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First Name: Thompson

Middle Name: Oke
Last Name: Ayodele
Nationality: Nigerian
Postal Address
P.O. Box 6434


Office Address
IPPA Nigeria

9A Adekunle Odunlami Crescent

Off Ikorodu Road


Tel: 234-1-791-0959

Cell: 234-80-23025079


Schools Attended

Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina, 2004

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria (1991-1996)

Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin, Nigeria (1989-1991)

Ayedun Community High School, Akure, Nigeria (1980-1985)

Local Authority Primary School, Akure, Nigeria (1975-1980)

Academic Qualifications

Certificate of Recognition ( Center for International Business Education & Research)

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English

Diploma In Law

General Certificate of Education

West African School Certificate

Appointments & Job Experience

Alson Oil and Gas Limited ( March 2007- Present)

8 David Solarin Street

Off CAC Road

Ikorodu, Lagos

Designation: Consultant

Job Description: Work on providing a detailed analysis on trends in the oil and gas in Nigeria as in both upstream and downstream. Analyze government policies regarding the sector how and pin point how such policies might hinder or encourage investment in the sector.

Initiative for Public Policy Analysis (February 2001 till Present)

9A Adekunle Odunlami Crescent

Off Ikorodu Road


Designation: Executive Director

Job Descriptions: Involved in the day-to-day running of the think tank. In addition to working on programs development, I write of articles; grant interviews and analyze policies with a view to seeing how its effects wealth creation. Work to promote the rule of law, trade and investment in Nigeria, property rights, free enterprise, access to technology, effective institutions and environmental issues and highlights the importance of these to growth and development of Nigeria. In addition to these tasks, I fundraise, facilitate events, and coordinate personnel
Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE)- April 2002- November 2006

9A Adekunle Odunlami Crescent

Off Ikorodu Road


Lagos, Nigeria
Designation: Deputy Country Director

Job Descriptions: To build a self-sustaining SIFE organization in Nigeria. Responsible for recruiting, training and supervising of SIFE in Western Part of Nigeria, leading and coordinating resource development efforts in Western Nigeria and beyond, and engaging academic faculty advisors in building SIFE on their university campuses.
Engaged in Day-to-Day Running of SIFE. Working with SIFE Teams (entrepreneurial students) in universities, with a view to promoting and educating students on the importance of the rule of law, how free markets work in the global economy, business ethics and financial & personal success skills.

Coordinating travel arrangements for SIFE National Champion for the World Cup in hosted in different country every year, relate and communicate with SIFE donors and business community, recruiting and training of new SIFE Teams.

Newsbase Limited (July 2003 to 2007)

(Publisher of AfrOil)

26 Albany Street

Edinburgh, Scotland

United Kingdom

Designation: Senior Correspondent (Freelance-Nigeria)

Job Description: Filing of Weekly Reports, writing of commentaries and conducting interview on Oil and Gas Sector.

Gerson Lehrman Group, Inc. (2004 to Present)

850 Third Avenue, 9th Floor

New York, NY 10022

+1 212 984 8500 | main

+1 212 984 8538 | fax

Designation: Consultant

Free Africa Foundation (2005- to 2008)

Washington DC/ New York

Designation: Coordinator for Nigeria, Benin Republic and Cameroon

Job Description: Setting up Malaria Free Zones (MFZs), Identifying Communities for (MFZs), Supervise Fumigation of communities, Liaise with government officials, and general coordination of the program in Nigeria, Benin Republic and Cameroon.

Ergo ( 2007-Present)

New York (Headquarters)

122 East 55th Street

New York, NY 10022

+1 212 421 4035

Designation: Consultant

Comet Newspapers Limited (July 1999 to June 2001)

21/23 Ijora Causeway


Lagos, Nigeria

Designation: Sub-Editor/ Proof Reader

Job Description: Editing of Stories, Page Planning, Production Supervision and Copy Reading & Editing

Some of the Trainings Attended
Managing Non-Profit Sector

Liberty Institute, India

New Delhi, India

March 06-March 12, 2001

Leadership Training

Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Midland, Michigan

United States

April 27-April 29, 2002

Developing and Managing Think-Tank

Atlas Economic Research Foundation

Fairfax, Virginia

United States

April 30- May 06, 2002

Train the Trainer

Friedrich Naumann Foundation

Johannesburg, South Africa

November 23-29, 2002

Developing Organization, Networking &Fund Raising Strategies

Students In Free Enterprise

Kansas City, Missouri

United States

May 09-12, 2003


  1. Thompson Ayodele: The Nigerian Clothing Design Industry in Lessons from the Poor, edited by Alvaro Vargas Llosa: Independent Institute 2008

  2. Thompson Ayodele: Public or Private Solution to Pension Problems in Nigeria, Initiative for Public Policy Analysis, 2007

  3. Bate, Ayodele, et al: Drug Use in Nigeria: An informal survey of Doctors, Pharmacists, Healthcare workers in Lagos, Ondo and Ogun: Initiative for Public Policy Analysis, American Enterprise Institute and Africa Fighting Malaria, 2009

  4. Thompson Ayodele: Safe Medicine and Intellectual Property Rights Protection in Nigeria (In Press)

Some Public Speaking Engagements

  1. Democracy, Religion & Economic Growth, February 2002, Lagos, Nigeria

  2. Markets Work for the Poor, Mont Pelerin Society Meeting, February 2007

  3. Understanding the Virtue of Free Society, October 2002, Lagos Nigeria

  4. Decentralizing Resources Ownership In Nigeria, September 2002, Lagos, Nigeria

  5. Privatization and Economic Reform, International Republican Institute's Communication Workshop For Political Parties in Nigeria, 16 October 2002

  6. Trade in Africa and Civil Society's Responsibility in the 21st Century, AGOA Civil Society Forum, January 2003, Mauritius

  7. Prospects for Freedom and Democracy in Nigeria, April 2003, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado, USA

  8. World Trade Organization and Africa, August 2003, Lagos, Nigeria

  9. Free Trade and Corruption in Africa, August 2003, London, England

  10. Four Years of Democracy In Nigeria: The Challenges Ahead, Marcatus Center, George Mason University, September 2003, Virginia, USA

  11. Sustainable Development Conference: One Year After, August 2003, Washington DC, CATO Institute, USA.

  12. Agriculture Subsidies and Africa, September 2003,Cancun, Mexico

  13. Conflicts in Africa: Curse of Mineral? November 2003, Mombassa, Kenya

  14. Trade, Subsidies, Foreign Aid and Development in Africa, Milan, Italy
  15. WTO: Media Training For Journalists, Lagos, Nigeria, September 2005

  16. Technology and Sound Science, Rome, Italy September, 2007

  17. Europeans Ideas Network, Fiuggi, Italy, September 2008

Some of Published Articles

        1. Worries over Nigeria's fledgling democracy, Financial Times, Europe

        2. Climate Change: North hides nefarious aims under green cloak, Business Day, South Africa

        3. Follies of Increase in Tax Revenue, This Day, Nigeria

        4. Protestors ignore benefits of free trade, The Comet, Nigeria

        5. Next step in realizing Nigeria's immense potential, Financial Times, Europe

        6. Propping Up Dictators, The New York Times

        7. A sudden approval of untested drugs, Financial Times, Europe

        8. AIDS Drugs: Is Patents the Obstacle? This Day, Nigeria

        9. Trade not Aid, Australia Financial Review

        10. Population Growth: False Conceptions of Problem and Cure, This Day, Nigeria

        11. No Aid, No Debt, This Day, Nigeria

        12. Malaria: When Politics Kills, This Day, Nigeria

        13. Trade, Not Aid: What Africa Wants, National Review (New York)

        14. How Markets Benefit the Poor, Fraser Institute (Canada)

        15. Is Privatization a cure-all for the economic ills?

The Comet, Nigeria

        1. Saving lives and protecting the Environment, New Age, Nigeria

        2. Nigeria and Free Trade, The Comet, Nigeria

        3. Africa in Bush Agenda, This Day, Nigeria
        4. How Reliable Are Anti-Retroviral Drugs, This Day, Nigeria

        5. Africa in Bush’s Political Capital, This Day, Nigeria

        6. Famine, Fallacies and Free Markets, Business Day, South Africa, This Day

        7. Paradox of Foreign Aid, This Day, Nigeria

        8. Trade Chiefs Have the Chance to Help Set Niger Free, The Hong Kong Standard

        9. Follies of Tax Revenue, This Day, Nigeria

        10. Anti-DDT Policies are Deadly, This Day, Nigeria

        11. Is War Against Bad Drugs Paying Off? The Punch, Nigeria

        12. Tasks before the new CBN Deputy Governor, The Guardian, Nigeria


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