and descriptive language in your narrative.

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