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Temple Seller 1

Temple Seller 2








Money Changer

Crowd (5-10 actors)



Soldier 1

Soldier 2

Soldier 3



Girl in courtyard

Woman in courtyard

Man in courtyard

Mary Magdalene

Props shifters









01 and 12 Welcome Jesus

02 and 13 Turning Over Tables

03 and 14 Cough up the Cash

04 and 15 Promises

05 and 16 Remember Me

06 and 17 Stay

07 and 18 I Know Him

08 and 19 Crucify!

09 and 20 Amazing Love

10 and 21 Earthquake Sound

11 and 22 Alive!

Suggested props for this play:

Scroll for Narrator & Narrator

Chairs (for Narrator & Narrator)

Palm leaves

Swords and clubs

Tables for sellers (optional)


Bird cages


Silver coins in a bag Towel Piece of rope

Chalice Blindfold

Bread Bowls Chains

Stick or whip Plates

Torch/lanterns Basin Crown of thorns

Purple robe Grave clothes

Notes: The parts of Narrator and Narrator form the narration which holds the play together. These large parts can be read from a scroll instead of being memorised. Scenery can be minimal. A screen or white sheet is needed to display the Powerpoint presentation which is supplied on the CD to display the lyrics to the songs. The crucifixion scene itself is depicted in Powerpoint words and pictures instead of being acted.

(Spotlight on Narrator, holding a scroll, and Narrator who are sitting on chairs on side of stage)
Narrator: Hello. I’m here with my friends tell you a story about an amazing man called Jesus. I first saw Jesus when we were all out on the hills near Jerusalem. There were thousands of people on that hillside. Everyone wanted to listen to Jesus. He seemed to know so much about everything.
Narrator: Some people said he had even turned water into wine!
Narrator: By the afternoon, we were all starting to get hungry but no one had brought any food with them. My mum had given us some lunch but it was only five small loaves and two fishes. When I heard Jesus ask if anyone had any food, I thought I should give him ours.
Narrator: Well you wouldn’t believe what happened next! He took the lunch and gave thanks to God for it. Then he broke the loaves and fishes and asked his friends to give it to the people as they sat in groups on the grass. I thought it would run out straight away but it didn’t! There was enough food for everyone and lots left over too!
Narrator: I had never seen such an amazing thing and thought Jesus must be very special indeed if he could do this kind of magic. I wondered if he would like two small friends as well as the grown-up ones and we decided to stay as close to him as we could. He didn’t seem to mind at all that we were small.

Narrator: When his special friends, the disciples tried to push us children away, he told them off! Jesus did other incredible miracles as we walked round with him. He even healed one of my friends who had been dying. One day, Jesus and his disciples were going to Jerusalem to celebrate the Jewish feast of Passover. As Jesus rode into Jerusalem, people cheered and covered the path with their garments and palm leaves because they were so pleased to see him.

****************** CD Track 1: Welcome, Jesus (Backing Track 12) ******************

(Crowd enter cheering and excited during this song. Some people wave palm branches and lay down their coats, acting out the words of the song. Caiaphas and Priest enter towards end of song, acting displeased with what is taking place.)
Welcome Jesus, on your donkey J E S U S

Palms are waving, people cheer you J E S U S

Hosanna, Hosanna. You are very blessed!

Hosanna, Hosanna. You really are the best!
Welcome Jesus, on your donkey, J E S U S

Palms are waving, people cheer you J E S U S

Palms are waving, people cheer you J E S U S

(Exit Crowd and Narrator)

Narrator: Most people were very happy to see Jesus but the High Priest and some of the other priests were jealous of him.
Caiaphas: (shaking his head) Jesus is far too popular with the people. They don’t seem to understand that he keeps breaking the Jewish law.
Priest 1:You can’t heal people on the Sabbath!

Caiaphas: We must find a way to arrest him.

Priest 2: (shrugging his shoulders)
But how? We can’t do it during the Passover or there will be a riot. (Caiaphas and Priests move to side of stage.)
Narrator: One day, Jesus went into the temple courts and found people there who were selling birds, goats, and sheep for sacrifice at very high prices. (Enter temple sellers and money changers to set up their tables and money. Enter Caiaphas, Priests and crowd)

Temple Seller 1: Get your sacrifices here! Two birds for the price of one. (Enter Jesus looking angry)

Money-changer: Any money changed here. Coins for the temple available!

Temple Seller 2: Goats on special offer. Give God an extra big sacrifice this week!

Jesus: (furiously) This is supposed to be my Father’s house. How dare you cheat the people like this! (Jesus upturns the tables, sending all the money rolling and the money changers and temple sellers get down on their knees and try and pick up the money. They are furious! Caiaphas and Priests are also looking cross. Crowd are caught up in the chaos and try to pick up the money )
Money-Changer: (wailing) My money! My lovely money!

Temple Seller 1: Just how am I supposed to get all my animals back in their cages?

Temple Seller 2: My goats! They’ve all been let loose!
****************** CD Track 2: Turning Tables (Backing Track 13) ******************

(During this song, Jesus is singing to Caiaphas and Priest who both look uncomfortable.)

Crowd: He's turning over tables in the temple,

He doesn't like what's going on at all.

He's freeing all the creatures from their cages,

If he's not careful, there'll be such a brawl.
Jesus: You hypocrites, you white-washed tombs!

You steal and lie and cheat.

This is a house of love and prayer,

Not a place for common thieves!
Crowd: He's turning over tables in the temple,

He doesn't like what's going on at all.

He's freeing all the creatures from their cages

If he's not careful, there'll be such a brawl.

(Exit all except Caiaphas, Priest 1 and Priest 2, taking all items off stage)
Caiaphas: (to the Priest) We can’t have this kind of behaviour in God’s house. Who does this Jesus think he is?

Priest 1: But how can we get rid of him? We can’t arrest him in daylight. There would be an outcry.

Priest 2: (Thinking deeply) We need an insider to help us get to him, but who?

(Enter Judas, looking shifty and guilty)

Judas: I think I might be able to help you.

Caiaphas (snootily) Why on earth would we need your help?
****************** CD Track 3: Cough Up The Cash (Backing Track 14) ******************

(Judas and Priests act out the words of the song as it is sung. The priests and elders give Judas thirty pieces of silver.)

Judas: What will you give me, cough up the cash,

He's worth a fair bit, so show me your stash!

I'll show you Jesus cos I'm his friend

He won’t suspect me, you just tell me when.
Caiaphas: We won't be stopped if we go at night,

You give him a kiss and we'll get him all right.

30 pieces to sell your friend?

We know that "King Jesus" will soon meet his end.

Judas: Give me the silver, cough up the cash,

I won’t hand him over till I get your stash.

I’ll show you Jesus cos I’m his friend

He won’t suspect me, just you tell me when.
Caiaphas: (looking very pleased with himself and counting the money into Judas’ hand) 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 pieces of silver. Just make sure you show the soldiers clearly where Jesus is. We don’t want to arrest the wrong man!
Judas: There won’t be a problem. Trust me! (Judas puts the silver into the bag.)

(Exit Judas from one side with bag of money, looking pleased. Exit Caiaphas and Priests on other side.)

(Lights go down. Set up a small low table with bread, bowl and a chalice. Jesus is having a meal with Peter, Andrew, John, James, Matthew, Thomas and Judas. Enter Narrator on other side of the stage and crouching in a corner. The disciples are reclining and leaning on elbows around in a circle. Spotlight on Narrator)
Narrator: As Jesus had a special Passover meal with his friends, I hid in a corner of the room to hear what was going on. (Jesus wraps a towel around his middle and takes a basin. He starts to wash all the disciples' feet in turn and dries them with the towel. They seem surprised but don’t object. Then he goes to wash Peter’s feet)
Peter: (pulling his feet away) Hey, Jesus! You’re not washing my feet. That’s a job for a servant, not a master.
Jesus: Unless you let me wash your feet you will have no part with me

Peter: Very well. Then do wash my feet too.
(Jesus does so and then unties the towel from his waist. He goes back to his place next to John.)
Jesus: Do you understand what I have done for you? As I have washed your feet, so you must wash each other’s feet. You must love and serve each other. (After saying this, Jesus looks very sad)
Matthew: What is the matter, Jesus? You look so sad.

Jesus: (sadly) One of you has taken money to betray me. (All the disciples look shocked except Judas)

Peter: (signals to John by nudging him) Ask him which one it is.
John: Lord, who is it?
Jesus: It’s the one I give this bread crust to once I’ve dipped it in the bowl. (He dips the crust into the bowl and then, after a pause, hands it to Judas.)
Jesus: (to Judas) Go and do what you must do. (Judas stands up and walks out quickly.)
James: Where’s Judas off to?
Thomas: How should I know? Maybe he’s gone to give some money to the poor.

(Spotlight moves onto Narrator)
Narrator: (From the corner of the room) The disciples didn’t know where Judas was going but Jesus and I did. I didn’t understand how Judas could do such a horrible thing, especially to his friend.

(Spotlight moves back onto Last Supper Scene)
Jesus: Now you know how much I have loved you all. I want you to love each other in the same way. Then everyone will know that you are my special friends. I have to go away very soon to be with my Father in heaven. (Jesus' friends look sad and puzzled)
Andrew: But can we come with you? Surely, we can come too?

Jesus: If only it were that simple, Andrew. (He pauses for a while)
Peter: Why can’t I come with you now? I’d be willing to die for you!
Jesus: There are people in Jerusalem who hate me. I am going to be arrested and nailed to a cross. (They all look at each other shocked)
Peter: (fervently) I will not let anything like that happen to you Jesus.
Jesus: (turns and looks sadly at Peter) Peter, before the cock crows at dawn tomorrow, you will say three times that you never even knew me.

Peter: (indignantly) No way! (While he sings the song the other disciples are nodding in agreement)

****************** CD Track 4: Promises (Backing Track 15) ******************
Peter: I'll never turn away, I promise You.

I'm faithful to the end and that's the truth.

I won’t deny Your name, though the others turn away

Forever I will stay right next to You.
I'll never turn away, I promise You.

I'm faithful to the end and that's the truth.

Your other friends may go but there’s one thing you must know

I'll follow You to death, I won't leave You.

(Spotlight on Narrator)

Narrator: I really hoped Jesus was wrong but I had a funny feeling that he wasn’t.
(Spotlight back on Jesus. He takes the loaf of bread, holds it up high and breaks it in two)
Jesus: This is my body. Take it and eat it. It will help you to remember me. (He passes the bread round to the disciples. They look confused but take a piece of bread and continue to pass it round)

(Jesus takes a cup of wine) Drink this wine to remember me. (Jesus passes the wine around and all the disciples take a sip and pass it on. They are very serious)
****************** CD Track 5: Remember Me (Backing Track 16) ******************
Jesus: When you eat this bread, remember me

When the wine is poured, remember me.

Soon I won’t be here, I'm eating my last meal

Remember, remember me.
****************** CD Track 16: Remember Me (Instrumental) ******************

(CD plays whilst the scene is cleared and the disciples all exit except Peter, James and John.)

(Spotlight on Narrator. The stage is quite dark He walks across the stage as he is speaking and sits on small chair in original place.)

Narrator: We followed Jesus and his friends to the garden of Gethsemane. His three friends Peter, James and John walked on further with Jesus but the others stayed behind. He was very sad and seemed very stressed.
Jesus: (speaking to Peter, James and John) Please stay with me and keep me company.
****************** CD Track 6: Stay with Me (Backing Track 17) ******************

(During this song Jesus acts out this prayer in great torment. It is obvious that he doesn’t want to die. Peter, James and John are sitting down. They try to stay awake but gradually fall asleep during this song)
Jesus: Could you stay and pray with me? It's such a lonely place.

I need you here to comfort me, to see a friendly face

I don't want to go through with this. It's just too much to bear.

If there could be another way, Oh listen, listen to my prayer.
Jesus: (going down on this knees and praying desperately) Father, I don’t want to do this. Is there any other way? But I only want what You want. Your will be done. (He gets up and looks sadly at Peter, James and John who are sleeping.) Couldn’t you even stay awake for one hour? But get up now. The time has come.
(Enter Judas with the Soldiers. They are carrying lanterns and torches to light the way and are armed with clubs and swords.)
Judas: Master! (going up to Jesus and kissing him on the cheek. Straight away two of the guards seize Jesus. Peter draws his sword and cuts off the ear of Soldier 1, who cries out in pain, clutching his ear.)
Soldier 1: You have injured my ear.

Jesus: Peter, this is not the way. I must heal his wound. (Jesus touches Soldier 1 on the ear and his ear is healed. Soldier 1 feels his ear in disbelief.)

Soldier 2: There is nothing wrong with your ear!!! Your ear is healed!!
Jesus: (to the soldiers) Why do you come with clubs and swords. Every day I was teaching in the temple courts and you didn’t arrest me then?

(The disciples are afraid and run away. Jesus allows himself to be taken away by two soldiers)


(Lights go down and come up on courtyard scene. Enter Jesus with tied hands, blindfolded. Peter is hiding in a corner. Soldiers 1, 2 and 3 are taking it in turns to hit Jesus with a stick or whip.)
Soldier 1: (tauntingly) Come on, Jesus! Who hit you then? Can you guess who it was?

Soldier 2: (sarcastically) Surely you can tell us if you’re such a great prophet!

Soldier 3: (sneering) Maybe we’re not doing it hard enough!
(They all laugh mockingly. Peter is frightened and looks very upset. Soldiers drag Jesus, still blindfolded and obviously in pain, to the side of the stage. Enter Girl, Woman and Man)
****************** CD Track 7 : I Know Him (Backing Track 18) ******************

Girl: I've seen that man before, I know I have.

I recognise his face, he was with Jesus.

He comes from Galilee, surely everyone can see,

Don't you believe that he is one of them?
Peter: I just don’t know who you’re talking about!

I don’t even know the name!

I just came here to warm my hands,

Don’t mention it again!

Man: I’m sure I’ve seen that person before, you know,

He has the kind of face you don’t forget.

He isn’t from round here for that is very clear.

He’s friends with Jesus, I’m prepared to bet!

Peter: I just don’t know who you’re talking about!

I don’t even know the name!

I just came here to warm my hands,

Don’t mention it again!
Woman: You also were with Jesus of Galilee

Your accent surely gives the game away.

I’ve seen your face before, of that I know I’m sure,

Don’t deny you’re one of Jesus’ mates.
Peter: I just don’t know who you’re talking about!

I don’t even know the name!

I just came here to warm my hands,

Don’t mention it again!

(Cock crows)

(When Peter hears the cock crow, he sees Jesus looking straight at him. He falls down and weeps, head in hand and then sadly walks off in despair. Exit Jesus, Woman, Man, Girl, Soldiers and Narrator.. Enter Caiaphas, Priests and crowd. Enter Soldiers 1 and 2 with Jesus who is still tied up.)
Narrator: The Jewish leaders wanted to find Jesus guilty. They found it difficult to find anything that he had done wrong, even though they paid people to lie about him. Eventually the High Priest asked Jesus a question.
Caiaphas: Are you the Son of God?

Jesus: You say that I am.

Caiaphas: (angrily to the other priest and crowd) This is blasphemy! We don’t need to hear any more. Take him to Pilate. (Exit Caiaphas, Soldiers holding Jesus, Priest and crowd)

Narrator: Jesus was taken before Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor. He could find nothing to accuse him of. The chief priests, who wanted Jesus to die, persuaded the people to set free a murderer called Barabbas. (Lights come up. Enter Barabbas and Jesus in chains, Soldier 1, Soldier 2 and crowd. Enter Pilate with Centurion)

Pilate: What should I do with Jesus, the one you call the 'King of the Jews'?

Crowd: (Repeating and getting louder each time) Crucify him!
****************** CD Track 8 : Crucify! (Backing Track 19) ******************
Crowd: Crucify Jesus, let him die and set Barabbas free.

We are sure we've got it right, on that we all agree.

Take away "The King Of The Jews"

If He's God's Son, we need some proof.
Crucify Jesus, let him die and set Barabbas free.

He’s pretending to be God, the greatest heresy

Take away "The King Of The Jews"

If He's God's Son, we need some proof.

Crucify! Crucify! Crucify! Crucify! Yes!

Pilate: So be it. Let Barabbas be freed but I’m washing my hands of all this!
(Pilate gestures to Centurion who goes and gets a bowl. Pilate washes his hands and shakes them dry violently. Jesus is led across the stage by Soldiers 1 and 2 who then dress him in a purple robe. On his head they place a crown of thorns and then kneel down before Him)

Soldiers: (mocking and nasty)- Hail, Oh Mighty King of the Jews!
(Lights go down. Exit all. Spotlight on Narrator. The stage is cleared as narration is said.)

Narrator: I didn’t see what happened next as they took Jesus away. The next time we saw him, he had a huge wooden cross on his back. He had to carry the cross out of the city gates and up the hill. We couldn’t believe that this dreadful thing was happening to our special friend. On the way some of the crowd even cheered but the people near us wept. We stayed near the disciples as we followed Jesus up the hill. Then they hammered nails were put through his hands and feet and he cried out in great pain. They raised the cross up and dropped it into the ground. Two robbers were also put on crosses, one on either side of Jesus.

****************** CD Track 7 : Amazing Love (Backing Track 19) ******************

Sung by all

Rejected by his friends

Whipped so hard and flogged

A crown of thorns forced on his head

He heard the soldiers mock
Yet even then in agony,

He managed to forgive

The many folk who’d hurt him so.

He showed amazing love

His arms which gave a thousand hugs

And hands so great and good

Were stretched and nailed onto a cross,

A simple cross of wood.

Yet even then, in agony

He managed to forgive

And showed the robber on the cross

How he could truly live.
Yet even then, in agony

He managed to forgive

The people who were killing him.

He showed amazing love.

(Song is sung by all in low light with focus on Powerpoint image. The lights go down at the end of the song, except faint spotlight on Narrator)
Narrator: It suddenly got really dark, like it was night time. It was very scary and seemed to last for ages. Then Jesus cried out.
Jesus: (offstage) My God, my God, why have you left me alone?

Jesus: (loudly and still offstage) It is finished!
******* CD Track 10 Sound of an earthquake.******** ( Backing Track 21)

(Spotlight comes up on the Centurion who comes onto stage with Soldiers 1 and 2.They look quite shaken, especially the Centurion)

Centurion: This man must have been the Son of God. (Lights go down again as Soldiers and Centurion exit. Enter Narrator. Spotlight on Narrator)
Narrator: After Jesus died we all began to feel pretty scared. Some of the friends of Jesus and his mother took his body and put it in a tomb. The soldiers put a large stone over the entrance.

(Powerpoint image is shown whilst this music is played)
****************** CD Track 19 : Amazing Love Instrumental ******************
Narrator: Two days later a friend of Jesus known as Mary Magdalene went to the tomb. She was astonished to find that the huge stone had been moved and the body had gone.

(Enter Mary Magdalene. Jesus is offstage)

Mary: I can’t believe it! Someone has stolen the body. (She sits down with her head in her hands very upset)

Jesus: (coming onto the stage) What is it? Why are you crying?
Mary: (still looking downwards) They have taken my Lord away. Sir, you don’t know where they might have put the body, do you?
Jesus: (gently, putting a hand on her shoulder) Mary! Do not be afraid, Mary!
Mary: (recognising his voice but almost not daring to believe) Lord, is it really you? (She moves to hug him but he gently pushes her away)
Jesus: Don’t touch me now but go and tell my disciples and Peter what you have seen.

(Mary runs offstage and exit Jesus..)
(Lights come up as Mary shouts at Peter’s door at side of stage. She is clearly very excited and bursting with news of some kind)

John: (appearing but shouting offstage to Peter) Hey Peter, it’s Mary! What is it Mary? What’s happened?

Mary: (out of breath from running) You won’t believe what I’ve just seen! It’s just incredible!

Peter: (pessimistically coming out onto the stage) Go on then, tell us. What have you seen? It can’t be all that great!
Mary:  I've seen the Lord. He spoke to me and told me to come and tell you the news.

(Both men look shocked and hurry across the stage, then go off stage. Enter Peter and John from other side of stage. They hurry to the tomb entrance. Peter goes in. He comes out holding grave clothes in his hands and looking very puzzled. Then he turns and sees Jesus.)
Peter: Lord, it really is you. (Enter Andrew, Thomas, James and Matthew, looking very surprised but pleased. Enter Mary, Woman in courtyard and Girl in courtyard. They all gather round Jesus)

Jesus: (with hands outstretched) tell all my friends that you have seen me. I will soon be with my Father in Heaven. Peace I give to you. Just as the Father sent me, so I send you. Go and tell everyone on the earth about me and about God's love for them.
(All cast except Barabbas, Pilate, Caiaphas, Priests, Soldiers and Judas gather round Jesus to sing final song, including Narrator and Narrator. Jesus rests his hands on the two children in blessing.)
Jesus: (with hands outstretched) Tell all my friends that you have seen me. I will soon be with my Father in Heaven. Peace I give to you. Just as the Father sent me, so I send you. Go and tell everyone on the earth about me and about God’s love for them.

****************** CD Track 19: Alive! (backing track 22) ******************
The stone was rolled away when we came up to the cave,

A man in white was shining like the sun.

We went inside to find only grave clothes left behind

There was no body there for it had gone.

He has risen from the dead. It is just as He said

A L I V E , He is alive.

He broke death's awful chains when He came to life again

A L I V E, He is alive!
We can’t believe our eyes, what a wonderful surprise,

Our Lord and Saviour risen from the grave.

We thought He’d gone for good,

Though we hoped he never would

He’s come back to us all, O happy day!
He has risen from the dead, It is just as He said.

A L I V E , He is alive!

He broke death's awful chains when He came to life again.

A L I V E, He is alive!

A L I V E, He is alive!

A L I V E, He is alive!

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