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Parent meetings will be held for each team sport. Parents/students are required to sign off on discussion items. Hopefully, these meetings will answer any questions before the season starts. Students will not be allowed to practice until they and their parents have signed off on this form.


1. All students, grades 7-12, are encouraged to participate in the various sports programs.

2. All extra-curricular activities (both athletic and non-athletic) are regulated by KSHSAA and local district guidelines.


1. Being a team manager is a very demanding job, but it can be a very rewarding opportunity for students deeply interested in sports but whom, for various reasons, may elect not to participate in as an athlete. Students interested in being a manager for a particular sport are to contact the head coach of that sport. The coach will select a maximum of two managers for each sport and assign the various duties.

2. Managers are required to abide by the same rules and regulations as the athletes.

3. When requested by the coach, managers are expected to be at all practices and to travel with the team.

4. Managers will never take any coach's keys from the school premises and must make sure that keys are returned to the coach after each day's practice session.


  1. Conscientious students who are interested in athletics and in the care and treatment of athletic injuries might be interested in the position of team trainer. Students interested in being team trainer should notify the head coach of a particular sport.

2. The trainer will be assigned duties by the head coaches. The trainer should be at every practice session. With the guidance of coaches, the trainer should be able to handle any athletic injury, which occurs that does not require a physician's attention. If a physician is needed the trainer should endeavor to make the athlete comfortable until help arrives. Under no circumstances should the trainer administer any type of treatment.

3. Trainers will never take any coach's keys from school premises and must make sure that keys are returned to the coach after each day's practice session.

4. Trainers are expected to travel with the team. When two sports occur simultaneously the trainer will serve both sports during practice sessions but may travel with either sport. When two or more trainers are available, they will be assigned road trips by the head coaches of those sports.

  1. A trainer can request being sent to a trainers' school at least once while in high school. The athletic department will pay registration fees and class expenses. The trainer may have to pay for room and board. If a trainer wants to go to trainers' school a second time, such request will be taken under advisement by the coaches and athletic director. Additional trainer expenses paid by the athletic department a second time would depend on money being available and the number of trainers in the program. A trainer may go to training school every year by personally paying all expenses.

6. The trainer is held accountable to the same eligibility guidelines as the athlete.

7. Being a trainer is a full-time, year-round position. Any student who is not willing to work the full school year is discouraged from applying to the position of team-trainer.


1. Students interested in serving as team statistician should contact the head coach of the particular sport. Students applying for this position must be willing to devote a considerable amount of time, perhaps including weekends, in assisting coaches compiling accurate statistical information about athletic contests.

2. Coaches will assign duties to the statisticians and determine whether to require the statistician to attend daily practices.

3. Statisticians are required to travel with the teams and to be at all games and are responsible for accurate statistics recording.

4. The team statistician is held accountable to the same eligibility guidelines as the athlete.


1. Before being allowed to participate, each athlete must furnish the head coach with the required insurance waiver and completed physical form. This is to be completed BEFORE the first practice.

2. To be eligible to participate, a student currently enrolled must be a member of the team within a week of the first practice.
3. A twenty-five dollar ($25.00) participation fee is required for each athletic season. This fee is due before the first contest. If the student athlete drops the sport before the first contest/game the fee will be returned. After the first contest/game the fee will not be returned.
4. All athletes should report, if possible, for practice each and every day it is held.
5. High school athletes can only participate in one sport per season.
6. If an athlete has been in school on a scheduled practice day, permission to be excused from practice must be approved by the head coach.
7. Insubordination will not be tolerated by coaches and may result in loss of eligibility.
8. Athletes who are consistently tardy to practice may be removed from the squad.
9. Profanity by athletes at any time or in any situation will not be tolerated.
10. Athletes who fail to control their actions will be disciplined.
11. All athletes should make an effort to attend, sit together, and participate in all pep rallies of the school.
12. Each participant shall meet the requirements of age, attendance, scholastic, and behavioral eligibility as set forth by

13. It shall be the responsibility of each athlete to return uniforms and equipment to the school at the end of each season. Each athlete is issued a locker and padlock at the beginning of the sport's season. Students will be held financially accountable to reimburse the school for lost uniforms or equipment or for these items if stolen from his/her locker. For this reason it is critical for students to keep their uniforms and personal items locked in the locker.
14. Head coaches will determine individual sport training rules and will determine athlete dress code on game days.

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