New Junior and Young Adult Nonfiction Books in January Updated February 6, 2006 New junior nonfiction


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New Junior and Young Adult Nonfiction Books in January

Updated February 6, 2006
New junior nonfiction:

  • Kickin’ Up Some Cowboy Fun: 130 Activities for Cowboys & Cowgirls, by Monica Hay Cook. Make your own brand, learn cowboy weather terms, and stir up some cowboy grub. (978 Coo 1999)

  • The Lucent Library of Conflict in the Middle East Series. This series illuminates the complexities surrounding the tension in the Middle East. In this Series:

    • The Middle East: An Overview, by Diane Yancey. (956.04 Yan 2005)

    • The Arab-Israeli Conflict, by Debra A. Miller. (956.04 Mil 2005)

    • The Palestinians, by Anne Wallace Sharp. (956.04 Sha 2005)

    • Human Rights in the Middle East, by Gail B. Stewart. ((323.0956 Ste 2005)

    • U.S. Involvement in the Middle East: Inciting Conflict, by Debra A. Miller. (327.73 Mil 2005)

  • American War Library: The Iraq War Series. This series offers readers insight into the triumphs and tragedies of the Iraq War. In this Series:

    • Rebuilding Iraq, by Debra A Miller. (956.7044 Mil 2005)

    • Life of an American Soldier in Iraq, by Michael V. Uschan. (956.7044 Usc 2005)

    • The Home Front, by Diane Yancey (956.7044 Yan 2005)
    • Weapons of War, by Geoffrey A. Campbell. )956.7044 Cam 2005)

  • Superman Adventures: Up, Up and Away!, by Mark Millar. It’s a full time job protecting Metropolis and the rest of the world. Is Superman up for it? (741.5 Mil 2004)

  • Batman Adventures: Rogues Gallery, by Scott Peterson. Gotham City’s greatest villains all take a turn against Batman. (741.5 Pet 2004)

  • Batman Adventures: Shadows and Masks, by Vito Delsante. A deadly new gang is threatening Gotham City, and it’s up to the Dark Knight Detective to take it down. (741.5 Del 2004)

  • Diseases and Disorders series: This series gives you the skinny on various diseases. In this Series:

    • Food Poisoning, by Barbara Sheen. (615.954 She 2005)

    • Bipolar Disorder, by Melissa Abramovitz. (616.895 Ab4 2004)

    • Mad Cow Disease, by Barbara Sheen. (616.83 She 2004)

    • Parkinson’s Disease, by Melissa Abramovitz. (616.833 Abr 2005)

    • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, by Gail B. Stewart. (618.32 Ste 2004)

    • Heart Disease, by Barbara Sheen. (616.12 She 2004)

  • Heart Castle: An American Palace, by Barbara Knox. Famous American journalist William Randolph Hearst built a “small” house with 56 bedrooms, an indoor and outdoor pool, a home theatre, and his own zoo! Learn about this American palace. (070.5092 Kno 2006)

  • Polar Regions: Surviving in Antarctica, by Sunita Apte. During the winter of 2001, Liv Arnesen and Ann Bancroft attempted to cross Antarctica (it was “summer” there). Find out about their trip. (919.89 Apt 2006)

  • Aisha’s Moonlit Walk: Stories and Celebrations for the Pagan Year, by Anika Stafford. What would the world be like if young people grew up knowing that Mother Nature teaches us things we need to know? (394.268 Sta2005)

  • Rimshots: Basketball Pix, Rolls, and Rhythms, by Charles R. Smith Jr. Awesome, fast paced poems about basketball. (811.54 Smi)

  • The Twelve Labors of Hercules, by James Ford. In a fit of madness, Hercules has killed his family and offended the gods. As punishment, the king has set him 12 seemingly impossible tasks. (398.2 For)

  • The Voyages of Odysseus, by Sue Reid. After the Trojan War, Odysseus wants to sail home. But the gods are angry with our hero. Will he make it home? (398.2 Rei)

  • The City Council, by Terri DeGezelle. Learn how city council members are elected and how they serve people in their cities. (320.8 DeG)

  • Serving on a Jury, by Terri DeGezelle. Juries decide verdicts in court cases. Learn how jurors are chosen for this important duty and what serving on a jury is like. (347.73 DeG)

  • The City Mayor, by Terri DeGezelle. Mayors work with city councils to pass new ordinances and make cities good places to live. Learn what it takes to be a mayor. (352.23 DeG)

  • Trade and Industry, by Gerry Bailey. Crafty Inventions. A story, a problem, a list of possible solutions and – Eureka! You’re an inventor. Find out how and why certain things were invented. (600 Bai)

  • Trail Blazers and the Modern World series: This series examines the lives of people whose lives have changed the world. In this series:

    • `Jackie Robinson, by Lucia Raatma. (796.357 Raa 2002)

    • Venus and Serena Williams, by James Buckley Jr. (796.342 Buc 2003)

    • Steven Spielberg, by Geoffrey M. Horn. (791.43 Hor 2002)

  • The Wooden Horse of Troy, by John Malam. The Trojan prince Paris has abducted Helen, King Menelaus’ wife. In the ten-year siege that follows, brave warriors will fight, and both sides will suffer great bloodshed.

  • Medieval World series: This series examines different aspects of the medieval world. In this series:

    • Cathedrals and the Church, by Patricia Levy. (726.609 Lev 2004)

    • Health and Medicine, by Saviour Pirotta. (610.4 Pir 2004)

    • Warfare and Weapons, by Christopher Gravett. 940.1 Gra 2004)

  • NFL Today series: This series discusses some of the teams’ best players, as well as their all-star moments.
    • The History of the Seattle Seahawks, by Sara Gilbert. (796.332 Gil 2005)

    • The History of the Green Bay Packers, by John Nichols. (796.332 Nic 2005)

    • The History of the Denver Broncos, by Adam Schmalzbauer. (796.332 Sch 2005)

  • Adrenalin! Series: An exciting new series aimed at aspiring extreme sport enthusiasts. In this series:

    • Mountain Biking, by Clive Gifford. (796.6 Gif 2006)

    • Skateboarding, by Clive Gifford (796.2 Gif 2006)

    • Snowboarding, by Clive Gifford. (796.9 Gif 2006)

  • DK Biography: A Photographic Story of a Life series: DK biographies include more than 100 photographs; a fresh point of view; and sidebars, definition boxes, and timelines. In this series:

    • Albert Einstein, by Frieda Wishinsky. Albert Einstein’s imagination and gift for physics helped him develop ideas that would shake the world—and make him one of the most famous thinkers of our time. (530.092 Wis 2005)

    • Harry Houdini, by Vicki Cobb. The story of how a poor immigrants transformed himself into the greatest magician in the world. (793.8 Cob 2005)

  • Viewpoints series: Viewpoints is a challenging series that explores social issues, inspiring debate on questions raised by the modern world. In this series:

    • A Green World?: Can We Live in a Green World?, by Nicola Baird (333.72 Bai 2005)
    • The Right to Smoke?: Your Right to Choose?, by Emma Haughton. (362.296 Hau 2005)

  • National Geographic Bee Official Study Guide, by Stephen F. Cunha. Preparing for the National Geographic Bee? Check this book out! (910.79 Cun 2005)

New young adult nonfiction books

  • At Issue series: This series tackles a diversity of issues and covers them from multiple viewpoints. In this series:

    • Sex Education (613.9 Sex 2005)

  • John Lennon: All I Want is the Truth, by Elizabeth Partridge. A photographic journey that takes us from John Lennon’s turbulent childhood, rebellious rock’n’roll teens to his celebrated life writing, recording, and performing music with the Beattles. (784.54 Par 2005)

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