Once upon a time there was a dog and he was running through the charred forest

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Once upon a time there was a dog and he was running through the charred forest.

Over hot ash, dog runs with a bird clamped in his soft gentle mouth. He takes magpie to his cave, just over a stream, and there dog tries to mend magpie’s burnt wing.

Magpie said,” I don t’ want help I can’t; fly any way’.

So, dog said, “Well I have one blind eye missing.”

Magpie said, “An eye, an eye, an eye. It is nothing. I can’t fly any more.”

Dog said, “I shall be your missing wing and you shall be my missing eye.”
So, dog picked up magpie by his soft gentle mouth and put her on his back and off they went through the bright green forest.
Dog runs with magpie on his back and then they went around a little bit of the forest. Then they went to the cave and a fox came sneaking with his devious eyes looking at magpie’s burnt wing. Dog was down by the stream then Fox said, “May I stay with you until I find shelter.”

Dog said, “Yeah you can stay.” But magpie thought to herself, Fox is looking at my burnt wing.

So magpie told dog and Dog said, “No he isn’t he is probably just looking at something else.” Magpie didn’t feel that well, so she just stuck close with dog.

Then they went to bed, but Fox was still awake and he grabbed Magpie and said, “Come with me,”.

So Magpie went with Fox out to the desert and put Magpie in this cave.

And he said, “Now you shall know what it feels like to be by yourself”. And before you knew it Fox was gone and Magpie was lonely.

She got out of the cave and started to think about what she had done wrong and, started to go back to dog through the hot desert.



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