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Students who have completed the requirements for graduation may be allowed to participate in graduation exercises unless participation is denied for appropriate reasons. Graduation exercises shall be under the control and direction of the building principal.


The Valedictorian/Salutatorian award shall go to the students with the highest accumulative GPA (based on a 4.0 scale) respectively, and who have met the following criteria:

  1. Meet the Kansas Regents recommended curriculum as certified by the High School Counselor.

2. If two or more students are tied for Valedictorian then no Salutatorian will be selected.

3. If only one student meets the requirement for Valedictorian, then a Salutatorian will be determined.

4. If two (2) students tie for Salutatorian, both students will be awarded.

5. Class rank will not be computed prior to the completion of 7½ semesters of school.

6. Students will be eligible for these awards only if they have completed two (2) full years as students at Ell-Saline High School.

Any student enrolling as a freshman must meet one of the following criteria to be admitted to any one of the six Kansas Regents universities:

  • an ACT composite score of at least 21

  • rank in the top third of their high school graduating class

  • a grade point average of at least a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale in the pre-college curriculum as outlined by the Kansas Board of Regents.

The pre-college curriculum includes the following requirements:

  • 8 semesters of English (2 semesters of English must be taken each year)

  • 6 semesters of natural science from physical science, biology, chemistry, or physics. At least 2 semesters must be in chemistry or physics.

  • 6 semesters of math: Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry.

  • 6 semesters of social sciences: 2 semesters of U.S. History, 2 semesters of U.S. government, one semester of civics, and one semester of geography.

  • 2 semesters of CIS


The Kansas State Scholarship program is a need-based financial aid award for students who are designated as State Scholars during their high school senior year. Students become State Scholars if they take the ACT Assessment by December of their senior year and if they complete the Regents Recommended Curriculum. This curriculum includes the following courses: 4 years of English; Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry; Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus, 3 years of Social Science; Biology, Chemistry, Physics; one year of computer applications; and 2 years of Foreign Language.

The Ethnic Minority Scholarship program is a need-based financial aid award for students who are identified as members of any of the following ethnic/racial groups: American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian or Pacific Islander, black, or Hispanic. Students must have an ACT score of 21, a cumulative g.p.a. of 3.0, rank in the top third of their graduating class, and complete the Regents Recommended Curriculum as listed above.

The Kansas Teacher Scholarship program is for those students who plan to teach in Kansas and to teach in a specific curriculum area in which there is a shortage of teachers. Minimum criteria include completion of the Regents Recommended Curriculum as listed above, ACT scores, high school g.p.a., and high school class rank.

In Kansas, Division I schools include Kansas State University, University of Kansas, and Wichita State University. Division II schools include Emporia State University, Ft. Hays State University, Pittsburg State University, and Washburn University.

To play sports as a freshman in NCAA Divisions I and II, you must meet specific standards. You must graduate from high school and make at least a 2.0 g.p.a. in 13 core academic courses. You must also earn a sum of scores of at least 68 on the ACT or a combined score of at least 820 on the SAT.
Core Units for NCAA Certification Division I Division II

English Core 4 YEARS 3 YEARS

Math Core 2 YEARS 2 YEARS

Natural/Physical Science 2 YEARS 2 YEARS

Social Science Core 2 YEARS 2 YEARS

From English, Math, or 1 YEAR 2 YEARS

Natural/Physical Science __

Additional Core: (English, 1 YEAR 2 YEARS

Math, Science, Social

Science, Foreign Language,

Computer Science



Students wanting to participate in Division I or II sports in college must register with the NCAA’s Initial Eligibility Clearninghouse. Registration forms can be picked up from the guidance counselor’s office. Student athletes should start the certification process when they are juniors.


The Ell-Saline Board of Education has adopted a standardized grading scale for all schools in the district. Grades will be determined according to the following scale:

90 -100 = A

80 – 89 = B

70 – 79 = C

60 – 69 = D

0 – 59 = F


Students in grades 7-12 will be required to complete a comprehensive semester final in each of their classes. Semester finals are worth 10% of the semester grade. Failure to complete a semester final will result in a “0” on the final. All finals will be scheduled for the last 2 days of each semester for students.

There are two different types of semester honor rolls at Ell-Saline Middle/High School.

1) The “B” honor roll lists those students whose semester grade point average is between 3.0 and 3.49, based upon a four-point scale of D=1; C=2; B=3; A=4.

2) The “A” honor roll lists those students whose semester grade point average is between 3.50 and 4.0.

Note: a student having a “D” or “F” during any semester grading period automatically is ineligible for either honor roll, regardless of the overall grade point average.

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