Public Auction 338 Thursday, December 14, 2017

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Public Auction 338

Thursday, December 14, 2017

to be held at our new premises,

64 Parramatta Rd, Forest Lodge (Glebe)


Lots 1 – 3450, commencing at 12:00 noon

Viewing at Status International premises: 64 Parramatta Rd, Forest Lodge

Monday, Tuesday 11th12th December, 2017 9:00am – 4:30 pm

Wednesday 13th December, 2017 9:00am – 5:00 pm

Thursday 14th December, 2017 9:00am – 12:00 noon

Please note: viewing may be limited on Thursday (auction day), preference will be given to clients from outside Sydney

Viewing at other times may be possible, by appointment only

Proprietor: Philatelic Describers: Catalogue Production:

Stewart Wright Frank Andersen Tseng Chiung-yao

Mervyn Baily

Business Manager: Peter Guerin Despatch/Shipping:

Robert Morello Stewart Wright Lex Manson

Graham Shepherd

Office Administration: Philatelic Consultant: Danielle Trajcevski

Sabine Wincote Chris Ceremuga


Mervyn Baily

Status International

: 64 Parramatta Rd, Forest Lodge, NSW, 2037, AUSTRALIA

: +61 (0)2 9267 4525 FAX: +61 (0)2 9518 6803

Email : web:

The I S Wright Group

I S Wright

I S Wright

I S Wright

Shop 23 Adelaide Arcade

241 Lonsdale St

64 Parramatta Rd

Rundle Mall


Forest Lodge


VIC 3000

NSW 2037

Ph: 08 8223 7603

Ph: 03 9650 2345

Ph: 02 9264 7555

Fax: 02 9518 6803

Grant Morton

David Carr

David Allen



Superb = Exceptional condition & centring for the issue

VF = “Very Fine” well centred for issue with nice perfs, and imperfs with 4 margins

F = “Fine” still an attractive stamp that may be off centre, perfs may be slightly irregular or imperfs may have less than 4 margins

MUH = “Mint Unhinged” with never hinged original gum without any gum disturbance

MLH = “Mint Lightly Hinged” with original gum that shows slight marks from previous hinging or a small unobtrusive hinge remnant

M = “Mint” with original gum, that has significant marks from 1 or more hinges, or the actual hinge remains present

UN = “Unused” without gum

Superb U = Exceptional used condition for the issue

VFU = “Very Fine Used” with either a clear neat cancel or a neat corner cds, well centred for issue with nice perfs, and 4 margins on imperfs

FU = “Fine Used” still an attractive stamp with a fairly neat average cancel for issue, may be somewhat off centred, perfs may be slightly irregular or imperfs may have less than 4 margins

GU = “Good Used” an average used stamp that may have a heavy or smudged cancel or minor blemishes from postal use

CTO = “Cancelled To Order” note: VFU or FU stamps may in fact be CTO.

In all cases for single lots the presence of any faults/defects will be mentioned.

Our full terms & conditions of sale are printed on the back of the bid sheet or are available on our website.



- Any such lots may contain some material with faults, which is taken into account when setting the reserves & estimates on such lots.

- Description of condition of such lots is on the basis of what is the prevailing condition of the material ie: “Mostly F-VF” means some faulty items as well.

- As is the rule with all public auctions; collections, accumulations & mixed lots are not returnable.

- We encourage bidders to view such larger lots before auction, have somebody view for them, or ask us for extra information.

- We are always happy to answer any queries about specific stamps that are in a particular lot & their condition and/or provide photocopies or scans of key items.

- Also, we are happy for bidders to phone us during the viewing times (but not on auction day!) and ask for expanded description of any lots. One of our describers will then take out the lot and go through it with you on the phone answering any questions about contents, condition etc.


Postally used covers/cards can be expected to show some wear consistent with their age and travel through the mails such as light filing folds, backflap or edge faults from opening, slight reductions etc. Unless severe these will not be mentioned, and are not grounds for returns.

Weitere Informationen über Auktionlose können auf Deutsch zur Verfügung gestellt werden.


AAMC – Australian Airmail Catalogue

Af – Afinsa catalogue

ACSC – Aust. Comm. Specialist Catalogue

ASC – Australian Stamp Catalogue

blk – block

Bft – Barefoot revenues catalogue

bklt – booklet

b/s – backstamp(ed)

BOB – Back of Book issues

ca – circa (about)

cds – circular date stamp

cnr – corner

comp – complete

Defs – definitives

dup(s) – duplicate(s)

d/s - datestamp

Ed - Edifil catalogue

Exp(ertised) – signed or h/s by expert

Fa – Facit catalogue

Fe - Ferchenbauer catalogue

FDI – first day of issue

FDC – first day cover

FFC – first flight cover

FV – face value

F/C - fiscally cancelled

h/s – handstamp(ed)

H & G - Higgins & Gage catalogue

imp – imprint

inc – includes

LL – lower left

LR – lower right

marg – margin(al)

Mi – Michel catalogue

M/S – Miniature or Souvenir Sheet

m/s - manuscript

opt – overprint

o/w – otherwise

o/c – off centre

photo-cert – certificate of authenticity

Pics - Pictorials

pmk - postmark

PPC – picture postcard

pr(s) – pair, pairs

PSE – pre-stamped envelope

PTPO – Printed To Private Order

reg – registered/registration

roul - rouletted

s/b – stockbook

Sass – Sassone catalogue

Sc – Scott catalogue

SG – Stanley Gibbons catalogue

sl – slight

s/l - straight line

S/S – Souvenir Sheetlet

SOTN – “Socked on the Nose” cancel

STC – stated to catalogue / contain

(by vendor & unchecked)

sold “as is” – identification &/or authenticity not guaranteed

UL – upper left

UR – upper right

(var) – variety

Vl – Vlastos catalogue

w/c – well centred

w/o - without

wmk – watermark

val(s) – value(s)

VGC – Very good condition (books)

Yv - Yvert catalogue

(P) –photograph

(5) – no of items

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