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Grade cards for each student will be distributed quarterly. Grade cards are mailed home to parents or guardians unless picked up by them at a regularly scheduled parent-teacher conference. Parents are encouraged to go over each grade card with you, and if they have any questions, they should call the school. Parents are also encouraged to check grades periodically in Power School. Students who owe money for fees, fines, projects, or lost books will not receive a grade card until the fee is paid.

Progress reports are sent home weekly for any student who has a ‘D’ or an ‘F’ in any class.


Incompletes not made up within five (5) school days of day one of the next nine-weeks will be recorded as F’s unless special arrangements have been made with the principal and teacher. If a student’s allowed make-up time, falls into the period between grading periods, it is that STUDENT’S responsibility to make arrangements with the principal and teacher to avoid an incomplete.


Academic dishonesty is not acceptable. Cheating, defined as copying another student’s work and claiming it is your own and plagiarism, defined as the use of another person’s original ideas or writing without giving credit to the true author, are both prohibited practices. Materials taken from electronic sources are covered by this policy. A student who engages in any form of academic dishonesty will be subject to the loss of credit for the work in question, as well as other disciplinary measures.


Students are governed by both the Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA) and USD 307 eligibility guidelines that require a student to have passed five (5) subjects of unit weight the previous semester to be eligible for the current semester.

Eligibility for students attending USD 307 is monitored weekly. Teachers are responsible for reporting any student who has a grade of “F” to the principal’s office each Thursday. A student who has a grade of “F” in any subject is ineligible for the next week’s activities (Monday – Sunday). Academically ineligible students are allowed to participate in practice during the time of their ineligibility if approved to do so by the coach. Ineligible students will not travel with the team. Ineligible students will not miss school for field trips or other academic events or activities.
A student who is on the weekly ineligible list for the 3rd time during a sport season is ineligible for the remainder of that sport season.
Students are also governed by KSHSAA behavioral guidelines which states: “A student who is under penalty of suspension or whose character or conduct brings discredit to the school or to the student, as determined by the principal, is not in good standing and is ineligible for a period of time as specified by the principal.” Students placed in in-school or out-of-school suspension will be ineligible for a period of time established by the principal. Students on out-of-school suspension are not allowed to practice during the period of suspension.
Student participants in extra-curricular activities are governed by two types of eligibility: academic and behavioral.

To be eligible for participation or attendance at extra-curricular activities, a student must be passing in all classes. Extra-curricular activities would include, but not be limited to, athletics, organizational contests, and other school sponsored activities such as dances. If participation in the activity is for a class grade, then the teacher would be required to give the student an alternative assignment in lieu of the activity, field trip, or event.


Students are not eligible to represent the school in interschool athletics, and cheerleading until there is on file with the principal, a signed physical form by a practicing physician certifying the student has passed an adequate physical examination and is physically fit to participate in interschool activities or cheerleading. This form shall also be signed by the student and by the parent or legal guardian, stating the student has permission to participate.
Forms to be signed by the physician, parents, and students, may be picked up at the high school office. In case a student has neither a parent nor guardian, the signature of the principal or superintendent shall be required.


The district provides certain equipment to participants of activities. This equipment (uniforms) is to be worn only at these school activities. School property must not be used for personal use or for P.E. classes. Warm-ups are not to be worn during the school day, except by coach request.
Uniforms and equipment are purchased at considerable expense to the local taxpayers for use by participants. Students who elect to steal this equipment will be disciplined by the administration or reported to the local law enforcement agency.

Students must assume responsibility for uniforms that are issued to them. Lockers are issued to students who have uniforms. Uniforms should be kept secured in the student's locker when not in use. Should a uniform be stolen or damaged, it is to be reported immediately to the coach in charge. The student will be responsible for the replacement cost of any missing or damaged uniform or for equipment issued. Students failing to return equipment or uniforms will not be issued additional equipment until the cost of the missing equipment or uniform is paid to the district. Uniforms cannot be purchased by students because of the difficulty in replacing them with exact duplicates.


In the office of the principal, a discipline record will be kept for every student who is sent to the office for a discipline problem. A copy of this record will be sent to the parents notifying them of the nature of the problem and the actions taken to correct it. (This record will not be included in the student’s permanent record. All files will be destroyed when the student withdraws from school.) Whenever a student’s record is on file he/she is considered on probation for at least one year. If a student is on probation and becomes a habitual offender of rules and regulations involving misconduct and interferes with the learning process, he/she will be suspended. (Severe infractions may bring about immediate suspension prior to probation.) If suspension occurs the parent or guardian will be notified immediately by phone and/or certified mail that the student was suspended and the reason for the suspension. If after suspension the situation is not corrected, the student will be subject to expulsion.
In-School Suspension (ISS)

Administration will not assume expected disciplinary duties of the classroom teachers. Behaviors that are not being modified by normal classroom disciplinary consequences can be referred to the administration for possible in-school suspension. Students in ISS are to be given all assignments and tests the same as an excused absence.

Out-of-School Suspension (OSS)

Out-of-school suspension will be used for only the most severe misbehavior. Administration will not reward misbehavior with a vacation from school. However, the administration reserves the right to give OSS if needed.


Forty-five (45) minute detentions may be given by the classroom teacher for academic ineligibility or as a consequence for inappropriate behavior and/or non-compliance of classroom rules. In such cases, at least 24 hours notice will be given to a student in order that transportation can be arranged for by the student. Such preference will be stated in the class syllabus/guidelines. Students are expected to serve any assigned detention time with the staff member that assigns them detention time.


A student may be suspended, or expelled for reasons set forth in Kansas Law, by the following certified personnel: Principal or Superintendent. Any student who is suspended or expelled shall receive a copy of the current suspension and expulsion law and this policy and rule. Any suspension or expulsion shall be according to the procedures as set forth in Kansas Law.

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