Nothing But the Truth Chapters 16—19

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Nothing But the Truth

Chapters 16—19
1. What happened when Philip showed up in Miss Narwin's English class?
2. Who was the principal at Washington Academy?
3. What were the results of the budget election? The school board election?
4. What nickname did Mr. Lunser give Philip?
5. During Tuesday's conversation between Dr. Seymour and Ted Griffin, Dr. Seymour admitted that they had a "personal problem." Whose problem was he talking about?
6. What did Miss Narwin decide to do about her career?
7. What was Coach Jamison's reaction when Philip went to see him?
8. What did Allison tell Philip when she saw him back at school?
9. How did Ted Griffin urge people to vote in is speech of April 3?
10. What can you infer from Dr. Seymour's request for Miss Narwin's personnel file and his statement, "I have to decide what to do"?
11. Why can't Philip run track at the new school?
12. Why was Miss Narwin unhappy to learn that her request for funds to attend the teaching seminar had finally been granted?
13. What did Miss Narwin feel was wrong with the statement the school issued?
14. Why was Robert Duval flying from St. Louis to talk to Miss Narwin?
15. How did the other students react to Philip on his first day back?
16. What happened to the story Duval wrote telling Miss Narwin's side of "the truth?"
17. Who was Philip's new homeroom teacher at Washington Academy?
18. Where did Philip end up going to school?
19. What important "truth" did Philip tell Ken during their conversation on the way to the bus on Tuesday morning?

20. Why did Philip refuse to go back to Harrison High School?

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