Part one: the prologue

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One night in April, Chaucer meets some pilgrims at the Tabard Inn in London where they would spend the night before starting their pilgrimage: they are 29 and they want to go to Canterbury to visit the tomb of the martyr Thomas Becket.

There are a Knight and his son, the Squire, who are both perfect gentlemen; a countryman who's a true man of the forest; a Prioress, whose name is Madam Eglantine: she's very polite, fine and sensitive, she speaks French and has very good manners.

There are also many religious people, nuns, priests, monks and friars, but a lot of them are rich and love gold and the world better than God.

There are a Merchant, a Cleric and a Franklin; after them, a Cook, a brown-faced Sea-Captain who looks like a pirate, and an expert doctor.

Here's the Wife of Bath! She wears a huge hat, a long coat, new shoes and red thights; she has been married five times and she travelled a lot to Spain, to France, to Jerusalem,...

Then, there's a fat Miller, who loves drinking and who rubs corn from his customers.

There's a Parson, who loves God and always helps poor and sick people.

But behind him, there are also two bad men: the Summoner, who punishes people that break Church's laws, and the Pardoner, who always carries pieces of wood, cloth or bones which he says come from Jesus or the Saints to make money from the poors.

So after eating a big meal, the Host suggests that each pilgrim tells a story on the way to Canterbury and another one on the way back to enjoy the long journey.

Then, he'll give a prize to the best story. Everybody agrees with the Host and goes to bed; the next morning the Knight starts to tell the first story.

Ex.1 pag.22

What did Chaucer tell us in the Prologue?

a. When and where did Chaucer meet the pilgrims?

Chaucer met the pilgrims at night in spring, at the Tabard Inn in London.

b. Why did the girls like the Squire?

The girls liked the Squire because he was a very handsome, young and polite man.

c. Did the Prioress like animals?

d. What was the Wife of Bath wearing?

She was wearing a huge hat, a long coat over the hips, new shoes and red thights.

e. Did the Summoner and the Pardoner care about religion?

No, they didn't. They used Church's power to make money from poor people.

f. What was the Host's idea?

The Host's idea was that each pilgrim told a story on the way to Canterbury and another one on the way back; so, at the end, he would have given a prize to the best story.

Ex.2 pag.22

-Which pilgrims did Chaucer admire?

He admired the Knight, the Squire and the Parson because they helped poor and sick people.

-Which pilgrims did Chaucer dislike?

He disliked the Summoner and the Pardoner because they deceived poor and sick people to make money.

-Are there people in our society who are like Chaucer's pilgrims?

Yes, there are. For example, some religious people in our society sexually abused some girls or nuns, some others rubbed.
Ex.6 pag.25

1.Canterbury is a city in Kent where Thomas Becket died.

2.The Wife of Bath, who's an expert in love, had been married five times.

3.Chaucer, who lived in the fourteenth century, wrote “The Canterbury Tales”.

4.Pilgrimages usually begin in April, which is the first month of spring.

5.The Prioress had several little dogs which she loved.

6.The Pardoner and the Summoner, who were bad men, took money from the poor.

7.Chaucer stayed at the Tabard Inn where the pilgrims started their journey.

8.The Knight, whose son was loved by all the girls, was a perfect gentleman.
Ex.7 pag.26

Which person:

-was staying at the Tabard Inn? Geoffrey Chaucer.

-was sincere, polite and modest? The Knight.

-had fought in war for love? The Squire.

-was a true man of the forest? The Countryman.

-spoke French? The Prioress.

-loved pretty girls and drinking? The Friar.

-loved the world? The Monk.

-had been married five times? The Wife of Bath.

-were bad men? The Summoner and the Pardoner.

-were rich? The Merchant, the Wife of Bath and the Prioress.

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