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C-7, K. V. R. Iyer Street

Gandhinagar, Udumalpet 642154

Coimbatore dist., Tamil Nadu

Ph no: (04252) 224258


Email Id:

  • Exemplary educator with four decades of teaching experience in imparting value-based education by adopting innovative methods of teaching

  • Astute administrator with 5 years of experience in establishing an educational institution

  • Fluency in more than 7 languages

  • Excellent mentoring and supervising capacity

  • Proficient in research and literary writing skills

  • Self-motivated with initiative and focus


  • Ph.D Degree - University of Madras, Dissertation on “Robert Penn Warren as a Socio-historical novelist”. (1987)

  • Master’s Degree - English Literature, Banaras Hindu University, Banaras.(1966)

  • Masters Degree - Hindi, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupathi.(1979)

  • Bachelor’s degree - Triple Major (English, Hindi & Sanskrit), Banaras Hindu University, Banaras. (1962)


  • Diploma in the Teaching of English (DTE), Central Institute of English & Foreign Languages, Hyderabad. (1978)

  • Proficient with Microsoft Office applications and reference management softwares.

  • Expertise in Baraha Fonts-Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil & Telugu, and WordFast.


  • 2002-Present Freelance Writer and Translator

  • 1995-2002 Principal, Erode Arts College For Women, Erode, Tamil Nadu (South India)

  • 1966-1995 Professor and Head, Department of English,

Sri. G. V. G. Visalakshi College for women, Udumalpet,

(South India), Tamil Nadu


  • Translated several novels and articles from English to Telugu including Pearl S. Buck’s East Wind, West Wind, and Jane Austin’s Sense & Sensibilities.

  • Recent literary translations into Telugu include one article from English, a write up on Robert Penn Warren, and a short story from Tamil, which were published in a frontline Telugu Monthly.
  • Technical translations from & into English , Hindi, Tamil and Telugu (more than 6 lakh words, despite being choosy, include clinical trial documents for pharmaceutical companies, research papers in Medicine and technical documents for the telecommunication industry, question paper translation into Telugu, LIC Pamphlets from English to Telugu.

  • Other translations include movie/ TV scripts from English into Tamil for ‘various’ media companies.

  • Have also been involved in editing and copywriting and translated articles and stories from other languages into Telugu.

  • Translated a Sanskrit text of 600 slokas into English for research students –Sabha Parva of Mahabharat-( more than 600 Verses) and 3,000 verses of Sanskrit Stotras are translated and transliterated into Telugu besides more than 40 lakh word experience into Telugu.

  • Translated general material from English to Tamil and Telugu to the tune of almost one lakh20k words.

  • Translated 4k words from English to Telugu in mathematics

  • Back translated from Telugu to English in clinical trials

  • Proofread and edited from English to Telugu and vice versa.

  • Member

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