Parish Pump August 2006 Issue 34


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Parish Pump August 2006 Issue 34




AIan Barrett, a Staffordshire Vicar is so delighted that the 10 year old he is helping with her maths has finally mastered long division, that he presents her with a certificate and plants a kiss on her forehead. They are not, it is important to note, tucked away from public gaze, but in full sight of the whole class and its regular teacher.

The girl's mother is upset and demands a `full investigation', and everyone falls over themselves to get their clip-boards out. (Interesting language shift: these days investigations must always be `full', never the ordinary kind.)Even in these bizarre times, common sense prevails, and the police, social services and local authority decide there is no case to answer, though one wonders how many expensive manhours were spent in arriving at this unremarkable decision.

However, the Vicar's `employer' has also swung into action. Acting on behalf of the Bishop of Lichfield, The Venerable Chris Liley (the Archdeacon) joins the fray, and through the diocesan spokesman, Gavin Drake, adjudges: `The conclusion that Mr Barrett had acted inappropriately is not a finding of guilt or negligence, but recognition that in today's climate, previously acceptable innocent behaviour is now subject to misunderstanding and suspicion. As the complaint and subsequent police

investigation demonstrates, the simple act of a kiss on the cheek, a common greeting around the world, has potentially damaging consequences.'

Note the use of that weasel word `inappropriate'; a word quite impossible to pronounce these days without screwing the mouth into a sphincter of outraged disapproval, usually reflecting a mind to match.

The spokesman went on to say `the diocese takes child protection very seriously and has policies in place which all parishes were required to abide by.' (There's another weasel word: `policy'. At best anodyne, at worst something to hide behind for those who can not make decisions based on the richness of Real Life.)

All very clean and tidy, and no doubt all involved congratulate each other on following the rules towards a very satisfactory conclusion. Except for the Vicar who is said to be (understandably) devastated, and most sensible people who wonder why the Church (of all institutions) didn't defend Mr Barrett, and tell everyone else to stop being so childishly foul-minded.

And lest anyone thinks it could not happen here, a recent Vicar dropped in for tea one summer's aftern00n. Afterwards he asked where he could go to meet parishioners, and I suggested the Filkins swimming p00l; lots of mothers and children. `No, best notthe said `People might get the wrong idea.' What a world!

Richard Martin




6`h August - Trinity VIII

10.30am B Bourton      Benefice Eucharist Service        EJ, NUW

6.00pm Shilton Evensong          NUW


13th August -   Trinity IX

9.00am Alvescot          Parish Communion        NUW

9.00am Broadwell        Matins  AP

9.00am Westwell/Holwell Combined Holy Communion EJ

10.30am Filkins            Parish Communion        NUW

10.30am Shilton           Parish Communion        JM

11.00am L Faringdon   Matins & Baptism         EJ

6.00pm B Bourton        Evensong          NUW

6.00pm Kencot            Evensong          EJ


20`h August -   Trinity X

9..00am B Bourton/Alvescot Combined Holy Communion        EJ

9.00am Holwell            Holy Communion          HM 10.30am Broadwell/Kencot Combined Communion & Baptism NUW

10.30am Kelmscott      Family Communion       EJ

10.30am Langford        Parish Communion & Baptism  HM

6.00pm B Poggs           Evensong          HM

6.00pm Westwell         Evensong          NUW


27`h August -   Trinity XI

9.00am Kencot            Holy Communion (BCP)           NUW

9.00am Shilton Holy Communion          EJ

10.30am Alvescot/B Bourton Combined Family Communion     RB

10.30am Filkins            Family Communion & Baptism  EJ

11.00am L Faringdon   Parish Communion        NUW

6.00pm Holwell/Westwell Combined Evensong NUW

6.00pm Langford          Evensong          EJ


3'd September -Trinity XII

10.30am Westwell        Benefice Eucharist Service        HM, NUW, EJ

6.00pm Broadwell        Evensong          NUW


There is also a Communion Service at Black Bourton every Wednesday at 10.00am



AP       Arthur Pont      EJ        Liz Johnson

HM Harry MacInnes    JM Judith Mount

NUW Neville Usher-Wilson     RB Roger Billings



All services are at 10.30am unless otherwise stated

3rd September Westwell

5th November Kelmscott

3rd December Langford




6th August - Transfiguration of Our Lord (W)

Daniel 7.9-10, 13-14    Psalm 97

2 Peter 1.16-19            Luke 9.28-36


13th August - Trinity IX (G)

2 Samuel 18.5-9, 15, 31-33     Psalm 130

Ephesians 4.25 - 5.2     John 6.35, 41-51


15th August - The Blessed Virgin Mary (W)

Isaiah 61.10-end          Psalm 45.10-end

Galatians 4.4-7 Luke 1.46-55


20th August - Trinity X (G)

1 Kings 2.10-12; 3.3-14          Psalm 111

Ephesians 5.15-20        John 6.51-58


27th' August - Trinity XI (G)

1 Kings 8. [1, 6,10-11] 22-30,41-43   Psalm 84

Ephesians 6.10-20        John 6.56-69


3rd September - Trinity XII (G)

Song of Solomon 2.8-13          Psalm 45.1-2, 6-9 [or 45.1-7]

James 1.17-end            Mark 7.1-8, 14-15, 21-23




Children's Church dates for remainder of 2006

All activities start at 10.15 in Shilton Old Sch00l. Some of these dates might be subject to change. Watch this space.

August (No service)      12th November

10th September            10th December (Christingle)

 October (No service)


Thank you for supporting our Children's Church and we hope that many more of you would like to join. For more information or any queries please contact Harry McInnes (01993 845954) or me on 01993 847039.

Debs Price       •




Dear Friends

During a very wet English Summer eight years ago, a cart00n appeared in one newspaper, showing a small boy pointing at the sun and saying, `What's that, Daddy'?

Fortunately, this year children in the Cotswolds have not been left in that kind of ignorance as to the source of our daylight - whatever the weather brings in August.

But while the sun may have been evident, there are still a great many      , things which cloud the source of life. For that reason alone, a holiday month, when things slow down a bit for most people, can provide a welcome break for reflection and receiving.

We give out to others from what there is inside ourselves, and if the reservoir is empty other people lose out. Whilst a car can't go on running on empty, we have a tendency to continue to go on living active lives when there is really nothing left in the way of inner resources. I remember someone telling me how he used to have a plaque on his desk at work carrying the caption `Beware of the barrenness of a busy life'. His comment on it was `All my friends seem to think that to be continually busy is a kind of virtue and signifies their importance.

`They say to me with a l00k of admiration "My, you must be so busy with your job". And of course I am comparatively so. But it is no virtue if I am running on empty all the time. I really need to have time, I need to withdraw, I need to let myself be refreshed, and to reflect on what it is that really matters in my life. I need to get back to the source of light and life.'

There is a fascinating story in the Gospels of how a haemorrhaging woman pushed through a crowd of people, convinced that if she could only touch Jesus, she would be healed. She did and she was! Being in touch with Jesus had healing power. But what is also very striking about the story is the reaction of Jesus himself. He knew instantly that he had been drained of some of his inner resources. At the time it surprised even his closest companions. Even he could not continue with his life of constantly giving out without also

taking in. In fact in his lifestyle he modelled the art of keeping the flow of God's love and power unblocked, day by day and week by week. He never allowed the clouds of busyness to obscure the source of light and life.

August provides a g00d opportunity to reflect on the things that matter and for many to rest and relax. In addition to the detective novel with which you relax, why not explore a spiritual b00k. As well as admiring the view why not allow that to connect you to the maker of it all. This month could be a time for ways of refreshing the soul as well as the body.

It might be a time for you to echo the words of the Psalmist

`In the morning, 0 Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you, and wait in expectation' (Psalm 5:3).

Harry MacInnes



Give ear to my words, 0 Lord, consider my meditation.

Hearken unto the voice of my cry, my King, and my God: for unto thee will I pray.

My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, 0 Lord;

in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will l00k up.

For thou art not a God that hath pleasure in wickedness:

neither shall evil dwell with thee.

The f00lish shall not stand in thy sight:

thou hatest all workers of iniquity.

Thou shalt destroy them that speak leasing:

the Lord will abhor the bl00dy and deceitful man.

But as for me, I will come into thy house in the multitude of thy mercy:

and in thy fear will I worship toward thy holy temple.

Lead me, 0 Lord, in thy righteousness because of mine enemies;

make thy way straight before my face.

For there is no faithfulness in their mouth;

their inward part is very wickedness;

their throat is an open sepulchre;

 they flatter with their tongue.

Destroy thou them, 0 God;

let them fall by their own counsels;

cast them out in the multitude of their transgressions;

for they have rebelled against thee.

But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice:

let them ever shout for joy, because thou defendest them:

let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee.

For thou, Lord, wilt bless the righteous;

with favour wilt thou compass him as with a shield.

King James Version




At the last Benefice Council meeting on 19`h June, we welcomed a number of new Church Wardens. It also gave us all a chance to reflect on the contribution of those who have made way for them.

I would like to publicly thank David Range (Langford), George Ponsonby, (Little Farringdon), Jane Brylewski (Holwell) and David Roberts (Shilton) for your service to our village churches, and to pass on the genuine gratitude that was expressed by the council for you.

I am sure that there are still numerous ways in which you continue to make a great contribution to the life and well-being of our surrounding communities. T00 often such works go unremarked, but I would like to thank you for the very important contribution to the life and care of the church you made as church wardens. With warmest wishes to you all,

Harry MacInnes




People often say to me after a service that they found the Epistle reading difficult to understand, usually because we just read a passage out of context. So we have decided to use our next four meetings to take a more leisurely l00k at one of St. Paul's Epistles, the letter to the Philippians.

We meet on Monday evenings at 7.30pm, at Filkins Vicarage. The last date we have planned is 21s` August. You are most welcome to join us. For more details, please phone me on 01367 860846.

Liz Johnson




We meet again on Wednesday 2°d August at 2.45pm in The Methodist Church Sch00lr00m. We l00k forward to a return visit of Richard Bowler, who will talk to us about being a para-medic. As ever, all are welcome.

Marjorie Barstow




Y outh Worship generally runs on the first Sunday of each month from 6.00 to 7.30pm at Shilton Church and Old Sch00l House. Please see the list of monthly services for details of any Youth Services. If anyone would like further information, do please telephone (01993 822479) email me (

Jane Brylewski




So, after all these months, f00tball fever should be dying down; we won't rush home to watch the latest game, the flags will disappear. I am sure it's been g00d for the country and for us. It gives us a sense of belonging, a pride in our country and chance for more barbeques and beer.

It was sad to see our lads beaten though and towards the end they certainly got it together. Life is a bit like that, we can't all be winners all of the time, but the g00d news for Christians is that the victory was won over 2000 years ago: death was defeated, and we have the promise of eternal life. The victory is ours through Jesus Christ.

Paul Plank

August preachers

6th August Informal

13th August Graham Sparrowhawk Communion

20th August Sue Barnes

27thAugust Ray & Dorothy Honeyford

Elizabeth Harfield




I t is now seven months since I t00k over the reigns of running the Benefice Choir, and I think it worthwhile pausing for thought as we have just broken up for the summer. This is to allow for the fact that most normal people go on holiday at this time of year, whilst I run around frantically trying to make use of whatever weather the British summer throws at us (which is brilliant at the moment) and madly try and make hay, and start harvest (shortly after the time of writing.)

May I first put out a public thank you to all my choir members who have supported me to date. It is much appreciated that you turn up, although as you all know, I'd love everybody to be able to make all of the practices all of the time (I'm dreaming again), but seriously, without the back up, it would not be worth me trying to produce the music.

Secondly, I thought that a brief report might be in order - and you never know, it might just pique the interest of those of you out there who have been thinking: `I really must give David a ring and come and join the choir'.

We have sung various services around the benefice now, ranging from a number of Benefice services (the most recent being al Alvescot yesterday) to a Choral Evensong in my home parish of Black Bourton. We have been learning a new setting for the Communion services, and trying a number of different anthems, which have been sung at these services. I am a strong believer in singing these anthems unaccompanied, for a number of reasons: partly because it means that I can lead the choir as a conductor (and the organ isn't always close to hand in some of our churches), partly because I think it can often sound nicer if it is voices only, and partly because I believe it gives the various people singing more confidence (having got over the shock of the challenge) if they can actually hear what is being sung, rather than being covered by an accompaniment.

We have tried various fairly short anthems in both three parts (S/A/Men) and four parts (S/A/T/B - for those of you in the know) and yesterday we performed `Amazing Grace', but to a modern harmonization, which I further shocked the ladies of the choir with, by rearranging the four parts to be sung in three of the verses by a four part ladies choir - and I think that they did brilliantly. We have also started l00king at singing Psalms, Canticles and Responses, with the view of doing another Choral Evensong sometime this side of Christmas.

On top of all this, we recently had a very enjoyable BBQ here at Glebe Farm (as reported in last months Parish Pump) and I hope that we will be doing some more socialising like this in the near future.

Membership is very slowly on the rise, which is great, but there is always r00m for more, and I am particularly keen to see people in the 10 to 30 bracket, although anyone is welcome so long as you can sing in tune - just leave the rest to me. My number as always is 01993 841807 or 07850 064775. We reconvene for practices at Kencot Village Hall on the 22°d August, for a benefice service at Westwell (I believe) on the first Sunday of September.

David New




T he next Branch Committee Meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 5`h September at The 5 Alls, Filkins.

Jeremy Taylor




There is a lot of talk these days about `value for money management; and `target setting' With tongue firmly in cheek, Mike Clark applies the arguments to the Church...

Although in some quarters nowadays the idea of setting targets in order to help measure performance is greeted with h00ts of derision, it is difficult to see how any kind of strategic plan can be executed and monitored without it. And it must be said that the greatest and most complex strategic plan of all is the one which is circumscribed by the world's great religions.

But, as far as the Church is concerned, one of its fundamental aims, the saving of souls, must be an extremely difficult thing to quantify, even for those who claim some sort of open communications channel with the hereafter.

Something more down-to-earth, based on rather easier quantification methods, like, say, the number of conversation to and from the faith computed rather like populaton migration flows into net gains and losses, is one obvious solution.

This is, of course, already done in several ways, but to do so it has usually been necessary to carry out some rather impersonal research in order to calculate market share, repeating the exercise at regular intervals. However, this sort of thing is only really practical on a large scale - national or regional.

At the benefice level, the hard-nosed, statistical approach seems not only to lack a certain sensitivity, but also to be totally devoid of imagination, which many observers nowadays think is evangelically important. It is, they say, essential to engage with the client.

Defining and identifying the client base, customer focus, user profile or whatever other trendy managementspeak phrase comes to hand of course probably requires a little thought. But for the purposes of this particular Reflection, we should avoid certain potentially contentious issues and dwell instead on the simpler, traditional topics that somehow we often forget about - the ordinary, down-to-earth here and now.

There is potentially a whole raft of interesting performance measures which might be worth considering for small areas like parishes and groupings of parishes. Given values and used in variable cluster analysis, the following factors might help to generate a genuinely useful and meaningful performance index:

•           Average length of Sunday sermons

•           Share of wedding market compared with registry offices, Gretna Green, etc.

•           Volume of repeat business, such as the retaking of vows

•           Growth rate of r00f restoration funds

•           Total f00tage of medal ribbons worn at Armistice Day services

•           Television and radio broadcasts by `our' bishop

•           Frequency, volume and tempo of renderings of All Things Bright and Beautiful

•           Length of church flowers rota

•           Gross value of foreign currency in collection plate

•           Runs scored and wickets / catches taken by the vicar during the cricket season

•           Average interval (in minutes) between end of choir practice and Closing Time


Although targets generally might be useful t00ls in that they could give individual church councils something to aim at, providing a baseline for regular checks on how well they were doing in the real world, a possible downside would be the almost irresistible urge in this day and age to create performance league tables, which would not really be helpful.

Some criteria are harmless enough, like the Diocesan Team Tug-of-War, the Best Kept Churchyard Competition, or even the Most Terrifying Hellfire and Damnation Sermon (for all of which there should be an annual awards ceremony), although something like a special class for churchwardens in the hedge-laying section at the County Show, for instance, might be deemed a little t00 controversial.

At the end of the day, though, the most sensible performance indicators are always going to be those which review the degree to which the primary task of the organisation concerned is accomplished.

In Christian theology, it is well-known that the Lord moves in mysterious ways, and there seems to be little reason why His marketing executives on earth should not do likewise, provided the outcome is broadly beneficial in terms of subscribers' happiness and wellbeing, if not actual doctrinal purity.

Deciding whether one performance is greater than another, though, or whether targets have been adequately met are examples of the sort of thing where the judge's decisions are unarguably pretty final.

Mike Clark





18th June          Kencot Ella Jasmin Snow

9th July Shilton Aimee Christianna Nicholls & Kate Olivia Mowbray



7th July Little Faringdon

Ashley George Ponsonby to Camilla Douglas Gordon-Lennox



30th June Kencot Bernard John Whiteway aged 64 years




St Peter's



After 21 years Wendy Phipps has decided to step down as the Village Hall Secretary. We thank her for all her hard work and support over these years, and wish her well for the future. Carol Clark has kindly agreed to take over as Secretary and we l00k forward to working with her.



The sun shone brilliantly on Saturday 17`h June, and the Village enjoyed another highly successful Fete. The children from St. Peter's Sch00l opened proceedings with their traditional flourish, the MUGA was officially opened with a tennis display, and the Fairford Silver Band kept us entertained throughout the aftern00n. The stallholders worked hard in the sunshine with nearly all the stalls taking record amounts.

Overall the fete made a little more than last year, so the Committee has been able to distribute a record total of £3,770 amongst the Village Hall, Playing Field, Church, Sch00l, WI and the Youth Club.

The success is down to a huge team effort by the Fete Committee - so a big thank you to them, to the stallholders, and to everyone else who donated and helped in either a big or small way.

Ann Cadogan



There will be a quiz night at the Village Hall on Saturday 7`h October. Ring me for further information, and ticket. 01993 842135.

Terry Morris



Once again the sun shone for the Village Fete and a lovely aftern00n was had by all. The children of St Peter's sang beautifully and impressed everyone with their tennis on the  MUGA [Multi Use Games Area : Ed] with their coach, Alan Elbourne.

Alan has been coaching the children throughout the summer terms and has been so impressed with the progress that they have made and the level that they have reached that he has invited eight of our Class 2 children to participate in an inter­sch00l's competition. We will let you know how our talented young players fare. Our thanks go to Alan for giving his time voluntarily on the aftern00n of the fete and for his continued enthusiasm and enormous commitment to the teaching of tennis. Our children benefit enormously from his coaching and he has become a valued member of our team.

Remaining with sport, our Year 1 and 2 children have enjoyed some cricket coaching this term. Many thanks to Andrew Simmons, a local young cricketer who has been working with the children.

All the children t00k part in the Burford Partnership Music Festival at Bampton Primary Sch00l in June and worked with a County music adviser to put together a wonderful performance of the musical H2O. We do hope that you enjoyed the songs from the musical that we sung at the fete!

This year the Sch00l joined together with the Church to lead the Family Service in celebration of St Peter's Day. It was a wonderful morning when families from the village and the sch00l came together to sing, pray and reflect on the words of the Reverend Usher-Wilson. Many thanks to all those who attended the service

The whole sch00l went to Carterton Community College at the end of June to take part in a cross-country running event. They all managed to complete a mile and donated a pound in aid of Sport's Relief.

Sport's Day this year was a great success and, once again, the sun shone. All the children participated with great enthusiasm and team spirit. Many thanks to all the fathers who showed such great sportsmanship in their dressing up race. This was truly a sight that will be remembered for many years to come.

Emma Waters and Sarah Miles returned to St Peter's and Charlotte Lanham joined them to complete their work experience in July. All three girls were a

great help to the staff and pupils and participated whole-heartedly in all aspects of sch00l life. It is wonderful to have children who once attended St Peter's return as young adults and to see how they have flourished as confident and independent individuals.

Unfortunately the storms that we experienced last month and the loss of electricity caused the sch00l to have to close for a day. Obviously closure is always a last resort however the health and safety of the children always remains our highest priority and on this occasion wet fl00rs together with no light resulted in a risk to the children's safety that we were not prepared to take. My sincere apologies for the inconvenience and disappointment that this caused to our families and to all the children who were l00king forward to visiting their new classes. Our induction and transfer day has now been re­arranged and will take place on 13`h July.

The whole sch00l visited Cogges Manor Farm Museum for the day on the 7`h July. Unfortunately it rained for much of the day however the children did not allow this to dampen their spirits as they watched the cows being milked and then the milk being made into butter in the dairy. We watched the pigs being fed and explored the Victorian farmhouse. Just before we left the sun shone and we were able to eat our ice-creams in the orchard!

It has been a busy term at St Peter's and it is not over yet. We are l00king forward to Bishop Colin opening our new Foundation Stage cloakr00m and outside covered area, visiting St Christopher's Primary Sch00l for their end of year production, the family barbecue, visiting the Mulberry Bush Sch00l for a barbecue and aftern00n of sports activities, the tennis tournament, Leaver's Service and family picnic. And when all that is over the staff will be opening the sch00l for a further three days, providing summer activities for children who attend the sch00l, their siblings and past pupils.

All that is left is for me to wish everyone a very happy summer holiday, on behalf of the governors, staff and children at St Peter's. We l00k forward to welcoming our new families at the start of the new sch00l year which begins on Wednesday 6`h September.

Sam King



Our July meeting featured a very interesting speaker from the Straw Weavers Guild, Mrs Florence Cross who gave a presentation, displayed some straw items and encouraged everyone to have a go at making a woven straw favour. We were very pleased with the results.

In August we are off to Friars Court in Clanfield for  our summer outing, and in September we welcome a very interesting speaker who is going to show us some Victorian underwear and encourage someone to dress up in it, corset and all. You can be sure of a very warm welcome if you would like to join us as a visitor.

We were very pleased to be involved with the Village Fete by running the cake stall, well done to all who helped and came to spend. A lovely was time had by all.

In September we are hoping for a record number of entries our Autumn Show, so if you would like to see a schedule please contact me or Wendy Phipps. If you don't want to enter this year, why not come along and see what is involved? There will be a bring and buy stall, a raffle in aid of Witney Community Hospital, and (as always at any WI event) plenty of tea and delicious cakes.

We meet on the first Wednesday of each month in the Village Hall at 7.30pm. Visitors are always very welcome (£1.50 includes refreshments, raffle 20p). If you would like more details about any of our activities, please feel free to contact me on 01993 214107.

Melanie Bryant



We will be hosting a Coffee Morning on 14`h October, from 10.00am to 12 n00n, in the Village Hall in aid of Breast Cancer research.

There will be various stalls and a raffle. If you wish to help or contribute in anyway please ring either Sandi Morris (01993 842135) or me (01993 844124).

We l00k forward to seeing you in October.

Doreen Hart




St Mary's


I would like to say how overwhelmed I've been with all the kindnesses, both words and deeds that I have received since Peter's unexpected death on his birthday, 24`h May. I can't tell you how much I have appreciated living here at this time, so all I can say is: `Thank you to you all.

Anne Sherriff



The AGM was held in St Mary's Church on 24`h May, and a review of the year's events was given by Chairman, Mr Frank Stuart-W00d.

Frank then announced his retirement after serving for 19 years as Chairman, and appreciation was expressed for his long service and diligence, and for his enthusiastic support of all activities in the village over this long period. He will continue as an active member of the Council.

For 2006/7 the Parish Council members are:­

Anne Sherriff Chairman                         01993 842273

Steve Dickson Vice Chairman                          01993 840710

Doreen Hart Treasurer                                      01993 844124

Terry Pope Councillor                          01993 845998

Frank Stuart W00d Councillor              01993 842513

Sue Cartwright Parish Clerk                              01993 841924

If you have any concerns regarding village matters please contact a member of the Council or the Parish Clerk on the above phone nos. "

Ann Sherriff



See entry under Alvescot




St Peter & St Paul's



6th August                    Patricia Broughton

1th & 20th                    August Robina Lockyer

27th August                  Paul Molyneaux



My query in Parish Pump a couple of months ago produced a g00d result. I was put in touch with Dorothy Wise, from Clanfield, who is very interested

in mass dials, and who has amassed [ho ho! Ed] a lot of information and many photographs. Certainly enough for a rather g00d lecture! It seems mass dials were first made before people had clocks, so the priest had

to have a way of knowing when a particular mass needed to be said each day. Later they were used to set the village clock correctly for mid-day, and then more sophisticated development meant that one could compensate for the varying seasons and height of the sun. (What they did when there was no

sunshine for a week, I do not know.)

Anyway, surprise surprise, there are mass dials to be seen on most of the churches in the benefice. There will be a circle or semicircle, usually about a f00t in diameter, inscribed into a stone, with marks randomly around, like a garden sundial, and a hole in the middle for the gnomon (the metal spiky thing) to cast the shadow. L00k and see if you can find them in Shilton, Kencot, Langford, Kelmscott, Black Bourton, Alvescot, Broughton Poggs and Broadwell. There are also many other churches where they can be seen in West Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire if you find it interesting.

June G00denough



The children have enjoyed a lovely summer term, including fun activities such as building houses, designing wallpaper, camping out in teepees and packing to go on a wagon train.

At the beginning of July we held an open play aftern00n so that new children and their parents could meet the staff and committee, and each other. It was lovely to see them all and we l00k forward to welcoming all the old and new families in September.

We are currently taking registrations for September 2007. If you would like further information please telephone our Supervisor, Jackie Overton on 01367 860729 (Tuesday to Friday).

Alison Rodger




St Peter's



6th August                    Wedding flowers

13th August                  Elizabeth Gidman

20th & 27th August      Jane Martin



We are orgainsing a summer club for 7- 14 year olds, with painting and drawing sessions exploring village landscapes. All art materials will be included, and also drinks, mid-morning snacks and a picnic lunch!

The sessions will run from 9.00am to 1.30pm in the Village Hall on 3rd,, 4th, 24`h and 25`h August. The cost is £20 per session. Space is limited, so b00k early. Sessions can be b00ked separately. For more information, email Diana.lock@btinternetcom or apply to us at: Pogle Cottage, Filkins, GL7 3JQ

Diana Lock &John C00per



Chaucer's pilgrims are coming through the village in September. See here




Wh00ps! Sorry, but the July dates proved impossible, so we are now celebrating our 20`h anniversary with a production of `The Queen Must Die' by David Farr on 22°d & 23rd September in the Village Hall.

The play is set on the eve of the Queen's Golden jubilee in 2002, and six teenagers are out to get Her Majesty. The play contains strong language. [Golly! Ed/ Tickets are £6 (including a glass of wine or soft drink) and obtainable from the Post Office and Cotswold W00llen Weavers.

Sue Ashforth-Smith




On Saturday 19`h August from 10.00am to 12n00n we are holding a coffee morning at Filkins Vicarage. The object is to raise money to create an area at the back of the church which is especially welcoming for children and their parents. We hope to buy a low table, chairs, b00ks, toys and other materials for younger children to use during Sunday Services.

There will be a Bring & Buy, so if you have anything you could contribute to the sale (cakes, preserves, b00ks, bric-a-brac etc), please bring it to the Vicarage, either beforehand or on the day, or phone me on 01367 860846. Please do come and support us if you possibly can.

Liz Jobnson



The next Monthly Film will be `Cold Mountain' on 8th August at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. Tickets £2.50 on the d00r. US

 Civil War Drama with Jude Law, Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellweger. 152 minutes, Certificate 15.

John Hayes


BOWLS CLUB FLOWER SHOW & FETE Don't forget that this is on Saturday 26`h August at the Village Hall and Paddock opposite.

The Show opens at 2.00pm and schedules are available now from the Post Office, Five Alls, and Cotswold W00llen Weavers, or telephone me on 01367 850332. There are show classes for all the family, so do pick up a schedule and have a go. The fete has lots of attractions and there will be refreshments and a produce auction... So see you all on the 26`'' August.

Janet Young


ROSTER FOR VOLUNTARY CAR SERVICE TO SURGERIES Covering Filkins, Broughton Poggs, Broadwell, Kencot, Langford and L Faringdon

lst August Lt Col J Barstow      860312                        22th August Mr A W00dford   860319

3rd August Mrs J Geake           860534                        24th August Mrs P Clark          860500

8th August Mrs K Morley         860420                        29th August Mrs V Godfrey     860498

10th August Lady Cripps          860209                        31st August Mrs J Higham        860197

15th August Mrs B Bristow      860195                        (All codes 01367)

17th August Miss H Squire       860337

For hospital runs, or with any problems, contact me on 01367 860319.

The charges are: Local surgery runs       £2.00

Hospitals: Fairford & Witney                £6.00

Swindon & Cirencester                         £8.00

Oxford                                                 £10.00

At the JR, additional parking charges may have to be paid.

New volunteers are always welcome, particularly for hospital runs.

Tony W00dford



The agenda of forthcoming meetings and minutes of the previous meeting are available in Filkins Bus shelter, Broughton Poggs notice board, Filkins Shop and Filkins Post Office. The main information file is located in the Coffee shop at the Cotswold W00llen Weavers but if you have any questions please contact me (the Parish Clerk) on 01367 860388.

Cris Hoad




St Mary's



Paul Hadaway and Amanda Cayzer are leading the charge for St Mary's Church, to bicycle on behalf of the Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust on

Saturday 9th September.

As you all know, this is the big fund-raiser not only for our Church but for all Oxfordshire's beautiful churches. I will rattle your cage this month to form a team to greet riders and striders throughout the day at our Church, or to join Paul and Amanda on their route, or to do your own route, raising as much sponsorship as possible. Our team of nine bikers of all ages raised a record sum last year, so the pressure is on.

Reggie Heyworth




St George's



Dilwys Peters & Meriel Derwent SUMMER BALL

The women and men of this village are renowned across the county for their g00d l00ks and glamour and Saturday 10`h June was no exception, for it was the night of the Summer Ball...


As 7.30pm struck, a gentle buzz of conversation could be heard across the village as men in dinner jackets and women in ball gowns emerged from their homes and made their way towards the handsomely decorated marquee on Christopher Maughan's field. As these first guests arrived, a gleaming stretch limo delivered guests from a neighbouring village...


This was the perfect night to enjoy with friends and family - a balmy Summer evening, g00d f00d and a well stocked bar, an excellent band ('The Unbelievables,') And enjoy it we did; a very special night was had by all.


Thanks to the Kelmscott Fundraising Committee for all their hard work in organising the event and to the following for their donations of raffle prizes: Kelmscott Country Pork, Kelmscott Manor, Charlie Lockhart, The Plough Clanfield, John Rodd, Mark Round.




Kelmscott Manor welcomed 93 Fellows of the Society of Antiquaries and their guests to `Fellows' Day' on Saturday 8`h July. As well as visiting the Manor, those attending the event were encouraged to explore the village, where the Memorial Hall was open (housing a small exhibition on Ernest Gimson, May Morris and the Morris Memorial Hall), as was St George's Church.


Back at the Manor, there were exhibitions of work by our Tuesday art group and by pupils from a couple of primary sch00ls who have visited this season - with an inspiring display from Windmill Hill Primary Sch00l, Swindon. On the lawn, guests enjoyed aftern00n tea while being entertained by the Oxfordshire County Jazz Combo.


Our thanks to the Village Hall Committee and to St George's Church for

their co-operation in providing access to the hall and the church. .



There will be a jumble Sale in aid of local hospices at 1, Council House on Saturday 2nd September at 2.00 pm. As well as jumble, there will be B00ks, Bric-a-Brac, White Elephant etc.

Contact Mrs Hatton (01367 252803) if you would like to donate any items.




St George's



5th August        Anne Dossett-Davies

12th & 19th August      Maureen Seale

26th August & 2nd September Karen Harvey



Come and Join the Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust `Ride or Stride' on Saturday 9`h September. This is a sponsored event to raise money for our own church and Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust (Donations are split equally). I have a lady's and a gent's cycle I can lend!

If you are unable to rid or stride, please sponsor those who are participating. St George's Church received £300 in 2004, £617 in 2005, can we double it in 2006. Further details from me on 01367 860250

Bill Gasson



We welcome Maria and Lee Britton, Charlie and Claudia to Kencot Lodge and hope they will have a long and happy stay with us.



We say g00dbye to Christopher and Caroline Yapp after 40 years as prominent members of the village and wish them well in their new home.

John Barstow




St Matthew's



6th August                                Mrs C Tinson

13th & 20th August                  Mrs R Range

27th August                              Mrs. D. Lowden



Chancel & Porch                      Mrs J Pitkin

Nave                                        Mrs B B00th & Mrs C Johnston

Brass                                        Mrs D Kemp



There will be an open Cricket Match at the village cricket pitch on Saturday 26th August. Everybody is welcome to come and `have a go', and we are hoping to organise games for the children and possibly a Barbeque later. Everybody interested should telephone me on 01367 860081.

Jim Johnstone



There is no meeting in August, but all members are invited to Wine and Nibbles at my house on Thursday 10`h August.

Chrissie Tinson



Come and join us for an evening playing Whist on Tuesday 15t August. The start time is 7.30pm, and the entrance fee of £1 includes tea and biscuits. We play for fun with small prizes, everyone is welcome. Enquiries on 01993 852378.




St Margaret's



August                          Helen de Mauley & June Grimston

September                    Pip Cantwell



The Church Lunch held on Sunday 18`h June t00k place on an absolutely glorious day in the beautiful surroundings of Langford House and raised record-breaking funds to support the fabric of St Margaret's Church.

Sincere thanks go to this year's hosts, Jamie and Emma Abdy Collins, as well as to all those who worked extremely hard to make this event such a great success. Many thanks also to everyone who attended and who donated so generously to the raffle and auction.

Barbara Johnson-Brown



To celebrate the 800th anniversary of St Margaret's Church, the village will hold a series of events that will begin with an autumn soiree and culminate in a special church service and village party in the summer.

The events planned so far include:


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