Personal Stories Template

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Personal Stories Template

The Military Families Fund (MFF) is always in need of heart-warming stories from members/families that have received support from us. Your personal story can be in the form of a few lines/statement with a preamble or a full story on how the MFF has helped you. These statements and stories will be posted on our website and will serve as a reference point when asked by the Support Our Troops Executive Committee, media and donors on how we've disbursed the fund. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can sign your story with your rank only. Pictures are also welcomed, if you wish to share them. Your personal story will help to ensure that the MFF can continue to be there for future families who may need assistance. Finally, if you would be open to being interviewed should an opportunity arise at a later date, please let us know.

Here are a few factors that you may wish to include when writing your personal story:

  • Your name?

  • Your Age (or age group)?


  • Gender?

  • Marital Status?


  • Children?


  • Why did you become involved in the military?


  • What 'area/unit' do you belong to?


  • Are you a Regular Force member or a Reserve Force member?

  • Your Rank


  • What is the reason for your request for assistance to MFF?


  • How did the MFF help you?  Your family?

  • How did the assistance you received from MFF impact you?


Anonymous Example/ Exemple Anonyme :

Member’s son was diagnosed with Autism. MFF provided some support to the family to assist with therapy costs.
« And to the men and women of the Military Families Fund. We are so grateful to all of you for the most generous donation to our son’s therapy. You are a testament to how the military protects its own and the emphasis it puts on the families of its members. Your kindness and charity are truly humbling. »
«Nous tenons à exprimer notre reconnaissance à tous les hommes et à toutes les femmes responsables du Fonds pour les familles des militaires pour le don très généreux pour la thérapie de notre fils. Vous témoignez de la mesure dans laquelle les Forces canadiennes protègent leurs membres et de l’importance qu’elles accordent à leur famille. Votre bienveillance et votre esprit de charité sont une véritable leçon d’humilité.»
Signed Example :

« I returned from a deployment to Afghanistan a double-amputee, limiting my ability to remain mobile. Our family owned a small vehicle which I was now unable to drive as a result of my injuries sustained on deployment. My Medical Therapist recommended that I use the public funding available for the modification of our family vehicle in order to meet my needs, as the seat was now too close to the steering wheel and the car was too low to the ground for me to continue to operate.

Unfortunately, the vehicle proved to be too small to accommodate the changes required and still leave space for my recently acquired wheelchair, while also giving me enough room to maneuver within the vehicle. Despite the public program in place, our family needed additional assistance to meet our unique needs.
That’s where the Military Families Fund stepped up to assist us. Working along with other supporters, the Military Families Fund purchased a brand new vehicle for our family. This new vehicle met the requirements for the necessary modifications, allowing enough space for my wheelchair, and giving me the mobility I needed to meet my personal and professional responsibilities. Equipped with this new vehicle, I can now continue to work, get around town with my family, and attend appointments to support my continued recovery.

Signed Cpl Bloggins »

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