Parents Name: Birth-year and place, if deceased: Birthplace, if living


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Family Story: Outline

All stories begin with a Title Including 3 paragraphs, and a summary or conclusion. The three paragraphs will explain in detail the; who, what, when, and where the story is about. The summary will tell how the story ended based to their present day situation.

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Paragraph 1;

Who; Name: Give full birth name and any namesakes from family members

Birth-year and place, if deceased: ____________________________

Birthplace, if living: _______________________________________

Parents Name: ___________________________________________

Birth-year and place, if deceased: ____________________________

Birthplace, if living: ________________________________________

Grand-Parents-Name: ______________________________________

Birth-year and place, if deceased: ____________________________

Birthplace, If living: ________________________________________

Education: Tell the Schools’ Name, Location, and year completed. Grade School: _____________________________________________

High School: ______________________________________________

College Degrees: ____________________________________________

Voc. /Training; _______________________________________________

Career/Occupations: _________________________________________

Paragraph 2:

What; Tells what this person do or did for a living or in life:

Jobs: ______________________________________________________

Religions: __________________________________________________

Marriages: __________________________________________________

Children: ___________________________________________________

Military: ___________________________________________________

Hobbies: ____________________________________________________

Club Memberships: __________________________________________

Paragraph 3:

When and Where; Tells when the events occurred, this is added in paragraphs one and two and is told by the date of the events that the person was involved. The where is also mentioned in paragraphs one and two by the locations of jobs held, churches attended, children birth, and Education received?

The following Page is an example of a family story using the above outline.

Carol Denise Phillips-Johnson was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She is the fourth of six children born to Martha Elaine Milton (1936-2002) of Arkansas and Howard Minter Phillips of Alabama. Her Maternal grand-parents are Maple Ann Jordon (1916-1945) AR and Rev Mack Milton (1907-1977) LA. Her Paternal Grand-parents are Sallie Owens (1902-1932) GA and James Roy Phillips (1892-1978) AL. Carol recalls her youth, “when I was grouping up I remember traveling to different States to visit relatives. My God-father the Reverend James McCoy of New Mount Pilgrim MBC, would let me live with them during the summer months from the age of 8-13 and we went everywhere. Everyday there was a function he was involved in and I got a chance to meet a lot of people from different walks of life. He would not only help the sick and the young but he attended many businesses meeting with political people of the city. When I wasn’t with him I went shopping with his daughters, I did not know it then, but I think I was some kind of chaperone for them. While in Catholic school we took many trips around the state to visit Nunneries, I was encouraged to join, but I had other plans and couldn’t wait to graduate. I believe this is where I got my interest in Traveling” Carol was raised as a Baptist and Christen as a Catholic but does not follow any religious doctrine today.

Carol attended Saint Joseph grade School (1973)IL, Marshall High School (1978)IL, Phillips College (1983)IL, Miami Dade College (1993)FL and Florida A &M University (2005)FL. Carol maintains her educational knowledge by attending different Vocational studies; Clerk-typist Dawson institute, Office Administrator-Tallahassee Community College, Electrician Apprenticeship- International Brotherhood of Electrical Worker ( IBEW), and Computer Operator-Miami Dade College. She has worked for many States Agencies and Private Companies in recent years to supplement her income for Traveling.

She first married Jerry Moody in 1977, and one child was born to this union, Linda Moody, In 1984 she married Bernard Fleming, no children, and in 1998 she married Michael Johnson ( 1955-2005), no children. Carol’s youngest Daughter is Lexius Marque Stone, who lives with her father Jeffrey Stone in Madison, Wisconsin.

Carol has spent many years traveling throughout the United States and Europe, She states, “I enjoy seeing new place and cultures; it enriches my life and helps me to relate to people.” She has worked for numerous Temporary Agency, which allows her to further her travel experiences. Carol current hobbies includes; Volunteer for The American Red Cross Disaster Services and The Salvation Army Thrift Store and Leon County Community events, she has also spent time on different Committee Projects for the Tallahassee Genealogical Society. Carol hopes her future will be as blissful as her past. She plans to finish her degree and looks forward to spending more time with her grand-daughter Leah.
Written by: Carol D. Johnson

Submitted by: Carol D. Johnson

Word Count: 500 (Non Pioneer Family)

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