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PURPOSE OF THE QUARTERLY: To educate and instruct by the collection, preservation, publication

and distribution of Nebraska records of a genealogical value. To encourage accuracy and careful documentation of materials submitted for publication.




Mr. Gene Bang, Box 62, Fremont, NE 68025


Mrs. Gloria Smethers, 1834 Summit St., Beatrice, Ne 68310


Mrs. Elaine Batenhorst, 3507 Avenue M, Kearney, NE 68847


Mrs. Lucile Bates, Box 32, Cozad, NE 69130

Publications Director

Mrs. Ruth Anna Hicks, 6703 Holdrege St., Lincoln, Ne 68505

THE EXECUTIVE BOARD consists of the President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer Publication Director and fifteen elected Area Delegates-at-Large.



Mrs. Ruth Anna Hicks, 6703 Holdrege Street, Lincoln, Ne 68505

Query Editor

Mrs. Lesta Westmore, 2707 N. 100 Ave., Omaha, NE 68134


Mrs. Barbara Dripps, 7000 Y St., Lincoln, Ne 68505



Mrs. Ruth Short, 2125 Bradfield Dr., Lincoln, NE 68502

Query Editor

Mrs. Lesta Westmore

The Quarterly, NEBRASKA ANCESTREE, is published summer, fall, winter and spring The Newsletter, THE NEW BRASS KEY, is published six times per year. Subscriptions begin with the summer issue of the Quarterly and with the May/June issue of the newsletter.

Send all material for NEBRASKA ANCESTREE to Mrs. Ruth Anna Hicks, 6703 Holdrege, Lincoln, Ne 68505 Send all material for THE NEW BRASS KEY to Mrs. Ruth Short, 2125 Bradfield Dr., Lincoln, Ne 68502
The Nebraska State Genealogical Society reserve the right to edit or reject and assumes no responsibility for errors in the contributed material.
Reprinting of the material appearing in NEBRASKA ANCESTREE (quarterly) publication of the Nebraska State Genealogical Society is strictly forbidden unless permission, in each instance and for each voluipe, has been given in writing by the Publications Director and/or the Edecutive (sic) Board of the Nebraska State Genealogical Society.
Membership, Renewal and Change of Address Notification of Change of Address must be sent at least 6 weeks in advance, or the Society must charge $1.00 to cover resulting re-mailing costs. Send Change of Address, Memberships and Renewal to Mr. Ray Billesbach, 925 N. Hewett, Hastings, NE 68901
Fiscal Year is from May 1 through April 30.





DOUGLAS COUNTY, Graduates of Brownell Hall


CUMING COUNTY, Rock Creek Mill


BANNER COUNTY. Pleasant Hill Cemetery




BANNER COUNTY, Out of Old Nebraska


Beginnings of the Methodist Church in Nebraska


Early Methodist Ministers


Bordeau, France Embarkation Camp


CASS COUNTY, Directory of Leading Farmers


WASHINGTON COUNTY, Fontenelle Guards


DOUGLAS COUNTY, Omaha Bee's Junior Birthday Book






Corresponding Secretary

Mrs. Hortense Wilkinson, 2030 E. 1st St. Fremont, Ne 68025


Mrs. Lucile Bates, Box 32, Cozad, NE 69130


Mrs. Cora Esch, Rt 1, Box 13, Splading (sic), Ne 68665

Legislative Affairs

Mrs. Virginia Foster, Box 756, Alliance, NE 69301


Mr. Ray Billesbach, 925, N. Hewett Ave., Hastings, NE 68901

Publicity & Public Relations

Mrs. Virginia Foster

Research & Correlating


Mrs. Ruth Anna Hicks, 6703 Holdrege St., Lincoln, Ne 68505

Lineage & Surname

Mrs. Florence Schmitt, Box 37, Lexington, NE 68850

Workshop Co-ordinator

NSGS Staff, Box 62, Fremont, Ne 68025


We have for sale back issues of The NEBRASKA ANCESTREE (quarterly). The following counties are featured in the quarterly.
VOLUME 1, No. 1

Franklin, Butler, Harlan, Frontier, Clay, Cherry, Washington, Phelps, Jefferson, Buffalo,

York, Otoe, Douglas, Thurston, Dawson, Gage.

VOLUME 1, No. 2

Hitchcock, Johnson, Burt, Buffalo, Kearney, Phelps, Harlan, Franklin, Butler, Saline, Otoe,

Fillmore, Nance, Pawnee, Polk, Nance, Boone, Washington, Douglas, Dawson, Pierce, Webster

VOLUME 1, No.3

Washington, Butler, Adams, Dawson, Chase, Scottsbluff, Cherry, Valley, Box Butte, Webster, Boone, Nemaha, Harlan, Cass, Franklin, Hamilton, Merrick, Johnson, Platte, Colf ax, Pierce, Wayne, Holt, Burt, Jefferson, Lancaster, Nance.

VOLUME 1, No. 4

Seward, Greeley, Red Willow, Boyd, Saline, Butler, Sioux, Sheridan, Sherman, Richardson, Thayer, Furnas, Hayes, Custer, Dodge, Antelope, Kearney, Cherry, Otoe, Gage, Polk, Platte.

VOLUME 2, No. 1

McPherson, York, Brown, Saline, Jefferson, Saunders, Wayne, Gage, Franklin, Pawnee, Clay, Adams Cass, Butler, Red Willow, Sheridan, Thayer, Johnson, Scottsbluff, Madison, Antelope, Douglas Colfax, Hamilton.

VOLUME 2, No. 2

McPherson, Sherman, Rock, York, Polk, Box Butte, Dodge, Johnson, Dawson, Burt, Merrick, Washington Johnson, Scotts Bluff, Kearney, Buffalo, Saunders, Saline, Webster, Adams, Lancaster, Douglas Boone, Seward, Wayne, Platte, Custer, Richardson, Blame, Cherry, Keya Paha, Harlan

VOLUME 2, No. 3

Sioux, Thomas, Lincoln, Holt, Harlan, Gosper, Douglas, Lancaster, Butler, Franklin, Dawson, Saline, Furnas, Buffalo, Washington, Howard, Cass, Box Butte, Madison, Johnson, Platte, Sharpy Hitchcock

VOLUME 2, No. 4

Kearney, Lincoln, Boyd, Cedar, Merrick, Valley, Box Butte, York, Douglas, Gage, Cherry, Saunders Sarpy, Madison, Wayne, Thomas, Franklin, Clay, Saline, Lancaster, Johnson, Washington, Otoe. Nance.

VOLUME 3, No. 1

Cherry, Brown, Boyd, Madison, Stanton, Perkins, Valley, Hall, Saunders, York, Sarpy, Red Willow Kearney, Gage.

VOLUME 3, No. 2

Kimball, Grant, Keya Paha, Bolt, Madison, Burt, Keith, Custer, Boone, Colf ax, Lancaster, Chase Otoe, Clay, Saline.

VOLUME 3, No. 3

Brown, Cheyenne, Franklin, Dakota, Lincoln, Boyd, Richardson, Cedar, Banner, Johnson, Merrick, Platte, Brown, Thomas, Dodge, Polk, Cass.

VOLUME 3, No. 4

Buffalo, Cass, Platte, Greeley, Webster, Antelope, Gage, York, Hamilton, Harlan, Dixon, Dodge, Dawson, Adams.

The price is $3.00 per issue (includes Postage). Nebraska residents add tax. A VOLUME, 4 issues is $12.00.

Send orders for the NEBRASKA ANCESTREE to

Mrs. Ruth Anna Hicks

6703 Holdrege Street

Lincoln, Nebraska 68505


Spring 1982

Page 115

Volume IV, No. 4

Submitted by Mrs. Ruth Harms, Kennedy Road Valentine NE 69201


Shackelford Cemetery

About 1910 a cemetery was laid out on Wes SHACKELFORD's homestead.(Sec. 19, Twn. 27

Rng. 38). Gene FRY, who had had some surveying experience, surveyed the lots out and he was the

first one buried there. His grave is the one on the northeast. There are at least 9 persons

buried there. They are Gene FRY, a RIDGEWAY girl, a Jim MARTIN girl, a woman who lived north-

east of Martindale Post Office, Guy JONES' grandmother, Johnnie SNYDER, his father, Joe SNYDER

and Ora KING's new born twins. The cemetery is on the OLO summer range at the extreme north.

As far as I know, there is no marking and the fence has been taken down .... Archie CHURCH.

North County Cemeteries

Graves on ranches north of Hyannis as listed in Grant County Library Cemetery Records: On the Leo Egan Ranch, Sec. 7 Twn. 25, Rng. 39 Mrs. SWEENEY; On Sec. 32, Twn. 25. Rng. 39 Almond CASTLE born 12-16-1834, died 11-6-1910, father of Frank CASTLE; On the Plummer Ranch, now known as the Dumbell two GODFREY children buried near the site of present buildings; Brennemann Ranch, graves on the Old Farrell Ranch-children of Jim FARRELL, Olive FARRELL 18901896 and Owen FARRELL 1894-1896.

Old Mason Cemetery

Also known as Stansbie--Perrett Cemetery, located 14 miles north of Ashby on the Leo EGAN Ranch. Graves listed by name and not as to location in cemetery. Roberta WILSON 2-9-1891; Edithe BUCK 1-9-1895, age 1 mo. 24 days, daughter of Henry and Illa David BUCK. Mrs. Buck, a sister of A. T. DAVIS; unknown grave; WILSON, perished in a blizzard near the cemetery and buried by early settlers; W. S. PERRETT 5-6-1831 - 5-6-1911; Maria PERRETT 6-16-1890, parents of F. L. PERRETT: Louisa E. NEAL 9-14-1867 - 7-2-1894 wife of F. L. PERRETT and mother of Walter PERRETT:' An infant son and daughter Vivena 6-30-1894 - 8-14-1894, children of F. L. and Louisa E. PERRETT: An infant son, daughter Marian and son Freddy, children of F. L. and Maria Calahan PERRETT: James STANSBIE 8-11-1889, 60 years old; Minnie BAUGH Aug. 1889, 1 yr. 7 mo. 16 days; Harold BAUGH 2-22-1902, aged 3 weeks, 2 days. Children of Dan and Stansbie BAUGH; Nellie JOHNSON 9-29-1894, 1 yr. 10 mo. 24 days, daughter of Chet and Mary Stansbie JOHNSON: Jane STANSRIE 3-8-1901, 26 yr. 3 mo. 24 days; Several children of Will MASON; SIEGFRIED; Two girls 11 and 13 years old, parents John and Mary COOMBS.


South County Cemeteries

Graves on ranches south of Hyannis as listed in Grant County Library Cemetery Records: Two children of Ancel & Carrie CONNER, buried on Vinton Ranch; An infant daughter of George and Lydia SWIGGART, buried on Vinton Ranch; MALIKOFF infant died 1912, location not listed; Child of Elaine WRIGHT, buried in Spring Valley on Owen WRIGHT's Timber Claim.

Spring Valley Cemetery

Located on the east side of Spring Valley Lake in a grove of trees is a little cemetery marked by two gravestones. Three children are buried there. This land, once owned by Ben WRIGHT and later owned by Merle and Opal (Ben's daughter) REX, is about 20 miles south and east of Hyannis. The first child that was buried there was Howard Wm. GREEN, the son of Ferris and Elaine GREEN. (Howard was a half-brother to Lyle WRIGHT) The stone on his grave reads: Our Loved One, Born July 29, 1923 - Died June 5, 1924. The second baby buried there was Geraldine REX, infant daughter of Merle and Opal REX, Engraved on her stone is: Our Little One, Born Sept. 28 1930 - Died Dec. 27, 1930. The last child to be buried there was the son of Jim and Jewel Latitner. This baby was still born and the date of burial is uncertain.

Ashby Cemetery

The oldest known graves in the Ashby Cemetery are Mary DUNKEL, 1915; and Anna M. DUNKEL, 1916, infant daughters of Ollie and John DUNKEL. The graves of BERNETT, 1910 and 1918, were moved to the BIXBY plot later.

In 1925 a group of Ashby citizens formed the Ashby Cemetery Board. It was filed for record with the County Clerk on June 29, 1926; it set forth - perpetual trusteeship, annual dues of $5.00, and holding annual meetings for reports.


Spring 1982

Page 116

Volume IV, No. 4

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